My Baby Clothes – Too Cute to Decide

Founded in Cartersville, GA by Greg and Michelle Sanders, is a leading online provider of baby clothes and accessories. And talk about Cute! At they strive to bring their customers the most fashion forward and unique baby clothes on the web. And I found myself wishing I had a baby just to do this review but I don’t so I passed it on to Christine. The MyBabyClothes team searches to find the cutest, most comfortable, and highest quality clothes and accessories available with the goal to offer these unique and trendy boutique style clothes at affordable prices. Since it’s inception, has continued to grow exponentially, thanks to moms and dads like yourself. 


Review By Christine:


I had the opportunity to pick one product of my choice to review from  Turns out it was hard to decide on just one thing, and it took several trips to the website to decide on one item for my youngest daughter.  I kept going back to all the adorable tutus and headbands but in the end decided on something more useful for a four month-old, the Mud Pie Socks and Crawler Set. The crawler and socks both wash well and look very cute on my daughter.  She does however have very sensitive skin, and unfortunately the stitching of the heart decal irritates her skin.  She wears the little heart socks all the time, and would wear them every day if it was up to her older sister.


I am impressed by the great selection on  In fact I didn’t even show my 3 1/2 year old the site because I knew she would want one of everything since she is a connoisseur of everything "fancy". Maybe I’ll let her do the shopping next time.


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About Christine:

Christine is our in house baby product reviewer. She has two children that are quite adorable, one is 3 1/2 months old and the other is three and in my son’s preschool class. When she’s not taking maternity leave she works at the local children’s hospital.

Bamboo Dreams by Yala Designs – Sleep, Dress, and Dream Soft Cotton Goodness

By: Ashley

Two weeks ago, you could have asked me the difference in Bamboo Dreams viscose from bamboo and plain old cotton, I probably wouldn’t have been able to tell you much. That was 2 weeks ago though, and that was before I tried on a dress from Yala Designs Bamboo Dreams Collection.

Yala dress

The Bamboo Dreams Collection is incredibly soft. I am not kidding when I tell you that I said “Oooo” when I first put on the Bamboo Dreams Izzy Dress and felt how amazingly cozy the Infinity Scarf was. I’ve always been a fan of high quality clothing, and gorgeous colors are just an add on. Wearing something made from bamboo? Even better! However, once I really looked into the story behind Yala and read about their personal and company values, I knew I was in love with a new brand.

The Bamboo Dreams Collection has an amazing line of clothing for men, women, and children. aptly named “Bamboo Dreams” since it is made from bamboo! The collection actually started out as their famous “sleep sack” though. They still sell sleep sacks and now have complete lines of bedding sets, too. All of the Bamboo Dreams collection is Oeko-Tex certified. That means that the pieces have been screened for harmful substances. It also guarantees the safety of the fabric and dyes and it lets you know that their production methods are environmentally friendly.

Yala began as a family business… and it still is! They seem to have a very close connection among each other, and a close relationship with all of their workers around the globe. They work hard to speak with workers and friends, visit all of their facilities often, and celebrate special occasions. It’s obvious to see how much Yala honors the relationships it makes far and wide.


As for me and Yala? I can honestly say that I will be a regular Yala customer. The fit of the dress combined with its ease of wear is amazing. The viscose made from bamboo is the perfect suitcase, on the go, mom, busy woman fabric. You can dress their pieces up for business, or down for relaxing with your family. I was so excited about my Yala dress that I even wore it when we went to film our segment for Lifetime’s The Balancing Act. That dress took me through the entire day, endured a couple of spills, an airplane flight, and was still comfortable and stylish by the time I went to bed. After a trip through the washer and dryer it was good as new.

According to the tag, “To Yala is to wander this world with intention, a joyful step, and an open heart. It is to delight in the right now and to embrace what’s next…” Well, I am ready to Yala. Are you? If so, you should enter this giveaway!

You could win a $75 gift card to Yala Designs!


If you can’t wait until the giveaway is over, we also have a coupon code for you. You can enter the code START20 to get 20% off of your Yala purchases! This code won’t last long, so use it quickly.

This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to the winner, Wanda M.

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Ashley received Samples.

About Ashley:

Ashley has a background in teaching Kindergarten and working with children K through 8th grade. She is now a SAHM and active with our local MOMS Club chapter. She writes her own blog at Momicles.

A Kids Exclusive Shopping Spree Experience

By Emily:

Since I became a mom nearly six years ago, online shopping has become a godsend for me. I love that my shopping can be completed on my computer while my littlest one naps and I can skip running around to various stores toting along snacks, diapers, sippy cups, toys, etc. Our home has become a regular stop on the FedEx, UPS and Postal Services delivery routes! Even if my package contains only baby stuff or cleaning supplies, it always feels a bit like Christmas to open up something that has been delivered to your door.

model 2

When it comes to shopping online for clothing, particularly kids clothing, I am always looking for a great deal since I know my girls will outgrow them in no time. I love the new daily deal shops that carry specialty designers because they will have something unique and quality made. The only trouble with these shopping sites is that 1. Many items really aren’t discounted that deeply and 2. The shipping can take nearly 3 – 5 weeks. Who knows if that outfit is still going to fit my kid by the time it arrives?!

A new shopping site,, is truly the latest and GREATEST place to find super cute clothes for kids 0 – 9 at amazing prices and with quick shipping!

Model 1From the creators of is the smart solution for the busier-than-ever mom, allowing you to get AMAZING BRANDS for INCREDIBLE PRICES so your family can look stylish without making you broke! was born from our frustration with existing deal sites which have a snobbish attitude (you have to be a member to see the deals) combined with bad customer service (extremely slow delivery, no return policy).

When we shared our feelings with other moms, we found out they shared the same views.  We then decided to create something completely different – a FRIENDLY DEAL SITE!

A site that is easy to navigate, that would show the deals to all moms, that would SHIP QUICKLY (so mom gets them when she needs them) and that will take back the merchandise- no questions asked- if mom doesn’t like them.

Being friendly is our approach to life and that’s exactly we want our site to be!

What is special about

Kidsexclusive_logoBeing friendly is not just a tagline. It is an attitude that you can experience while working with us:

  • No need to be invited or to subscribe to enjoy our deals
  • A robust variety of Premium Brands, usually found in exclusive department stores.
  • Real Discounts – everything is 30% to 90% off retail price!
  • Speedy Delivery – within 24 hours of you placing the order the product leaves our facility. That’s what we call fast service!
  • A No Hassle Return Policy. Don’t like the product? Send it back! We’ll take it, no questions asked.

My recent experience with was wonderful. There were so many great brands to shop and the deals were incredible, I ended up searching through just about every page to make sure I wouldn’t miss out anything. I was excited that so many of the items were perfect for spring and summer and not just winter closeouts like other sites offer. My only problem was narrowing down my shopping basket! I loved so many of the items but did have a budget to stick to. I ended up purchasing two super cute Jelly the Pug dresses, one Jelly the Pug skirt, a pair of super skinny distressed IT Jeans, a Ragdoll and Rocket tunic, and a colorful blouse from Pink Tangerine. My total, including the flat $5.95 shipping, was $118! If I had purchased these items at full price my total would have been $249 for the entire lot.

You can take advantage of these same savings by visiting Be sure to check out the “Under $10” section for even more amazing deals. Right now you can earn a $20 credit for every new member you invite, just as soon as their first order ships. All these details can be found on the homepage.

Disclosure – This product was provided to me free of charge by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the writing of this review; however, opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

About Emily:

Emily is also very active in the local MOMS CLUB. She raises chickens and has 2 shih tzus. Her daughter Caitlyn attends Montessori school and she hates housecleaning, loves wine and enjoys dining out. She would love to find a cure for the depression and anxiety she has dealt with on and off over the past 10 years, just like me. She is an amazing mom and friend.

Dress Up Your Outfit With Ease CardiWrap by Kymaro Giveaway

Cardiwrap by Kymaro sent me a sample to try out and I can’t wait to wear it to BlogHer. I have issues with always being cold and never having something nice to wear over my clothes. I’m always wearing a sweatshirt and you can never tell how cute I’m really dressed. I wear oversized sweatshirts.  Well now I have something that can go with everything and can dress up an outfit or just be casual.



You can wear it as a shawl, scarf, cardigan , wrap…the options are really limitless! The Cardi-Wrap retails for($49.95) and is available in 7 different fashion forward colors. I chose grey because I wanted something to match everything and I wanted something other than black. It’s quite easy to wear, as you can tie it, or fold it, toss it, twist it, and knot it. The Cardi-Wrap comes with a style book showing you many of the possible ways to wear it.

So you have a shirt, shawl, scarf, cardigan, sweatshirt in my case. Your arms can go into sleeves which helps with the shirt feel and cardigan look. The material is very soft and it’s easy to clean, just throw it in the washing machine. Add a belt or a ring to increase the possibilities.

Enter to Win:


To Enter:

Visit Cardiwrap  and let me know what color you like most.

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Lands’ End Summer Dress With Zoe

My daughter loves to wear dresses. I buy her pants on the off chance she’ll decide to wear them and it’s 98.9 percent bust with the pants. So, I buy her lots and lots of Summer dresses. We can layer with Summer dresses and then in the Spring and Summer when it’s warm enough she can just wear the Summer Dress.

Lands End Purple Dress

Land’s End has some great options for Summer clothing and I let Zoe help in the picking process of One outfit from the knit kit . Have a look at what she has to say:


It wasn’t very hard for Zoe to choose which outfit she liked the most from the  Tired Knit Dress or Short sleeve jersey dress . She went with neither of them because neither of them were the color purple. She LIVES in purple. Instead she chose the Girls’ Short Sleeve Ruffle Henley Dress because she could get it in SOLID purple.

Lands’ End makes quality soft clothing that I love to wear too. I love to wash it too because it doesn’t shrink. I actually bought the dress quite big for Zoe because I forgot that Lands End clothing does not shrink, so she’s going to be wearing the dress for a while, and I’m ok with that. As long as she doesn’t wake up tomorrow with a new favorite color. You know how kids can be.



Disclosure – The product featured in this review were provided to me free of charge by the manufacturer or representing PR agency. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

Cozy Nautica Night In With The Family

Child wearing Nautica clothingThe Bishop family, that’s us, loves to play games together. We have quite a collection of games, video games, board games, kids games and adult games. No, not the dirty kind, I just mean games that our 2 and 4 year old can’t quite play yet. Like Monopoly, and you should see my wall of Monopoly games. I think I have about 80 different versions of Monopoly. So I was quite excited to buy the new Monopoly Revolution when it was on sale at Target. It’s Monopoly for an ADD generation like we all are. Just in case you’re about to fall asleep the game beeps at you and someone has to take a chance. I’ll family folding clothestell you more about that later. My kids favorite games right now are Cootie, Don’t break the ice and Chutes and Ladders. For a parent it can be a LONG evening playing these games over and over again, and just finishing one game of Cootie can drive an adult nuts. I could write a post just on trying to get a two year old and a four year old to sit still and make their Cootie following the instructions and taking turns. AHHHHH!!!


Slinky TimeSo, to take a night off from the insanity of having more fun than an adult can handle, yes that is completely literal, we had a fun cozy night of folding clothes listening to music and dancing in the clothing hamper. Yes this was a fun night in at the Bishop house. Boy in Nautica Active Wear Sports ClothingI had five loads of laundry to get through and wasn’t about to do it all by myself you know!

We had dress up time, and lots of laughter as Zoe tried on Daddy’s button up shirts. We also had fun playing with slinky. The kids love Slinky right now. Slinky can be tied around the dog, used to capture mommy and force her to be ticked by two little munchkins, and used to just drive dad up the wall.



Family photo

The Nautica Clothing pictured in these photos gave us a cozy night in and is extremely comfortable to wear. The clothing has been holding up in the washing machine to my picky standards (excellent rating, no shrinking or fading) and is cute. I received compliments on my long sweatshirt, and love how cozy I feel outside in the cold temperatures. Zoe has been very excited to wear her Nautica Active Wear to school and Miles wanted to wear it to bed, which is a statement at just how comfortable the clothing was. All of the clothing featured can be found in the Nautica Activewear collection for each sex and age group.

Apparel and activity as discussed in this post was provided by Nautica, but Nautica is not a sponsor, administrator, or involved in any other way with this post. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of Nautica. All apparel as seen in this post can be purchased on except for the green button up shirt Zoe was wearing.

Cuddl Duds Active Wear Review and Giveaway

Working out is something I don’t do often enough. I was just having a conversation on Twitter about running with Mom Central and she gave me some advice on how to start running every day. All I need to do is motivate myself with a little reward, a chocolate reward. Which of course is my favorite kind.


twitter capture

And she is right, I wouldn’t exactly lose any weight eating chocolate every ten feet, but it would motivate me to get started. With my new Cuddl Duds Active Layer Top, I’m ready to start my exercise routine in style; even if it’s cold out!


Use Cuddl Duds to expedite your exercise routine into the path of success. All you need is a little movement every day. Just start with 10 minutes, if that’s too much start with five. Do it for one week and then increase to 10, keep adding 5 until you are up to 30 minutes a day. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel.

At under $30 each, Cuddl Duds make great easy to affordable clothing for you, friends and family. From athletic and colorful, to simple and classic, Cuddl Duds tops and leggings are the perfect layering solution for work or weekend and fit almost like a second skin. Whether you’re shopping for your friend, daughter, or mom, Cuddl Duds has just the right tops and leggings to help them layer in style.

I’ve been using mine under my dresses and short sleeves ever since it arrived. There have been no signs of shrinkage, or fading and I’ve washed and dried it six times at least. My Active Layer Top is soft, comfortable and stylish. It keeps me warm and snug.

Cuddl Duds Gift Idea suggestions:

· For The Fashionable Friend – Tis’ the season for rich colors and deep jewel tones. Keep your friends on trend with cozy ActiveLayer tops in eggplant and teal to add a touch of color under their favorite sweaters and cardigans.    

· For The College Student – For a cute and casual look, the long sleeve Softwear with Stretch hoodie is perfect for throwing on before class. She’ll be comfy and warm while walking to class with incredibly soft fabrics that fit just right.

· For Mom – Add a touch of style to your mom’s wardrobe with simple details, like lace. She can layer Softwear Lace Edge V-Neck Tank Top under sweaters and shirts for an added layer of warmth with unexpected detailing. 

· For The Active Woman: The Activewear Lightweight legging is designed with stretch performance and feature fabrics that wick and breathe for moisture management. Mesh paneling provides a sporty look, while allowing for breathability and comfort.

active layer topEnter to Win:

A Cuddl Duds ActiveLayer Top

To Enter:

Visit Cuddl Duds and tell me what else you like from there.

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Garnet Hill Signature Pack Collection

Talking to Garnet Hill and working with them has been quite a pleasure. They sent us a Backpack to use as a donation to charity. I’m so excited about it because of how awesome it is. The quality of the bag, the colors in the bag it is amazing. I want to keep it, she wants to keep it. I was so tempted to keep the back pack instead of using it as a donation as I said I would. AHHH! Why is your stuff so cute Garnet Hill? Why?

I want to go shopping IMG_4344 IMG_4340

The Garnet Hill 2010 Signature Pack Collection features backpacks that are made to last and designed for comfort and durability. Ergonomically designed with kids in mind and made from rugged, easy-to-clean material, they’re loaded with roomy zippered compartments to tote all their stuff.  Not to mention, the collection comes in a variety of prints and colors that kids will love.backpack

Easy Tiered Knit Dress: comes in purple too, Zoe would scream with excitement for the purple one!


Floral Appliqué Long Sleeve Tee


Hooded Cotton Sweater


V-Neck Tunic


I would shop there but the prices are a little high. Yes the quality probably deserves the price but I’m a bargain shopper through and through and will shop Garnet Hill when I can find it on sale. 😉 Love all of the clothing, shoes, and accessories that they sell!

The Children’s Place Spring Sale

Children Store | Baby, Big Girls & Big Boys Clothes, The Children's PlaceEvery summer we run to The Children’s Place to stock up on Summer necessities. I know it’s not summer yet, but if you don’t want to have to pick through all the left overs, you better run in there soon because they are having a great sale right now. The Spring Sale is for a limited time only and prices are starting at 4.99. But if you look closely you’ll find some secret treasures in there for 2.99 and if you find an outlet, you might be able to find a 99 cent rack. That’s what I love about shopping at The Children’s Place is finding the cutest outfits for both Miles and Zoe for such great prices. My daughter is in love with the Children’s Place because of the abundance of the color purple:




The Children’s Place has the latest fashions in swimwear for your munchkins. The Children’s Place sent us a great surprise for Miles. They sent us their great beach towel bag. It’s a full size towel that you can just throw over your shoulder.


The towel folds into itself and still provides room for storage and toting around to the beach. Now all we need is a nice warm day to head off to the local beach.




I received the Summer Towel from The Children’s Place to facilitate this review. I love the Children’s Place and have been shopping there since Zoe was born.

Zutano, itzy bitzy Review and Giveaway

One thing that I really do love about blogging is the opportunity to work with companies that I love. Companies that I developed a love for before I even had children. One of my favorite lines to sell while I was working children’s retails was Zutano, not only was it one of my favorites it was easy to sell. The price point is lower compared to other brands we carried but the quality is amazing.

I contacted Zutano and requested permission to do a giveaway and asked if they were willing to do a review as well and they agreed to both. They sent me some clothes for Zoe and she looks amazing in them. I think they are slimming and one of the best parts is that they fit her comfortably. She can pull the pants up and down which has been wonderful for potty training. A lot of the pants she wears fit so snugly she can not pull them up and down for potty training. So we love the Zutano pants. I think I’m going to have to go find a local store that carries them and purchase a few more pairs.

Oh and I have to mention that it washes and dries well. We would always tell people to buy a size up, but I requested the size she wears, 4 and after washing it twice it fits her just right.



I could not get a better photo of her because she was not in the mood to have her picture taken. Zutano makes the cutest infant clothing. They make one pieces and separates. Everything is mix and match practically. They even make blankets and hats to match all of the clothing. Pants come in patterns, stripes, and solid colors. Actually they are all the same, each piece is a pattern, stripe, or solid. You put the pieces together. It’s fun!

Lime Candy Stripe Newborn Legging

Sugar Blossom Newborn Dress

Pinwheel Newborn Hat

Chocolate Newborn Legging


Dino Jungle Kimono Newborn Top


Dino Jungle Baby Blanket


Zutano has generously offered up a 75.00 Gift Card to one of my readers. The gift card will only work on the itzy bitzy line. That line is for 0 to 13 lbs.

To Enter:

Visit Itzy Bitzy and let me know what style you prefer the most.

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Win the Perfect Baby Shower Gift 75.00 GC to Itzy Bitzy by @zutano #giveaway #contest


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Zutano provided me with one outfit and is providing the prize for the giveaway. All the information is mine.