Star Wars Rebels Spark of Rebellion Character Interview: Steve Blum and Taylor Gray

As a family my kids and I have been having Star Wars Rebels family time. We record on Mondays at 9PM EST and then on Saturdays watch Star Wars Rebels Spark of Rebellion together. The kids love it, actually we all love it. It’s so fun to be able to share something that we loved while growing up with our kids and have them love it too. Since I had the opportunity to interview the characters/actors I wanted to share it with all of you.

Star Wars Rebels


Steve Blum and Taylor Gray act as Zeb Orrelios and Ezra Bridger. These two characters do not get along at all, but the actors on the other hand just look at the photo above!

Q : What drew you guys to the film?

TG :  I love it. I think it’s so cool, um, like what, my favorite part about it is all the action. I think that that’s so fun. I think kids are gonna enjoy, um, all the characters and, and their multiple layers and how they run around firing off blasters and taking down troopers. I think, I think it’s all a lot of fun. It’s action along with a lot of, ah, nice dialogue.


SB : I was drawn when I was a kid when I first saw it. I was seventeen. I was fresh out of high school, and I went to the premiere in 1977, and I was one of those kids in the theatre whose head snapped back when the imperial star destroyer comes across the screen and the whole theatre rumbled. So, I get to relive this on a cellular level. It, it activates all of those memories from that time and, and, ah, when I was graduating high school, I was one of those apathetic youth and I didn’t go to my own graduation.

And, ah, to get to go and see something like that that was brand new. It was stuff that we hadn’t seen before. It, it woke up something in me and kind of gave me a new hope [UNINTELLIGIBLE.] But to get to, to work on something like that now where it’s, we’re bringing this to a whole new generation. It’s really exciting for me, and I’m a dad. And so I, I like working on quality programming that’s, ah safe for kids and it’s, um, it’s, it’s really got a great underlying message. It does, ah, offer a notion that there’s something bigger than we are and that we can strive to be better than we are and, and that a small group of people can be just as powerful as a large army against injustice.

TG : And a little bit of the force.

SB : And a little bit of the force, yes.

Q : Were you a Star Wars fan prior to this?

TG : Um, yeah. I hadn’t seen all the Star Wars movies. I had seen, I had seen 4, 5 and 6. It’s a nice joke with us, because we have some people in our cast, Vanessa and Freddy and then Dave as well who know more about Star Wars than anything I’ve ever met. They know things that I think aren’t even in Star Wars that are [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. And Steve and I, ah, Steven knows more than I do as well, but it’s been fun because, um, it’s cool to be a fan. I, I’ve now caught up and understood why everyone loves it so much.

I remember being in school when I was little, and every other kid had either a Star Wars shirt on or a lunch pail or a back pack. And it all makes sense why it’s so appealing, but it’s, it’s really cool. The best part of it is talking to fans of Star Wars and hearing their sentiments and why it’s so special to them, because everyone has their own connection to, ah, the Star Wars story. So it’s been really cool, um, coming up through all of it.


Q : We heard from some of the crew that you’re the funny one. Have you pulled any pranks on the cast?

SB : Not really. I think, what I just demonstrated there… [LAUGHING]. At the end of every effort, some, some of these guys…

TG : And an effort sounded something ridiculous. It’s like when we jump from building to building, or push a crate through planes.

SB : Yeah. I mean, he’s not used to doing that because he’s an on-camera guy and he can do that with his face or his body, but in, in voice over, we have to do everything on the mic, and so we’ll have what we call sound sets and in the sound sets, they’ll say okay, now we need you to, ah, take a punch or take six punches, three soft, three medium, three hard. And you’ll just hear us go [GRUNTING SOUND EFFECTS], and it can sound really filthy or, you know [LAUGHING] you go a lot of different directions. But basically after every sound that he makes… Do a sound.

TG : [GRUNTING SOUND EFFECT]. Every time, though`. Like you think you’ve heard it twice and it’s gonna come again, ah, but it’s always, it’s always so funny, but the king of doing all those sounds is Steve. We, there’s a thing that we do called the, what is it, [SOUNDS LIKE: walla librar--]…

SB : A sound library.

TG : Yes, sound library. And it’s like let’s hear you jump 20 times. Let’s hear you get hit in the face. Let’s hear you get shocked, and this guy can do every sound in the book when I’m like, ah, I’ve done it once. I think that’s the only way I’m ever gonna get a hit, but, um, it’s cool to learn from him. He’s so good at it.

SB : Well, I had to because I grew up doing anime, so in anime it’s a requirement to make every disgusting sound known to man.


Q : When you came in to read for the Wolf role, was anyone keen on what it could have been?

TG : Jungle Book? I thought it was like a, like a, like a discovery, like animal… I had no idea.

SB : Yeah, I do so many military games and, and military type characters that I just figured it was some military guy and some fighting show. I didn’t know what it was. I do a lot of superheroes also, so I really didn’t know until I think I was in the studio just about to record, and I saw storm troopers in the copy and I went, oh, this is something different. This is Star Wars. This is, this is Star Wars! [LAUGHING.] Yeah, so it was that moment of realization. Dave can probably speak to that about, ah….

TG : Yeah, I still didn’t pick up. I was like storm troopers, still probably like Jungle Book. [LAUGHING.]

SB : Yeah, a lot of shows that we auditioned for are coded, they’re very heavily coded. They want to protect that and we sign non-disclosure agreements once we do know, so I wasn’t allowed to talk about it. I had to keep all that inside, and thank God I can finally talk about it. [NON-INTERVIEW DIALOGUE.]

Q : How have you embraced the hardcore Star Wars fans?

TG : I think it’s awesome. I had no clue that there, we went out to, the first little taste of it we got was they sent us this thing called Star Wars Weekends in, ah, in Florida. And I had no idea what to expect. I was like oh, it will be fun to like hang out with a couple people who like Star Wars and go on some rides. There were like 60 thousand people who all had Star Wars shirts or full on, ah, costumes, ah, wardrobe, outfits, everything and, and light sabers. And just seeing that, I realized oh, wow, we’re in something much bigger than I thought.

And it’s, it’s been so much fun and they’re saying there’s so much more to look forward to, and I can’t wait.

SB : Yeah, I, I’ve been doing the convention circuit for the last 10 years for my other work for my other work and, ah, going to that weekend in particular seemed, you know, there was 20, 30 thousand people on the parade route, and they put us in convertibles and we’re waited on. It’s great, and I’m thinking the show hasn’t come out. Nobody’s gonna know who we are, and they’re chanting our names, you know. It’s my name. This guy had researched and knew everything that we did and people were bringing stuff up to me from my whole career. It was, in was amazing, and seeing the families, too.

There was this one family where there was a grandma in a wheelchair in her 90′s, and the way down to like a 2-year-old, and there are like 50 of them and they’re all together cheering for us as we’re coming out of the parade route, and they’re in first position right there, and they’re everywhere in the park that we were [SIMULTANEOUS TALKING,] [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. There’s all the signs and, and they had us take a family photo.

TG : They all had code names. They were, there was Red Leader [LAUGHING]. They, they knew what they were doing. Yeah, and, ah, it’s so fun.

SB : Yes. It’s been awesome. It’s a whole different level of fandom too, and so show-specific. It’s just amazing to me that after all these years, that the fandom is stronger now than it’s ever been. It’s incredible. [SIMULTANEOUS TALKING.]

TG : With all the media, it’s crazy. It’s on Twitter. It’s, it’s unbelievable. I’ve been telling people, I’ve had a Twitter before I’d gotten this, and I felt like half the people I see on Twitter somewhere in their little, ah, description of themself, it’s like coffee enthusiast. I like my hair. I’m a Jedi. [LAUGHING.] I’ve seen Jedi, so I see the word Jedi in more of those biographies than anything and, ah, I understand why. They’re the coolest type of person you could be.

SB : Hey, you’ve got Freddie Prince, Jr. [SIMULTANEOUS TALKING,] [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. Yeah, he’s on Twitter and he’s going crazy about it. It took Star Wars to do that.

Q : Since you didn’t know what you were going in for to read for, was there a point of time where you wondered about turning it down before you knew what it was?

SB : I don’t turn down anything.

TG : Me neither, but there’s a fine, sort of, this, it was actually this one. I, I was doing something else that day, I think and I remember being really late to, I was like an hour, and not normally would we show up late to anything and I was, I was running an hour late and I remember calling my agent, I’m like I’m late. I’m gonna make a fool of myself. I was sweaty. It was, I was working on something else. I had a hat on, and I was like I’m just not gonna go into this. I don’t even know what it is. And he’s like just walk in. I think they’re still there. And I remember walking in like this, so ridiculous. Like I, I can’t believe I’m late. I feel so bad.

And then yeah, it worked out. And now I’m so glad that I did, ’cause that I had, I guess that’s maybe a recurring thing in my life, like if I’m like a couple, I’m like no, I can’t do this, but, um, it sit, my mom’s over there nodding, yes. Yes it is. [LAUGHING.] Um, but yes, so this is, this has been awesome.

SB : Well, yeah, I, I treat every role as though it is the most important thing in the world. And a friend of mine wrote a song called Soldier A, and it’s, it’s about like the, the most innocuous character who, who dies every episode, but you have to invest as a voice actor. Especially on camera, we don’t have the luxury of grabbing a role and carrying it, you know, through a whole series and being able to depend on that for, ah, income. In the case of the show, of course, it’s a little bit different, but, ah, there’s so many shows that I work on where I am literally fired every day.

I go in, I work one day on a show and I’m on to the next thing, and so I treat every character with great reverence and I’m very grateful for the ones that I book. So, ah, to, to have invested that much into something like this and then it fleshes out to something like this, it’s gravy, it’s amazing.

Q : Do you have a favorite Star Wars character?

TG : Um, I hadn’t even seen all those, all those three films, so I had, yeah, then caught up, Anakin. I had, ah, when he was young and racing the pods, um, because I had played like the, ’cause Star Wars has everything. I, I play the video game where you’re racing through the, the deserts…

SB : The pod racing.

TG : Pod racing. [SOUNDS LIKE: Thank you.] I just needed reassurance from somebody. Ah, and, and, ah, I thought Anakin. He was young. He was the hero and, and he was my favorite character, but Darth Sidious, that’s a much cooler character. We met Ray Park when we went out to the, um, weekends and he was, um, Darth Maul. And I thought he was awesome, ’cause I hadn’t seen all those [SOUNDS LIKE: shows], so that is another character that I think is so cool, but I, ah, I hope that kids like the characters from this show as well. And I think it will be a lot of fun.

SB : They probably will.

Q : What was your favorite scene to voice over?

SB : Well, well, pretty much, I don’t know. I–I love, I love all of it for so many different reasons. I, I think one of my very favorite scenes that I’ve seen so far was Ezra’s realization that he was doing something of value. Ah, after our first initial struggle, and then stealing stuff, and he’s sitting there and we’re giving away, ah, food, and that was the whole, ah, purpose of our mission. And we’re risking our lives to do that. And to see that look of, of, ah, realization on his face where he’s just going, well, I didn’t do anything.

It’s like he didn’t deserve the praise and you see a little bit of a transformation in him [SIMULTANEOUS TALKING] and that was, that was a very powerful moment for me.

Q : Another moment is when he realized you came back for him, another strong turning point.

SB : And for me actually not taking care of him and letting him go, that was a really hard thing for me to play as, as a dad. It was really hard for me to, to just say see, you’re on your own, and leaving him with the empire. I mean, that was, that was terrible, but thank God we resolved that. [LAUGHING.] I can sleep now.

Disney’s Beauty and The Beast Paramount Theatre Discount Code

We went to the Paramount last year to see The Lion King and now my husband wants to go see Beauty and the Beast with the kids. Of course I want to go too, I mean a few years back I actually got to see some of the costumes that they use in Beauty and the Beast. It’s so awesome.


Luckily as a blogger I have a discount code, but the best part is I have the code to share with all of you.


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Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, the award-winning worldwide smash hit Broadway musical, is returning to Seattle as part of the KeyBank Broadway at The Paramount series. Produced by NETworks Presentations, this elaborate theatrical production will come to life on stage at The Paramount Theatre from October 21 – 26, 2014. For information on the production, visit Beauty3

Tickets start at $25 and are available on-line at and, by calling 877-STG-4TIX (784-4849) or in person at The Paramount Theatre Box Office (Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm).

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast features the animated film’s Academy Award®-winning score with music by Alan Menken and lyrics by the late Howard Ashman, with additional songs composed by Alan Menken and lyrics by Tim Rice. The book is written by Linda Woolverton.

The original creators of the Broadway production are together again for this classic touring production. The play is Directed by Rob Roth and Choreographed by Matt West, with Costume Design by Ann Hould-Ward (Tony Award® winner for her work on Disney’s Beauty and the Beast), Lighting Design by Natasha Katz (three-time Tony Award® winner), Scenic Design by Stanley A. Meyer, Sound Design by John Petrafesa Jr. and Music Supervision by Michael Kosarin.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is the classic story of Belle, a young woman in a provincial town, and the Beast, who is really a young prince trapped in a spell placed by an enchantress.  If the Beast can learn to love and be loved, the curse will end and he will be transformed to his former self. But time is running out. If the Beast does not learn his lesson soon, he and his household will be doomed for all eternity.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast has become an international sensation that has played to more than 35 million people worldwide in 22 countries and has been translated into 9 different languages.  This production launched in February 2010 and has been seen by more than 2.5 million people while playing in excess of 1,000 performances in all 50 United States and 6 Canadian Provinces.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast will be at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre for eight performances. The schedule for the Seattle engagement is:
Tuesday, October 21                          7:30 pm
Wednesday, October 22                     7:30pm
Thursday, October 23                         7:30pm
Friday, October 24                              8:00pm
Saturday, October 25                         2:00 pm and 8:00 pm
Sunday, October 26                           1:00pm An ASL / AVIA Interpreted performance

6:30 pm – An Open Caption performance

For tickets to these performances, call the TTY line at 888-331-6774.

Tickets for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast start at $25 and are available on-line at and, by calling 877-STG-4TIX (784-4849) or in person at The Paramount Theatre Box Office (Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm).
For additional information, visit

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Paramount Theater Character Cast


JILLIAN BUTTERFIELD (Belle) is enchanted to be making her national touring debut. Credits include opening cast member of Wishes (Nicole) on the Disney Fantasy cruise ship, Cinderella (Cinderella), 25th…Spelling Bee (Logainne), and Loose Knit (Liz). Thanks to Mom and Dad who have believed in me every step of the way and to the rest of my family and friends who have been equally as supportive. Love you!

RYAN EVERETT WOOD (Beast) is elated to be on the road again with NETworks Tours. Last toured with NETworks’ Shrek The Musical (Brick Pig/Shrek US). Credits include: A Funny Thing…Forum (Pseudolus), Into The Woods (Baker), Hairspray (Corny Collin), The Scarlet Pimpernel (Chauvelin) and Disney’s Toy Story the Musical (Buzz Lightyear) with our own Patrick Pevehouse by his side. To infinity..and BEYOND!  Love to Mom, Dad and Sisters.

CAMERON BOND (Gaston). Originally from San Diego, Cameron is thrilled to be making his National Tour debut with this role and production! Regional: Damn Yankees (Joe Hardy), Les Miserables (Grantaire), Into the Woods (Rapunzel’s Prince), Tangled the Musical (Disney Workshop as Tom Stabbington), Legally Blonde (Kyle the U.P.S Guy), Peter Pan (Hook). Cam holds a B.A. in Business from Azusa Pacific University ’13. Thank you always family and friends for your continuous love, support, and reassurance as I follow my dreams.Beauty6

THOMAS MOTHERSHED (Maurice). National Tours: Little Shop of Horror (Seymour), West Side Story (Krupke) Regional: My Fair Lady (Harry) directed by two time Tony winner, Frank Galati, Les Miserables (Thenardier), All Shook Up (Jim Haller), 1776 (John Adams), Hamlet (Polonius), Merchant of Venice (Shylock). BFA Acting Florida State University.

PATRICK PEVEHOUSE (Lumiere) is so happy to be joining Beauty and the Beast.  Most recently, Patrick was seen performing for Disney Cruise Line in Toy Story, the Musical as Woody (starring opposite Ryan Everett Wood as Buzz Lightyear!)  National Tour: The Wizard of Oz (Scarecrow). Select Regional: Hello, Dolly! (Ambrose Kemper), Grease! (Eugene), and The Wizard of Oz (Scarecrow). Education: OCU.  Enormous amount of love and gratitude to Mom, Dad, and family. 

EMILY JEWELL (Mrs. Potts). Nat’l tour: My Heart in a Suitcase (Mutti). Select Regional: Avenue Q (Kate Monster), John and Jen (Jen), The Last Five Years (Cathy), Or (Aphra). Elements Theatre Collective Co-Founder. BFA: Viterbo University. Love to MERDACA, Sara & Stacie.

KELLY GOYETTE (Madame De La Grand Bouche). Originally from Vermont, Kelly is so thankful for the opportunity to revisit this show (and role)! Nat’l Tours: Shrek (Mama Bear/Ogre, Dragon), Grease (Miss Lynch), Annie (Mrs. Pugh/Hannigan u/s). Other Favorites: Mary Poppins, Les Miserables, Legally Blonde, Xanadu. Big thanks to Bob, NETworks, Kenny, Michael and Mom. For Baba.

SAMUEL SHURTLEFF (Cogsworth) has performed in regional productions of South Pacific (Emile), Too Old For The Chorus (Glenn), Sordid Lives (G.W.), The Foreigner (Froggy), and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Bottom).  He would like to thank his beautiful Muse, Terrilynn.

MELISSA JONES (Babette). A Southern California native, Melissa currently lives in NYC. Favorite past shows include 42nd Street (Anytime Annie), Nunsense (Mary Leo) and Sugar Babies (Sugar Baby). All my love to Mama, family and JoeJoe. Don’t know what I would do without you.

JAKE BRIDGES (Lefou) is thrilled to be returning to the road after touring with NETworks’ South Pacific (The Professor). Previous performing stints w/Disney include Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise Line’s Fantasy. Regional credits: Hello, Dolly! (Barnaby), Ragtime (Houdini), Hairspray (Brad). U. Central Florida ’10. Thanks GBM and Mr. Hudson!

ROSS NEMETH (Chip at some performances), 11, Scottsdale, AZ. National Tour Debut. Regional: Peter Pan (Michael) Arizona Broadway Theatre. Thanks to everyone who helped me, Kelli James, Laurie Cullity, Miss Audrey, my sister, parents, friends and family.

LOGAN SEJAS (Chip at some performances). National tour debut!  Regional shows include; Mary Poppins (Michael Banks), A Christmas Carol (Tiny Tim), Zirkus Grimm (Hansel).  Logan is grateful to his wonderful family and friends, Q Artistry, and all that have helped make this dream come true!

DANIEL GOLD (Carpet/Lefou Cover) is ecstatic to be making his national tour debut! Recent credits include Grease and Mary Poppins. Many thanks and much love to Mom, Dad, Adam, his family, Taylor, TV, NETworks, and the B&TB tour cast and crew.

TAUREAN M. BARBER (Male Ensemble) recently completed the international tours of Bring it On and Dreamgirls. The Georgia native performed two seasons with Dissonance Dance Theatre in Washington DC. He is elated and thrilled to join this production! Follow him on Instagram @Jazzy_TMB.

NATHAN DUSZNY (Swing) Hails from NH, a ballet boy gone rogue who decided to do musicals instead. National tours: Hairspray (I.Q), Radio City Christmas Spectacular, Tokyo Disney. Regional: West Side Story (Snow boy), Hello Dolly, Cats (Mistofelles). Love to my family!

CHRISTIE FARRELL (Townsperson/Enchanted Object). Regional: A Chorus Line (Tricia u/s Diana, Judy, Sheila) (Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Resident Musical), Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (Ensemble, Dance Captain), The Wedding Singer (Ensemble, Dance Captain). BFA Musical Theatre from Shenandoah Conservatory. Thanks and love to my family and Dylan for all their support!

JOSEPH FIERBERG (Townsperson/Enchanted Object). Regional: Fulton, Ogunquit, MSMT, Playhouse on Park, Arizona Broadway Theatre.  Other Favorites: A Chorus Line (Mark), Singin’ in the Rain (Cosmo), All Shook Up (Dennis).  BFA: Syracuse.  Thanks to Bob Cline, NETworks, and, most of all, my family.

ABIGAIL GATLIN (Silly Girl, Enchanted Object) is thrilled to join this beautiful tour! NY: RCCS (Rockette); Regional: CATS (Bombalurina), Legally Blonde (u/s Vivienne, Serena), Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (Gloria, u/s Dorothy), Grease (Marty). BA, Birmingham-Southern. Unending love to family, friends! James 1:2.

CAITLIN HUMPHREYS (Townsperson/Enchanted Object) is ecstatic to be joining Beauty and the Beast. Regional: Parade (Lucille Frank) (Los Angeles Ovation Nomination), Avenue Q (Kate Monster/Lucy), The Wedding Singer (Julia) and [Title of Show] (Heidi). BFA CSU Fullerton. Love to Mom and Dad.

BONNIE KELLY (Silly Girl, Enchanted Object). Native of Cherry Hill, NJ. National Tours: A Chorus Line (Bebe). Favorite Credits include The Music Man (Ethel Toffelmier), Sweet Charity (Elaine), Singin’ In The Rain (Olga). BFA Musical Theater from Montclair State University.

HANNAH JEWEL KOHN (Townsperson/Enchanted Object). National Tour debut! Hannah is excited to join the cast of her dream show!  Credits: Entwined (Luna), Joseph…Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Dance Captain), Disney’s Youth Performing Arts promotional film. Love and gratitude to DDPC & family for endless love and support!

MICHAL KOLACZKOWSKI (Townsperson/Enchanted Object). After dancing with Crystal Cruises, Michal is happily performing on solid ground! Favorite professional credits: iLuminate: The Tourist (Tourist), Legally Blonde (Carlos), and Spamalot (Ensemble.)  Training: BDC Professional Semester and MSU. Big thanks to NETworks, teachers, friends, and family.

LACEY KRISTON (Townsperson/Enchanted Object) is thrilled to be making her NETworks debut. Her theatre experience includes Joseph (Narrator), Phantom (Christine), My Fair Lady (Eliza), and ensemble roles with the Indianapolis Opera. She thanks God and family with love to all.

NICK LORENZINI (Monsieur D’Arque, Townsperson/Enchanted Object). Favorite Credits: Cats (Tugger),Flat Rock Playhouse; 9 to 5 (Dick), Hilton Head; Mary Poppins; Elf National Tour; Forever Plaid (McCoy Rigby/Moonlight); Annie/Rent (MTW); Producers/42nd Street (Cabrillo).  Love to my beautiful family and friends!  Cheers! 

KAITLIN NIEWOEHNER (Silly Girl, Enchanted Object) is thrilled to join the BATB magic! She is a gymnast turned dancer with a BS in Architecture. National Tours: Memphis (Teenage Girl), A Chorus Line (Swing). Regional: Can-can (WBT, Ensemble), Hairspray (Amber), Spelling Bee (Olive). Love to my God and my family in NY, AK, and MO!

HAYLEY PALMER (Townsperson/Enchanted Object) earned her MFA in Acting from UC Irvine. Roles include Romeo and Juliet (Nurse), Twelfth Night (Maria), The Fantasticks (Mortimer), and Legally Blonde the Musical (Whitney/Ensemble). Thank you family, friends, and teachers for your love and support!

SARAH POWELL (Townsperson/Enchanted Object). National Tour Debut! Floribama native, B.M. from NYU Steinhardt. Favorite credits: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (Alice), Sound of Music (Liesl), Peter Pan (Wendy) and more. Many thanks to my Powell groupies, Adam, NETworks and this amazing team!

TYLER SCHERER (Townsperson/Enchanted Object) is humbled to make his National Tour debut in Beauty and the Beast. Regional Credits include Tarzan (Tarzan). Point Park University graduate: Evita (Che), A Chorus Line (Zach) and She Loves Me (Kodaly). Currently attends Playhouse West in CA. Love to Mom, Dad and the 8.

BRENT WAKELIN (Townsperson/Enchanted Object) is thrilled to be on tour with this classic! National Tour: The Wizard of Oz (Cowardly Lion). Regional: The 25th… Spelling Bee (William Barfée), Guys and Dolls (Angie the Ox). Boundless love and gratitude for my family and friends!

BEN CULLEN WALKER (Townsperson/Enchanted Object) National tour debut! Regional: Les Miserables (The Fulton; Foreman, Courfeyrac), Joseph…Dreamcoat (The Fulton; Naphtali), The Wedding Singer (Glen Guglia). Proud alumnus of Penn State University’s BFA Musical Theatre program; WE ARE!

Star Wars Rebels Interview: Freddie Prinze Jr. Loves Being Part of Star Wars

I have been super excited about Star Wars Rebels. My kids watch the Disney Channel all the time and the previews are super enticing to them. Every time they see it they start yelling at me that they have to watch it. They don’t want me to forget to record it and neither do I. This is going to be a great series that the whole family can watch together. It’s a cartoon series that Star Wars fans will love. While in LA last week I had the opportunity to sit down with Freddie Prinze Jr. who plays Kanan, and the Producer Dave Filoni. Here is their interview.

star wars rebels interview

Q: Star Wars is such a legacy, a huge franchise.  How did it feel to be a part of that?

Freddie:  I didn’t know it was Star Wars.  It was titled Wolf Pack.  And you’ll have to speak to him about that.  But uh, I went in and I saw some Character breakdowns on the wall at Disney and I looked at them and I’m thinking, these guys are either ripping off Star Wars real bad or this is a Star Wars thing.  And uh, there was another girl in the waiting room and she was reading for Tia — for Tia’s character and she looked super nervous.  And when she came out of the room, it was like this is definitely Star Wars.  So I asked them and I think I said a word that I shouldn’t say, this first table run.  I said is this bleeping Star Wars?  And then — and then he kind of sits back, he sits back there, he sits back and he kind of like nods his head all cool and I was like “All right, give me a second”.  I’ve got to turn around and compose myself and then get prepared.  Instead of a Light Sabre, I had a Sun Sword, which Thunder the Barbarian had from Hanna Barbera.  Remember that?

Dave:  That’s good knowledge.

Freddie:  But they ripped off Star Wars.  They even had their Wookie.  They had Klan, right?  That was the Wookie that Princess Ariel, Princess Leah but she had Manly–Sorry, (he’s laughing)  My ’80s Cartoon Knowledge is on point.


What made you want to do this?

Dave:  Well you know, we were kind of wrapping up the Series, Clone Wars with the big Disney purchase, it was time for a change and fans, you know, felt very strongly about the show.  In all honesty, it just felt like something that we probably shouldn’t continue without George (Lucas).  It was just a part of him and his creation and working with him was like no other experience I’ve ever had.  So we wanted to come up with something new that represented this kind of new era of Star Wars and working with Lucas Films Story team, we all quickly came up with the idea of Star Wars Rebels, the story team introduced the idea to make an A-Team like scenario and it just makes sense.



Talk about the strong female characters in Star Wars Rebels.

Dave:  Yeah, I think that, I mean, it’s a strange word to use but like it’s just a necessity.  I think most Creatives you speak to right now would say that if they had  a choice to tell a story, they would use a female lead.  I think some people feel that the stories have been told with the guys, you know. 

Freddie:  I was gonna say, Clone Wars is a good example where we can show good and evil, strong, powerful women at a young age to a more young adult age as far as young female protagonists.  They did Clone Wars big time, both good and evil.

Dave:  Yeah, so we didn’t want to repeat Luke so we did Soka.  And then we did Ezra cause we didn’t want a repeat of Soka, so instead we made the women characters ones that didn’t have the force, ones that could be tough on their own.  So when we direct like Hara, I say, I want you to say and be and do any of the lines you would have given Hans Solo.  I don’t want you to change them in any way.  You know, I want this character as  being one that would react like Clint Eastwood when he got shot.  Don’t make her, don’t diminish in any way or color it any way that you think has traditionally been.  You see, I get schooled on this on a daily basis at home by my wife and honestly, she’s a way better storyteller than I am.

Freddie:  And just because Leah is in a dress, don’t trip.  She’s tougher than the guys in all 3 Movies.  So I mean a dress doesn’t–You all are in dresses.  I’m sure some of you can move on us.  That existed in the Star Wars World long, long ago.

Dave:  It’s got to be more about your spirit, your integrity, your emotions as a character, more than anything superficial so that’s what we try to work with.  And like I said, my wife is definitely the hugest influence for me there.  If I’ve been successful at all creating female characters, it’s because of her absolutely.


Talk about the Casting process.

Dave:  Oh it went so fast.  We made this show very quick, because we wanted to film in the time prior to Episode 7.  You know, that’s gonna be this thunderous amazing thing!  But it was gonna take time to produce so we wanted to get an animated series up ahead to kind of get kids up and going with Star Wars and in this new world and so it was one of the big challenges when we were sold.  So it was gonna be very hard to cast quickly and my feelings was that you just, you know the right people when you hear them, when you see them.  So we met everybody when they came in and we just brought in a group of people and pretty much without fail, Simon Kinberg, Greg Weisman and I always would give high marks to the same people.  We’ve been so lucky that creatively, we’ve all collaborated really well with Lucas Film.  And we’ve all pretty much agreed on the decisions.  It’s really rare, so we would pick our top people and we were like wow, I agree, I heard he is really good.  I like to judge things, you can be really talented but if you’re not a good person, if you’re not gonna be collaborative, then I don’t want to work with you.  Talent’s not gonna outweigh that.  I think that’s the important thing for young people.  If you’re really talented and you’re arrogant, I don’t want to work with you.  I want somebody who’s hard working.  You know, right?

Freddie:  Green.

Dave:  You know, when I went to play hockey growing up, you know, my coach always appreciated the kids that put in the work, not just the talented kids.  You know, you got to work for things.  And we got to work hard together to prove.  We got to get along really well.  And these guys have to become these characters.  So it’s really worked out.  I can see a lot of people might have the acting chops but you have the personality plus all the fans, the Star Wars Fans, I think an important part of being an actor in Star Wars is you have to accept the exposure to our fans and I want you to treat them with respect cause they’ll treat you with respect for the most part.  I mean, they’ve all been great.

Freddie:  For the most part.

Dave:  You passed the test.

Freddie:  There have been a few though.

Dave:  Vision, to me Freddie’s kind of like a Star Wars goal, he gets it.  He gets the attitude.  He gets the kind of way that–You get the swagger, my friend.  That kind of Hans Solo thing.


Freddie: It’s a generation thing though like it’s a genetic thing when you’re around our age like it’s just, you know, that was back when wrestling was real.  That was back when the news told the truth.  So it’s just, it’s ingrained and it’s a part of you so you know, you read lines and I’m literally, like before I even talked to him like I know exactly how he wants me to say that because I remember this from “Empire Strikes Back” when they’re–You know what I mean and like you just get the vibe of who you’re kind of summoning as you’re sort of figuring out who this–who this sort of Rebel Jedi is.


Cause he’s not the normal Jedi.  He’s not together.  He doesn’t have it all figured out.  He has maybe 3 answers.  Forget all the answers and then two of them, he’s guessing on.  You’ll literally see him sort of BS Ezra on some of these horse things that something like Master Yoda would be like, you know, there is no try, there’s only do.  Where’s–Kanan will be like give me your best shot.  (Laughing)  You’re not supposed to do that.  I mean, you know what I mean?  He makes mistakes cause he was young and he didn’t get to complete his training in the way that an Anakin or the way that Luke could, you know what I mean?  He’s not the master that Ezra, you know, that a kid sees.  Growing up without a father like Ezra, you put certain men in your life on a pedestal.  And they become something to you.  They become something special and spiritual and powerful.  And it’s not fair to do to them by the way because they’re just men, right?  They’re gonna have mistakes, they’re gonna get sick, they’re gonna cheat on their wives, they’re gonna do whatever it is they do that’s gonna destroy that image you have and make you angry at them, even though you projected that on them.  And so they get to have that type of a relationship and you can really see it from Jump Street.  You can see Kanan kind of resist, and you can see him get sucked in because the way Taylor plays Ezra is, he may be a smart alleck but he knows how to  show you vulnerability and–and that’s what kind of gets me.

We read together like we’re in the room at the same time.  It’s a very collaborative process.  It’s very Breakfast Clubby, you know what I mean, like we do everything in order.  It is, they shot that movie like a play basically.  The scenes in the beginning and end were the only things they shot out of order.  The rest of that Movie was all together and that’s–that’s kind of how we record.  You know what I mean, unless we got a big dog and we got to shoot out there.


How did you get this role?

Freddie:  It’s weird.  I’ve taken a step back from acting when we had kids and I didn’t want to leave Los Angeles anymore.  I wanted to be present.  Since they shoot don’t anything in Los Angeles, that was sort of that.  And so it became very easy to not work and I was starting to get kind of creatively antsy and I did a couple of voices on video games which these days are way more drawn out than Mario Bros.  You know what I mean?  You do a voice for Mario and it’s like ‘Hey look at me.’  Then you work on a video game today and it’s 6 months worth of work.  And I really started getting hungry and those acting juices started flowing again.  And when this script came around, you have to remember, I didn’t know that it was “Star Wars.”  So I wasn’t that excited.  I was like these guys are ripping this off.  This isn’t even, you know what I mean, like it’s not that good.  A Sun Sword?  That’s not cool, you know.  So you’re not hyped up and then it wasn’t until I read, I didn’t know if I–if I booked it.  I know I did a good job.  And so you know, you kind of dissociate cause you don’t want to be like yes.  And then like no, no.  So you know, you wait, you wait, and then I heard that I got it.  And it’s just this very surreal moment, you know.  And I’m sure it was different for Vanessa, for Steve, certainly for Taylor, Arden.  We’re generationally so far apart.  For me, I mean, I slipped down the slide when I was 4 years old with a broken flagpole cause I was Luke and my cousin was Darth Vader.  I have to be specific, there are so many Darths now.  Back then it was only this.  But you know, the pole hit the ground first and it stuck in my chin and my mom ran out and my chin blew out.  And you know, she flipped and threw me in the car and took me to the hospital and they stitched this little scar I have back here.  I had 16 and it looked like I had a little Goatee and I was only 4.  And so you know, those, all those images start racing back through your head and you’re reading dialogue, you know, telling a kid, come with me.  Come learn the ways of the forest, you know what I mean?  (laughing)  From 4 years old to 38 years old, I mean, come on, it’s easy to know that I really care about this.

Do you have a real Light Sabre?

Freddie:  A real Light Sabre?  When do I get my real Light Saber? (turning to Dave)

Dave:  No, you’re not ready for that.

The half-hour series will premiere on Disney XD MONDAY, OCTOBER 13 (9:00 p.m., ET/PT).


Our family is super excited and we have it scheduled to record.


Follow @DisneyChannelPR and @StarWars for the latest news on #StarWarsRebels, and check out for more exciting news on the series.

Star Wars Rebels Freddie Group

12 Netflix Titles to Promote Kindness and Acceptance #StreamTeam

This is a partnered post with Netflix.

Here we have a list of 12 Netflix titles that promote kindness and acceptance

For your big kids:

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60031265 3882123


70171969 9650290


70143843 3748395

1. Rudy
2. Mulan
3. A Mile in His Shoes
4. Radio
5. Good Luck Charlie: Down a Tree
6. Glee

And your little ones:

70278879 3827367


70234440 3701243


70176984 3827040

60022496 4007646


70222359 3827682


28631995 2036354

1. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Vol. 1 Ep. 6: Friends Help Each Other
2. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Season 3, Ep. 4: One Bad Apple
3. Arthur, Season 15, Ep. 8: Muffy’s Classic Classy Club / Best Enemies
4. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
5. Super Why, Season 1, Ep. 61: The Ugly Duckling: Becoming a Swan
6. The Fox and the Hound

Free Movie Tickets To When The Game Stands Tall

We have more free movie tickets to share. These tickets are good for Seattle and Portland.

WTGST - Official Image

The film is called WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL, a football movie about the journey of legendary football coach Bob Ladouceur (Jim Caviezel), who took the De La Salle High School Spartans from obscurity to a 151-game winning streak that shattered all records for any American sport.

WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL – Screening 08/07/14
Location: AMC Loews Alderwood Mall 16
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Synopsis: The journey of legendary football coach Bob Ladouceur (Jim Caviezel), who took the De La Salle High School Spartans from obscurity to a 151-game winning streak that shattered all records for any American sport.


WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL – Screening 08/07/14

Location: Regal Lloyd Center
Link to Passes:
Code for Passes: GAMESTANDSPDX
Synopsis: The journey of legendary football coach Bob Ladouceur (Jim Caviezel), who took the De La Salle High School Spartans from obscurity to a 151-game winning streak that shattered all records for any American sport.

Free Movie Tickets to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #TMNTmovie

We have free tickets to The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie and we’re giving them away here. This is for the screening in Seattle. The movie releases everywhere August 8th.


Location: Lincoln Square Cinemas

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The city needs heroes.  Darkness has settled over New York City as Shredder and his evil Foot Clan have an iron grip on everything from the police to the politicians.  The future is grim until four unlikely outcast brothers rise from the sewers and discover their destiny as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  The Turtles must work with fearless reporter April O’Neil (Megan Fox) and her wise-cracking cameraman Vern Fenwick (Will Arnett) to save the city and unravel Shredder’s diabolical plan.


Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Trailer

Fifty Shades of Grey is the hotly anticipated film adaptation of the bestselling book that has become a global phenomenon.  Since its release, the “Fifty Shades” trilogy has been translated into 51 languages worldwide and sold more than 100 million copies in e-book and print—making it one of the biggest and fastest-selling book series ever.  Now it’s going to be a MOVIE and here is the trailer:


Stepping into the roles of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, who have become iconic to millions of readers, are Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. 

Joining Dornan and Johnson in the cast are Luke Grimes as Elliot, Christian’s brother; Victor Rasuk as José, Anastasia’s close friend; Eloise Mumford as Kate, Anastasia’s best friend and roommate; Marcia Gay Harden as Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey, Christian’s mother; Rita Ora as Mia, Christian’s sister; Max Martini as Taylor, Christian’s bodyguard; Callum Keith Rennie as Ray, Anastasia’s stepfather; Jennifer Ehle as Carla, Anastasia’s mother; and Dylan Neal as Bob, Carla’s husband.    

Fifty Shades of Grey is directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson and produced by Michael De Luca and Dana Brunetti alongside E L James, the creator of the series.  The screenplay for the film is by Kelly Marcel.

Scott Wolf Talks “Perception”

Scott Wolf on "Perception"
I spoke with actor Scott Wolf on Friday about his role on Perception, the hit TNT crime drama series. The show returns for its third season on Tuesday, and Scott was able to drop some hints about what the show has in store this year!

Beeb Ashcroft: I know our readers are really excited for the new season of Perception coming out, so I wanted to ask you if you could give us any hints as to what season 3 might have in store, and do you think that Donnie will really win Kate back?

Scott Wolf:

Well, for the first part of it, season 3 has everything people have come to expect from this show, which is really interesting, intricate, complicated, emotional, mysteries to be solved. What got built last year was the really interesting triangle between Kate, Donnie and Daniel, and there is some great humor and tension and drama that comes out of those three relationships. Where the writers come up with these stories, I have no idea, but there’s one great story where there’s a young kid, who is afflicted with an emotional/psychological illness and is convicted of a murder. One of the coolest part of the show and what sets it apart is that the central crime solving character is himself afflicted by something that oftentimes the person who has committed the crime is [afflicted with], so there’s just a real sense of connection and empathy – rather than there being a “Good guy” and a “Bad guy”, there’s two people who are sorting things out.

There are some really amazing new cases, and obviously in terms of Donnie and Kate, the fact that I’m talking with you now [means] that Donnie’s still around and things are going OK for him in his quest to win her back. But even though the beginning of this season showed two people who were maybe heading back toward each other, they’re far from done with the challenges that will arise in terms of the rebuilding a trust between the two of them. We are rooting for Donnie & Kate – I think what’s fun is in the middle of what is a of a crime show, or a crime procedural and a mystery, [there's] some really great human stories and in this one, a couple who might well be each other’s true love. Some mistakes have happened and trust broken and whether that’s worth fighting for, or whether it’s even possible to fight and get that back, remains to be seen; but I feel like it’s a really compelling story and one that a lot of people can relate to.

Beeb Ashcroft: Right, and since Donnie’s character is playing an increasingly larger role this season, that must be exciting to you to see the character developing and evolving.

Scott Wolf:

For sure, I mean look, when the character was introduced, most people just kinda wanted to slap him and send him outta town. So the fact that’s he’s emerged as a character because of how well it’s been written and their commitment to telling a real, authentic-feeling story; it’s a guy who was really attempting redemption and recognized that in order to have the life he wanted and win back to the love of his life, he was actually gonna have to be a better person and set out to be that person. It took the course of an entire season, and you just don’t see that kind of patient storytelling all the time – I was really very proud of the way that story got told last year. I guess as the last season ended, a lot of the audience was surprised that that they were in the position that they were in, not minding the idea of Donnie and Kate being together and almost actually rooting for them to happen – I don’t think anyone really saw that coming.

That’s just really fun, challenging storytelling and this year it’s more of the same; at times, it’s the opposite. Sometimes I think people will be a position where they might think, “Yeah, I’m good with all this” and then something happens or Donnie might get involved in something, or do something, or say something that that challenges people all over again, and so it’s definitely engaging and a really cool human story. I would love being part of this show [even without those elements] just because it’s really inventive, and Eric (McCormack) and Rachel (Leigh Cook) are amazing and the writing is so good, but the fact that they find a way to tell these really intricate human and romantic stories alongside these really interesting and intricate crime mysteries really makes the show rare.

Beeb Ashcroft: Going back to what you were saying about how the show portrays complex characters, do you the think that shows like this are helping to maybe destigmatize the portrayal of mental illness?

Scott Wolf:

100%, yeah. And I think that’s one of the things that is incredibly important to know Ken Biller, the show runner and Eric, who is obviously the lead of the show and also a producer. I think destigmatizing and having a different conversation about mental illness is really important to everyone on the show, whereas on a lot of other shows the person who committed the crime is basically just the bad guy, or the bad girl, and on this show, they’re victims themselves. I think [they're] dealing with the mental, emotional and psychological conditions authentically because they do an immense amount of research, and they recognize that there are people out there living with these conditions and they can’t be haphazard or careless with them. The fact that the title character, the person who is most of the time at the center of solving these crimes, is himself victimized and afflicted with mental illness, there’s less of a “Good guy, bad guy” “Us versus them” and the whole thing just feels a bit more empathetic. Ultimately there’s still somebody who does terrible things and is gonna have to pay the price, but it’s a lot more challenging, and at times, heartbreaking when you see some of these characters who are at the mercy of some condition or another. I feel like the fact that Daniel Pierce, Eric’s character, just relates so definitively to all of these people who he’s kind of tracking down makes the storytelling so much more interesting.

Beeb Ashcroft: With all of these complicated storylines, which one has been your favorite so far?

Scott Wolf:

Oh, boy. This season there’s one that happens early in season 3 that’s about to air where there is a young kid, and he’s been involved in this crazy situation and he’s been charged with murder. I guess just the fact that it is younger character and such a sweet, engaging character that you just want for him to have not done it, but it but it looks terrible. I think the reason I love that story and that case is it’s an example of if it weren’t Daniel Pierce, this kid would be sent away, but because Daniel does that extra bit of work out of his connection and empathy for this kid and people like him they find their way toward a version of story that that someone else might never have seen.

Beeb Ashcroft: Right, digging deeper.

Scott Wolf:

And he just cares more and out of being a empathetic, caring character but also because he feels like he walks in their shoes and really understand them. It’s a unique character and a unique take on on of this kind of murder mystery where the person who is at the center of solving a crime understands and more importantly empathizes with a lot of these people who he is investigating.

Beeb Ashcroft: How long does it take you to on film each of these episodes?

Scott Wolf:

We shoot episodes in 7 days, which to the average person might sound like a lot of days but it’s actually little days, it is not a lot of time. The amount of time it takes to shoot any one little scene is a lot more than most people would expect just because there’s a lot of different camera angles and there’s lighting and equipment, so the show actually shoots in a relatively short amount of time. In this particular case we wind up shooting two episodes at a time because it makes for more efficient production to actually shoot two episodes worth of stuff at a given location, which, at times gets a little complicated because you’re balancing two intricate story at one time! But everybody’s pretty passionate about what they’re doing and organized and cares a lot about the show, so it all works out.

Beeb Ashcroft: You’re your filming Perception, you just finished a storyline on The Night Shift and you’re doing the voice for the lead character in Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters. So how do you juggle all of these very different TV roles at the same time?

Scott Wolf:

Well, thankfully the schedule has actually allowed for it to all work. The Night Shift production happened while we were in between seasons on Perception – frankly, I just wouldn’t have been able to do it time-wise. Night Shift shot in Albuquerque so there’s no way I would have been able to do it [otherwise], but I’ve been lucky that the production schedule has worked out and that I’ve had the opportunity to do all these various things. I feel really lucky because I’m proud of all of them, and at the same time living an off-camera life with my wife and our kids. There’s a bunch to balance, but my life is full of all the things that I really love at the moment, so I’m grateful.

Catch the season 3 premiere of Perception on TNT on Tuesday, June 17th at 10 PM EST/PST!

It’s Martha Speaks Weeketh: All New Episodes Start Monday

June 16, that’s Monday, PBS KIDS and WGBH will be airing three all-new episodes of MARTHA SPEAKS during “Martha Speaketh Weeketh!” This week, you can watch your favorite talking dog, (My kids love Martha Speaks) she’s more than a talking dog she’s a canine linguist. We received a screener of a few episodes and some books. My kids go nuts over books. The books are already in their rooms and I’m pretty sure Zoe read them all very quickly. She’s such a super reader.



The fun continues online with the brand new game, Martha’s Steaks. Children learn vocabulary as they make Martha’s furry friends hurdle, dash, soar, and tumble to catch treats through Martha’s dream-landscape of steaks, bacon, and drumsticks!

Thinking about when my kids first started watching the show they really thought if you could feed a dog alphabet soup it would start talking. I wonder how many kids in America tried feeding their dogs an alphabet.


And there will be even more fun with Martha, here is the schedule line up. Tune in Starting Monday.


June 16th
Thou Callest Me a Dog
A dog speaking Shakespeare?  ‘Tis a consumation devoutly to be wished and achieved when Martha swallows Hamlet.  Never was a dog’s desire for meat so artfully expressed.
Martha’s Paper Chase
It’s the Town Crier deadline and Carolina needs a headline.  Hot on the trail for a story, and a biscuit, Senior Canine Reporter Martha stumbles into a scoop that screams front page: the whereabouts of Big Minnie.  But is exposing Minnie’s privacy worth the story?
June 17th
Alice Tells a Story
When Alice tells the story of how she got Nelson, her class is confused.  She ate pizza while playing hockey in an animal shelter?  With a little help from Helen and T.D., she might be able to tell it correctly, even if it is about cats…
Pirates and Princesses
Princesses Carolina, Alice and Helen needeth a castle.  Skipper Truman and First Mate T.D. are scouring the land for a ship.  The problem: Helen only has one tree house.  Who will prevail in the clash between bucanneers and royalty?
June 18th
Tomato, You Say
Why is there a tomato on T.D.’s shirt?  Helen’s eager to know.  Unfortunately, she’d have an easier time getting Martha to skip breakfast than getting a straight answer from T.D.  Will she ever find out?
Martha Questions
Is Martha only speaking in questions?  Why would that be?  Can Skits help her figure it out?  Did somebody put something funny in her soup?  Will the questions ever stop???
June 19th
Oh, Noooo!
Granny Flo’s Alphabet Soup is taking a licking from the competition, Oodles of Os. If Granny Flo goes out of business, how will Martha communicate? To increase sales, Helen, Martha, and T.D. set out to convince Granny Flo to advertise on the popular TV show, International Icon. Who will Granny Flo choose as a spokesperson?
Bye, Martha
Nefarious con artist Weaselgraft hatches a scheme to kidnap Martha by pretending to be Martha’s long-lost owner . . . from Poland. The family sniffs something suspicious, but why has Martha suddenly begun speaking Polish? Will they really have to say pozegnalny to Martha?
June 20th
Martha Sings
Martha wakes up singing and not just because she’s happy. She can’t stop! Helen and Martha visit the vet, some musicians, and an opera singer, trying to discover the source of her musical malady to no avail. Will Martha ever be able to talk without a tempo again?
TD Makes the Band
Everybody’s singing about Shecky the Sea Lion and it’s driving TD nuts! He could write a better song than that, and that’s just what he’s going to do! He recruits the gang to join his band and then sets out to write a hit song. . . . about Belgium? Inspiration strikes, but what will they do for an encore?