Staples Cyber Monday and The Nexus 7 Tablet & Giveaway

Staples makes it easy for holiday shoppers to save on technology with a two-day Cyber Monday savings event both in-store and online. Shoppers will find incredible deals on technology and more starting Sun. Dec. 1, 2013 through Mon. Dec. 2, 2013.


Cyber Monday deals are available in store and on while supplies last include:

· Dell 15” Touch Screen Laptop for $379.99 (save $120)

o Plus Free $25 Windows Store Gift Card (with purchase of any Windows Touch PC or Tablet)

· Gateway 20” All-in-One Desktop PC for $299.99 (save $130)

· Google Nexus 7 16GB for $199 (save $30)

imageStarting this holiday season, free shipping on for orders of $19.99 or more (previously $45). As always, Staples rewards members enjoy free shipping on any purchase on

Staples stores (visit for a store locator) and

My kids are saving their money for a tablet. They went in together and said they were going to pull their resources to get a tablet. I think the Nexus 7 is perfect for them. The only thing that is a negative in my opinion is that it isn’t as easy to lock down for safety reasons as the Surface is. However, the size, weight and apps available sing quite loudly to me. The screen is so bright and beautiful and I love the stylus. 1130131210

Best of Google

Nexus 7 comes loaded with your favorite Google apps – like Chrome, Gmail, YouTube, Hangouts and Google Now – so you can browse, watch, share and stay connected wherever you go. And because Google apps are designed for the cloud, everything is simple and works seamlessly across your phone, tablet and computer. Now you have all the stuff you need, when you need it.

Powered by Android

Nexus 7 is the first tablet to ship with Android 4.3, the latest version of the world’s most popular mobile operating system so it’s fast, fun and easy to make your own. Share your tablet with friends and family – each person has a separate customizable space, including personal home screen, wallpaper, apps, storage, and more. You can also manage access to apps and content to create an experience that’s appropriate for each member of the family.

Ready to Play

Nexus 7 is great for gaming and with favorites like Prince of Persia, Asphalt 8, and Riptide GP 2, you can tilt, tap, and touch your way to the top. The brand new Play Games app also lets you track your achievements, play with (or against) friends and gamers around the world, and discover new exciting games. And with an ever-expanding number of tablet-optimized apps like Flipboard, Expedia, or The Fancy, you’ll find all the apps you love, and love the many new apps you’ll find.

Kick back with the world’s largest collection of eBooks, listen to millions of music tracks with All Access, and immerse yourself in thousands of movies and TV shows on Google Play.

The sharpest 7" tablet screen ever

The world’s highest-resolution 7" tablet puts over 2.3 million pixels in the palm of your hand. With 323 pixels packed into every inch, you can read text that’s sharper than the printed page, see images more vivid than the highest quality photo magazine, and watch videos come to life in vibrant 1080p HD.

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Back To School With Staples & Arc Customizable Notebook Kit

Staples has come out with a brand new customizable notebook that essentially turns into your very own individual, organizing system, making it easier (and prettier!) than ever to get, and stay, organized. They also have a an entire line dedicated to eco-friendly products and fun, colorful office accessories. And you can get back to school supplies for as low as .01 cents. I picked up a few things for Zoe and Miles and even a few things for me the other day when I was in there. I mean picking up pens and pencils for 1.00 is a GREAT deal to me.


Staples sent me one of their new Arc Customizable Notebooks and a few of the notebook accessories. I made a quick video to show you how easy it is to switch things out inside the notebook.


The Clear Poly Arc Notebook from M by Staples offers eight fashionable ways in one package to customize the cover design with four reversible inserts protected by a clear poly cover. Each cover slip, complete with one fashion print and one solid color, can be easily swapped or removed so that a picture, schedule or other notes can be displayed. The Clear Poly Arc Notebook offers the long-lasting quality of other Arc notebooks with new prints to easily and stylishly customize.  

• Customize with eight different prints and solids (one package)
• Easily add, remove and rearrange pages 
• 60 repositionable narrow-ruled sheets
• High quality, lasting product
• Perfect for school, office, or travel
• Two sizes: Letter and Junior
• Available in Staples retail stores and starting 7/5 
• Retail price: Letter $10.99, Junior $8.99 

I like the notebook because I can change the cover depending on the mood I’m in. Plus the sickies and the folders are great for keeping receipts and just keeping my life organized. I’m always finding receipts just falling out of my purse.

Staples “Shed, Shred and Get Ahead” Organized in 2013 & Save

The world’s largest office supply company and second largest internet retailer, announced a new industry-leading  U.S. Staples Rewards program that gives members five percent back on everything, including technology and services, and provides free shipping on Starting March 15 and free to all customers you can sign up for free Staples Rewards membership or find more information about the Staples Rewards program, at


The only exclusions to the Staples Rewards program are taxes, postage stamps, gift cards, delivery charges, coupons, pre-paid phone cards and purchases made on third-party Web sites. Free shipping is available on all orders.  Currently, orders on any third party Web sites, purchases on,, and do not apply. 

And of Course Staples is your one stop shop for office organization. You can increase efficiency and organize your office with an expanded assortment of products in a few easy steps.

  • Shed – purge unwanted files or papers and organize the documents in binders. The Internal Revenue Service recommends keeping important business records from three to seven years, depending on the documents.
    Staples recently launched its Binder Recycling Program, which gives customers $2 off the purchase of a new binder for each binder they bring in to a Staples store to recycle.
  • Shred – protect your business and identity against fraud by shredding unneeded paperwork with sensitive information. For larger jobs, consider Staples Copy & Print, which offers confidential shredding at great prices.
  • Get Ahead – The New Year is also a good time to make sure electronic files are secure and protected. It’s critical for any small business owner to have the right organizational tools such as network storage devices to back up files especially as tax season gets started.

Staples’ expanded assortment features top organizational products for staying organized all year, such as:



Staples New BETTER® Binder with removable FileRings™ - the first of its kind binder features file rings that detach from the shell for easy filing in any standard filing cabinet. Now available in black, white, red, green and blue covers exclusively on (Staples 1-inch BETTER Binder: $12.99 and removable FileRings: $4.99).

Staples One-Touch™ Aero Stapler – Perfect for the consumer who has an eye for design and likes to personalize their desk supplies. The 20-sheet capacity Aero offers contemporary designs with a raised handle that makes stapling effortless. Available in black, silver or blue. ($14.99)

M by Staples™ Arc Customizable Notebook System –Available in durable poly or leather covers with premium, heavyweight paper, this customizable notebook has repositionable sheets that can moved from one section to another making organization a breeze. (Starting at $7.99)

Relay Flash Drives – The easy and smart way to transfer files from one computer to another. (64GB-$69.99; 32GB-$49.99; 16GB-$27.99; 8GB-$17.99)


We received samples.

Replenish Your Supply & Have a Successful School Year with Duracell

With back to school now in full swing, I was wondering if you were needing to replace batteries for anything yet. Or perhaps with the purchase of your school supplies you needed to by some batteries. Remember when back to school shopping meant paper notebooks, #2 pencils and calculators the size of text books? That was my school list once upon a time. Times have certainly changed! Both parents and teachers agree that electronic devices are now an essential part of back to school purchases.



Did you find that you needed more batteries this year?

duracell instant chargerDuracell, the #1 trusted battery brand voted by teachers, recently conducted a survey that reveals how electronic devices can positively shape the success of a student’s educational experience both inside and outside of the classroom. The survey found that a majority of parents (52 percent) say that batteries are part of their back to school purchases. The survey results also revealed that:

  • 85 percent of teachers agree that their students enjoy using electronic devices to learn as opposed to more traditional learning devices like text books.
  • 74 percent of teachers agree that technology increases their students’ motivation and self-esteem.
  • 66 percent of teachers believe that the use of technology allows their school to be more green and 53% say that because of advances of technology at their school, their students are becoming more eco-friendly.
  • 59 percent of parents agree that preparing their kids for going back to school can be stressful.
    Duracell wants to make your school year even better with a little back to school year giveaway. We know you all are already back in school but you will always need to replenish your supplies. So we’re going to stock you up on batteries and a Staples Gift Card

This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to the winner, Debbie Jackson.

All rules can be found under giveaway rules. We received samples.

Cleaning with Staples, “That was [eco] EASY!”

It’s about time more companies became Earth Day friendly year round. Staples is making their mark with their Sustainable Earth line.


I have used other brands of multi-purpose and glass cleansing products and compared to the Staples Sustainable Earth, I’d say in a blind test I won’t be able to tell the difference between my typical cleaner and the Staples Sustainable Earth cleansers. My house is shiny, steak-free, and without film residues. Staples Sustainable Earth cleaning products also leaves a very fresh, clean smell not a chemical sterile smell, which is important to me because I want to live in my home not a hospital! The reason is Sustainable Earth has no harsh chemicals but offer powerful ways to clean greener … BRILLIANT!

The Staples Sustainable Earth Glass Cleaner is alcohol-free, ammonia-free, and phosphate-free. The Staples Sustainable Earth Multi-Purpose Cleaner offers a natural pH, and is also ammonia-free and phosphate-free. It is an eco-conscious cleaner that was formulated in partnership with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) exclusively for Staples and meets the Green Seal environmental standard for household cleaners.

Sustainable Earth by Staples is eco easy! Not only are they stepping up with eco cleaners, but their Sustainable Earth line offers toner, paper products, school and office supplies, and cutlery and flatware. The coolest of these Sustainable Earth products including a Bamboo USB Flash Drive (made from recycled bamboo) and notebooks made from recycled sugarcane instead of paper from trees!


So keep Earth Day in your everyday, and with the help of Staples you’ll be saying, “That was easy!”

You can keep up with Staples on their website, via Staples on Facebook and by tracking them on Twitter @StaplesTweets.


Disclosure – A product was provided to me free of charge by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the writing of this review; however, opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation

About Summer:

Summer is the President of our Local MOMS Club chapter, she is the mother of two adorable active boys, and is always thinking of ways to help others. She is a friend, a wife, and always busy as all mommies are. She is very active on Facebook, addicted to Geocaching and very interested in organic and green living.

Upgrade to a New Windows 7 PC and Get Free PC Setup

I’ve been using Windows 7 for, I dunno, forever! Windows 7 PC has been the most stable of Windows yet, I haven’t had to format my computer and it’s been WONDERFUL. Plus, all of the great features that come with Windows 7 PC make my blogging life a whole lot easier. Microsoft also has all of the free downloads, like Movie Maker, and Live Writer. Both I use daily with my blog. If you haven’t upgraded yet, now is the time!

You know with all the Spring Cleaning going on it’s time to spring clean your office and that includes your computer. It’s the perfect time to ditch the old and bring on the new…especially when it comes to your technology! I had a newsflash sent to me, did you know that Windows 7 is the fastest selling operating system in history?????. But the newsflash also said that some people are still holding on to those Windows XP machines (which is a technology over 10 years old by the way!). WHAT???

Why don’t they upgrade? Well, with loads of files, music and photos living on your hard drive, it seems like transferring all the data isn’t always as easy as cleaning out your closet. Which I have to agree with, backing up everything on your computer can be a nightmare! Did I get everything? I always worry we missed something

Newsflash: It IS that easy thanks to Windows and Staples this spring!

Windows and Staples are helping customers by bringing you the “Windows Easy Tech Offer.” For a limited time, when you buy any new Windows 7 PC online or in stores at Staples a PC technician will transfer all your data and setup your PC with the new Windows Live Essentials (including tools such as Photo Gallery and Movie Maker)—all for free! You even get a free Microsoft online training valued at $300 as part of the deal!

Staples will make sure all of your special photos, files, music, e-mail browser settings and favorites go with you to your new PC. Take all your data with you and get a new PC that will bring you into the modern age. And with so many great PCs available for less than $600, it would be silly not to.  Now wasn’t that easy?

For more information on the offer, visit or



I received this information and felt it was worth sharing. I’m part of a Windows PC blogger test program and I can choose to write about things they send me or not.

One of those weeks, One of those Days

As a mother, sometimes I just wish I could reach for that EASY button that Staples has, or how about just the reset button for the day or even for the week. This week has been one of those weeks. Everything with the kids has been a battle all week long and I’m ready for a new week.

The worst day was Tuesday.


imageTuesday started out like a great day. We went to see of any of our friends were home and no one was answering their doors. One of our neighbors was leaving as we were heading home with our heads down low and she said her and her daughter would play with is that afternoon. The kids were excited just by this news, and I told them I would take them to the park in the meantime.


We went to Wilmont Gateway park in Woodinville to ride our bikes on the Sammamish River Trail. I know that lots of bikers use this trail and I know that the bikers think they own the trail. So I’m trying to teach my children that they need to stay on one side and when they see a biker coming to move out of the way. Miles made a lot of progress and moved out of the way on cue. We were ending out walk because Zoe was just not in the mood to walk in the first place. So I was arguing with a 3 year old and corralling a 2 year old the entire time. As we were nearing the entrance to the trail, there was a train and car overpass. A train came by and blew its’ whistle, being almost right underneath it it was terribly loud and completely terrified my children. Miles started screaming and shaking with fear. Zoe was crying too but she calmed down much faster. So we had to stop while I was consoling them. I pulled us in tightly but we were still on the trail. So a biker had the nerve to tell us that we should move off of the trail.

image I was so mad. Bikers do not own the public trail. She actually stopped at the entrance of the tail and waited for us to leave, so that she could tell me, I’m just concerned about you and your kids. Now, perhaps her intentions were good, but she proceeded to tell me that I should have gone just a little further forward and moved my family out of the way. I wanted to bite her head off. It took everything in me to keep my cool. In the heat of the moment, and even afterwards I didn’t see a space large enough for all three of us and our bikes. I would have liked to see her handle the situation better if she had been there with one child trembling with fear.

We get home and I put the kids down for a nap. I needed to make changes to my vacation so I had to call the airlines to ask if they could exchange the tickets for a different day. First time I called they said it was going to cost me 130.00 per person traveling. I was appalled again because they are going to resell the tickets that I am not using, plus they are making even more money. I told them I would think about it and call them back. I looked on-line and saw that I could apply for a refund. Since the ticket prices went down since I purchased them I though, perhaps I should just apply for a refund and re-purchase the tickets, I called them again. The next person I talked to said there is a fee of 150.00 to make changes to travel plans then she said it will be…and I didn’t even let her finish her statement. All of my anger from everything that had gone wrong that week went into this lady. Poor thing!

She stayed calm, which was SHOCKING, and she told me I need to let her finish what she was going to say. She said, “Mrs Bishop, ticket prices have gone down 184.00 since you purchased them, because of this, you are actually going to receive vouchers for all three flights and I will change the day you are traveling.


The guilt I felt for going off on her. She told me not to worry about it that she is used to it. That made me feel even worse. What an awful job she must have dealing with people upset over flights, and prices. YIKES!

image I thought this might be the turn around point for my day, but Zoe got up from her nap and was a grump. Everything was an argument with her and Miles. We played with our friend but when she had to go in for dinner we were all grumps again. Then, my husband calls and said he missed the bus. Oh no! of all days to miss his bus, this meant I had another hour to go all by myself with two very disagreeable kids. I had no patience left so I went to my husband’s work to pick him up. The kids are quiet in the van, well I gave them food and turned on a movie so they would be sure to be quite.

For the rest of the week the grumps have been off and on. Oh where are you reset button, I’d like to start off next week with no grumps.

Anyone Else?

This Week’s Deals at Staples


50% back in Staples rewards on ALL color and black and white copies (now – Nov. 14)

Free PC Tune Ups from Staples Easy Tech

PC Tune up consists of a thorough PC cleaning (deleting internet cookies and temporary internet files), clean up dust and dirt buildup, disk defragmentation and disk clean up.

Save an extra $50 instantly when recycling ANY printer and purchasing ANY HP Officejet PRO or qualifying HP LaserJet printer

Also, Staples tweets!  Follow @StaplesTweets for more deals in your town!