The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Giveaway

I love super hero movies and one of my son’s favorite characters is Spiderman. Actually I think our entire house is fan of any of the Marvel Super Heroes and this is a movie we will more than likely watch as a family. And if my daughter doesn’t want to see it my husband and son will see it for sure. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 comes out on May 2nd.


We’ve always known that Spider-Man’s most important battle has been within himself: the struggle between the ordinary obligations of Peter Parker and the extraordinary responsibilities of Spider-Man. But in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Peter Parker finds that a greater conflict lies ahead.


It’s great to be Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield).  For Peter Parker, there’s no feeling quite like swinging between skyscrapers, embracing being the hero, and spending time with Gwen (Emma Stone).  But being Spider-Man comes at a price: only Spider-Man can protect his fellow New Yorkers from the formidable villains that threaten the city.  With the emergence of Electro (Jamie Foxx), Peter must confront a foe far more powerful than he. And as his old friend, Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan), returns, Peter comes to realize that all of his enemies have one thing in common: OsCorp. image

This group of actors has to be my favorite Spiderman set so far. Emma Stone is amazingly strong as Gwen and Peter is fun as Spiderman should be. I loved the first Spiderman with the two of them in it and can’t wait to see this one as well.



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Interview with Greg Kinnear: Is Heaven for Real? Heaven is For Real #Heavenisforrealmovie

I know it’s hard for many of you that are not believers to get excited as I am about this movie. And for that reason I really want to make it a point to include the interview I had with Greg Kinnear. I’m not entirely sure that Greg Kinnear is a Christian. If he is he’s sort of like me, it’s difficult to just put yourself out there and say yes I’m a Christian and Yes I believe in heaven and yes to those that don’t believe, I just type casted myself so you don’t want to hire me or work with me.


Having faith and putting yourself out there is hard to do and it was actually hard for the Burpo family to tell their story. Nothing about the Heaven is for Real story was easy. I mean, Todd and Sonia almost lost their son. And making the decision to tell the story was scary and it’s hard for that small town to be in the spotlight. So I can understand how it’s also hard for Greg to put himself out there like this. But he did it, and he did it well.


Someone asked Greg Kinnear about how he prepared for the film

He said that he never met Todd before the film so he called him on the phone and they Skyped each other a lot. It was important to Greg that he portrayed that Todd was more than just a pastor. He was a volunteer firefighter, he volunteered at the school, and he was also a pastor and a father. I felt that Greg did a really great job making Todd f eel like a very complex guy. He was drawn in with the family’s dilemma and how they figured out what to do with this shocking information their son was telling them.  “I liked the way the story is told in a very human, accessible way….It’s the story of a family who experiences something extraordinary. On think Randall is so good at is creating moments of humor, humanity and decency for this family, while also getting at the larger questions.


We also asked him about working with Connor, How was that, did he help him a lot?

Greg sort of laughed and said I never knew I was going to be the kid whisperer for this movie, but I did work very well with Connor. We also played a lot together. Then he went on to say that he really understood that relationship between Colton and Todd and the innocence of a four year old boy. “It’s important to point out that Colton was then a four year-old kid, so there was no affection, nothing artificial about what he was saying. It was completely innocence……..And while children at that age can have huge imaginations, they also say things that you know they believe with all their heart. So it’s really interesting to play a father trying to sift through what’s real and what’s not in this kind of event.”


In the end, much like Wallace, Kinnear sees the story of Heaven is For Real as being not just about looking towards heaven but also about how to live in the grace of the hear and now. “Whatever your feelings on the afterlife, I think this film captures the beauty that is all around us through the eyes of this little boy and what he is seeing”


Heaven is for Real is in theaters now!

Heaven Is For Real Movie Out Today #HeavenIsForRealMovie

I’m so very excited because the Movie Heaven is For Real is out today and it’s a movie you should go see. Heaven Is For Real is about the experiences that the Burpo family had when their son Colton almost died. It’s a true story that was turned into a book. It wasn’t turned into a book so the family could make money, the book was made years after the event and doctor’s bills have to be paid right away. It wasn’t made so that a pastor could convert those that don’t believe in Jesus or heaven at all will believe. Todd didn’t even fully believe his son at first. It was made because it’s an amazing story that needed to be shared with the world to spark thought and because I honestly believe that GOD wanted this story told.


Heaven is For Real is Based on the #1 New York Times best-selling book of the same name, HEAVEN IS FOR REAL. The story brings to the screen the true story of a small-town father who must find the courage and conviction to share his son’s extraordinary, life-changing experience with the world. The film stars Academy Award® nominee and Emmy® award winning actor Greg Kinnear as Todd Burpo and co-stars Kelly Reilly as Sonja Burpo, the real-life couple whose son Colton (newcomer Connor Corum) claims to have visited Heaven during a near death experience. Colton recounts the details of his amazing journey with childlike innocence and speaks matter-of-factly about things that happened before his birth … things he couldn’t possibly know. Todd and his family are then challenged to examine the meaning from this remarkable event. Written by Sony Pictures Publicity



This story came to life from connections of love and compassion from book to screen it’s been blessed. I have my own reaction to the movie which is I really liked it. I cried even though I knew Colton would survive. I’ve shown it to my kids and we had some really great conversations about death and life and Jesus and Heaven! The movie is full of love and doubt it really tells the story of Heaven in human terms. The actors are amazing, the director and screenwriter are amazing. I love how they were able to have Connor be such a natural little boy. He didn’t make eye contact and was really exploring heaven. They created that scene and his reaction is real because he hadn’t seen the set until that very moment.


Now, I’ve also seen the scope of believers and their opinions. My friend and leader of the Children’s Ministry at my church said she was impressed at how it wasn’t really overly religious. It’s a movie that is safe for none-believers to see and not feel pressured. image

My close none-believer friend saw the movie with me and he said, wow I wasn’t expecting it to be so religious. But he also didn’t know that it was a best selling book and that the dad was a pastor.

From the two perspectives, yes it’s a religious movie, can you still go see it yes. Take Your Family! Go with an open heart and open eyes and just think about…… Is Heaven For Real?

Sony Cyber-shot WX300 Ultra-Compact Camera

The slim, super-stylish Cyber-shot WX300 camera is the world’s smallest and lightest digital still camera that packs a powerful 20x optical zoom range


A perfect pocket-sized travel partner, the WX300 camera features a high-quality Sony G Lens that handles wide-angle landscapes, portraits and dramatic close-ups with ease. It also has Optical SteadyShot™ image stabilization, which dramatically reduces the effect of hand shake and ensures crisp, blur-free still images. Image stabilization during zoom has been greatly improved and is about twice as effective2 compared to previous 20x optical zoom Sony cameras. It’s enhanced by Active Mode, which ensures that handheld movies look smooth and steady at all zoom ratios. DSC_WX300_Black_Right_jpg

Autofocus on the new WX300 camera has also been improved compared to its predecessors, and is now about 3.6x3 faster than previous models. Battery life has also been boosted, as the new model packs enough stamina to shoot up to 500 photos (CIPA measurement) from a single charge. The new WX300 camera has built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, utilizing Sony’s PlayMemories™ Mobile application, available for both Android and iOS app platforms, to wirelessly transfer photos and videos to a connected smartphone or tablet. It also allows a connected device to be used as a handy wireless remote to control the camera – ideal for self-portraits and group shots where the photographer wants to be included. Still images stored in the camera can also be viewed wirelessly on a networked TV.

Sony provided me with this information.

Sony Cyber-shot HX300 High Zoom Camera

I played with the Cyber-shot HX300 last year and I loved it, this year we concentrated on the NEX cameras but I still wanted to give you all the new information on the Cyber-Shot. With a stylish DSLR-style design and handling, the power-packed Cyber-shot HX300 offers photographers long-zoom capabilities in a compact, versatile package. Featuring a huge 50x optical zoom range (24mm-1200mm equivalent) – among the highest for any compact camera – the Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* lens covers a wide range of shooting possibilities, from holidays and safari trips to sports and outdoor concerts. The T* coating on lens surfaces cuts reflections and ‘flare’, while Super ED and ED glass elements minimize chromatic aberration for satisfyingly sharp, high-contrast images.DSC-HX300_Front_jpg

In a first for the Cyber-shot line, the HX300 camera features newly-enhanced Optical SteadyShot™ image stabilization that improves framing and composition at high zoom settings. This is made possible by a second zoom group of lens elements that shifts rapidly to correct for the slightest of hand movements. The HX300 model also has new and improved high-speed autofocus at telephoto settings that locks onto subjects about twice2 as fast as its predecessor, the HX200V model. This makes it easier than ever to grab those spontaneous moments with crisp, blur-free images.DSC-HX300_Right_jpg

The new camera has a balanced DSLR-style body and molded ergonomic grip that ensure comfort during shooting. There’s also a full range of intuitively-placed controls including manual ring, custom button, jog dial and Memory Recall mode, as well as the new Multi-Terminal that allows intelligent communication between the camera and compatible accessories..


Sony provided me with this information.

All About the Sony SLT-A58 DSLR-style Interchangeable Lens

Lightweight, easy to use and packed with a variety of powerful imaging capabilities, the new Sony SLT-A58 camera is an ideal choice for consumers eager to explore the world of DSLR-style interchangeable lens photography.

The new α58 camera is the latest to feature Sony’s acclaimed Translucent Mirror Technology, which delivers a potent combination of fast shooting, non-stop phase detection autofocus and continuous live image preview during still and full HD video (60i/24p) shooting. This innovative technology also allows the camera to shoot sharply focused images at up to eight frames per second (in Tele-Zoom High Speed Shooting Mode), ensuring that every important detail of any precious moment is fully captured.SLT-A58_wSAL1855-2_4

At the heart of the new α58 camera is a brand new, highly advanced 20.1 (approx.) effective megapixel Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor teamed with an improved BIONZ image processing engine, which individually adjusts levels of noise reduction and sharpness in different imaging areas. This powerful combination of sensor and processor gives the camera an extra-wide sensitivity range of ISO 100 to 16000, and ensures that it can produce exceptionally detailed, low-noise still images and full HD videos in all types of lighting conditions.

“With the new α58 model, we are bringing unparalleled levels of performance, speed and design to the world of affordable-class DSLR cameras,” said Mike Kahn, director of the Alpha business at Sony. “Featuring our innovative Translucent Mirror Technology, a brand new, high-resolution image sensor and a variety of new, convenient technologies all packaged at a great price, it is perfect for consumers looking to upgrade from the world of point-and-shoot cameras or replace an older DLSR.” SLT-A58_wSAL1855-2_3

To improve the framing, focusing and image playback experience, the α58 camera features a bright new OLED Tru-Finder electronic viewfinder. Using the EVF, shooters can instantly see the result of adjusting exposure compensation, aperture, ISO, white balance, Picture Effect and other parameters while they are composing – not afterwards. It’s a great teaching and learning tool, and a huge help for framing and creating that “perfect shot” with full confidence.

To complement its high-speed shooting capabilities, the α58 camera has a high-performance 15-point AF system that features new Lock-on Autofocus technology for speedier, more accurate subject tracking. This makes it easier for shooters to focus on and capture fast moving subjects like birds in flight, kids playing sports and virtually everything in between.

The new α58 also introduces new Auto Object Framing technology, an evolution of the innovative Auto Portrait Framing feature introduced last year in Sony’s lineup of interchangeable lens cameras. With Auto Object Framing, the α58 camera judges what’s in the scene – one person, two people, even moving objects or macro subjects – tracking, framing and cropping the shot to create powerful, professionally-framed compositions. Cropped photos are boosted back to full resolution using Sony’s unique By Pixel Super Resolution technology, and both the original and re-composed image files are saved for review.SAL-A58_flash_up_SAL1855-2

Additionally, the new camera features a total of 15 artistic ‘in-camera’ Picture Effect treatments including Toy Camera, Mono and Partial Color and much more, all of which can be accessed instantly from the mode dial.

I received this information from Sony

The Sony NEX Series Favorite: Sony NEX-6 #SonyNEX

I didn’t have the opportunity to play with the Sony NEX-6 camera while I was in Utah with Sony, but everyone I talked to that did play with it said that their new favorite camera is the NEX-6. One of the girls, Chip-Chick said that she likes it better than the Sony NEX-7. With that being said, I wanted to share with you the press release, tech specs and all the information I could find on this new camera. NEX-6_front

With a brand new, sleek design and enhanced control capabilities, the new Sony NEX-6 camera packs all the imaging power, shooting responsiveness, handling and operability of a DSLR into a pocket-sized mirrorless camera.

The newest addition to Sony’s acclaimed E-mount camera line-up includes Fast Hybrid AF, Wi-Fi capabilities and the Play Memories Camera Apps™ platform recently introduced on Sony’s new NEX-5R model, as well as the same high-resolution XGA OLED Tru-Finder™ viewfinder found on the flagship NEX-7 model. Additionally, the NEX-6 adds a standard DSLR-style mode dial for fast, simple navigation between settings.NEX-6_wSELP1650 lens

“Put simply, we are revolutionizing the world of compact system cameras,” said Mike Kahn, director of the alpha camera business at Sony Electronics. “With the NEX-6, we’ve brought a full DSLR experience – fast focus, enhanced control and an “eye-level” shooting style – to consumers at a fraction of the size and weight. Add the convenience of Wi-Fi connectivity and our innovative Play Memories Camera Apps platform, and it becomes a truly compelling product unlike anything else in market today. It’s the perfect balance of size, performance quality.” NEX-6L_wSELP1650_zoom_2

The camera’s large Exmor® APS HD CMOS sensor offers 16.1 effective megapixels for true DSLR-quality images and detail-packed Full HD video. It’s teamed with a powerful BIONZ® image processor that ensures flawless, low-noise images at extended sensitivity settings up to ISO 25600.

The innovative Fast Hybrid AF system* combines phase- and contrast-detect AF methods. It uses 99 phase-detection AF points arrayed on the image sensor to detect a subject’s distance and direction to quickly lock focus on it, and then utilizes contrast-detection AF to confirm extremely fine focus detail. In Speed Priority Continuous shooting mode, the camera automatically switches to phase detection tracking AF to track fast-moving action accurately in each frame at up to 10 frames per second.NEX-6_wSELP1650_BK_1_wEyepiece

As with the flagship NEX-7 camera, the NEX-6 model features an XGA OLED Tru-Finder™ EVF for precision framing and focusing. This 2.36 million dot electronic viewfinder gives a bright, detail-packed, high contrast view of still images and video, with 100% frame coverage and a wide field of view to rival pro-grade optical viewfinders. On-screen grid lines and a digital level gauge can be displayed to assist with accurate framing.

The high-quality OLED Tru-Finder™ EVF is complemented by a 3.0” Xtra Fine LCD™ display that can be angled up to 90° up or 45° down (approx.) for easy viewing in virtually any shooting position. The LCD screen ensures superb detail and contrast with significantly reduced on-screen reflections, aiding composition when shooting outdoors or in direct light.

New for the NEX-6 camera is a strategically-positioned mode dial on its top, similar to those found on traditional DSLR cameras, giving photographers easy access to commonly used shooting modes including P/A/S/M and Sweep Panorama™ mode. The camera also has mode-dependent control dial (located underneath the mode dial) plus a separate control wheel on the camera back for fine adjustments of exposure, ISO, white balance and other settings.

Also inherited from high-end A-mount cameras, a “Function” key and pro-focused Quick Navi interface allows fingertip adjustment of settings without taking the viewfinder away from the shooter’s eye. Alongside a handy pop-up flash, there’s a versatile new Multi Interface Shoe that’s capable of ‘intelligent’ linkage with various accessories.

Full HD movie shooting is enhanced on the NEX-6 camera with a new Auto Slow Shutter feature that adds extra detail to low-light clips. The camera detects dim interiors and night scenes and automatically selects a slower shutter speed to brighten footage.

Wi-Fi Sharing and New Camera Apps

Shared with the NEX-5R model, integrated Wi-Fi on the NEX-6 camera allows photos to be transferred wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet running Sony’s free PlayMemories Mobile™ app (free of charge), available on both Android™ and Apple iOS platforms. Additionally, content can be directly uploaded from the camera to Facebook® using a Wi-Fi connection and the new “Direct Upload” application, part of Sony’s new PlayMemories Camera Apps™ platform.

The PlayMemories Camera Apps platform is the world’s first application download service in an interchangeable lens camera that allows consumers to install new functions on demand, tailoring their cameras to fit personal shooting needs. The service can be accessed over Wi-Fi or when the camera is connected directly to a PC via USB.**

Available apps at launch, outside of “Direct Upload”, will include “Picture Effect+”, “Multi Frame NR” and “Smart Remote Control.” A variety of other apps including “Bracket Pro”, “Photo Retouch”, “Time-Lapse” and “Cinematic Photo” are also planned for future release.

New Interchangeable Lenses for α E-mount Cameras

Sony has also introduced three new lenses for its E-mount line of interchangeable lens cameras, adding to the system’s flexibility.

The new SELP1650 lens is an extremely light, compact 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 powered zoom model that measures only 29.9 mm thick (when fully retracted) and contains built-in Optical SteadyShot™ image stabilization for clearer handheld images. Additionally, it features a dual-function ring that controls both power zoom and manual focus, depending on the camera’s focus mode. With the camera set to AF the control ring adjusts smooth, high-speed zoom with small hand movements. With the camera in MF mode, the ring controls manual focus. A smooth power zoom dial makes the lens particularly useful for shooting video.

The new SEL35F18 lens is a wide aperture 35mm focal length model with a bright maximum aperture of f/1.8 and built-in Optical SteadyShot image stabilization. It offers excellent optical sharpness, clarity, and background defocus in both still images and HD video, and is exceptionally light and easy to carry.

The new SEL1018 lens is a super-wide angle zoom with a maximum aperture of f/4.0 across its range of 10-18mm and built-in Optical SteadyShot image stabilization. Adopting the super ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass which reduces color aberration, the lens is capable of producing dramatic perspective effects and is ideal for shooting landscapes and interiors.

New accessories for NEX-6

The new stylish, leather LCS-ELC6 Soft Carrying Case is designed exclusively for use with the NEX-6 camera and attached SELP1650 or SEL16F28 lens. While attached, the case still allows use of a tripod as well as the camera’s LCD screen to be tilted.

The new LCS-EJA Soft Carrying Case can be used for all α E-mount cameras, and is ideal for use with the new SELP1650 or SEL16F28 lens attached. It has internal pockets for storage of the lens cap as well as a spare memory card.

Pricing and Availability

The NEX-6 compact system camera will be available this November in a kit with the SELP1650 power zoom lens for about $1,000. It will also be offered as body-only for about $850.

The SELP1650 power zoom lens will be sold separately in January for about $350, and the SEL35F18 prime and SEL1018 wide angle lenses will be available this November for about $450 and $850, respectively.

The LCS-ELC6 and LCS-EJA soft carrying cases will be available this November for about $100 and $40, respectively.

The new camera, lenses and all compatible accessories will be available at Sony retail stores ( and other authorized dealers nationwide.

Please visit for a full video preview of the new NEX-6 compact system camera and follow #SonyNEX on Twitter for the latest α NEX camera news.


Sony provided transportation to the press event.

A Great Camera To Start With: From Mom TO Professional Photography Sony NEX-3N

I always have my giant Canon camera with me and because of it’s size everyone expects that I’m a professional photographer. I’m really not. I’m an armature learning as I go. I’m getting better but I hate all the trial and error and reading a book to me just takes too much time. Sony presented me with the mommy solution to cameras, you can easily go from amateur stay at home mommy to professional photographer in no time at all. Once you find all the photo features that you can use to take Photoshop type photos in seconds with interchangeable lenses, The Sony NEX-3N. NEX-3N_front_wSELP1650_self_1_BK

The NEX-3N digital camera delivers professional quality photos and Full HD videos in an ultra-compact body weighing in at just under 7.5 ounces, making it the world’s smallest and lightest interchangeable lens camera with an APS-C size sensor.The new NEX-3N camera will be offered as a kit with the sharp, compact SELP1650 motorized zoom lens, offering the ultimate package of portability and performance in a compact system camera. The camera features a newly added zoom lever on top of the body, allowing for smooth fingertip control of lens focal length. The lever can also adjust digital zoom on the camera if a powered zoom lens (SELP1650 or SELP18200) is not being used. With a pop up and over screen you can easily take photos of yourself like you would with your phone, except this photo will have printable quality.


The NEX-3N camera debuts new Auto Object Framing technology, which allows shooters to create professionally framed photos with each composition. This innovative feature identifies the main object of the framed scene – whether it’s one person, two people or even macro and moving subjects – and then automatically trims the scene around the object to create a professionally-styled composition. The cropped photo is then boosted to full resolution using Sony’s unique By Pixel Super Resolution technology, which uses pattern matching to maintain superb image detail, tones and textures. Both the original and cropped image files are saved for review.NEX-3NL_B_wSELP1650_zoom_BK_1

The new NEX-3N compact digital camera will be available this April in black and white in a kit with the motorized 16-50mm zoom lens (model SELP1650) for about $500. Here are a few of the photo feature photo examples.









Sony provided transportation to press event and loaned out their cameras for the duration of the trip.

What’s To Love About The Sony NEX-5R

While I was on the trip with Sony a few weeks ago we spent most of the time learning about the NEX series cameras. I had the opportunity to play with the NEX-3N and the NEX-5R and I loved both of them. I think I loved the NEX-5R more because of it’s Wi-Fi capabilities. I was able to transfer photos directly from the camera to my phone without any Wi-Fi. The phone also has Wi-Fi capabilities allowing you to upload photos to Facebook using the apps you can find at Sony. Oh yeah, there’s an app for that. NEX-5R_front_wSEL1855_BK

The NEX series cameras, (excluding the NEX-3N) have Wi-Fi capabilities that allow you to download extra apps. I mean the cameras come with some pretty cool features as it as. You have all the creative photo features, the ability to edit photos and manual features as well. The difference is that the added connectivity of the NEX-5R camera allows photos and videos to be transferred wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet running Sony’s free PlayMemories Mobile app, available on both Android™ and Apple iOS platforms. Additionally, content can be directly uploaded from the camera to Facebook® using a Wi-Fi connection and the new “Direct Upload” application, part of Sony’s new PlayMemories Camera Apps platform.NEX-5R_front_wSEL1855_SV

This new concept of PlayMemories Camera Apps is the world’s first application download service in an interchangeable lens camera that allows consumers to install new functions on demand, tailoring their cameras to fit their personal shooting needs. The service can be accessed over Wi-Fi or when the camera is connected directly to a PC via USB.NEX-5R_front_wSEL1855_WH

Available apps at launch, outside of “Direct Upload” as mentioned earlier, will include “Picture Effect+”; “Bracket Pro”; “Multi Frame NR”; “Photo Retouch”; and “Smart Remote Control. A variety of other apps including “Time-Lapse” and “Cinematic Photo” are also planned for release.

And can I just tell you, you will become a professional photographer in no time at all. DSC00514


No editing,


Black and white high contrast directly from the camera,


Create a Water Color that is nice enough to hang on the wall


Tell a story with your focus point


Everything is so easy to do with these NEX series cameras, I think this year I’m going to buy another camera, because I’m so tired of carrying around my Canon it’s a bag of bricks. Sony cameras and lenses are so light and compact and just so easy to learn. There isn’t any complicating, aperture or f-stop. or I can’t even remember that last feature I was thinking about but my Canon goes up to 3000.

You can also utilize the family of PlayMemories applications to transfer content directly to a networked PC, streamlining the image back-up process and avoiding the need to connect cables or transfer memory cards between devices. Additionally, you can transfer photos to any DLNA® compatible TV either through a wireless access point or any TV supporting Wi-Fi.

The NEX-5R compact system camera will be available this October in silver, black and white for about $750 with an 18-55mm kit zoom lens as well as body-only for about $650.


Sony paid for my travel expenses and loaned these two cameras to me for the duration of our trip.

Reading in the Bathtub with Sony’s Waterproof Xperia Tablet Z

While on my trip with Sony I had the opportunity to try out the Xperia Tablet Z prototype and I Loved the fact that it’s waterproof. I love to read while I’m taking a bath, to me that is the ultimate relaxation. I’m soaking in my hot bath with bubbles and reading a book. Well reading a paper book I’m always getting the pages wet as I have to turn the page. When I use my Kindle there is the fear of dropping it in the tub. With the Xperia Tablet Z there is no fear of dropping it because it can be dropped in the water and will recognize wet fingers. Oh and you HAVE to make sure that all ports and doors are closed when placing the device in water.

DSC01156You can see that I tested it out. I placed it in a bowl of water and lifted it back up and used it. I’m getting a lot more proficient at using the android software and love how connected this tablet is. The Xperia Tablet Z is available in a WiFi version that includes Sony’s Near Field Communication (NFC) One-Touch functions which allow users to transfer content among compatible devices, including audio, video and images, seamlessly from tablet to TV, tablet to speaker or phone to tablet just by touching them together. One-Touch functions are a key component of Sony’s device range this year and no other consumer electronics company today is bringing as many NFC-enabled products to market. The tablet’s Universal IR Remote allows users to control their TV and other Sony devices – as well as products from other manufacturers – directly from the tablet. Additionally, TV SideView is a new application, available from the Google Play store, that gives users an entirely new way to interact with the TV: Discover content via the interactive and visual TV guide, change channels, share with your social networks and cross-search other TV application listings like Netflix®, Video Unlimited™ and YouTube™ in your home network for additional content. DSC01155

Xperia Tablet Z is the most premium, high performance 10.1” Android tablet available. Built from quality materials and featuring the same stunning OmniBalance design as the Xperia Z smartphone, Xperia Tablet Z is also the slimmest 10.1” tablet in the world at 6.9 mm* and lightweight at 495 grams. It is the first tablet to run on the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ S4 Pro asynchronous quad core processor and has the highest levels of water resistance (IP55 & IP57) ever seen in a tablet, making it immersible in up to three feet of water for up to 30 minutes.



Key features for Xperia Tablet Z

  • 10.1” Full HD 1920x1200p Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2
  • The world’s thinnest 10.1” tablet at 6.9 mm* and lightweight at 495 grams
  • Dust and water resistant (IP55 & IP57) with a durable glass front display
  • Built-in universal IR remote control can control Sony and other manufacturers’ consumer electronic devices
  • Snapdragon S4 Pro processor with 1.5 GHz asynchronous quad-core CPU and 2 GB RAM
  • One-Touch connectivity with Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • A unique OmniBalance design with subtly rounded edges and smooth reflective surfaces
  • 8 MP rear camera featuring Exmor R for Mobile and Superior Auto plus 2MP HD front camera
  • Battery STAMINA mode further improves the standby time
  • S-Force Front Surround 3D provides realistic surround sound using two speakers


Sony paid for my expenses for a press trip where they allowed me to test out new technology, the tablet was returned.