Eating Like Elvis: Dining at The Arcade Restaurant in Memphis

Arcade Restaurant

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While I was in Memphis, Tennessee touring St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, I had a chance to eat at the oldest restaurant in town: The Arcade Restaurant. The establishment, which is just a short walk from The Lorraine Motel, has been around since 1919 and now has a historical marker in front of it. Elvis was apparently a regular, and you can even order his favorite Fried Peanut Butter ‘N Banana sandwich:

Fried Peanut Butter 'N Banana Sandwich

I seriously considered ordering this so that I could say that I ate what Elvis got, but we were there for breakfast and for some reason, eating peanut butter first thing in the morning just makes me feel gross – I guess that’s a culinary quirk of mine! Fortunately, one of my pals ordered this and let me take a photo of hers! You know you’re dining with bloggers when several people are standing around taking photos of a sandwich. ;)

Eggs Redneck

I ended up ordered the “Eggs Redneck”, because I love biscuits and gravy. It did not disappoint!


Another friend shared her Beignets and they, too, were delicious! If you’re going to Memphis, you won’t want to miss eating here.

Montgomery, Alabama: Historic Landmarks & Filming of “Selma”

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and I’m reflecting on another trip I took last year. A month after I visited The National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee, I traveled to Montgomery, Alabama for an event with Hyundai. Because of the timing with my flight arrival, I was lucky enough to have almost an entire day to myself before my work event began. My hotel was within walking distance of so many important historical sites and museums, so I took full advantage of my opportunity to see all that I could.

My hotel happened to be right across the street from the Montgomery Visitor Center, so I popped over there first to catch the trolley. There, they mentioned to me that some roads were closed that day because Oprah was in town filming the movie Selma, which is now finished and hit theaters earlier this month:

Sure enough, when I got to the Alabama State Capitol, the road was closed to traffic and looked a little like a ghost town. I later heard rumors that Oprah and Niecy Nash were staying the same hotel I was at, but no, I didn’t run into either of them while I was there. ;)

Alabama State Capitol

These steps are where the third Selma to Montgomery March ended.

I got some snapshots of the Capitol building and began walking down the street – the Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church is located right down from the Capitol.

Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church

I was promptly caught in a downpour of rain, so I stood under the eaves of a building across the street for a minute until it passed.

Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church closeup

Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church Sign

Dr. King was the pastor of this church and organized the Montgomery Bus Boycott from his office in the basement.

Rosa Parks landmark

I had intended to visit the Rosa Parks Library & Museum, but it was also closed in connection with the movie filming. However, there is a landmark sign right in front of the museum, denoting the bus stop where Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat, and it’s pretty incredible to think about standing on the same spot. History comes alive in a special way when you get the opportunity to explore landmarks in person, so I was very fortunate to have this opportunity to visit Montgomery!

Remembering Dr. King: A Visit to The National Civil Rights Museum at The Lorraine Motel

National Civil Rights Museum

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In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I wanted to share my experience visiting The National Civil Rights Museum at The Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee last year. I was in Memphis to tour St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and as part of our experience, we were brought to this museum.

St. Jude played its own role in the civil rights movement. Founder Danny Thomas was motivated to create the hospital after hearing of a senseless tragedy: A young boy was hit by a car in Mississippi, and when the driver picked up the boy in order to get him help, he took him to three different hospitals and was turned away from each one because the boy was African American. By the time he arrived at a hospital that would treat him, the boy had already died. Danny Thomas was so heartbroken to hear this story that he vowed to create a hospital where no child would ever be refused for their race, religion, or ability to pay. When St. Jude was opened in 1962, it was groundbreaking in many ways: By admitting patients of all races, they became the first integrated hospital in the region, and were also an inspiration for integration in many Memphis hotels, as anyone working with St. Jude to provide patient housing were not allowed to discriminate. Noted African American architect Paul Revere Williams donated his services in designing the original St. Jude hospital building.

By touring the National Civil Rights Museum, we were able to further explore this history. The museum is housed in The Lorraine Motel, where Dr. King was assassinated on April 4th, 1968. The museum begins by exploring the start of slavery in the US and winds through time, taking us through Jim Crow law and onwards to the modern-day civil rights movement.

Standing up by Sitting Down

Standing up by Sitting Down

I Am a Man

I Am a Man

The museum is hands-on and full of interactive exhibits, such as a replica of the bus where Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat. As you sit on the bus looking at her statue, an angry recorded voice shouts, “Move to the back”.

Rosa Parks Statue

I really appreciated how the museum pulled no punches, nor attempted to “Gloss over” the atrocities of racism. As you wind through the museum and watch Dr. King’s historic final speech, you feel a sense of dread knowing what comes next.

Room 306

There are many differing opinions on whether or not the site of Dr. King’s assassination should be up for public consumption in this way, and it is certainly understandable. As I did my own research for this piece and read more of the origin of how the Lorraine Motel became a museum, I have even more to think about.

One thing I can say is that I, personally, feel it is important that we do not forget the horrific parts of history. I feel there is a tendency for many to think back to all of the inspiring moments of the civil rights movement, while skimming over the fact that Dr. King was brutally murdered for his work and the fact that racism is still a huge problem in the world. As we reflect on the past, we can’t forget what was given up by those who stood their ground for what was right.

The Lorraine Motel

Volunteering at Dogtown


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In October, I had the opportunity to visit Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. Best Friends is the largest no-kill shelter in the country, and from its breathtaking location to its values and approach, it quickly becomes clear that this is a special place. Many people plan trips to the area so that they can volunteer with the animals:

I experienced a slice of “Voluntourism” during my trip to the Sanctuary, where I was assigned to the Dogtown portion of this huge facility.

Puppy Preschool

More puppies!

First up, I was given a tour of Puppy Preschool, where volunteers work with the youngest residents to socialize and train them. They work on building good habits and also acclimating puppies to common household objects, such as vacuums, that might give them a scare otherwise. Puppy Preschool is a good example of Best Friends’ overall approach working to “Save Them All”, by working to ensure that their puppies will have good behaviors instilled at a young age, making it less likely that their owners will run into problems and become overwhelmed later.

Puppies in preschool

To experience Preschool in action, my group was asked to sit on the floor at puppy level, at which point they released a group of curious puppies into the room to meet us. We played with and hugged the puppies, and watched a demonstration of some of the common household items that can unnerve dogs and how they can be carefully introduced to these things early on to prevent future behavior issues.

Curious pups

Skateboarding puppy

For the volunteer portion of my day, I was assigned to “Old Friends”, the area of Dogtown that houses older pooches. One of my jobs was cleaning down the dog doors inside their enclosures – a dog run that leads to a fenced in outdoor area with ample room for the dogs to run around and be dogs.

Dog run

I also had a chance to take one of the dogs, Captain, for a walk. Kanab is one of the most beautiful places I have visited in America, so every opportunity to take in the natural beauty was a special one for me; I can see why this is such a popular travel destination for those who want to take a vacation and give back at the same time.

Walking Captain

Some of the most well-known cases that Dogtown has taken in are the Vicktory Dogs, from the infamous Michael Vick dog fighting case. This was a landmark case for Best Friends, who lobbied for the dogs to be turned over to their Sanctuary. These dogs were at risk of euthanization due to public safety concerns; as I talked to one of the founders of Best Friends about this case, he told me, Everyone was outraged that these dogs had been forced into this inhumane activity – so the solution is to euthanize them? They were essentially being victimized twice. Due to their efforts, the dogs were spared, and 22 were sent to Best Friends. Some were court-ordered to stay at Best Friends for life, where they can live out the rest of their days enjoying the wonderful facilities provided to them; but many others were so rehabilitated to the point where they were able to pass a Canine Good Citizen test and, with the court’s permission, be adopted out to loving homes. It’s a pretty incredible story, and I got to meet one of these rehabilitated Vicktory dogs while I was there:

Vicktory dog

If you are planning to adopt a dog, this may be “The most wonderful time of the year” to do it. Through December 31st, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is offering an adoption fee of just $25 for dogs and cats. If you don’t live near Utah, you should know that some animals actually qualify for a free flight to anywhere in the US and Canada – it’s all part of Best Friends’ goal to get animals into permanent, loving, capable homes. Learn more about this offer by visiting, and don’t miss the “Happy Holi-dogs” video!

Belize Bucket List: 10 Things to do in this Beautiful Country #Travel

The Central American country of Belize has become a prominent travel destination in recent years, and for good reason. Besides the fact that it’s fun to say “Belize,” this country boasts some magnetic culture, breathtaking scenery and many activities for the true tourist to the club-hopper and social butterfly to the outdoor enthusiast and the historical adventurer. No matter what your taste, this hidden gem is not so hidden but it has what you need to sate your appetite.GaiaRiver

If hitting Belize is your idea of an exotic vacation, here are 10 places and activities to consider while you are there – because we’d hate to see anyone have any regrets of something they missed! Consider yourself informed.

1. Blue Hole. This is a world-renown diving and snorkeling site located in Lighthouse Reef and is about 1,000 feet long and more than 400 feet deep. This area got its 15 minutes of fame more than 40 years ago when Jacques Cousteau brought it to TV viewers on his popular marine exploration show. Some Belize resorts are actually located near the coral reef barrier, you might want to pick these!

2. Xunantunich. A very popular Mayan ruin which was known as a major ceremonial site for the Maya people. El Castillo Pyramid is located here, which is among the country’s tallest buildings at about 130 feet.

3. Altun Ha Ruins. This Mayan “city” located less than an hour from Belize’s international airport is one of the most popular due to its proximity. This city at one point housed 10,000 people and had as many as 500 different structures. The largest jade object found in Mayan ruins was located in a tomb here.

4. Belize Zoo. Started as a home for animals used in documentaries, it grew into an educational site when many natives knew little about the animals in their country (which makes sense, since most of the 125 native animals at the zoo are nocturnal creatures). This site is about half an hour from Belize City and near Xunantunich, so you could make a full day of two activities on this list.

5. Caracol Ruins. The largest Maya ruin, this one houses the largest building in the country, the pyramid known as Ca’ana, which rises 140 feet into the air and allows for stunning views above the jungle surrounding the site. And yes, you can climb to the top of Ca’ana.

6. Caves Branch River. You can either take a short tubing trip or ride a raft or kayak through a river that spends a good amount of its path underground! It begins in a cave and flows through several limestone hills amidst a dense forest for about 25 miles. A great all-day tour!

7. Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary. This is something for bird enthusiasts to enjoy, and also those who wish to see species that have been globally endangered, such as the Mexican black howler monkey, American river turtle and Morelet’s crocodile, among others.

8. Dangriga-Hopkins. If you have interest in really seeing Belizean life and culture, head to this urban landscape and small village. This is known as the world’s largest settlement for the Garifuna – a people of West African and Caribbean Indian heritage.

9. Glover’s Reef Atoll. A very remote group of islands 70 miles away from the coastal Belize City, this is one of the world’s best diving and snorkeling areas because of the reefs, pristine water and great preserve of more than 100 species of marine life. It’s so remote, charter boats only make trips twice a week, so expect to spend a couple nights on one of the islands.

10. Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Cave. Located in the Roaring Creek Valley, this 3-mile-long cave has a stream that runs through it continually and it features a large chamber that contains intact human remains – including those of what is called the Crystal Maiden, an intact skeleton of a young woman who was sacrificed.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, but no matter when you go, you should always make a point to put these 10 activities or place

It’s Family Time: Top 10 Family Vacation spots in the Caribbean #Travel


Crystal clear seas, white sandy beaches, great weather and luxurious resorts make the Caribbean truly special. Beach parties for the mom and dad, diving lessons for teenagers and building sandcastles with white sands for the toddler, the Caribbean has something for everyone in the family.
Here is our pick of top ten spots in the Caribbean for you to plan your next family vacation.


Cayman Islands: Cayman Islands has beautiful barrier reefs for nature lovers as well as all-inclusive resorts for the family that prefers to have a pre-planned vacation. Your kids will have a wonderful time at the Stingray City where they could feed Stingrays and interact with them. In the Caymans, you could go for hiking in the Mastic Trail and get up close with some of the rarest plant species in the planet.
British Virgin Islands: The British Virgin Islands is the place to be for the family that wants to stay away from the crowd and be pampered. Sailing in the clear waters and climbing the granite boulders of ‘The Baths’ are must do activities if you choose to be in the British Virgin Islands.
Belize: Not as touristy as many other Central American countries, it’s the place to be if you are looking for a nature adventure, especially if you stay in the best resorts in Belize. With its lush forests, meandering rivers and lofty mountains is a nature lover’s dream come true. It also has one of the world’s largest coral reef.
Bermuda: Bermuda is for the family that prefers to chill out and relax in the lap of luxury and nature. You could unwind with a massage and a facial at the any of the Spas here, while your kids explore the pink sands at the Horseshoe Bay Beach.

St. Kitts & Nevis: The twin-islands of St.Kitts & Nevis are quite different from each other. St.Kitts is known for its festivals and parties, the most popular ones being the St.Kitts Carnival around Christmas and the St.Kitts Music Festival every June. Nevis is smaller and quieter, with beautiful white beaches, dormant volcanoes and hot springs – the ideal place to be if you are looking for a quiet family-time together in the midst of nature.

Barbados: When in Barbados, you can dance to Calypso music, play beach cricket, watch a horse race or just enjoy your afternoon teas by the beach. This island is home to the much celebrated Mount Gay Rum; don’t forget to take a tour of the distillery and taste the island nation’s gem of a concoction.

Bahamas: Luxurious resorts and duty-free shops for those who enjoy the good life; wildlife reserves, scuba diving and fishing trips for the ones who love being outdoor, there is no dull moment if you are in the Bahamas.

U.S. Virgin Islands: While in the U.S. Virgin Islands, you can shop to your heart’s content at St. Thomas Island’s duty free shops, visit museums and historical places at St. Croix, or just walk down the pristine beaches and parklands in St.John’s. You will surely enjoy catching a glimpse of iguanas and other big lizards lazing in the sun, and watching moko jumbies (stilt walkers) dance to Caribbean music.
Trinidad and Tobago: Whether you take the night-time bioluminescence tour on a kayak or go around town tasting the wide variety of tasty street food, you will have the time of your life in the Trinidad and Tobago islands. Trinidad and Tobago is busiest during late February when it cranks it up and becomes all festive to host the Carnival, the Caribbean’s biggest party.

Jamaica: Listen to some reggae beats, tease your taste buds with the island’s own spicy jerk seasoning or just sit by the beach watching the waves crash on the creamy sands, and forget about the world when you are in Jamaica. Jamaica’s southern coast is less touristy, less expensive and great for a quiet family vacation on a budget.

Whether you are on a budget vacation to enjoy the nature or looking to get pampered in a luxurious resort, the Caribbean is the perfect place to take your family. T

The Heart of a Volunteer #DawnDayInTheWildlife

Travel sponsorship provided by Dawn. All photos taken by Susan Goldman of Susan Goldman Photography.

The holidays are a time of giving, so I’ve been reflecting on my experience visiting The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, California. One of the things that impressed me most about TMMC is the number of manhours their dedicated volunteers put in year after year, all out of love for the animals. During my time at the center, I spent some time shadowing a volunteer in order to better understand they work they do. The volunteer I was assigned to, Ben Calvert, works in the stranding department rescuing animals from the beach. His other duties include animal care, exams, medical procedures, and answering the rescue hotline; Ben’s day job is working as a Veterinary Assistant, so the fact that he is willing to clock out of a job tending to animals and go straight into volunteering that same skill set speaks volumes about the dedication these workers have to what they do.

Ben discussed his volunteer experience with me in our interview – watch it below:

In the video, you’ll also notice some other fun footage from our day at TMMC, where we had an opportunity to get our hands dirty and pitch in with some of the daily volunteer chores:

Sorting fish

Sorting fish

Scrubbing down a rescue vehicle

Scrubbing down a rescue vehicle

And to wrap up our trip, we saw first hand why these volunteers work so hard: To watch these rehabilitated animals return to the wild. I had the incredible privilege of assisting with and observing the release of 3 sea lions:

Lifting a crate containing a rescued sea lion

Lifting a crate containing a rescued sea lion

Moving the crate

Moving the crate

Volunteers set down the crates

Volunteers set down the crates

Releasing the sea lions

Releasing the sea lions

Sea lions return to the wild

Sea lions return to the wild

Watching the sea lion release

Watching the sea lion release

Sea lion

Sea lion

Without a doubt, this trip was one of the highlights of 2014 for me. I encourage you to learn more about this incredible organization and how you can help at!

Group photo

Travel To InterContinental Planet Trekkers Hotels & Resorts North & South America

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) has launched a new signature InterContinental Planet Trekkers Children’s Menu across its InterContinental Hotels & Resorts properties. The brand’s North and South American hotels are dishing up exciting and nutritionally balanced meals that promise to take young explorers through an exciting journey of food discovery.


Designed exclusively for young InterContinental hotel guests by award winning chef Theo Randall, and child food expert and best-selling international author, Annabel Karmel MBE, the new menu was developed from start to finish with nutrition and a theme of food exploration at its core. It features delicious dishes with a myriad of flavors, textures, smells and tastes that will take children on an educational and culinary voyage around the Americas while ensuring an enjoyable and nutritionally balanced meal.

Theo is renowned for creating simple, authentic dishes using the best and freshest ingredients. Annabel has written over 37 books on children’s nutrition and cooking for children, and is internationally recognized as a leading authority on helping children to eat properly. Together they conducted a taste and learn tasting session with young guests to explore a variety of ingredients that appeal to young palates in the Americas.

Jean-Pierre Etcheberrigaray, Vice President of F&B, InterContinental Hotels Group Americas said: “Dining while on vacation is as much a part of the overall adventure as sightseeing. For this menu, we’ve experimented with a variety of flavors, ingredients and combinations to develop a range of dishes that would be familiar to a child’s palate yet create excitement around their dining experience at InterContinental Hotels & Resorts around the Americas. The dishes we’ve created for this menu will leave as much of an impression on the children as the destinations they are visiting.”

With 180 hotels in more than 60 countries, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts is dedicated to providing diverse, enriching experiences to help worldly travellers feel they are part of a global club. The brand’s new Planet Trekkers Children’s menu will enable guests’ children to join this club through allowing them to explore child-friendly culinary fare from around the world.

Simon Scoot, Vice President Global Brands, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts said: “As part of InterContinental Hotels & Resorts’ promise of delivering exceptional experiences for our guests, we are the first hotel company in the world to develop a signature children’s menu in collaboration with two culinary experts.With more than half a million children visiting our InterContinental Hotels & Resorts each year, we want to ensure that we are giving them the opportunity to enjoy ‘Food Exploration,’ which was our guiding principle when creating the new menu.”

The InterContinental Planet Trekkers Children’s Menu is currently available at more than 25 properties across the Americas, and by Q1 2015, most InterContinental hotels in North America and South America will have the menu.

For more information on InterContinental Hotels & Resorts and to explore exciting dining options at the various hotels around the world, visit To find out more about the InterContinental brand’s Planet Trekkers Program, visit:

To explore IHG® Rewards Club, the world’s largest hotel loyalty program, visit and for more information on IHG, visit

Get Some Vitamin ID: Idaho Ski Passes Giveaway @VisitIdaho

This prize is provided by Idaho Tourism we are receiving passes as well.

I suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder – a syndrome which shows as a depressed mood in winter and various other easily identifiable….) Yep that’s me and the grey skies are a downer for me. I would even say nothing is worse when the winter-time blues set in and you need some sun. Idaho is known for sunny blue skies and fresh white powder during the winter time. This makes the sunny days even brighter because of the reflections off the snow. In Idaho, they like to call this, Vitamin ID. I love skiing, I love sunshine, I love brightness, I’ve gone skiing once but it was so much fun. I can’t wait to take the kids even though I know they are going to be be afraid. They will at least love the snow. Idaho really is a great state! 


We are working the Idaho Tourism who is hosting giveaways for families in the Pacific Northwest. Each week through February 27th, families can win ski passes and hotel accommodations to various ski resorts throughout Idaho including Sun Valley, Coeur d’Alene, and McCall. Take a look at the website to see some of the great giveaways this year!


We have a set of Ski Passes to giveaway. 

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Relax in Style at Hotel Murano in #Tacoma

Hotel Murano in Tacoma

Travel consideration provided.

The whole catalyst for our Tacoma trip was our experience in 2004 stopping at a hotel in the area that was less than enjoyable. A lot has changed in the 10 years that have passed: Not only does that specific hotel appear to be out of business (I wonder why), but the entire city of Tacoma has undergone a renaissance with what it has to offer. And as I have learned, there were a lot of things in Tacoma that I had overlooked all these years because I never gave the city a second glance while driving through. I never realized that Tacoma was also home to things like great zoos and museums – and, as I happily discovered, it is also home to great hotels! After checking in to our room at Hotel Murano, I wish I had a time machine à la Bill and Ted, so I could go back in time and tell myself where I should have stayed ten years ago!

View from our room

When we walked in our room, we were greeted by a large window with a view of downtown Tacoma, with landmarks like the Tacoma Dome and Museum of Glass peeking out in front of a stunning backdrop of Mount Rainier. I never thought I would describe the Tacoma cityscape as “Beautiful”, but it is! I was proven wrong several times on this trip. One of our favorite parts of staying at this hotel was being greeted with this at sunset and sunrise:

Moon Over Mount Rainier

Sunrise in Tacoma

Hotel Murano is a very stylish place, from its chic bar where we enjoyed drinks to the comfortable room in which we stayed. The look was modern and luxurious, and we had everything we needed to rest and enjoy our evening in Tacoma.

Hotel Murano bathroom

TerraPure toiletries

Entertainment center in the room

Very stylish hotel room

Staying at Hotel Murano was the perfect way to finish our little daytrip to Tacoma. Now that we know about the great places to stay and things to do in Tacoma, we will certainly return to explore further!

Hotel Murano

1320 Broadway Plaza
Tacoma WA 98402
Phone: (253) 238-8000
Rooms start at $169 per night – for booking information, visit and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.