First Crush Cocktail Recipe

First Crush

Who was your first “Crush”? Whoever it might have been, raise a glass to them this Valentine’s Day with this fun recipe from Ole Smoky:

How to Make a First Crush Cocktail

Recipe courtesy Ole Smoky

In an empty pint mixing glass, muddle 4 whole Ole Smoky Moonshine Cherries & 4 lime wedges for 5 seconds. Then add ice, and pour:

2 parts Ole Smoky Moonshine Cherry infusion

2 parts Club soda

Garnish with Ole Smoky Moonshine Cherries!

Ole Smoky First Crush Cocktail

Family Fun Magazine Craft: Sweet Mice Valentine’s Day Treat Craft

I know I’m throwing crafts at you guys but I also know that I’m not alone when it comes to doing Valentine’s Day cars with the kids. We just started doing ours last night. We started with pencils and store bought ones just in case we don’t have enough time to finish hand made ones.  This craft is straight from the FamilyFun Magazine.


“Sweet Mice”


Made of two Hershey’s Kisses and a heart-shaped set of ears, these tiny critters are almost too cute to eat.


Ear and foot template (from
Card stock paper
Hershey’s kisses
Tacky glue
Gray yarn
Googly eyes
Glue Dots


Print the ear and foot templates on cardstock and cut out the shapes.

Remove the paper flags from two Hershey’s Kisses.

Fold the feet where shown on the template, then use tacky glue to sandwich the feet and ears between the Kisses.

Glue a 4-inch length of gray yarn to the underside of the back kiss.

Add googly eyes.

Attach the mouse a cheese-shaped piece of card stock with a glue dot, then write a note.

Suggested messages: Mice to Know You! You’re Really Mice!

Make a Heart Wreath: Circle of Love Heart Craft

Looking for some fun, kid-friendly craft ideas this Valentine’s Day? FamilyFun magazine has a lot of cute and easy (and in some cases, tasty!) crafts. Here is the Circle of Love Craft that you can use glue dots with.

circle of love

“Circle of love”


Pretty paper and glue dots are all you need to make a heartwarming wreath to hang anywhere that needs a little love.


Double-sided scrapbook paper
Glue Dots


Cut a sheet of double-sided scrapbook paper (ours is a 12 inch square) into 1-inch-wide strips.

Make five hearts as follows: fold a paper strip in half, sandwiching two glue dots about an inch down from the fold to create the top of the heart.

Bend the loose ends away from the center and use two more dots to join them at the point. Next, make the two hearts that anchor the hanging ribbon.

Sandwich one end of a 12-inch-long ribbon in the center fold of one heart, then form the heart’s point. Secure the other end of the ribbon in a second heart.

Use glue dots to adhere the sides of the seven hearts in a circle, as shown.


Remember you can find many more craft ideas with the FamilyFun magazine.

A Pencil Valentine’s Day Craft

Glue Dots sent  us samples

As a mom, I’m really not big on candy as a gift. So finding other gifts for my kids to give not only saves other parents more candy but also gives me something fun to do with my kids. This craft was inspired by something I saw on pinterest combined with supplies I found in the dollar bin at Target.

A Pencil Valentine

I made two different kinds of Pencil Valentine’s. I made some that just look like a lollipop having a red doily and a white doily on the other side. Then the other pencil Valentine I created is more like a pinwheel because it has four sides instead of two.

A Pencil Valentine’s Day Craft


Glue Dots
Glitter Pencils
heart doilies




Place a glue dot on the metal part of the pencil or the heart doily





Then attach the doily to the end of the metal part of the pencil firmly


Then repeat until you have as many doilies on the pencil as you desire for a single heart or a pinwheel heart.


What do you think?



Glue Dots adhesives offer a completely mess-free, easy-to-use, no-dry-time solution to everyday bonding needs and they offer endless opportunities for creative parent/child activities. You can feel good about letting your children work with Glue Dots. They are acid-free, archival-safe and non-toxic.

Show Love & Fashion With Hair: CyndiBands Elastic Hair Ties

CyndiBands® elastic hair ties were an instant hit when they debuted in August 2010. And they are quite the hit in my house as well. We have a nice collection of Valentine Colors in the Cyndibands. We also have a few that they sent us that are perfect to hand out as Valentine’s Day Cards. It’s really cute how they sell them on sheets. You can even personalize the sheet for your business.

I like them because they are so great for kids hair and sensitive heads.They are made from a soft elastic that will not snag or damage your hair. Meaning they don’t pull or grab your hair when you pull them out.


Give your hair a break from your everyday shampoo and blow dry routine and instead put your hair up with a CyndiBands hair tie. Want some ideas? Check out their Pinterest page for ideas on ponytails, braids and up dos


CyndiBands are manufactured in Los Angeles using a process that seals the ends so they do not fray. Because of this, CyndiBands stay looking nice longer.


CyndiBands come in an array of colors and prints that make people feel happy. Match any color from your favorite outfit or pick a color that blends with your hair color. There is nothing worse than spending a lot of time straightening your hair, putting it up for just a second and then realizing you have a crease in your hair from your ponytail. Luckily, CyndiBands are hair ties that will not leave a crease in your hair like traditional hair ties.When CyndiBands are worn as bracelets you have a hair tie available at any time. And they look much better than a big fat scrunchy. You can also pick your own colors in our create your own sets of hair ties. You can choose any variety of colors from our extensive list of color options.

CyndiBands can be purchased on

Disney Has you Covered for Last Minute Easy To Find Valentine’s Day Gifts

Disney’s eternal sweethearts, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, are celebrating Valentine’s Day with a lovable collection of fun fashion, accessories, and yummy sweet treats. Your loved ones will fall head over heels for the new Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse plush, chocolate-filled mugs, chocolate covered pretzels and more from the "So Sweet" collection available at Target. The packaging features vintage artwork from a new episode of Disney’s Emmy and Annie Award-winning "Mickey Mouse" cartoon shorts titled "Third Wheel." Premiering on Disney Channel on Friday, February 14 (7:55 p.m. ET/PT), the hilarious short finds Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse trying to have a romantic date as the classically clueless Goofy continuously interrupts. See a sneak peek image from "Third Wheel" here.


Kids can show their Valentine’s Day style with the most adorable Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse graphic tees and accessories from Macy’s, Children’s Place, Target and Disney Store. Women can pair fashionable Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse tees from Delia’s, Wet Seal or Disney Store with a skirt and blazer for a flirty date night outfit or a pair of jeans for a more casual look. The Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse watch can be worn all year long as a reminder to celebrate love every day.

From Old Navy to Target to the Disney Store itself you will find  unique gifts for the one you love. You know how at the beginning of Frozen was the short about Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I wrote the article Experience 1920’s Mickey meeting Modern 3D CGI in The Short Get A Horse #DisneyFrozenEvent. Now you can celebrate that older Mickey and Minnie in merchandise and collectables.



We received pretzels and a cute coffee mug. I also received a shirt from Old Navy with Winnie the Pooh on it, it’s adorable. IMG_0770

Valentine’s Day collection, which includes apparel, accessories and sweet treats for all your loved ones. This year, Disney is celebrating Valentine’s Day with a little help from some of its most iconic characters –Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Winnie the Pooh.


I’m using these items to create a gift basket that I’m going to bless someone with. I haven’t quite decided if it should be a teacher or a friend. I’m thinking that I’m going to find a friend that I haven’t seen in a long long time and share some really fun goodies with. It’s sure to brighten up their Valentine’s Day.


Share a hug!

Dress Up Your Popcorn For Valentine’s Day Recipe

Popcorn is so easy to make and so easy to enhance. I like to make popcorn as an after school snack and for Valentine’s day all you need are marshmallows, sprinkles and maybe some red hots.



This recipe is quite easy and perfect for Valentine’s Day. IMG_0264

So you can use plane popcorn, for some reason I chose to use Extra Butter popcorn.


Bowl of popped popcorn
Pink Sprinkles
Red Hots




Mix in all the ingredients together and then serve.

See super simple and a crowd pleaser




Making Valentine’s Day Fun Foam Glasses

This is a craft that we did with Zoe’s friends as a birthday party activity. I found some glasses that would be easy to make on your own. You just need some foam paper, and scissors to cut out the holes for glasses and make hearts. Then of course stickers, marker and glitter gem.

The ear sides can be made out of paper or out of more foam paper your choice. These are made from paper.



Foam paper (or precut foam glasses)

Glitter Gems



These were really easy so we had girls from 5 – 7 working on them.


The glitter gems had sticky backs so all they had to do was decorate the glasses.


This is a picture of all the girls wearing their creations.


And we used these to make personalized Valentines.

Personalized Crafts: DIY Photo Valentine’s Day Cards With Zink hAppy

Using technology reminiscent of the old Polaroid, the ZINK hAppy smart app printer makes personalized Valentine’s Day cards easy as one two three.

Supplies needed:

Zink hAppy printer
Heart cut outs
cell phone

DIY Valentine's Day Cards

At my daughter’s birthday party we decided to make some crafts, one of the crafts we made were personalized Valentine’s Day cards. I had each girl let me take a photo of them with my cell phone.


Then using the app on my phone I sent the photo to the printer and printed the photo. The Zink prints onto sticker paper. If you have an android you need an app, if you have an iPhone all you need is to connect your phone to the zink’s own wifi and choose print photo.

  • Fast, full-color, ink-free printing in one zRoll, using ZINK Zero Ink® Printing Technology
  • Wireless connectivity to your smartphone or tablet with a built-in Wi-Fi hot spot. Or connect to any home Wi-Fi network.
  • Built-in automatic cutter for kiss and full cuts.
  • Uses ZINK zRolls, available in 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, 1inch and 2 inch widths.
  • Compatible with AirPrint enabled apps and Google Cloud Print apps


Photos easily go onto the hearts and look an instant Valentine for mom, dad, teacher, or a grandparent. If you take photos of friends it’s also a great way to remember fun times together.


Thank you to Zink hAppy for supplying a printer. ZINK hAppy™ is the only portable, Wi-Fi enabled, app-accessory that allows you to print directly from smart phones and tablets – in full color and without ink! Design and print tags, stickers, labels, photos and more. Download the free ZINK Design & Print Studio™ app and design directly on a smartphone or tablet, load a ZINK zRoll™ (ink-free ZINK Paper® in roll form), and wirelessly print to the hAppy. It’s that simple! You can also print to the hAppy from thousands of other print-enabled apps already on your smartphone or tablet or available in your favorite app store.

Valentine’s Day, Plan Breakfast and a Full Course Meal #HormelFamily

This year, we challenge you to conquer your home-cooking fear and encourage you to bring your Valentine’s Day celebration home. A home cooked meal can be more personal and thoughtful than going out to eat. Hormel Foods has worked to put together several tips and delicious recipes to add some flavor and make your entire Valentine’s Day experience stress-free. Start by picking a setting. Will you be serving breakfast in bed? A romantic meal at the dining table? A series of small dishes or one main course? Here are a few ideas from Hormel Foods for each option.

Asian Lettuce rapsBreakfast: Don’t sacrifice precious sleeping time by creating a time-consuming breakfast dish. Try topping off toasted frozen waffles with Hormel® Cure 81® ham, strawberries and maple syrup. Or, spread toast with cream cheese, create a heart in the center of the toast with blueberries and spoon strawberry jam in the center.

Appetizer: Asian Lettuce Wraps are simple to prepare yet have a sophisticated look and taste. Heat a combination of chicken, water chestnuts and a House of Tsang® stir-fry sauce of your choosing in a wok or skillet. Arrange the mixture in the center of each lettuce wrap, top with your favorite veggies and enjoy!

Main course
: Impress your guests with a tasty Sausage and Pepper Pasta. Customize the simple dish that combines rigatoni pasta and Hormel® Natural Choice® spinach asiago chicken sausages with your loved one’s favorite jarred pasta sauce.

Don’t forget dessert! Valentine’s Day is known as a “sweet” holiday and no home-cooked meal on this day would be complete without a delectable dessert dish. If you’re already exhausted from your cooking efforts, heat up Hormel™ Country Crock® cinnamon apples and spoon over ice cream for a quick and mouth-watering ending to your meal.



I received this information from Hormel, as part of my membership of the Hormel Family Blogger Program.