DIY: Six Patriotic Flag Crafts

six-patriotic-flag-crafts Memorial Day has passed but the 4th of July is coming soon! For many of you this means it is almost time for the 4th of July parties, BBQ’s, fireworks and lots of fun. If you are one that wants to decorate for the holidays or looking for something fun to make with the kids for the holiday that is patriotic, a USA flag is something perfect to make. Here are six different patriotic flag crafts that you can make that are featured above:


  1. Patriotic Flag Crafts: DIY a Duct Tape Flag
  2. Patriotic Flag Crafts: Make a Vintage Ruffled Flag
  3. American Flag Collage
  4. American Flag Decor — Pottery Barn Knock Off
  5. USA Map Flag
  6. Kids Craft: 4th of July Flags

These are just six fun flag crafts you can make for the holidays. To find more fun patriotic crafts like this, visit the Holiday Themed Recipes & Crafts on Pinterest.

Bird Seed Craft Tutorial Inspired by "The Pigeon Needs a Bath"

Bird Seed Craft

MomStart is working with "The Pigeon" book series to bring you these fun ideas! Compensation and samples provided.


The Pigeon really needs a bath! Except, the Pigeon’s not so sure about that. Besides, he took a bath last month! Maybe. It’s going to take some serious convincing to try and get the Pigeon to take the plunge. First in the series, Don’t Let Pigeon Drive the Bus recently celebrated it’s 10th birthday!


Over the last decade, The Pigeon books have sold millions of copies and enchanted young readers. The books have received numerous starred reviews, have appeared on many "best of" lists, and have even been inducted into the Indies Choice Picture Book Hall of Fame.

As you saw earlier this week, MomStart hosted a super fun "Pigeon Party" in honor of The Pigeon Needs a Bath by Mo Willems.


To help inspire your own Pigeon Party, we wanted to share this fun and easy party favor craft that the whole family can make together.

Pigeon eggs!

These "Pigeon Eggs" hold a bird seed surprise inside, so that the recipient of the party favor can enjoy getting outside and feeding some real, live pigeons after chuckling over that hilarious pigeon scarfing down a hot dog! My parents always had several bird feeders outside our home when I was a child, so I grew up with a love of feeding the birds. I thought this craft would be a fun way to continue that tradition!

What You’ll Need to Get Started:

Bird seed favor supplies


  • Small bag of bird food – 1lb or less
  • Post-It Label Pads in blue & yellow
  • Sandwich bags
  • Bag of 12 plastic Easter eggs
  • Scissors
  • Black felt-tip pen

IMPORTANT NOTE: As always, if you are doing this craft or bird feeding activity with children, parental supervision is required.

Step 1: Fill The Sandwich Bags With Bird Seed

To get started, pay a visit to your local pet shop and pick up some bird seed for your little pigeon friends; ours has a "Dove Mix" that you can pick up for $1.79 per pound.

"Dove Mix"

You’re going to measure this out in 1 tablespoon increments into 12 sandwich baggies.

Bird seed bags

Tuck the bag shut, and fold it in half so that it fits into the plastic egg shell.

Egg filled with bird seed

Step 2: Create Your Pigeon

Now comes the fun part where you can let your inner Picasso Pigeon free! Take your yellow Post-It Label Pad and pull off one sheet. Cut off a small portion of the corner to form a crude triangle.

Cutting the Post-It Label

Creating a beak

Unlike regular Post-It Notes, Post-It Labels have an entirely sticky back, so this will stick easily to the egg to form your pigeon’s beak.

Creating the Pigeon Egg

Next, take your blue Post-It Label and draw your pigeon head. This is essentially 3 circles: One large circle for the head, one medium circle in the center to form the white of the eye, and one small black circle to create the pupil. This is so easy to draw that even my un-crafty bird brain could do it! 😀

Drawing the pigeon

Using the outer line as your guide, cut out the head.

Cutting out the pigeon head

Line up the head over the beak and affix it to the egg.

Affixing the pigeon head

Finished egg


Bird Seed Party Favors Inspired by "The Pigeon Needs a Bath"

These favors are perfect for a Pigeon-inspired party – hand them out to your guests, then go outside and take turns feeding the birdies!

Finished party favors

You might say…this is one party favor that’s for the birds!

Now tell me: What party supplies would YOU create for a Pigeon Party?

A Cute M&M Tic Tac Toe Game Valentine Craft

FamilyFun magazine is one of our favorite places to get craft ideas. It’s a great magazine that you can still have delivered to your house or you can view on-line. This craft here, even though candy isn’t my favorite Valentine idea, this one is unique because it provides kids a chance to play and not just eat candy because it’s there.


“Game lover’s greeting”


M&M’s serve as a sweet stand-in for X’s and O’s in this packaged card-and-game combo. (For a sugar-free version, use buttons instead of candy).


Card stock
Clear treat bags


Trim card stock into a 4- by 6-inch rectangle. Use a marker to draw a tic-tac-toe board in the center and add a message at the top, such as “U R A winner” or “I’m game to be your friend!”

Slide the card into a 4- by 9-inch clear treat bag (available at craft stores).

Add several M&M’s, providing an equal number of two colors.

Fold the top of the bag behind the card and seal it with tape.

A Pencil Valentine’s Day Craft

Glue Dots sent  us samples

As a mom, I’m really not big on candy as a gift. So finding other gifts for my kids to give not only saves other parents more candy but also gives me something fun to do with my kids. This craft was inspired by something I saw on pinterest combined with supplies I found in the dollar bin at Target.

A Pencil Valentine

I made two different kinds of Pencil Valentine’s. I made some that just look like a lollipop having a red doily and a white doily on the other side. Then the other pencil Valentine I created is more like a pinwheel because it has four sides instead of two.

A Pencil Valentine’s Day Craft


Glue Dots
Glitter Pencils
heart doilies




Place a glue dot on the metal part of the pencil or the heart doily





Then attach the doily to the end of the metal part of the pencil firmly


Then repeat until you have as many doilies on the pencil as you desire for a single heart or a pinwheel heart.


What do you think?



Glue Dots adhesives offer a completely mess-free, easy-to-use, no-dry-time solution to everyday bonding needs and they offer endless opportunities for creative parent/child activities. You can feel good about letting your children work with Glue Dots. They are acid-free, archival-safe and non-toxic.

A Rainy Day Spent with Gelarti Could Be a Great Valentine’s Day Gift too!

Moose Toys’ popular arts and crafts lines Gelarti and Blingles allow girls to add a unique touch to their classroom Valentines. With Gelarti, children can create shimmering re-usable 3-D gel stickers, while Blingles allows girls to create sparkling gem stickers, quickly and easily at home. Both Gelarti and Blingles retail starting at $9.99. We received a package of Gelarti to decorate some stickers, I mean they are the Gelarti stickers that you decorate with the gel that it comes with. It’s a set and it’s Zoe’s kind of thing. She loves to sit and make great fun creations. Plus it’s a great way to spend a rainy day like today. We decorated, let dry, and hung!


The Gelarti Scene Pack – Funky Fun/Rock is all you need to start your Gelarti collection! Gelarti is so simple to use! Place your Gelarti sticker sheet onto a flat surface and gently squeeze the Gelarti paint pen to add color to your sticker. Gelarti the stickers with a unique twist! Decorate your world with Gelarti! Create, decorate and accessorize your own stickers, then peel and place the reusable stickers anywhere you like. Use them to decorate your bedroom, notebooks, cards, laptop and more!




We received samples and used them.

A Rainy Day Solution: The Happy Trunk

We need tons of ideas for rainy days. Things that don’t involve the television and involve the kids minds. At least, I prefer to have educational things to fill their time with, mixed in with some tv of course. I’m not crazy. We received a Happy Trunk box and I was greatly impressed with the contents. Everything in the box was higher quality than I expected and I never expected the response I had out of Miles. HE was SO INTO IT. And it’s the perfect rainy day activity solution.

Product Img1

Happy Trunk is the solution harried parents who want to do more than plunk their kids in front of the TV or video game need. Happy Trunk is a box filled with craft and science projects that will keep your kids entertained for hours.  My children needed help with the activities, but mostly he was able to do it after I told him what to do. He has such a good time. We received the Under the Sea box.


The first project we pulled out was to make an ocean and fill it with shells and under the sea creatures. Included in the box were cards that I could read to Miles about the under the sea creatures. He absorbed all of the information.


When he was done he proudly hung them on the door so he could watch his fish and show them off to his dad when he came home from work. The kits are delivered to your door each month and include all the supplies and directions for  three or four craft projects and a science experiment. IMG_3470

Each month has a different theme to the activities and the gender neutral trunks are available for ages 3-7 or 8-11.  Kids love getting their own mail and Mom loves the educational entertainment the kits bring.  The projects chosen for the kits are developed by a team that includes a child psychologist, teachers and a designer, and all are tested by a panel of kids before being deemed Happy Trunk worthy.  The Happy Trunk can be ordered as a monthly subscription or a one-time gift. 


The next project was for making a jelly fish. Miles again, got very creative and made an adorable jelly fish.


I’m really pleased with Happy Trunk and strongly considering a monthly subscription.


We received a sample.

Easiest DIY Fall Centerpiece Craft EVER!

Easiest DIY Fall Centerpiece (table decoration) EVER!

By: Ashley

Decorating with pumpkins and gourds is the easiest and most inexpensive way to transform your home into a fall harvest festival. You might think you need to be super crafty or at least have a large decorating budget to get the job done, but nothing could be further from the truth. A trip to Wal-Mart for the gourds and the Dollar Tree for the basket and leaves, and you are set. This particular centerpiece has been my go to for a couple years now, so I figured I could share it with you guys!


You will need:


Assorted decorative gourds

Artificial colored leaves

Basket or bowl


Create a bed with the artificial leaves. Add the gourds and arrange them until your satisfied. Ta-dah! The easiest thing EVER, right? It may seem silly to bother writing out these directions, but I’ve actually had a couple of people ask about my centerpiece. I think adding the leaves really makes it look like more than some pumpkins in a basket. What do you think?

About Ashley (Managing Editor at MomStart): Ashley is a mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend, and

former teacher working to navigate through the mysterious world of Mommyia. Read more about her adventures at Momicles and follow her @Momicles2010

Counting Craft: How To Make a Count Down Chain

I’m working with Miles every day or at least trying to work with him every day. Some days we play school all day and others we just don’t do anything. One day, I decided we should make a countdown chain for our vacation, and the kids weren’t too thrilled. So I started making it myself and when Miles saw how easy it was he decided he wanted to finish and make two more chains to count down to other things.


You can use an opportunity like this to teach, counting, sorting, addition, subtraction, hand eye coordination, and glue skills. We used tape.

How To Make a Count Down Chain

Supplies needed:

Paper cutter
Construction paper



Cut the construction paper into about 1 inch strips



Loop them through each other until you run out of strips


Gold Medal Cookie Craft Recipe Quick Easy & Olympic Worthy

By: Ashley

The Olympics have always been a big deal for me and my family. There’s just something so amazing about people from around the world coming together, competing, and showing true sportsmanship. I love how for those 17 days, American pride runs strong and “Team USA” is the team we can all cheer for. I’m even dorky enough to love the roots of the ancient Olympic Games in Greece. It’s just all VERY cool. That’s why I absolutely LOVED the great cookie craft idea that my sister in law had.

Gold Medal Cookie Craft Recipe

When she pulled out a roll of cookie dough and a bag of MSIL) made Olympic cookies! This is super quick, easy, and inexpensive.

Here’s What You Need:

– 1 roll of sugar cookie dough

– 1 bag of M&M’s (regular or mini) separated by color

That’s it! I told you this was easy. =)

1. Separate the M&Ms by color.


2. Slice off cookies from the cookie dough.

3. Use the M&Ms to make Olympic themed designs on each cookie. We went with three basic options:

The Olympic Rings


The Gold Medal


Team USA


4. Place the cookies in the oven and bake according to the package directions.

5. Let the cookies cool, then enjoy!


This was SO simple an SO much fun… for everyone! If you’re a fan of the Olympics like I am, you should definitely give this a go. =)


About Ashley (Managing Editor at MomStart): Ashley is a mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend, and former teacher working to navigate through the mysterious world of Mommyia. Read more about her adventures at Momicles and follow her @Momicles2010 .