The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm by LeVar Burton

Earlier this year on one of my blogging adventures I met LeVar Burton. He gave the moms at the Social Media Moms conference in Disneyland a speech about the importance of reading and helping your kids develop a love of reading. I had no idea how many kids are out there that are not learning how to read. He has written a book for children to help them learn to express their emotions. The book is called, The Rhino who Swallowed a Storm.


When little Mica Mouse is scared by thunder booming outside her cozy home, Papa Mouse reaches for just the right story to comfort her. Hugging her close, he begins to read The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm. In this poetic book-within-a-book, a happy little rhinoceros is overwhelmed by a storm that sweeps away everything he loves. Swallowing the storm just makes him feel worse, so Rhino sets off on a whimsical journey toward healing. Along the way, he meets many friends, including a kind spider, a brave kangaroo, a wise tortoise, and an uplifting whale. With their help, Rhino lets go of the storm inside and learns to see the light in a world turned gray. Mica Mouse is soothed by the story and Papa’s gentle reminder that even though bad things sometimes happen, the world is full of people who care.


In his first children’s book, longtime Reading Rainbow host LeVar Burton gives us an engaging resource to help children express their feelings and navigate through difficult experiences. The “Take a Deeper Look” page at the end of the book even provides discussion questions to facilitate a healing dialogue.

About the Author:

Actor, director, and educator LeVar Burton has been an icon for more than 35 years. 1977’s TV miniseries Roots propelled the 19-year-old Burton onto the world stage with his unforgettable performance as Kunta Kinte. As Star Trek: The Next Generation’s blind chief engineer Geordi LaForge, Burton reminded audiences that it’s not our disabilities but our contribution to society that defines us. However, it’s his 31st year as host, producer, and now co-owner of Reading Rainbow where Burton has had his greatest impact, delivering the message of the importance of literacy and reading to generations of children. Coauthor Susan Schaefer Bernardo is a published poet and the author of Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs. Courtenay Fletcher is a designer and the illustrator of Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs.

Reading With Miles: Ricky Ricotta Book Series Giveaway #RickyRicotta

This is a partnered post and all opinions are my own.

We received the RICKY RICOTTA series by Dav Pilkey and they are perfect for my new reader Miles. They have adventure, colored pictures and are comic style. Miles’ favorite books to read right now are comics.



When Dav Pilkey was a kid, he suffered from ADHD, reading challenges, and behavioral problems. Dav was so disruptive in class that his teachers made him sit out in the hallway every day. Dav loved to draw and make up stories, so he spent this time creating his own original comic books.

In second grade, Dav created a comic book about a superhero named Captain Underpants. His teacher ripped it up and told him he couldn’t spend the rest of his life making silly books. Fortunately, Dav was not a very good listener.

Dav has written and illustrated many bestselling books for children, including the Captain Underpants series with over 70 million books in print, the Ricky Ricotta series, and The Paperboy, a Caldecott Honor Book. 

Dav grew up in Ohio and now lives with his wife in the Pacific Northwest. You can learn more about him at



Dan Santat attended the University of California, San Diego, where he received a degree in biology. Thankfully, he had a change of heart and went on to pursue an illustration degree from the Art Center College of Design, where he graduated with honors.

After a few years of designing art for video games, Dan switched his attention to children’s books. Since then, Dan has written and illustrated several bestselling books for children, including The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend and Sidekicks. Dan also created the Disney animated hit The Replacements.

Dan was born in Brooklyn, New York, and now lives in Southern California with his family. You can find out more by visiting his website at

From Dav Pilkey, creator of Captain Underpants, and acclaimed artist Dan Santat, an out-of-this-world friendship adventure with brand-new full-color illustrations and mini-comics throughout!

Ricky Ricotta is a little mouse with BIG problems! Every day he is picked on by the neighborhood bullies. He lives in Squeakyville with his mother and father, and being an only mouse, he is often lonely. That is until SOMETHING BIG HAPPENS! A giant flying robot enters Ricky’s life and an unlikely friendship is born! Together, Ricky and his Robot must save the planet from a galaxy bursting with bad guys!



Little Ricky Ricotta has a problem: the bullies at school pick on him all the time. Until one day, he saves the life of a mighty robot. Together, Ricky and his Robot face the bullies, and save Squeakyville from a giant evil lizard monster. That’s what friends are for!


Mr. Mosquito hates Mercury. The days are so hot, they melt his flip-flops, and the nights are so cold, his toothpaste freezes solid! He’s decided to take over Earth instead. Ricky and his Robot must stop his army of massive Mutant Mosquitoes!


Victor Von Vulture hates Venus. His toasted cheese sandwiches are always way too gooey, and ice cream melts in a second! So he and his army of Voodoo Vultures try to cast a spell on the Earth. It’s up to Ricky and his Robot to stop them!


Little Ricky Ricotta has a problem: the bullies at school pick on him all the time. Until one day, he saves the life of a mighty robot. Together, Ricky and his Robot face the bullies, and save Squeakyville from a giant evil lizard monster. That’s what friends are for!

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Check out Ricky Ricotta Printables


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Prizing includes:

– 3-D Glow-in-the-Dark Solar System

Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot
Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot vs Mutant Mosquitos from Mercury
Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot vs the Voodoo Vultures from Venus
Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot vs The Mecha-Monkeys from Mars.

Prizing & samples courtesy of Scholastic

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Which Ricky Ricotta book would your children most enjoy?

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Minnie in Paris Review & Giveaway #MinnieinParis

Zoe loves Minnie Mouse when we were at Disneyland over spring break she had to have her picture taken with Minnie Mouse pretty much every time we saw her.


When I was offered the book Minnie in Paris I knew I had to say yes because she would love to read it. And she read it as soon as I handed it to her. It’s a colorful book made for fancy girls. And there is a little fancy in all girls. MinnieinParis

Fashion is Minnie’s passion! Just like Zoe, my little girl has been a fashionista since she was 18 months old. I haven’t been allowed to pick out her clothes in years. And, as a result, Minnie’s been invited to show her bows on the runways of Paris!

At the airport, Minnie is so busy taking care of her nieces, Millie and Melody, that she accidentally switches suitcases with Penguini the magician–and finds that his suitcase is full of bunnies instead of bows! Minnie must round up the mischievous little bunnies, find Penguini, and make her bows in time for the show. Will she make it? 

Readers are treated to a stunning tour of famous Parisian locations, from the Louvre to Tuilleries Gardens to the Eiffel tower, to a classic Parisian bistro—all in search of Penguini’s bunnies.

This charming hardcover picture book comes with a code to access the Minnie in Paris eBook.


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Minnie Mouse Rolling Luggage

Pack-up your cares and forget them with Minnie’s pink polka-dotted rolling luggage! This glittering overnight case is topped with pretty bows, and has lots of room to pack her most glamorous travel essentials.

Minnie Mouse Plush

Our Minnie Plush is the pink of polka-dotted perfection. Disney’s soft-stuffed sweetheart is a perfect size for little arms to give great big hugs. Follow her to find laughter and learning at The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

and the book!

Travel with Minnie!

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The Pigeon Needs a Bath Book Party With Friends #ThePigeonParty

I’m working with The Pigeon books series and received samples and compensation to host a party with my neighbors for The Pigeon books…..And this is our Pigeon Adventure

So, here in Seattle when it’s sunny we have a party outside not inside and I think an outdoor theme for “The Pigeon Needs a Bathby Mo Willems and other The Pigeon series books is perfect don’t you? See it’s a sunny day and The Pigeon Needs a Bath, even the one with the red hair that has the same argument with me that you’ll find in the book….



Once the kids got home from school we took our party over to the park. You see when the sun comes out in Seattle we all run outdoors because you might only have 15 minutes to enjoy it. Luckily on this particular Monday we had a TON of sun. It was awesome.


Before the kids got home from school I got everything ready. I created salted melon rinds and a whole other basket of fruit to share. It was a hot day so really nice cold melon was really a hot commodity.



Then I created some really fun gift baskets full of Easter supplies. Of those supplies each family received three of the Pigeon Series books. We have a lot of kids in each family so I LOADED up these bags with lots of goodies.


The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog
The Pigeon Needs a Bath



The Pigeon Wants a Puppy


The books are a hit in our house, Zoe read all of them as soon as she saw them in the living room. The first time I saw any of The Pigeon books was in my daughter’s book order for school. I think she even had it circled, it was hers or her brother’s one of them had it circled.



One thing about playing outside and having the party outside is that my kids end up playing in the dirt and needing a bath so of course we had to read The Pigeon Needs a Bath before bath time and bed that night.


The Pigeon really needs a bath! Except, the Pigeon’s not so sure about that. Besides, he took a bath last month! Maybe. It’s going to take some serious convincing to try and get the Pigeon to take the plunge.

First in the series, Don’t Let Pigeon Drive the Bus recently celebrated it’s 10th birthday! Over the last decade, The Pigeon books have sold millions of copies and enchanted young readers. The books have received numerous starred reviews, have appeared on many "best of" lists, and have even been inducted into the Indies Choice Picture Book Hall of Fame.

Check out the 10th Anniversary Activity Kit here. And see how much more fun we had in the sun with our Pigeon Needs a bath outdoor celebration.DSC00018DSC00019

PS: the day after my friend said thank you on Facebook:


Be sure to follow The Pigeon Books by Visiting the Official Site and be sure to Follow @The_Pigeon on Twitter

About the Author


Photo credit: ©Marty Umans

Mo Willems, a number one New York Times best-selling author and illustrator, has been awarded a Caldecott Honor on three occasions (for Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!, Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale, and Knuffle Bunny Too: A Case of Mistaken Identity). Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! was also an inaugural inductee into the Indies Choice Picture Book Hall of Fame. And his celebrated Elephant & Piggie early-reader series has been awarded the Theodor Seuss Geisel Medal on two occasions (for There Is a Bird on Your Head! and Are You Ready to Play Outside?) as well as three Honors (for We Are in a Book!, I Broke My Trunk!, and Let’s Go for a Drive!). Other favorites include Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed and City Dog, Country Frog, illustrated by Jon J Muth. Mo lives in Massachusetts with his family.

American Girl Of The Year 2014 is Isabelle: The Isabelle American Girl Doll Book

I felt so blessed because American Girl has been sending us their books and they sent us the doll of the year book just in time for Zoe’s Birthday. I mean it actually showed up on her birthday so of course I added it to the stack of birthday presents that she opened and look at this smile. SHE LOVES IT. Of course she still has a small desire for an actual American Girl Doll but the fact she gets so excited about the books just makes me so proud. And she’s only in first grade and she can read these books all by herself. We help her a little but she reads these books at night in her room. I LOVE THIS GIRL!


She’s saving up for her own American Girl Doll.

American Girl has revealed its new limited-edition ‘Girl of the Year’ doll for 2014.

Isabelle Palmer, a young ballerina who attends a private dance school in Washington D.C., is the company’s newest release.

With her blonde, pink-streaked hair, casual clothes, and many dance accessories, Isabelle will likely be a must-have toy among aspiring young ballerinas nationwide.



  • Who she is: She’s an inspired dancer who discovers her own way to shine
  • Where she lives: Isabelle lives and attends school in Washington, D.C., surrounded by the bustle and culture of the city
  • Favorite activities: Practicing ballet and designing dance costumes
  • Best friends: Luisa, a modern dancer; and Gabriel, a magician
  • Fun fact: When Isabelle is dancing, she sometimes pretends she’s a water lily skipping and spinning across a pond
  • What changes her life: The realization that she can use her design skills to help others
  • What she discovers: There’s no one else out there with your unique talents

From one of the three books:

As soon as we got to the ballet studio, Luisa and I plunged inside. Before I’d gotten into Anna Hart, I’d taken ballet three times a week at a pretty good dance academy. And I had learned all the moves, turns, and positions so well that I’d been one of the best dancers in my class.

That wasn’t true here at Anna Hart, but the ballet studio still felt like my second home. I loved the soft whisper of cloth on floor as the other ballet students warmed up. They lay on their backs, stretching their arms and legs in ways that arms and legs didn’t normally move. Some wore gray sweatshirts over their brightly colored leotards, as if pigeons and parrots were gathering together in the same birdbath.

Our teacher, Ms. Hawken, was a small, slim woman in a leotard with a crimson scarf tied around her waist. A matching ribbon circled her ponytail.

Get your child reading by introducing the American Girl series to them. You can find them at the library, Amazon, or at the American Girl Doll store.

X-Why-Z Answers the Common Kid Question: Why?

X-Why-Z Answers the Common Kid Question: Why?

By Emily

It seems my youngest daughter’s new favorite word is "why". I know I should be thankful that it’s no longer the "no" word, but the "why" word requires a bigger supermom power: brains. When I don’t have the answers, she’s old enough to know that mommy’s telling stories and on a good day when I have the answer to her question, it can still be hard to explain in a way that she can understand and relate to. To help encourage her wonder and satisfy her curiosity, I have found a great book to help answer a variety of everyday “whys” with X-Why-Z by Time Home Entertainment Inc. and TIME For Kids.


From animals to plants, from the human body to history, the new book X-Why-Z helps children ages four to six better understand the world they live in. Addressing more than 200 questions, accompanied by colorful photos and vibrant illustrations, X-Why-Z delivers age-appropriate answers to questions ranging from “Why do I sneeze?” to “Why is grass green?” Thoughtfully crafted by the editors of the award-winning TIME For Kids classroom magazine, parents, teachers, and libraries can be sure that X-Why-Z is age appropriate, informative and entertaining.

Sample questions and answers include:

Human Body:

Q. Why do I get goosebumps?

A. Goosebumps help your skin keep warm. Your hair stands up to protect your skin from cold air. Each tiny hair makes one bump.


Q. Why do cats lick you?

A. Cats lick people to show they care. It’s like a mother cat cleaning her kitten.


Q. Why do tree leaves change color?

A. During the spring and summer, leaves are filled with green chlorophyll. The chlorophyll helps the trees make food, and it makes the leaves look green. In the colder fall weather, leaves lose their chlorophyll and show their bright colors.

Earth & Space:

Q. Why does the moon seem to change shape?

A. One side of the moon always faces the sun, and one side is always dark. Here on Earth, we can only see the part of the moon that is lit by the sun. For a few days every month, we see the whole lit side, and we call it a full moon. The rest of the month, we only see part of the lit side, so the moon looks smaller. When we can’t see any of the lit part, we call that a new moon.


Q. Why are school buses yellow?

A. Yellow is an easy color to see, even in bad weather. The bright color warns drivers to look out for children.


Q. Why do igloos keep people warm?

A. A house made of ice does not sound warm. But people who live in frozen places can make an igloo very comfortable. A fire can warm the small space, but it will not melt the ice walls. The igloo also blocks the freezing wind.


Q. Why did Egyptians make mummies?

A. Ancient Egyptians believed in life after death. They wanted to preserve their bodies for the next life. A mummy is a dead body that has been dried and wrapped in strips of linen cloth so that it will not rot.

I set out to read a chapter a day with my daughter starting with the Human Body, but we both enjoyed the fun facts and pictures so much we continued onto to Animals and Nature. My older daughter also took interest and finished the book reading Earth & Space, Inventions, Places and History to her little sister (and I got dinner on the table peacefully too!)

No surprise to me, my daughter’s favorite page is “Why Does Some Food Taste Good?” Fun facts with a picture of an enormous lollipop! And here I thought she’d be sick of candy by now…

We also enjoyed many of the animal facts including “Why Can Hummingbirds Stop in the Air?” After seeing a hummingbird earlier in the day, my daughter learned that this hummingbiXwhyZpagerd was able to flutter the way it did because they beat their wings more than 50 times every second! They are such powerful flyers that they can slow down and stop in the air. They can even fly backward!

We’ve read through this book many times already and it never seems to get old. In fact, my daughters like to quiz each other on the answers when they play school. With so many kid-friendly questions and answers, fun filled facts and colorful photographs, X-Why-Z is a fabulous find for any child.

“It is with great pride that TIME For Kids presents X-Why-Z as the first title in our highly anticipated new series of books for children ages four to six,” said Bob Der, Editorial Director, TIME For Kids. “X-Why-Z is the perfect reference book for children and a great conversation starter for parents to have with their children. It’s a book that kids will come back to again and again.”

X-Why-Z (Time Home Entertainment Inc.; $14.95) is on sale now and available at and at retailers nationwide.

About TIME For KidsXWhyZsample
TIME For Kids is a weekly classroom news magazine that motivates kids to read! Issues cover a wide range of real-world, and topics in the news kids want to learn about. A powerful teaching tool, TIME For Kids builds reading and writing skills.

Disclosure – This product was provided to me free of charge by the manufacturer for the writing of this review; however, opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

About Emily:

Emily is also very active in the local MOMS CLUB. The mother of two girls, ages 7 and 3, Emily also cares for her lovable old shihtzu, a frisky kitty and a flock of egg-laying chickens. Originally from Wisconsin, Emily transplanted to Pacific Northwest after college to be with the handsome, sweet guy she met on Spring Break. They have now been married for 10 years. Emily hates housecleaning, loves wine and enjoys dining out. She would love to find a cure for the depression and anxiety she has dealt with on and off since early adulthood, just like me. She is an amazing mom and friend. You can follow Emily on Twitter @EastSeattleMama.

Top 5 of Everything Has Something For Everyone

Top 5 of Everything Has Something For Everyone

By Emily

(sample received)

To help promote literacy in young children, I have begun a tradition of including books with every birthday gift I give. With my own children I usually try to find something unique to them, but I’m often stumped when it comes to the interests of their friends. With the help of my book-loving little girl, we’ve enjoyed the challenge of seeking out books that will appeal to a wide range of kids. When given the opportunity to review a copy of the newly released Top 5 of Everything my daughter insisted we had to check it out. From the title alone, my daughter couldn’t wait to get her hands on a copy and I admit I was pretty intrigued as well.

Top5coverThe book, Top 5 of Everything, by Time Home Entertainment Inc. and the editors of TIME For Kids includes top 5 lists for a variety of kid-friendly topics. The lists featured in the book cover many subjects, from animals, sports, technology, food, people and entertainment. What are the five most popular names for dogs? What are the five oldest baseball stadiums? Who were the five youngest United States presidents? The answers to those questions and dozens more are found in the new book.

photo (21)

The 144-page book is based on TIME For Kids’ most popular feature: the TIME For Kids Top 5. Similar to the magazine version, the lists have amusing and colorful illustrations accompanied by information at a glance. Each Top 5 list has guaranteed kid and parent appeal and is certain to surprise young readers who will refer to the book over and over.

The book features more than 100 lists, including the following topics:

· The hottest planets in the solar system

· The baseball players with the most home runs

· The fastest roller coasters

· The most popular dog breeds

· The biggest spiders

· The longest spacewalks

· Kids’ favorite toys

photo (20)Think you know what the Top 5 All-Time Favorite Toys are (based on a poll of 20,000 people?) Guess! I’ve posted the answers at the end of this review!

Other sample lists include:

Top 5 Cereals with the Most Sugar

1. Kellogg’s Honey Smacks

2. Post Golden Crisp

3. Kellogg’s Froot Loops Marshmallow

4. Quaker Oats Cap’n Crunch’s Oops!

5. Quaker Oats Original Cap’n Crunch

Top 5 Most-Searched-For Dictionary Words

*From Merriam-Webster’s website

1. Pretentious

2. Ubiquitous

3. Love

4. Cynical

5. Apathetic

I’m pretty certain I don’t have the only inquiring little mind who’s always wondering what the biggest, craziest, silliest things out there are. Thanks to Top 5 of Everything so many of my daughter’s curiosities have been answered and my sanity saved! This book has become a favorite in our home and with friends and family. My daughter has taken Top 5 of Everything on the bus to school, to playdates and sleepovers to share with her friends. As you can see by my picture, our copy has been well loved! I can guarantee that this informative book will appeal to so many kids as well as grownups too. Top 5 of Everything makes a great gift that will teach, entertain and encourage reading in any child.

Okay, so here are the answers to the Top 5 All-Time Favorite Toys! How’d you score?

Top 5 All-Time Favorite Toys

*Based on a poll of 20,000 people

1. G.I. Joe

2. Transformers

3. Lego

4. Barbie

5. View-Master

Top 5 of Everything (Time Home Entertainment Inc.; August 27, 2013; $11.99) is available at and retailers nationwide.

Disclosure – This product was provided to me free of charge by the manufacturer for the writing of this review; however, opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

About Emily:

Emily is also very active in the local MOMS CLUB. The mother of two girls, ages 7 and 3, Emily also cares for her lovable old shihtzu, a frisky kitty and a flock of egg-laying chickens. Originally from Wisconsin, Emily transplanted to Pacific Northwest after college to be with the handsome, sweet guy she met on Spring Break. They have now been married for 10 years. Emily hates housecleaning, loves wine and enjoys dining out. She would love to find a cure for the depression and anxiety she has dealt with on and off since early adulthood, just like me. She is an amazing mom and friend. You can follow Emily on Twitter @EastSeattleMama.

10 Halloween Books For Early Readers

Miles picked out books from his Scholastic order last month and ended up with quite a collection of Halloween books. One of the books he brought home doesn’t seem to be from Scholastic but it’s still perfect for Halloween and is actually our favorite book this Halloween, it’s Click, Clack , Boo A Tricky Treat. Here is our video showing you the 10 Halloween Books for Early Readers



imageClick Clack, Boo A Tricky Treat

Will the barnyard animals trick—or treat—Farmer Brown? Find out in this Halloween tale from the #1 New York Times bestselling creators of Click, Clack, Moo.
Farmer Brown does not like Halloween. So he draws the shades, puts on his footy pajamas, and climbs into bed.
But do you think the barnyard animals have any respect for a man in footy pajamas? No, they do not. For them, the Halloween party has just begun. And we all know these critters far prefer tricks over treats.
There are big surprises in store for Farmer Brown!


Skeleton Meets The Mummy

This spooky new read-aloud story is perfect for Halloween!
On Halloween night, Sammy has to make a quick trip through the dark woods before he can go trick-or-treating. But someone–or something–is following him. Scritch! Scratch! What could it be?
Bold, vibrant illustrations make this spooky story a perfect Halloween tale that kids will want to read again and again.


The Teeny Tiny Ghost

Each day the teeny tiny ghost goes to haunting school to try to become scarier. It’s hard work, though — especially since he’s frightened by his own screams! Then, one bat-black October night, the teeny tiny ghost is floating in his teeny tiny home when he hears a RAP TAP TAP on the door. And then he knows it’s up to him to keep himself and his teeny tiny cats safe. But what are the chances that a teeny tiny timid ghost will really be able to scare someone away?


Wee Witches Halloween

It’s Halloween night and the wee witches can’t wait to go on their Halloween spree, where they hope to scare everyone they see. However, the scaring does not go as planned. When they try to scare people at a fair, everyone looks the other way. The witches think they’ll have better luck at a parade, but their attempts fail there, too. The wee witches are flying away in defeat when they spot a group of kids. They decide to try one last time. But "when they scream their biggest ‘BOO!’ . . . the kids just laugh and scream, ‘BOO!’ too!


The Halloween Play

It’s the night of the Halloween play.

The auditorium is packed. Roger has a small but important role


My Monster Mama Loves Me So

She tucks me tightly into bed,
then asks me id my spider’s fed
and hangs my favorite bat above me.
That’s how I know my mama loves me!

At once tender and funny, this monster bedtime story is guaranteed to generate giggles, tickles, and plenty of monster hugs.


Goodnight Goon

Goodnight monsters everywhere, in this parody romp with its own special twist!

?Goodnight tomb. Goodnight goon. Goodnight Martians taking over the moon.?

It?s bedtime in the cold gray tomb with a black lagoon, and two slimy claws, and a couple of jaws, and a skull and a shoe and a pot full of goo. But as a little werewolf settles down, in comes the Goon determined at all costs to run amok and not let any monster have his rest.

A beloved classic gets a kind-hearted send up in this utterly monsterized parody; energetic art and a hilarious text will have kids begging to read this again and again.


The 13 Nights of Halloween

On the first night of Halloween, what does your mummy give you?A bright, shiny Skeleton Key, of course!

In fact, for each of the thirteen nights leading up to the big night, your mummy is ready with gifts that include everything from singing skulls to demons dancing to icky eyeballs. The spookier and slimier, the better!

From debut author-illustrator Guy Vasilovich comes a picture book that is sure to inspire even the youngest readers to start the creepy countdown to Halloween. Sing along to the tune of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” as you get ready for the scariest—and silliest—night of the year.


Scooby-Doo and the Witching Hour

Scooby and the gang are picking pumpkins for Halloween when — YIKES! — they see a witch haunting the pumpkin patch! When the witch makes another appearanceat the town’s annual Halloween bash, will the guests be too spooked to party? Or will Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne, Fred, and Velma uncover the wacky witch’s tricks? Find out in an all new Scooby-Doo Reader!


Black Lagoon Adventures The Class Election from Black Lagoon

Another fun chapter book from the dynamic duo of Mike Thaler and Jared Lee — just in time for Election Day!
Mean Mrs. Green is forcing everyone to run for something in the school election, but everyone just wants to run for their lives! YIKES!
Hubie is running for president against Doris. But he doesn’t think he stands a chance against the free ice cream that she’s giving away to voters. Plus, to stay in the race he has to do crazy stuff like shaking Coach Kong’s paw and Mrs. Green’s claw, and kissing a bunch of babies. Hubie’s chances look slim. Will being the candidate who stands for something—not just who stands on top of something–be enough to win him the race in the end?

Children’s Book review: “Big Pigs and Sock Dances” by Randy Briley

Book review: “Big Pigs and Sock Dances” by Randy Briley

Written By Lynn:

I met Randy’s wife through a local moms group, she is such a kind-hearted person, the type you always wish good things happen too. But that, unfortunately wasn’t the case when her husband, the sole breadwinner for the family, was laid off from work this year. Randy saw the silver lining and being an amazing artist has also tried his hand at writing children’s books.


I was given a book to review called “Big Pigs and Sock Dances”. The story is written and illustrated by Randy. When I first saw the pictures I thought they were a little unusual and that my daughters might find them weird, but I showed it to them any way. I guessed since the book was targeted for their age (they’re 3 & 6) they would give the best and honest review. My eldest LOVED it. She literally read it 3 times over in the first sitting. My youngest giggled along too at the words AND pictures. The unusualness of the pictures actually appealed to them. The story is more of a poem referring to things the writer likes and sometimes dislikes. It could be the thoughts of a child, and I mean that in a GOOD way! Of course it mentions something about underpants, which most children find positively hilarious, and mine did! BWsmall

It is a book I can sit with my children and enjoy looking at because I seem to see and hear something new each time. It gives me the impression that children, especially boys, who don’t normally like to read, will find something engaging about it and want to turn it’s pages, even if it’s just to look at all the pictures initially.

This book is available via Amazon in a kindle addition (you don’t need a kindle, just the app) at

You can also find more information at

Like Raven Mad Studios on Facebook

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About Lynn:

I met Lynn in MOMS Club and she has two children. One of which is the same age as my daughter and they love to giggle and play together. Lynn Hooper is also a local Mary Kay Consultant while also being a full time mom. “A lot of what the business stands for is true to my heart. Mary Kay Inc. has a foundation that donates funds to help end domestic violence and also funds research into cancers that affect women. Mary Kay also has what’s called "The Golden Rule" which means God (faith) first, family second and business third. A great principal for me and nice to know I am part of a team that believes in this too.

Children’s Book Review: My Very Own Pirate Tale

Book review “My very own Pirate Tale”

By Lynn:

This is an absolutely AMAZING book! I received one for my youngest daughter and WILL be getting one for my eldest.

So firstly it is a personalized book. You provide the company with some basic information about your child., some optional, but some required, such as their name, which is key in the story. You can give a little dedication too – fantastic for a gift as this is a book they will keep for life!109

There are a few themes you can choose from, some are “My Very Own Name”; “My Very Own Fairy Tale”; “My very Happy Birthday” and the one we reviewed that is up for promotion – “My Very Own Pirate Tale”. You can visit their website at to view the whole list of titles.Pirate Placemat (2)

So yes, having a child see their name appear in a book is fantastic, right? But what makes it even more incredible (I feel like one of those infomercials, but wait, there’s more! – but in this case parents will LVOE this) each letter in the child’s name is attached to an animal (For example, J for jellyfish) and they include a cute picture of the animal. Even more cool is that at the end of the book they give the entire alphabet of sea creatures (with the book being pirate themed), some letters had more than one animal, and information about them in a cute little note for children. They also have other products that go along with the books, such as placemats, coloring books and lunchboxes. I asked my 3 year old what she thought of the book and she simply said: “I love it”.


Right now is having a Pirate Tale PROMO: Where you can get 15% off select Pirate Tale Product (My Very Own Pirate Tale book, gift set and placemat) using coupon code PIRATE, 9/1/2013 through 9/30/13.

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About Lynn:

I met Lynn in MOMS Club and she has two children. One of which is the same age as my daughter and they love to giggle and play together. Lynn Hooper is also a local Mary Kay Consultant while also being a full time mom. “A lot of what the business stands for is true to my heart. Mary Kay Inc. has a foundation that donates funds to help end domestic violence and also funds research into cancers that affect women. Mary Kay also has what’s called "The Golden Rule" which means God (faith) first, family second and business third. A great principal for me and nice to know I am part of a team that believes in this too.