Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Trailer

Fifty Shades of Grey is the hotly anticipated film adaptation of the bestselling book that has become a global phenomenon.  Since its release, the “Fifty Shades” trilogy has been translated into 51 languages worldwide and sold more than 100 million copies in e-book and print—making it one of the biggest and fastest-selling book series ever.  Now it’s going to be a MOVIE and here is the trailer:


Stepping into the roles of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, who have become iconic to millions of readers, are Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. 

Joining Dornan and Johnson in the cast are Luke Grimes as Elliot, Christian’s brother; Victor Rasuk as José, Anastasia’s close friend; Eloise Mumford as Kate, Anastasia’s best friend and roommate; Marcia Gay Harden as Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey, Christian’s mother; Rita Ora as Mia, Christian’s sister; Max Martini as Taylor, Christian’s bodyguard; Callum Keith Rennie as Ray, Anastasia’s stepfather; Jennifer Ehle as Carla, Anastasia’s mother; and Dylan Neal as Bob, Carla’s husband.    

Fifty Shades of Grey is directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson and produced by Michael De Luca and Dana Brunetti alongside E L James, the creator of the series.  The screenplay for the film is by Kelly Marcel.

Scott Wolf Talks “Perception”

Scott Wolf on "Perception"
I spoke with actor Scott Wolf on Friday about his role on Perception, the hit TNT crime drama series. The show returns for its third season on Tuesday, and Scott was able to drop some hints about what the show has in store this year!

Beeb Ashcroft: I know our readers are really excited for the new season of Perception coming out, so I wanted to ask you if you could give us any hints as to what season 3 might have in store, and do you think that Donnie will really win Kate back?

Scott Wolf:

Well, for the first part of it, season 3 has everything people have come to expect from this show, which is really interesting, intricate, complicated, emotional, mysteries to be solved. What got built last year was the really interesting triangle between Kate, Donnie and Daniel, and there is some great humor and tension and drama that comes out of those three relationships. Where the writers come up with these stories, I have no idea, but there’s one great story where there’s a young kid, who is afflicted with an emotional/psychological illness and is convicted of a murder. One of the coolest part of the show and what sets it apart is that the central crime solving character is himself afflicted by something that oftentimes the person who has committed the crime is [afflicted with], so there’s just a real sense of connection and empathy – rather than there being a “Good guy” and a “Bad guy”, there’s two people who are sorting things out.

There are some really amazing new cases, and obviously in terms of Donnie and Kate, the fact that I’m talking with you now [means] that Donnie’s still around and things are going OK for him in his quest to win her back. But even though the beginning of this season showed two people who were maybe heading back toward each other, they’re far from done with the challenges that will arise in terms of the rebuilding a trust between the two of them. We are rooting for Donnie & Kate – I think what’s fun is in the middle of what is a of a crime show, or a crime procedural and a mystery, [there's] some really great human stories and in this one, a couple who might well be each other’s true love. Some mistakes have happened and trust broken and whether that’s worth fighting for, or whether it’s even possible to fight and get that back, remains to be seen; but I feel like it’s a really compelling story and one that a lot of people can relate to.

Beeb Ashcroft: Right, and since Donnie’s character is playing an increasingly larger role this season, that must be exciting to you to see the character developing and evolving.

Scott Wolf:

For sure, I mean look, when the character was introduced, most people just kinda wanted to slap him and send him outta town. So the fact that’s he’s emerged as a character because of how well it’s been written and their commitment to telling a real, authentic-feeling story; it’s a guy who was really attempting redemption and recognized that in order to have the life he wanted and win back to the love of his life, he was actually gonna have to be a better person and set out to be that person. It took the course of an entire season, and you just don’t see that kind of patient storytelling all the time – I was really very proud of the way that story got told last year. I guess as the last season ended, a lot of the audience was surprised that that they were in the position that they were in, not minding the idea of Donnie and Kate being together and almost actually rooting for them to happen – I don’t think anyone really saw that coming.

That’s just really fun, challenging storytelling and this year it’s more of the same; at times, it’s the opposite. Sometimes I think people will be a position where they might think, “Yeah, I’m good with all this” and then something happens or Donnie might get involved in something, or do something, or say something that that challenges people all over again, and so it’s definitely engaging and a really cool human story. I would love being part of this show [even without those elements] just because it’s really inventive, and Eric (McCormack) and Rachel (Leigh Cook) are amazing and the writing is so good, but the fact that they find a way to tell these really intricate human and romantic stories alongside these really interesting and intricate crime mysteries really makes the show rare.

Beeb Ashcroft: Going back to what you were saying about how the show portrays complex characters, do you the think that shows like this are helping to maybe destigmatize the portrayal of mental illness?

Scott Wolf:

100%, yeah. And I think that’s one of the things that is incredibly important to know Ken Biller, the show runner and Eric, who is obviously the lead of the show and also a producer. I think destigmatizing and having a different conversation about mental illness is really important to everyone on the show, whereas on a lot of other shows the person who committed the crime is basically just the bad guy, or the bad girl, and on this show, they’re victims themselves. I think [they're] dealing with the mental, emotional and psychological conditions authentically because they do an immense amount of research, and they recognize that there are people out there living with these conditions and they can’t be haphazard or careless with them. The fact that the title character, the person who is most of the time at the center of solving these crimes, is himself victimized and afflicted with mental illness, there’s less of a “Good guy, bad guy” “Us versus them” and the whole thing just feels a bit more empathetic. Ultimately there’s still somebody who does terrible things and is gonna have to pay the price, but it’s a lot more challenging, and at times, heartbreaking when you see some of these characters who are at the mercy of some condition or another. I feel like the fact that Daniel Pierce, Eric’s character, just relates so definitively to all of these people who he’s kind of tracking down makes the storytelling so much more interesting.

Beeb Ashcroft: With all of these complicated storylines, which one has been your favorite so far?

Scott Wolf:

Oh, boy. This season there’s one that happens early in season 3 that’s about to air where there is a young kid, and he’s been involved in this crazy situation and he’s been charged with murder. I guess just the fact that it is younger character and such a sweet, engaging character that you just want for him to have not done it, but it but it looks terrible. I think the reason I love that story and that case is it’s an example of if it weren’t Daniel Pierce, this kid would be sent away, but because Daniel does that extra bit of work out of his connection and empathy for this kid and people like him they find their way toward a version of story that that someone else might never have seen.

Beeb Ashcroft: Right, digging deeper.

Scott Wolf:

And he just cares more and out of being a empathetic, caring character but also because he feels like he walks in their shoes and really understand them. It’s a unique character and a unique take on on of this kind of murder mystery where the person who is at the center of solving a crime understands and more importantly empathizes with a lot of these people who he is investigating.

Beeb Ashcroft: How long does it take you to on film each of these episodes?

Scott Wolf:

We shoot episodes in 7 days, which to the average person might sound like a lot of days but it’s actually little days, it is not a lot of time. The amount of time it takes to shoot any one little scene is a lot more than most people would expect just because there’s a lot of different camera angles and there’s lighting and equipment, so the show actually shoots in a relatively short amount of time. In this particular case we wind up shooting two episodes at a time because it makes for more efficient production to actually shoot two episodes worth of stuff at a given location, which, at times gets a little complicated because you’re balancing two intricate story at one time! But everybody’s pretty passionate about what they’re doing and organized and cares a lot about the show, so it all works out.

Beeb Ashcroft: You’re your filming Perception, you just finished a storyline on The Night Shift and you’re doing the voice for the lead character in Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters. So how do you juggle all of these very different TV roles at the same time?

Scott Wolf:

Well, thankfully the schedule has actually allowed for it to all work. The Night Shift production happened while we were in between seasons on Perception – frankly, I just wouldn’t have been able to do it time-wise. Night Shift shot in Albuquerque so there’s no way I would have been able to do it [otherwise], but I’ve been lucky that the production schedule has worked out and that I’ve had the opportunity to do all these various things. I feel really lucky because I’m proud of all of them, and at the same time living an off-camera life with my wife and our kids. There’s a bunch to balance, but my life is full of all the things that I really love at the moment, so I’m grateful.

Catch the season 3 premiere of Perception on TNT on Tuesday, June 17th at 10 PM EST/PST!

It’s Martha Speaks Weeketh: All New Episodes Start Monday

June 16, that’s Monday, PBS KIDS and WGBH will be airing three all-new episodes of MARTHA SPEAKS during “Martha Speaketh Weeketh!” This week, you can watch your favorite talking dog, (My kids love Martha Speaks) she’s more than a talking dog she’s a canine linguist. We received a screener of a few episodes and some books. My kids go nuts over books. The books are already in their rooms and I’m pretty sure Zoe read them all very quickly. She’s such a super reader.



The fun continues online with the brand new game, Martha’s Steaks. Children learn vocabulary as they make Martha’s furry friends hurdle, dash, soar, and tumble to catch treats through Martha’s dream-landscape of steaks, bacon, and drumsticks!

Thinking about when my kids first started watching the show they really thought if you could feed a dog alphabet soup it would start talking. I wonder how many kids in America tried feeding their dogs an alphabet.


And there will be even more fun with Martha, here is the schedule line up. Tune in Starting Monday.


June 16th
Thou Callest Me a Dog
A dog speaking Shakespeare?  ‘Tis a consumation devoutly to be wished and achieved when Martha swallows Hamlet.  Never was a dog’s desire for meat so artfully expressed.
Martha’s Paper Chase
It’s the Town Crier deadline and Carolina needs a headline.  Hot on the trail for a story, and a biscuit, Senior Canine Reporter Martha stumbles into a scoop that screams front page: the whereabouts of Big Minnie.  But is exposing Minnie’s privacy worth the story?
June 17th
Alice Tells a Story
When Alice tells the story of how she got Nelson, her class is confused.  She ate pizza while playing hockey in an animal shelter?  With a little help from Helen and T.D., she might be able to tell it correctly, even if it is about cats…
Pirates and Princesses
Princesses Carolina, Alice and Helen needeth a castle.  Skipper Truman and First Mate T.D. are scouring the land for a ship.  The problem: Helen only has one tree house.  Who will prevail in the clash between bucanneers and royalty?
June 18th
Tomato, You Say
Why is there a tomato on T.D.’s shirt?  Helen’s eager to know.  Unfortunately, she’d have an easier time getting Martha to skip breakfast than getting a straight answer from T.D.  Will she ever find out?
Martha Questions
Is Martha only speaking in questions?  Why would that be?  Can Skits help her figure it out?  Did somebody put something funny in her soup?  Will the questions ever stop???
June 19th
Oh, Noooo!
Granny Flo’s Alphabet Soup is taking a licking from the competition, Oodles of Os. If Granny Flo goes out of business, how will Martha communicate? To increase sales, Helen, Martha, and T.D. set out to convince Granny Flo to advertise on the popular TV show, International Icon. Who will Granny Flo choose as a spokesperson?
Bye, Martha
Nefarious con artist Weaselgraft hatches a scheme to kidnap Martha by pretending to be Martha’s long-lost owner . . . from Poland. The family sniffs something suspicious, but why has Martha suddenly begun speaking Polish? Will they really have to say pozegnalny to Martha?
June 20th
Martha Sings
Martha wakes up singing and not just because she’s happy. She can’t stop! Helen and Martha visit the vet, some musicians, and an opera singer, trying to discover the source of her musical malady to no avail. Will Martha ever be able to talk without a tempo again?
TD Makes the Band
Everybody’s singing about Shecky the Sea Lion and it’s driving TD nuts! He could write a better song than that, and that’s just what he’s going to do! He recruits the gang to join his band and then sets out to write a hit song. . . . about Belgium? Inspiration strikes, but what will they do for an encore?

Learning to Draw Disney’s Planes Fire & Rescue Character Dipper

Disney Animation Studios is such a fun place to visit. I LOVE Art and getting to draw with professional artist has always been a dream for me so I love and cherish every time I get the experience with Disney. This time we were studying how to draw planes for the movie Planes: Fire & Rescue that lands in theaters nationwide on July 18th. We drew Dipper! This is my Dipper. With just a few lines and circles you too can create Dipper.


I brought it home for my son to color. Which made him really happy.


He loves the Planes world and the Cars world. He’s your average boy that likes anything with wheels and anything that flies of course. And these artists take what children love and bring them to life and they make it look easy. These guys being Art Hernandez, the Head of Story, and Lawrence Gong, the Story Artist for Planes: Fire & Rescue, who are amazing.  It’s not until you sit down with a story artist, that you realize just how much goes into making an animated movie. A LOT! From Story boards to a little bit of acting and from being able to take criticism to the success of seeing your product on the big screen.

So much work goes into these movies….Each scene takes anywhere from 100 to over 1,000 drawings. That’s a lot of art work.


I’ve seen Art draw before but really it never gets old. He is amazing at it and after drawing the same characters over and over and over again he can draw one in about six seconds.



Here are some photos that illustrate the very early stages of the art which are transformed.


Then from there it goes into more detail and becomes the amazing movie that you see on the big screen. And according to Art:

“If we do our jobs right, you’ll forget you’re looking at hand drawings.” – Art Hernandez

And after seeing Planes Fire and Rescue you forget. It looks so good. It’s better than the first movie Planes. So go see it when it comes out and I hope you appreciate the work that goes into it.

Visit to The Set of ABC’s Mistresses And Tonight’s Episode!

A few months ago I was in LA on the set of Mistresses. I love visiting the sets because it’s so crazy how small they are sometimes, and you can’t imagine how they fit the cameras and extra lighting into these small places and make them look big. One of the places we visited was Savi’s house and if you watched the season premiere last week you know they are selling it. It’s so sad to me when I see a marriage that didn’t work out, and we have no idea what happened to her baby. I mean we assume she lost it right but how, what happened in the hospital, did her husband make a choice between her and her baby to save her life and she can’t forgive him? That’s my guess!

They had such a beautiful house.


We also saw April’s store,


The set of April’s store was really quite large. There were two different rooms and there was so much space in the main floor of her store. And the items chosen for her store, can I just say wow. I love boutique type shops. We also saw April’s house.



We saw a few other things as well but I’m not ready to divulge all the secrets of this season to you.



Mistresses 202_Savi, April and Karen

"Boundaries" – April throws caution to the wind and begins a blissful affair with handsome artist Daniel Zamora (guest star Ricky Whittle). Meanwhile, Joss and Harry seem to clash over everything when they’re hired to throw a lavish party for a wealthy housewife (guest star Krista Allen). Savi returns to the firm and bristles at sharing an office with stunning new attorney Antonia Ruiz (guest star Rebeka Montoya), who appears to have no sense of personal boundaries. Karen faces some ghosts from her past when she’s called upon to testify at Elizabeth Grey’s parole hearing, on "Mistresses" MONDAY, JUNE 9 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Movie Trailer & Key Art For How to Train Your Dragon 2 June 13th #HTTYD2

A movie my kids can’t wait to see is How to Train Your Dragon 2 coming to theaters June 13th. The thrilling second chapter of the epic HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON trilogy brings us back to the fantastical world of Hiccup and Toothless five years after the two have successfully united dragons and vikings on the island of Berk. While Astrid, Snoutlout and the rest of the gang are challenging each other to dragon races (the island’s new favorite contact sport), the now inseparable pair journey through the skies, charting unmapped territories and exploring new worlds. When one of their adventures leads to the discovery of a secret ice cave that is home to hundreds of new wild dragons and the mysterious Dragon Rider, the two friends find themselves at the center of a battle to protect the peace. Now, Hiccup and Toothless must unite to stand up for what they believe while recognizing that only together do they have the power to change the future of both men and dragons.

Get tickets and showtimes:


Now I have to share with you the trailer and then because I LOVE art so much I’m going to show you some scenes from the movie. I love the colors and creativity in the dragons.






It’s been five years, and all of your favorite Vikings and dragons are back! How much do you know about DreamWorks Dragons? Explore the Dragonpedia to learn more about your favorite fire-breathing friends. Start now!


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Some Mistresses Fashion Hints & Tweet Along Tonight #ABCTV #Mistresses

This year the characters in Mistresses are going to be as hot and sexy as ever. Don’t think that a near death experience is going to hold Savi or any of the other characters back for a second because it won’t. I had the opportunity to get an inside scoop into some of the fashion going to be worn on the first episode of this season airing tonight.

IMG_1583Roemehl Hawkins the costume designer was talking to us about a color she used the "color of the season" (Radiant Orchid) in Joss’ outfit in the Mistresses S2. Since I had no idea what that meant, I assume you guys don’t either. Here is a chart of those color hues.



graphic from

And here is a photo of Joss wearing the colors


Check out these women, each women has their own personality and that’s something that the designer things about when she’s picking out clothing for the sets. Each outfit has to fit the character and keep them edgy, look at this,





I really think that looking at the fashion of a series really is one of my favorite things. I’ve always wished that I was an actress just so I could have the best looking clothes or wear crazy dresses that you can’t just wear as a mom around the house.


Every detail from the shoes to the handbags is really thought out.




I don’t know if you guys have noticed this or not but shirts like the one above with a graphic are so in right now. I remember seeing Juila Roberts in a really nice silk white shirt with Darth Vador on it.



And you can’t forget about the jewelry.


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These will come in handy as the cast live-tweets the show tonight!

Secrets to Extreme Weight Loss: Interview with J. D. Roth #EWL #ABCTVEVENT

You guys can probably tell that most of the month of May I spent in LA talking to all kinds of different people in the Entertainment business. One of the people I talked to is in addition to being a creative writer is also a health guru, and that combination helped him come up with ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss which happens to be entering it’s 4th season. This show prides itself of inspiring Americans to get off the couch and healthy.  This is an important topic to me, as I’ve been struggling with it since January, actually if I was completely honest with myself, I’ve been stuck at my current weight for an entire year now. And if I’m honest with myself, it’s because I haven’t, I STILL, haven’t made that choice to make the changes I need to make to be healthier and more active. We spent all of Memorial Day Weekend on the couch watching TV. I NEED a WAKE UP CALL!


Extreme Weight Loss is a unique undertaking that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen TV. The show documents the amazing makeover of eight courageous, obese individuals who set out to safely lose half of their body weight over the course of a year. The metamorphosis is truly amazing. Trainer/transformation specialist Chris Powell (The 650-Pound Virgin) guides each of the eight participants through the process after moving into their homes. He’s there to make sure the participants get the proper nourishment and exercise movement. Chris provides a fresh perspective to individuals whose lives have become unmanageable because of their weight.

The new season starts tonight and for you to start getting into shape along with the show, all you have to do is eat less and move more.

“The first step to changing some systemic problem in society is awareness and I think (weight) awareness is at an all-time high,” that is how J.D. believes in the success of this show by proving it is possible for anyone to get healthy.

Well that and find the reason why you might be overweight. Is it emotional, situational, what is that choice or part of your life that is keeping you from taking action. Me, I honestly haven’t cared enough too. I KNOW I can do better, but I like to relax and do nothing. But maybe you are depressed, maybe you are angry, maybe you just honestly haven’t decided to care, maybe you need to see a doctor, but you can get into shape. Anyone can. And here is the link up of people that are going to be taking that challenge on in front of America. (THAT TAKES GUTS PEOPLE)

Here are the 17 remarkable participants whose one-year weight loss journey will be documented (their full bios are at

  • Charita & Ty (Colorado Springs, CO; Oklahoma City, OK) – Charita/310 lbs., a mother of three who wants to be able to dance again, & Ty/480 lbs., a baseball prospect who could get a professional contract if he can get under 300 lbs. (This will be the first time in the show’s history that the participants go head-to-head, with only one in this episode making it to the final weigh-in.)
    Kathie & Josh (Charlotte, NC) – Single mother/255 lbs. & her 21-year-old son/345 lbs., who lives at home.
  • Bruce (Salt Lake City, UT) – Football coach/382 lbs., who wants to confront his imprisoned father, a convicted child molester, for what he says happened to him during his childhood.
  • Jeff & Juliana (Denver, CO) – Father/423 lbs. & his 15-year-old daughter/265 lbs., who have a strained relationship.
  • Jayce (Nashville, TN) – Country songwriter/417 lbs., who wants to be a performer.
  • Melissa (Shadyside, OH) – Widow/301 lbs. who was married to an Afghanistan war veteran until he committed suicide as a result of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).
  • David (St. Louis, MO) – Gourmet chef/413 lbs. who can’t overcome the guilt he feels about his brother & sister’s deaths.
  • Brandi (Atlanta, GA) – Former Pageant Queen/329 lbs. who wants to be pretty again.
  • Georgeanna (Tulsa, OK) – Pastor’s wife/315 lbs. who was a former gymnast & cheerleader, but stopped pursuing both to become a mom.
  • Sara (Owensboro, KY) – The first “little person”/245 lbs. ever on the show.
  • Cassie (Milwaukee, WI) – Mother/347 lbs. who wants to get healthy to meet the son she gave up for adoption 18 years ago.
  • Rod (Tallahassee, FL) – Drama teacher/448 lbs., who wants to come out as being gay and then pursue his dream of becoming an actor.
  • Christy & Kenny (Las Vegas, NV; Oklahoma City, OK) – Christy/380 lbs., who tried to commit suicide after experiencing teenage bullying, & Kenny/410 lbs., a former Marine who wants to make his kids proud. (Their head-to-head episode is not to be missed; only one of them will make it to the final weigh-in, while the other is the first participant ever to be kicked off the show for bad behavior.)

So do you have what it takes to start living healthy?

Tune into the Season 4 Premiere of Extreme Weight Loss at 8 PM ET on Tuesday, May 27th!
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Binge Watching With Netflix & Fluffy Orange Oatmeal Pancakes: Orange is the New Black

The best way to watch TV now to me is just to binge watch. One of my new favorite shows is Orange is the New black and you can only watch it on Netflix. The highly-awaited second season premiere of Orange is the New Black on June 6 is going to be exciting and we’re excited because all of it will be uploaded at one time and woot we’ll be on a streaming binge!


In season one, we are following the life of Piper Kerman. the first season revolves around Piper Chapman’s transition from her pampered upper-class New York lifestyle to the harsh realities of the penitentiary system. Even though the protagonist is only doing fifteen months of prison time, she is in for rougher times. Season One ends in a cliffhanger with leading-lady, Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling), beating fellow inmate Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett (Taryn Manning) — after Pennsatucky tries to kill Chapman.

"Piper’s not the Whole Foods-eating, Toms-shoes-buying idealist anymore, and it’s gratifying to see her lose the wide-eyed blondie shtick," TV critic Melissa Maerz writes for Entertainment Weekly.

In honor of a show I love to watch, I wanted to share an orange recipes with you. Florida Orange Juice sent me this Fluffy Orange Oatmeal Pancake recipe you should try.

Orange Oatmeal Pancakes Recipe

Fluffy Orange Oatmeal Pancakes Recipe


2 cups all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1 ¼ cups whole milk
½ cup Florida orange juice
½ cup cooked oatmeal 
3 eggs, separated
3 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted
½ teaspoon vanilla extract


Sift together flour, sugar, baking powder and salt in a large mixing bowl. In small bowl, whisk together the milk, orange juice, oatmeal, egg yolks and butter; stir to combine.  Add orange juice mixture to flour mixture; stir gently just until combined.

In clean mixing bowl, beat egg whites with mixer until soft peaks form. Add vanilla extract.  Gently fold egg whites into flour mixture, being careful not to over-mix.

Heat large skillet over medium-high heat for 5 minutes. Grease bottom of skillet with small amount of melted butter or vegetable oil.

Use large spoon to drop hockey puck-sized dollops of batter in skillet.

Cook until bubbles start to form on top of the pancake; flip with spatula and cook 2 more minutes, or until golden brown. Remove from skillet and keep warm; repeat with remaining batter. Serve immediately.

Serving Suggestion:  Cut pancakes in fun shapes with cookie cutters.

Visit to re-watch Season 1 and view interviews from the cast dishing some of their favorite moments from the first season.

Jimmy Kimmel Live and On The Set #ABCTVEVENT

I’ve been a fan of Jimmy Kimmel since I saw the video he did with Idina Menzel creating the Frozen song Let it Go using children’s instruments. It was amazing! I know he’s been around longer than that, I’m just usually in bed by the time his show comes on, he is considered late night you know. While I was on the set, meeting his writers, watching the show, and then meeting Jimmy Kimmel himself I realized I was missing some quality television full of laughter. “Jimmy Kimmel Live" airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET/PT on ABC

The guests on Jimmy Kimmel that night were Sally Field and Julia Roberts two amazing actresses that have been friends for a long long time. Remember that movie Steel Magnolias, well they were friends even before that movie from the 80’s. Sally Field said, sometimes you make a friend and it’s a great relationship and it’s always there no matter how long you go without talking to that person, and Julia is that for her. I have a few friendships like that. Who else can you have a curse off with right?

Here is Julie Roberts vs. Sally Field in Celebrity Curse Off




Our group of 25 bloggers was too large to be placed together in the audience so they set up a VIP area for us to watch the show. There we were served drinks and Mexican food because it was Cinco De Mayo. Welcoming us to the show was Executive Producer Jill Leiderman, as well as co-head writer Molly McNearney – who has been with the show for 10 years and has been married to Jimmy Kimmel for almost one year and is expecting their first baby together. image

Molly said, “We give Jimmy about 75 pages to go through for material.  By the time he’s done, he gets it down to a page and a half.  We all have stuff that gets cut.”  Being that it’s stuff that is researched and made fun of daily, there’s rarely a chance to re-submit your previous joke to try for another night.  Instead the material is fresh every day.  Molly also told us that even though they write the script actors still improvise.  Yes, everything is pretty planned on the show.IMG_1528IMG_1529

So we ate delicious food and watched the show. Even Sally and Jimmy had some tequila shots.



You can see more of Jimmy Kimmel shorts on the Jimmy Kimmel Youtube Channel.



We ended the night with Jimmy Kimmel while we were touring the set he came out and took photos with each one of us. That’s a great star when they take the time to individually meet you. He shook our hands and said hi. It was a great night.