IBW Books, KA Readers teaching children to read #Giveaway


At IBW Books they feel like I do that reading is so important to children’s education. Reading teaches kids to speak. It teaches them how to read, it increases their vocabulary. It’s starting a foundation and continuing it as they grow and learn.

IBW Books contacted me a while ago and asked me to do a review and giveaway for them and I’ve let the fall to the bottom of my stack. I’m so ashamed because I was so excited to receive them. I looked at them and it missed my calendar. I was going through my box and I found them and I thought, Oh I better do that RIGHT NOW!

So here I am writing about the books. It’s such a unique idea. IBW-Books combines books and the internet. I mean, we can’t run away from computers. As some of would much rather burry our heads in the sand than take on that nasty computer we can’t hide from the fact that our children are going to know more about computers than we ever dreamed of. So such it up and learn it. Or how about this,

You Read,

They look at the pictures on the internet while you read

That’s IBW-Books.

The Interactive Book-Webscene proprietary process combines the reading of a print book with the interactivity of online animations. Here’s how it works: At the end of each chapter, the reader is directed to a specific link on a website associated with the book. Here, the reader views a webscene. Webscenes contain 2D and 3D animations. Each webscene is essential to the storytelling. After viewing the webscene, the reader returns to the book to read another chapter, after which are instructions to view another webscene, and so on. Each book contains 6-10 webscenes.

My kids both love sitting at the computer so using these readers was a snap and big success. We received two different letter books. The books were written with a lot of words that start with the letter ‘g’ or the letter ‘b’. They love reading and watching the computer was no chore. My daughter can even work the mouse. I gave one of the readers to my daughter just last night and she flipped through it. It doesn’t have any pictures so she just looked that the words and pretended to read aloud.



I Totally forgot to mention:

For readers who want to share IBW books with others and make some extra money in the process, www.IBW-Booksellers.com has all the details on becoming an IBW Bookseller. You’ll not only represent a product with NO COMPETITION… and but also receive an IMMEDIATE 20% commission on all sales at the close of each hosted event!

Making money is easy and the party kit only costs 25.00. You won’t find any other home party business startup kit for that cheap.

To Enter:

Visit both www.IBW-Books.com and www.IBW-Booksellers.com. You will have a choice of one of two IBW prizes:

The Busy Preschooler’s Guide to Learning – fun activities built around the 26 letters of the alphabet, with step-by-step help to guide parents in how to use everyday situations to teach 105 skills their kids need before they walk in the kindergarten door. (Retail value $60.)

THREE (3) KA Readers – beginning readers that use a new kind of storytelling where kids see an animation unfold at the close of every chapter! Dr. Seuss-like rhyming hooks kids on the fun of words. Online activities help parents assess a child’s reading and comprehension. (Retail value $60.)

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