Crystal Cruises Luxury Line Offering Infants Children’s & Teens Programs

For grandparents and families that want luxury travel with children or grandchildren, Crystal Cruises has made it an easy choice to cruise together in luxury, according to Ross Spalding, President-Crown Cruise Vacations.  Crystal offers one of the most comprehensive children’s programs at sea with outstanding offerings that exceed even the highest expectations.

Sophisticated cruise specialists at Crown Cruise Vacations provide exclusive offers, exceptional value & unparalleled service and can assist with any cruise information and booking.


Overview of the Children’s Program

Crystal Cruises’ extraordinary commitment to excellence and quality of experience applies to guests of all ages. Space dedicated to children is rare on luxury ships, yet Crystal has designed its ships to accommodate multiple generations. Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity offer spacious staterooms in a range of categories as well as suites, third berths, and connecting staterooms, child-friendly cuisine, highly acclaimed children’s programs on select sailings with activities for children ages 3-17, a Fantasia playroom, and a video arcade for teens. During holiday cruises, summer sailings and other selected itineraries, additional children’s activities are offered under the supervision of experienced Junior Activities Directors. For parents longing for some time on their own, all vessels offer in-stateroom babysitting.

The Facilities for Families
Many facilities on Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity were designed with young guests in mind. Fantasia has supervised activities, tables and chairs for board games, arts and crafts, giant padded cubes, puzzles, and large-screen televisions with kid-sized stadium seating. Teenagers enjoy the Waves video arcade, which has Sony PlayStation® 2, Nintendo Wii™ and Xbox 360TM kiosks. The Library offers a selection of children’s books and videos for in-room viewing; children can also see recently released films in The Hollywood Theatre.

The Activities for Children

Crystal Cruises offers children a broad choice of organized activities and entertainment options. A daily Surf Runner newsletter provides details on the following day’s activity schedule, tailored by age group, available on cruises that typically have many children (summer cruises, shorter itineraries and holiday sailings):

  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Hide and Seek
  • Story Times / Ice cream / Pajama Parties
  • Stretch-ercise / Dress-up Playtime
  • Bridge / Galley tours
  • Cookie Baking / Pizza making
  • Fashion Shows / Coke-tails / card games
  • Karaoke / Special Artists’ Performances
  • Mask Parade / Trivia
  • Movies / Dancing
  • Mini Olympics / Relay Races
  • Pool Games / Paddle tennis
  • Water Polo / Swimming
  • Shuffleboard / Volleyball
  • Late Night Pool Parties / Teen disco
  • Trivial Pursuit Teen karaoke
  • Twister Popcorn Parties
  • Pizza Parties Computer University@Sea®
  • E-mail Services

The Children’s Dining

Crystal’s executive chefs and other culinary staff can prepare custom dishes and items comparable to those found on shoreside kids’ menus. Baby food, high chairs and booster seats are available on request. In addition to meals in the Crystal Dining Room and specialty restaurants, the Trident Grill & Ice Cream Bar serves complimentary hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, and sandwiches as well as ice cream, non-fat yogurt and cookies throughout the afternoon.

Babysitting Services
All vessels offer in-stateroom babysitting for children over the age of 1. Arrangements can easily be made by contacting the concierge at least 24 hours in advance. Fees are $10 per hour for one child, $15 per hour for two children and $20 per hour for three children. To satisfy safety concerns, the maximum number of children/babies watched by one babysitter is three.

Family Savings

Children 11 and younger occupying the third berth pay 50 percent of the minimum fare when accompanied by two full-fare paying adults. Throughout the year, the line occasionally sets special promotions in which children can sail free when sharing a room with two adults.

Family Accommodations
Crystal Symphony offers ten connecting staterooms and 89 staterooms with a third berth available. On Crystal Serenity, there are 50 connecting staterooms and 154 staterooms with a third berth available.

Please note: Crystal Cruises is unable to accommodate children less than 6 months of age and reserves the right to restrict the number of those less than 3 years of age aboard the ships


Teen Program (ages 13 – 17)

Daytime Activities

  • Sony Playstation® 2, Nintendo® Xbox 360 and Wii Tournaments
  • Afternoon Games in the Bridge Lounge
  • Afternoon Movie in the Hollywood Theatre
  • CU@Sea classes in the computer lab
  • Golf Pro Educational Classes
  • Clue Hunt
  • Paddle Tennis
  • Table Tennis
  • Shuffle Board
  • Golfing Range
  • Fitness Classes with the Fitness Director (ages 16+) Library
  • Lectures – Destination and Special Guest
  • Backstage Tour
  • Galley Tour
  • Teen Trivia
  • Teen Bingo

Night Time Activities and Theme Nights

  • Poker Night
  • Texas Hold Em Tournament
  • Karaoke Night
  • Movie Night – in Fantasia or the Hollywood Theatre
  • Disco Night
  • Pictionary Night
  • Game Night in the Bridge Lounge
  • “Coke”tails – meet and greet for teens
  • Liar’s Club – hosted by the Cruise Director, for all guests on board. Check Reflections for time and location.
  • Liar’s Club – teen version hosted by the Junior Activities Director.
  • Pool and Hot Tub Party Hangout
  • Paddle Tennis Tournament
  • Casual Dining with Friends in the Lido
  • Toga Party
  • Destination Party – with themes planned according to where the ship is sailing
  • “What if” Conversation Starters
  • Five Minute Mysteries
  • Murder Mystery Night
  • Sail-away Party


  • Crystal Cruises is unable to accommodate children less than 6 months of age and reserves the right to restrict the number of those less than 3 years of age aboard the ships. There are no formal programs for children under 3.

Safety 1st Keep The Road Trip Car Organized #OurSummerJourney @Safety_1st

This is a partnered post and opinions are our own.

Unless you just started reading MomStart today, you already know I am a huge fan of road trips. I’m not afraid to just load up the family on a whim and travel somewhere. This year we’ve driving to San Francisco, The red wood forest, The Oregon Coast, LA, and Disneyland. We love road trips.

One thing I can say is that when we get back from road trips the car is a disaster. So we’ve recently teamed up with Safety 1st. to keep our car in better shape during our latest travels. We received a few organizational products, the Car Door Sanitation Station , the Just-in-Case Storage Station , and the Incognito™ Kid-Positioning Seat – Gray for review. They have helped so much. Not even ten minutes into our car ride today did my daughter start yelling eww grose Miles. I popped my head around and he had his protein bar melted in his hand playing with his truck at the same time. I was just thinking to myself, come on kid you know better than that. Really? I was grateful though that I had the Car Door Sanitation loaded up so I was easily able to grab some baby wipes and pass them back.


The kids love to color and draw and play with toys. Plus it’s nice to have snacks within their reach, the Just in Case Storage case has five different sections with pockets in a few of the sections allowing you to keep the car organized and the kids happy.


See Miles coloring:


We’re about to head off to Florida to finish off our summer vacations because school doesn’t start until September. If you are in the same boat as us, don’t be afraid to take a road trip and use Safety 1St to help you along the way.

Safety 1st would like to know your summer journey stories too. Let us know where you have been.


And Visit and like Safety 1St on Facebook to win a grand prize travel kit.

Top Destinations in North America

This is a partnered guest post.

Summer or winter, North America offers a huge selection of beautiful natural scenery from pristine white sand beaches to lakes and spectacular mountains where you can have the vacation of a lifetime. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing weekend at the beach or a week of fly-fishing in the mountains, you have a wide selection of locations from which to choose.

Vacations are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, but many people are too busy to make plans that give them the experience they want at budget-friendly prices. An example of a company that can do it all for you is Outdoor Traveler Destinations. It is much easier and less time-consuming to have all the places, prices, accommodations and travel guides in one place.

Florida is a famous winter vacation destination. It offers sun, sand and all the water sports you can think of as a getaway from the winter blues. Boating, fishing, diving and snorkeling are just the beginning of the activities that are available. Key West offers a Sunset Celebration every evening with live music, street performers, open-air bars and cafes all with the gorgeous sunset as the backdrop. You could also spend a weekend in Miami and enjoy the non-stop nightlife and world-class people watching on South Beach.

Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, offers summer and winter fun, including angling and fly-fishing, backpacking and trekking through the Canadian Rockies and spectacular mountain biking. Bird watching is also a great pastime in the spring and summer. For the experienced canoeist, there is the Bow River with its calm waters. It offers a beautiful experience in the outdoors. There is also horseback riding, hot springs and diving in underwater archeological sites. In the winter, skiing is king with cross-country skiing that is suitable for experts and beginners. There’s also ice skating for everyone.

On the eastern side of North America, there is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Appalachian Trail. Tennessee is full of outdoor adventure possibilities and historical places. This is a great place for families to spend a vacation. There are activities available for everyone and accommodations with outdoor hot tubs, swimming pools and special activities arranged for children.

Would you like to spend the weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada, without giving up your outdoor activities? The Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest offers fresh mountain air and cool daily temperatures where you can enjoy log cabin charm. There are plenty of hiking and biking trails and, in the winter, skiing and snowboarding just a couple hours away from all the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas Strip.

If visiting true wilderness is your idea of a great vacation, there are several places in Alaska that offer excellent, comfortable accommodations and give you access to Denali National Park and Mt. McKinley, which is one of the most popular outdoor adventure destinations in the world. There is also fantastic salmon and halibut fishing nearby.

Palm Springs, California is famous for golf courses, beautiful high desert scenery and luxury resorts with spas, poolside cabana bars, fitness rooms, salons and fabulous shopping. When you stroll among the world-class shops, don’t be surprised if you see a familiar face. Celebrities and movie stars have been vacationing in Palm Springs for decades.

My Alabama Roadtrip in The 2015 Hyundai Sonata #NewSonata

Roadtrip with the 2015 Sonata!

All travel consideration provided by Hyundai.

As I mentioned yesterday, we finished our tour of Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama by getting into a 2015 Hyundai Sonata and driving it straight off the assembly line. This was something of a “Surprise roadtrip” – I knew we’d be test-driving the new vehicles, but I didn’t realize we would spend the whole day driving through the Alabama countryside by ourselves. This was my first-ever visit to the state, so it was a true adventure to step right into a brand new vehicle and start driving in a new area, armed just with a book of directions – part of the challenge was that we were asked not to use the GPS, so this just added to the mystery!

I was paired up with Tonya of The Traveling Praters, who would be my driving partner for the duration of the trip. We both drove two legs of the roadtrip in two different vehicles: The 2015 Sonata base model and the 2015 Sonata Sport 2.0T. Our goal was to drive from HMMA to Pursell Farms for lunch, then head back to the Renaissance Montgomery Hotel where we were staying.

Beeb driving the 2015 Sonata

Driving the 2015 Hyundai Sonata: Leg 1

I drove the first leg of the journey, getting into a brand-new Sonata that was parked on the assembly line. We tried to get some snapshots of the car before we started, as bloggers do, but once I felt the assembly line start to move I knew we had to hurry up before it rolled away. ;) I actually pulled over in the parking lot so I’d have a minute to properly adjust the mirrors and make sure I could reach the pedals – ha!

Tonya read from our instruction book and told me where to drive from the plant. It was a total mystery to both of us and a true adventure to be in the middle of nowhere in an unfamiliar car, unsure of your destination. The 2015 Sonata has a ton of great features including full iPhone integration with Apple CarPlay and a built-in USB charger that Tonya and I used to keep our devices charged up; but I must say that I didn’t really spend much time taking advantage of all the car could do, because my attention was fully on trying to find our destination and drive safely. For the first half of the drive, I was white-knuckled on the steering wheel trying to navigate through lanes on an unfamiliar Alabama freeway and make sure I didn’t miss a turn. I’m what you might call a defensive/anxious/uptight driver, so I don’t like to mess with settings on the car and be distracted while I’m driving. There wasn’t a great deal of time to stop and get familiar with the vehicle as we were on a schedule for getting to lunch and didn’t want to hold anyone up, but once we got off the freeways and into the countryside, we did make a few quick pit stops for photo opps!

Alabama countryside

Since this was my first time in the state, I thought it was great that we got to drive through the country and see things that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Although I didn’t take advantage of all the Sonata’s bells and whistles, it did leave an impression on me as a comfortable, easy-to-drive vehicle. It was smooth to drive and I didn’t have to worry about anything other than trying to figure out where I was – I thought that was a testament to it; had I hopped into a vehicle with poor visibility or unintuitive controls, it would have made the drive a lot harder.

Beeb in the Alabama countryside

There was a pit stop at Shaylee’s Place gas station where we enjoyed yummy sno-balls from NOLA Ice and switched places. Tonya drove us from the gas station to Pursell Farms, a beautiful property in Sylacauga.


We had a really great time at lunch – I ate fried pickles and chatted with my friends, who had me literally crying with laughter at their stories! It was the perfect way to relax after biting my nails during the first half of the drive, so when it came time for us to leave and drive the third leg of the journey, I was a lot more relaxed.

Driving the 2015 Hyundai Sonata Sport 2.0T: Leg 3

I drove my final leg of the journey from Pursell Farms back to Shaylee’s Place gas station in the 2015 Sonata Sport 2.0T. This model has a turbocharged engine and is a lot of fun to drive – I think part of that is user bias since the drive back was less stressful for me and thus more enjoyable by default, but the Sport 2.0T also handles very nicely and is just a nice ride in general. It was definitely my personal favorite!


We stopped at a railroad crossing at one point during the journey, and while we were parked and waiting for the train, the people in the car in front of us did a less-dangerous variation of “Ghostriding the whip”, where the driver and passenger got out of the car, ran around it in a circle, and got back in. It would’ve made a perfect Vine video if we’d been fast enough to catch it. ;)

The long and winding road

I had more opportunity to use some of the features in the Sonata on the way home, so I did flip through stations on the Sirius XM/FM/AM stereo and managed to find one that had an interview with Adam Levine, because of course I did. With pop tunes going, I cruised through the winding country roads and had so much fun with Tonya. Our adventure was a true bonding experience! At one point, we were deep into a girly conversation about hair products when Tonya said, “Oh no, I forgot to tell you to turn!” We had gotten just a little bit distracted. ;) Fortunately, the highway we were on had many easy turnoff areas where you could make a U-turn and get on the other side, so I simply pulled into one of these. As I prepared to make my turn, I wanted to make sure I pulled out at an appropriate speed to keep up with traffic. In the Sonata base model, I noticed that it did take a little bit of a push to get up to speed, so I pushed the gas pedal down accordingly; however, the Sport 2.0T has no hesitation getting up to speed, so I completely peeled out and flew into my turn, tires screeching and literally burning rubber and leaving black marks on the highway behind me. We both started cracking up! Tonya, my condolences on being trapped in a car with me for that long! ;)

Beeb and Tonya

We made it back to our hotel and snapped one last pic in the car. What a grand adventure we had together! I’ll never forget my experience on this road trip, from driving out of the assembly plant to winding through country roads next to buzzards. Both the 2015 Sonata base and Sport models made it easy to drive and find my way in a new place. The handling is good – it’s the type of midsize car I feel most comfortable in, but with the leg room and spacious interior of a larger vehicle. Living in Seaside, Jai and I make a lot of short road trips similar in length to my Alabama drive – this week alone, Jai has made three round-trip drives to Portland and one to Seattle – so the route we took was actually pretty similar to much of the driving I do at home. I could definitely see us driving a vehicle like the 2015 Sonata in our day-to-day life!

What’s the most memorable road trip you’ve ever taken?

Touring The Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama Plant

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama

Travel consideration courtesy Hyundai.

At the end of June, I flew to Montgomery, Alabama for the first time to visit the Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama plant. This is the first Hyundai assembly & manufacturing plant in the US, and is also hailed as one of the most advanced. I was eager to get behind the scenes and see how their cars are put together – from start to finish!

Golf carts

Our group loaded into golf carts, donning safety glasses and a headset with an audio tour.


Although HMMA is open to the public for reserved tours, photography is usually prohibited; but since we were members of the media, they allowed us to bring our cameras inside to capture a rare glimpse inside the plant!

Welcome Journalists

The tour starts at the stamping shop and winds through the welding and paint shops before stopping at general assembly, test track, and the engine shop.

Plant tour

Cars being made

Car being assembled

As we wound through the plant, we saw the employees working on each stage of the vehicle. We also saw some of the areas they have inside the plant for everyone who works at the plant, including a gym and cafeteria. The HMMA plant workers are rotated out of their post in the assembly line all through the day and switched to different tasks, which is done to prevent both repetitive stress injuries as well as boredom.

Assembly line

The employees work side-by-side with robotic machinery, which was really something to behold. We all know that the technology which goes into modern manufacturing is very complex, but you don’t often see it with your own eyes. Watching the robots at work was one of my favorite parts of the tour – check out this video I took during the tour. It looked like a scene out of The Matrix to me:

These little transport robots drive around the plant carrying parts:

As we finished our tour, we came to an assembly line filled with brand new 2015 Hyundai Sonatas. From here, we got into one of the cars and drove it fresh off the plant with nothing but a map guiding us to a mysterious location for lunch.

Brand new Sonatas

The assembly line literally started moving under my feet right after this photo was taken, so we quickly hopped into the car before it rolled away! ;) I drove the first leg of our journey, and I can’t think of a bigger adventure than stepping into a freshly-made car anddriving it off the assembly line into the countryside in a state I’ve never visited before!

2015 Hyundai Sonata

I have so many fun stories to share from our big road trip adventure, so stay tuned tomorrow for part two of my Alabama adventures with Hyundai!

Share Your Travel Disasters For a Chance to Win $10,000! #VacayGoneCrayCray

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Traveling is always an adventure, which means that every traveler has at least one nightmare vacation story. I’ve got a number of anecdotes from my trips, a few of which I share in the video above. Hint: It involves ants and a cheap hotel in Tacoma. If you get a kick out of hearing funny travel stories as much as I do, then you are going to love the Vacay Gone Cray Cray contest!

Vacay Gone Cray Cray is a new contest from Choice Hotels that calls on weary travelers to submit their worst tale of woe on the road. The most hilarious will be re-enacted by YouTube stars Rhett & Link on their “Good Mythical Morning Show” – I love watching actors re-interpret funny stories, so I think this is going to be hysterical! These highlights will be posted starting July 17th, with the contest closing for submissions on August 27th. To enter, just visit to submit your story. The winner will be announced on September 4th and take home a cool $10,000 so they can have a vacation do-over!

And even if you don’t win big, you can still make up for a lousy vacation without having to break the bank thanks to Choice Hotels. I’m so excited to be partnering with them this summer and will be staying at one of their hotels later this month during a super fun trip that I am planning. 2014 marks Choice Hotels’ 75th anniversary, with over 6,300 hotels in their franchise in 36 countries and counting. And thanks to the verified reviews on their website, I can feel confident that the hotel I will stay in will be quality – and not full of surprises like that other hotel I found in Washington!

What’s the worst disaster you’ve experienced while traveling? Tell me in the comments below, and be sure to submit it to Vacay Gone Cray Cray for your chance to win!

Summer Travel & Fitness Apps for Windows Phone #WindowsChampions #VZWBuzz


Whether you’re hitting the pavement or taking to the air this summer, here are a few apps to make this summer the best yet.

1. Get Active

clip_image002Start this summer off on the right foot – literally. Stay on track of your healthy lifestyle with the Bing Health & Fitness app on Windows and Windows Phone. This app features great fitness and nutrition content, along with trackers, tools and other features to get the most out of your day – and your workout. By logging into your Microsoft account, the app syncs across all your devices so your content and info will always be there. If you’re traveling or on-the-go this summer, download Bodeefit on Windows and Windows Phone for high intensity workouts, or try on Windows and Windows Phone, which lets you keep up with yoga workouts at your own pace anytime, anywhere.

2. Get Planning

Have a bad case of wanderlust? What are you waiting for? The Bing Travel app, available on Windows and Windows Phone, helps you explore the world and plan a perfect trip. Get inspired by the 360-degree panoramas, slideshows, photos and videos of scenic spots around the globe. Once you decide on a destination and book your flight, keep track of your travel info until you’re sitting on the plane, no matter who you’re flying with – Alaska Airlines on Windows and Windows Phone, American Airlines on Windows and Windows Phone or United, also on Windows and Windows Phone. Complete your trip by booking an affordable, discounted room from Priceline Hotels on Windows and Windows Phone and cruise stress-free to your destination.

3. Get Going

clip_image004Once your feet are on the ground, you’ll need to get your bearings. Bing Translator, available on Windows and Windows Phone, is your companion when you need to overcome a language barrier. Want to make sure you hit all the best shops and restaurants? HERE City Lens, on Windows Phone, gives you an entirely new way to reveal what’s around you. Just hold up your phone like you’re taking a picture, and HERE City Lens overlays all the best points of interest right on your display – just tap the icon for more information

Three Portugal Beach Destinations That You Shouldn’t Miss

Tourists looking to avoid the conventional trips to Spain should look to the west and towards Portugal, a charming little country with a fantastic Atlantic coastline. Package holidays to Portugal that are organized by tried and tested tour operators are favorable summer options for those who want to unwind and relax in a place that is known for its beautiful sunshine and pristine beaches.

The Algarve
The Algarve is situated in the southern reaches of Portugal and consists of a large region of the country. It’s a popular hotspot for tourists and features a number of sun-stained cities and towns such as Faro (the capital), Praia da Luz and Lagos. It’s a relatively inexpensive area as well, populated with clean beaches and beautiful waters, making it an ideal holiday experience for all the family. As well as beach-fun, Lagos offers an inner look at the old remnants of the country’s rich history and is a charming, quaint town, adding a little extra incentive to visit.

Madeira & Porto Santo
Madeira is part of Portugal but sits in the Atlantic Ocean and is classified as an archipelago. The ‘Pearl of the Atlantic’ is a fascinating visit, full of rich, tropical wildlife and unmatched in terms of climate (in Europe, anyway). Its vast, mountainous terrain makes it perfect for hiking and those that decide to rent a car won’t be disappointed either. Porto Santo is an island in the north part of Madeira and features over nine-kilometers of beaches with tourism at the heart of the island’s income. The beaches here are the best in the entire archipelago and are said to have extreme healing properties as well.

Porto is a renowned city in Portugal and sits on the coast so those interested in visiting beach-bars and restaurants with exquisite views should head here on their holidays. Visitors should take a cruise up the river and a stroll through the beautiful, cultural city as well as ordering an exotic drink in one of the many laid-back beach-bars.

Portugal gives it all when it comes to tourism and with much of the country surrounded by coast, it’s a very attractive and enticing offer. Visitors should be sure to consider the islands off the coast, such as Madeira, as they offer a little extra alongside the city-breaks, emphasized by the likes of Porto and the capital city, Lisbon.

Dick’s Last Resort Gatlinburg Tennessee

Gatlinburg Tennessee is a great place to take your family and have a great time. There are so many different places to eat, drink, and be merry. Even Dick’s Last Resort can be a lot of fun if you’re willing to be insulted.


At Dick’s it’s all about having a good time, even for the waiters. They make jokes, insult you and tell you to go get your food yourself. Of course they are kidding and it’s all in good fun plus they have some really great southern bites to choose from.

Officially because everything is so official at Dick’s Dick is the ornery, politically incorrect curmudgeon who inspires his waiters to be outrageous, and surly. They dish out good grub, cold booze and heaping helpings of sarcasm. This is the place you actually get to spit straws at each other and get away with it. It’s a child’s dream location, even the grown up kind of child.

  • Eat, Drink And Be Wary!
  • Smart-Alec Funny Staff
  • Live Rock N’ Roll
  • Controlled Chaos!
  • All In Fun And Fun For All…Who Dare To Enter!
  • Located In Ole Smoky Moonshine Holler



I went here with my friends, my traveling buddies and had fried gator with japs.


Fried pickles with amazing dip


A moonshine drink called a trash can, and yes I was sort of trashed.


And I finished my meal with some salmon because I was trying to have something healthy with all that fried food. Then when it came to dessert I told the waiter to just bring one of each. And somehow I didn’t get a picture of any of them I just ate it all.

At Dick’s you really have to be prepared for the insults and be prepared to dish them right back at your server. They more you do the more fun you’ll have. It’s not a place for the uptight that can’t take a joke. It’s meant to be fun. And they do tone it down at your table if you have kids.

Exclusive Travel Coupon: Save in Gatlinburg Westgate River Terrace & Ripley’s Aquarium

As part of the trip I took to Gatlinburg a few months ago with Westgate Resorts I have a huge savings to share with you guys at the Westgate River Terrace. This is an exclusive special blogger savings on a Gatlinburg Getaway. The package includes:


  • Luxury stay at Westgate River Terrace

The 205-room River Terrace Resort & Convention Center is conveniently located in downtown Gatlinburg. The River Terrace lies next door to Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies and features majestic views of the Smokies and easy access to Gatlinburg’s wide variety of family attractions, specialty shops and fine dining.

  • Gatlin-Burger Grill
  • Duck Blind Lounge
  • Two heated outdoor pools
  • Trolley to Wild Bear Falls Water Park
  • Located minutes from the downtown Gatlinburg & Pigeon Forge
  • 4 Days and 3 Nights in Gatlinburg
  • 2 tickets to Ripley’s Aquarium
  • As low as $119
  • Additional Nights and Attraction Tickets Available



This special offer also includes two tickets to Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies! A favorite attraction in the Gatlinburg area, Ripley’s Aquarium features 10,000 sea creatures representing more than 350 individual species. Explore a tropical rain forest, the gallery of the seas, shark lagoon, penguin playhouse, a coral reef, sting ray bay and much more.



I spent a few hours in the aquarium and liked it a lot better than I thought I would. There are so many different kinds of sea creatures that I’ve never seen before. I found huge crabs that made me think twice about ever eating crab again. I saw amazing fish and different species of sea horses, I never even knew existed. One of them looked like a dragon, so maybe dragons were real once upon a time.


In an attempt to ward off predators, schooling fish swim in groups or schools (pictured above), as a way to look bigger than just one fish. In the wild, schools of fish may contain billions of fish and stretch for many miles. The disadvantage of the schooling behavior is that the fish are easily caught in nets.

About 30,000 species of living fishes exist.

They represent 50% of all vertebrate species, outnumbering all mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians combined!

I also saw the WEEDY SCORPIONFISH This fish is a master of camouflage and its frilly appendages help it to blend in with its surroundings. Their dorsal spines are venomous and can be painful if stepped on. It’s a lot of fun and a great package offered here. It’s a great way to have a good vacation with your family because there is more than enough to do in Gatlinburg.


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