The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm by LeVar Burton

Earlier this year on one of my blogging adventures I met LeVar Burton. He gave the moms at the Social Media Moms conference in Disneyland a speech about the importance of reading and helping your kids develop a love of reading. I had no idea how many kids are out there that are not learning how to read. He has written a book for children to help them learn to express their emotions. The book is called, The Rhino who Swallowed a Storm.


When little Mica Mouse is scared by thunder booming outside her cozy home, Papa Mouse reaches for just the right story to comfort her. Hugging her close, he begins to read The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm. In this poetic book-within-a-book, a happy little rhinoceros is overwhelmed by a storm that sweeps away everything he loves. Swallowing the storm just makes him feel worse, so Rhino sets off on a whimsical journey toward healing. Along the way, he meets many friends, including a kind spider, a brave kangaroo, a wise tortoise, and an uplifting whale. With their help, Rhino lets go of the storm inside and learns to see the light in a world turned gray. Mica Mouse is soothed by the story and Papa’s gentle reminder that even though bad things sometimes happen, the world is full of people who care.


In his first children’s book, longtime Reading Rainbow host LeVar Burton gives us an engaging resource to help children express their feelings and navigate through difficult experiences. The “Take a Deeper Look” page at the end of the book even provides discussion questions to facilitate a healing dialogue.

About the Author:

Actor, director, and educator LeVar Burton has been an icon for more than 35 years. 1977’s TV miniseries Roots propelled the 19-year-old Burton onto the world stage with his unforgettable performance as Kunta Kinte. As Star Trek: The Next Generation’s blind chief engineer Geordi LaForge, Burton reminded audiences that it’s not our disabilities but our contribution to society that defines us. However, it’s his 31st year as host, producer, and now co-owner of Reading Rainbow where Burton has had his greatest impact, delivering the message of the importance of literacy and reading to generations of children. Coauthor Susan Schaefer Bernardo is a published poet and the author of Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs. Courtenay Fletcher is a designer and the illustrator of Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs.

Family Game Night: Blue Orange’s, Niya: Two Thumbs Up

By Summer

We’re a gaming family; you might remember my post on Blue Orange’s Battle Sheep. We keep a deck of cards in our car; well, really the kids keep a deck of cards in the car, so we can breakout in random-acts-of-gaming anytime. I do have to admit though, I wish there were more, smaller-sized games, more than just cards. Sure there’s Uno or Phase 10 or Blue Oranges’s Spot it or Blue Orange’s Tell Tale, in addition to a normal deck of cards from which a catalog of games can be played — Old Maid, Go Fish, Rummy, Hearts, and our current kid fav, War. I want a small portable game with a quick end. If we’re out to eat we can break this out between being seated and ordering, or before the meal comes. Or even at home on those family game nights when time has escaped us between dinner and bedtime. Now Blue Orange has come out with a new game that’s fun, quick, easy, fun, esthetically beautiful, creatively deigned, and fun. It’s a mix of tic-tac-toe, Connect 4, and Hwa-tu called Niya.


This is a simple 2 player game and on the tin box they claim it only takes about 10 minutes per game, and they’re right depending upon factors like teaching children strategies or player thinking time. Blue Orange says Niya is appropriate for 8+ years, but our young 5 year old has played it with us and won; so depending on skill level, I think your child can be younger than their recommended playing age of 8 years old to play and enjoy Niya.


The concept is simple, the first to get 4 in a row or a 2×2 square wins. You can also win by forcing the other playing into a turn with no options. You can have a cat’s game, and my family thought it would happen more often than it has happened. In fact, we’ve been playing regularly with each other and friends, and we’ve only had ONE cat’s game. It’s no wonder Niya has won prestigious awards such as the Parents’ Choice Gold Award, Mom’s Choice Awards Gold, Tillywig – Brain Child, and the Major Fun Award. It’s a brilliantly fun family pleaser.

Here’s Brandon from Blue Orange to give you a 2 minute brief on playing Niya:


AND since it’s small, like I mentioned, that is a great game for Christmas stocking stuffers, and the price is right at under $15 on Amazon. You should also check with your local gaming store who is sure to have it in stock, or with your local chain store that are now stocking up for the Christmas season.


Blue Orange has MANY other creative games If you want to stay in touch with Blue Orange and be the first in the know on that’s going on by checking back with us here at Mom Start. You can also follow Blue Orange on Facebook and Twitter, or check out their website.


Happy gaming!

10 Ghosts Goodies & Craft Ideas for Halloween


Ghosts are part of Halloween and they make great decorations. Here are 10 different recipes and craft ideas for you to do as a family some of them, no I mean all of them are really cute!

Ghost crafts


  1. Tootsie Pop Ghosts
  2. Halloween Deco Mesh Ghost
  3. Spooky Cheesecloth Ghost
  4. Tin Can Creatures: Ghost
  5. DIY Wooden Ghosts
  6. Ghost S’mores
  7. Ghosts in a cloche
  8. Ghost Catch Game
  9. A Ghostly Terrarium
  10. Glove Ghostie
  11. Sweet Yarn Ghost Family
  12. Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost Wreath

12 ghost crafts

Penguins of Madagascar New Movie Trailer


On behalf of 20th Century Fox and DreamWorks Animation we’re excited to share with you a NEW trailer for the highly anticipated action-comedy, THE PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR! Featuring the voices of Tom McGrath, Chris Miller, Christopher Knights, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ken Jeong, Annet Mahendru, Peter Stormare and John Malkovich, watch the hilarious new trailer NOW!




About Penguins of Madagascar

Super spy teams aren’t born…they’re hatched.  Discover the secrets of the greatest and most hilarious covert birds in the global espionage biz: Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private.  These elitists of the elite are joining forces with a chic undercover organization, The North Wind.  Led by handsome and husky Agent Classified (we could tell you his name, but then…you know), voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch.  Together, they must stop the villainous Dr. Octavius Brine, voiced by John Malkovich, from destroying the world as we know it.

Smartphone Tips for Parents #ATTSeattle

When it comes time to buy your child his or her first smartphone, there are several considerations and decisions to make.  Questions may include ‘will your kids use their smartphones responsibly?’  And, ‘What if they text during school or after bedtime?’  If you are planning to purchase a mobile device for your child, consider these Smartphone Tips for Parents from AT&T.Smart Limits

First, determine exactly how your child plans to use the new cell phone. Parents can alleviate confusion and potential disappointment by finding out this key information before buying a phone.  Second, parents may want to prioritize the features of a wireless device that will be most important to their child, so they can narrow down the choices and make a wise purchase decision.  Third, parents should consider three Basic guidelines for safety and security:smart_limits_for_wireless_626_110

1. Check privacy settings on social media, but emphasize there is no privacy. The more private, the less likely inappropriate material will be received by your child, or sent to their circle of acquaintances. Make sure your child understands that everything sent over the Internet or a cellphone is public and can be shared with the entire world, so it is important that they use good judgment.

2. Set rules for texting. One option is to allow texting at specific times – no texting at school, no texting until homework is done, and no texting after a certain time at night. And, of course, no texting and driving.

3. AT&T has Smart Limits which allows parents to block unwanted calls and texts from up to 30 numbers, set monthly limits on texts and mobile purchases and restrict texting, data usage and outbound calling during specified times of day.  Similar services exist from other wireless carriers.  Contact your provider for details.

Wireless carrier stores carry a wide variety of choices.  For example, AT&T stores stock nearly 70 wireless phones. There’s a device that’s just right for everyone; you just need to know what features will be most useful. Consider ranking the child’s mobile wish list using these criteria:

• Text messaging

• Send/receive e-mail

• Social media

• Take and share photos

• Games

• Listen to streaming music and mp3 files of music they already own

• Watching TV (U-tube or streaming video)

• Apps

• Browsing Web

• Video chat

Bring the list of priorities along when shopping for a wireless phone. Your carrier’s store salesperson can then offer several devices in a variety of price ranges that will meet those needs.  Some children may be mostly interested in talking on the phone and sending text messages. A quick messaging device could be an affordable solution for these functions.

If a child enjoys video games and streaming video, a smartphone with larger display screens may be a better choice. It’s also helpful to know how a child will use the phone when selecting the right voice and data plan. Streaming audio and video use more data than email and social media posts, so the mobile data plan you select should match how the phone will be used to avoid any surprises later.

After selecting a wireless phone, mobile protection insurance should also be on the shopping list. Anyone can drop a phone, no matter their age.  Another key decision a parent should make is whether to choose a wireless device that requires a contract or not. The latter may be a good option for a parent trying to teach a child financial responsibility—the parent may purchase the device and make the child pay the monthly cost of voice, data and texting.

20 Halloween Crafts for Kids & Adults

Halloween craftsHalloween Crafts for Kids


  1. Paper Plate Crow
  2. Sock Pumpkin Craft
  3. Easy Halloween Pumpkin Tutorial
  4. Little Craft: scare owl
  5. Halloween Counting Book
  6. Spooktacular Snack for Little Monsters
  7. Mason Jar ~ Jack-O-Lantern
  8. Easy Fall Pumpkin Craft for Toddlers and Preschoolers
  9. DIY Glitter Pumpkins & More
  10. DIY Halloween Treat Bags with Duck Tape

Halloween Crafts for Adults

  1. 3D Paper Pumpkin
  2. Tin Pumpkins DIY
  3. DIY Mini Pumpkin Candle Holders
  4. Stenciled CD/DVD Coasters
  5. DIY Halloween Mummy Light UPs – Quick & Easy
  6. Fall Ruffle Pillows
  7. Pumpkin Decorating Ideas Using Foam Pumpkins
  8. Make a Washi Tape Pumpkin
  9. A Ghostly Terrarium
  10. Easy, no-sew Burlap Pumpkins for your fall decorating

Very Bad Day Interview: Bella Thorne as Celia

Hopefully you’ve seen Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day in theaters and have seen the lovely Celia played by Bella Thorne. Bella

CELIA—beautiful, self-assured and poised for high school royalty—is Anthony’s demanding girlfriend. Her ability to handle his bad day is questionable at best— particularly if it means her perfect prom plans are compromised in any way. 

While in LA for the press junket we were able to spend a bit of time with her and she talked about her role in the movie, working with Steve Carell and Jennifer Garner and dealing with dyslexia.


Bella Thorne was called on to portray Celia, Anthony’s demanding girlfriend. Beautiful, self-assured and poised for high school royalty, Celia lacks the ability to handle Anthony’s foibles—particularly if it means her perfect prom plans are compromised in any way. “Celia’s dream is for prom to be perfect, and when circumstances change that vision, she does not react well,” says Thorne. “Although she doesn’t handle it maturely, it is from a point of disappointment and not from a bad place.”

Thorne says the story strikes a chord with both book readers and future moviegoers for a number of reasons. “I think a lot of people read the book because it’s funny,” she says. “It’s very different from other books you read as a kid, which are often fairy tales. This is something that feels real. This really could happen. I think that’s very relatable. We’ve all been in Alexander’s spot.”

Q : So, what brought you to this film?


BT : Um, I like this film, because, well, first of all, it’s with Steve Carell and Jennifer Garner. I wanted to be part of this film, because I like the script. I like what it stands for.

Q: What was your most fun scene to shoot?

BT : The most fun scene to shoot was probably when we were in the car with Steve and everybody’s making those loud noises… in this scene, it was just so weird and so funny. Um, but it was so weird that I’m sitting in a car with Steve Carell and he’s just being ridiculous.


And it’s so funny. And we’re all I’m not — I’m the one that’s supposed to be really not laughing, and it — Dylan starts laughing. He starts like kind of cracking up. Then Ed. And then comes me laughing — because they’re right next to me, and I just can’t help but laugh now. And I was like guys, stop, stop, you’re making me laugh. And — it was so funny. It was actually really fun to shoot.

Q : One of our Twitter followers wants, wants to know three words to describe Celia, which three words you would use to describe your character.

BT : Um, funny, interesting, uh — and not so forgiving.

Q : What was the hardest part of filming this movie was for you.

BT : The hardest part about filming this movie is probably the really long hours. Um, I don’t think people realize how much work actually goes in, not just from the cast, because, of course, the cast works hard, but — the crew members. You’re there, you know, you — your scene could be 15 seconds and you look at that scene and you’re like, yeah, whatever, you don’t think anything of it. That scene took 16 hours to shoot. And maybe — a couple days, 16 hours a day. That’s crazy. It’s crazy to work that many hours and it’s crazy to always be on that many hours.

FEMALE : What was the hardest scene for you to film?

BT : Okay. This scene is the dinner scene when Steve gets lit on fire. It’s so hard to film a scene with stunts, you know, hi– it’s, it’s — it’s very hard when you’re doing stunts and tricks. And, you know, everybody’s great and has awesome energy, but I was called in at 4:30 am, and my coverage ended up being last. Because you have to get Ed and some of the kids that are younger than me in the film out earlier than me, they can keep me. So, my coverage was last, and it was — like 11:30, I wanna say, and I was tired. I was tired, and I’d been doing this scene all day long. There’s a word in the movie and it’s the name — I can’t think of it right now — but it’s the name of, uh, the place that they go do dinner — that weird, weird name. Why couldn’t I have just said Benihana’s? Okay? I would’ve been happier with Beni freakin’ hana’s.



And, um, and I had to say this name, and when you’re dyslexic, you’re usually really good at memorizing, so I’ll read something once and I have it completely memorized. But that word when I first read it, I didn’t say it correctly, and so I was on set and somebody said, no, it’s actually like this. So, I had already memorized it wrong. Um, and they kept trying to get me to do it right. I did maybe 25 takes of that same exact line over and over and every time I got it wrong. Finally, the time that I got it right, Dylan is so overworked, ’cause he’s the other actor in the scene, so it — it’s just as bad as it is for him, and he looks at me and he starts bursting out laughter — ruins the whole take. And I was — [CHUCKLES] Dylan, I might punch you in the face right now. [CHUCKLES] And he just could not help it. So, every time I got it right, he was chuckling, because it just been such a long day.

Q: I have two teenage girls and so they are very familiar with who you are. So, what, what kind of message do you want as an actress — to two teenage girls who look up to you?

BT : Okay — I’m gonna give you a — well, I’m gonna give them a piece of advice that I was given and I wish I would’ve taken it. Growing up, um, on TV — and I really grew up mostly on Shake It Up — and I always tried to be perfect for everybody and I wanted everyone to like me. For some reason, I really cared what other people thought so much and I would do anything to get someone’s stamp of approval. And now that I’m, you know, 17, I really don’t care. I don’t. And I wish I would’ve cared so much, because I changed who I was as a person to be who everybody wanted me to be, and that’s not — a cute look. And you have to realize that I don’t care who you are; I don’t care if you’re in high school and you have glasses and braces and you don’t think you’re cool, people will like you for being you, no matter what. It’s impossible for people not to like you when you’re just being you. It really is. You will find a branch, and I have. I have a great group of friends now and we don’t have to impress each other. I’m not wearing makeup when I’m with them. I look ratchet. I’m looking ratchet when I’m with them. I’m in sweat pants. I am oily, greasy, sweaty. I don’t care. And we don’t have to prove anything to each other. And that’s what’s cool.

BT : — I’ve got book series coming out. — Autumn Falls. Um, November 11th. It’s very close to my heart. It’s not about a girl who’s, you know, publicized and beautiful and g– gorgeous and all y– wears heels and makeup and, you know, she’s a star. It’s not about that. It’s about a girl named Autumn Falls whose father dies and she, um — he leaves her a book. She moves to Florida.

He leaves a journal to write in. She’s like, wow, dad, thanks. Die on me and leave me a journal. Okay. And what she doesn’t realize is when she rights in the journal, things come to life, but since she’s dyslexic they come to life a little bit wonky, mostly backfiring on her throughout — – the series. So, that’s what — it’s about.

Six Halloween Costume Ideas for the Comic Lover


Halloween is fast approaching, which means it’s time to get thinking about your costume. From a cool Spider-Man to a classic Wonder Woman, comic lovers are spoiled for choice when it comes to picking a Halloween outfit. We reveal six of the hottest comic book stars who are perfect for dressing up as this Hallows’ Eve.

Wonder Woman


Image via Flickr by solo_anotnio

If you want to look cute and have an awesome costume that will be the envy of others then why not go as DC Comics amazing Wonder Woman? Not only is she one of the most famous female superheroes of all time, but she is also an Amazonian Princess and a poster woman for feminism.

When dressing up as Wonder Woman, you really have to go all out. Invest in a high quality Wonder Woman Halloween outfit and you will be rewarded with compliments all night long. Check out this infographic by Mr. Costumes for some Wonder Woman inspiration.

Bride of Frankenstein

One popular option is to dress up as a freaky bride of Frankenstein. This outfit has plenty of scope for customization so you can truly make it your own. You will need a white bride’s dress, which you may be able to find at your local thrift store, or you can order from a costume store online.

It’s the accessories that help to complete this outfit and make it spooky. Wear a black wig that has been backcombed, make yourself pale with some white face and body paints, and cover yourself in fake blood for a look that is sure to scream Halloween!


This option is perfect for your little ones as they will love dressing up as one of the most famous comic characters of all time: Spider-Man. It’s easy to find ready-made Spider-Man (and Spider-Girl) outfits that have been made for children, so you won’t have to spend time painstakingly making the outfit at home.

Iron Man

If you really want to cause a scene this Halloween, why not dress up as the one, the only, Iron Man! A brief look on Pinterest will give you some inspiration of just how much effort can go into creating a handmade Iron Man suit!

If creativity is not your forte, then you can also buy pre-made Iron Man Halloween costumes online. Iron Man morph suits are available for the daring man while cute Iron Man themed onesies are great if you want to stay warm and cozy while trick or treating. There are even Iron Man themed crop tops and short sets available for girls who want to look hot this Halloween.

The Joker

The Joker is an extremely popular character that always makes an appearance come Halloween. If you don’t mind bumping into other Jokers, and if you have someone who is able to do some semi-decent make-up, then the Joker could be for you.

A purple suit, green shirt, and tie are all synonymous with the Joker, but it’s that classic face paint and eerie stretched smiling mouth that really makes this character. Print off some images to copy when you are having your make-up done to make sure that you get the look just right.

Pop Art Comic Character

A creative Halloween costume that has become popular in recent years is that of the Pop Art comic character inspired costume. These characters look like they have just been pulled straight out of a comic with Roy Lichtenstein inspired make-up, bright clothes, and fun Pop Art signs.

Creativity is the key to making an excellent outfit that works well, so make sure you get practicing with your make up skills early on and it should all come together nicely. There are plenty of comic-book inspired costumes on Pinterest.

So there you have it, six of the best Halloween costume ideas for the comic lover. Remember, you can always add your own personal touches to an outfit with fun wigs, different make-up, freaky accessories, trick or treat bags, and of course fake blood. Happy Halloween!

Star Wars Rebels Interview: Vanessa Marshall and Tiya Sircar

Star Wars Rebels began last week with a bang! The pilot movie had my kids cheering with excitement for the new series that starts Monday night October 10th at 9 PM on Disney XD. We will have our DVR set on record because we don’t plan to miss a single episode. TO help you guys get even more excited about the new series I have an interview with two of the female lead characters, Vanessa Marshall and Tiya Sircar.


Question : I’ll ask. Um, so, what was it like auditioning for the role that you had? Did you freak out?

Tiya : We didn’t know what we were auditioning for. So, that helped in that probably you weren’t freaking out and —

Vanessa : I [LAUGHS] — no, I —

Tiya : — if you would’ve been — if you had known.

Vanessa: Yeah, definitely. Yeah.

Tiya : Well, we, uh, we were told — well, I was under the impression I was auditioning for, um, a new animated series on Disney called Wolf. Um, and so it wasn’t until I actually got the phone call that I had gotten the job, which was great. And they said — star wars rebels vanessa

Vanessa : Mm-hmm.

Tiya : — and by the way, it’s Star Wars. And I was like, well, you know, it’s like doubly exciting, ’cause I got a job and it’s not — it’s way more exciting than I even realized.

Vanessa : Well, I didn’t know what it was, but I always — everything’s a Star Wars metaphor for me. I’m a huge Star Wars fan. So, I felt that there were elements of Star Wars within the piece of copy that I read.

Tiya : Oh, wow. You and Freddy both, okay.

Vanessa : Yeah, they — well, they said that, um, my character was a, a strong leader against the tyranny and da da da. And I’m like, hmm, well, all right, well, alliance.

So, I actually sort of transposed what I know about Star Wars onto the little copy [CHUCKLES], and, um, and I got a callback. And I thought, oh, cool, I’m gonna be a wolf or [LAUGHS]. And when I, when I got to the callbacks —

Tiya : Oh, you saw a character.

Vanessa : — I saw a, a drawing of the character on the wall, and I know what….

Tiya : You were like a wait a minute. Fun shot of Vanessa rebels

Vanessa : — race that is. I mean that’s not a Trekkie. [CHUCKLES] You know, I know exactly what’s going on here. And it sort of dawned on me in the moment, and I had to pull it together.

Because I’m such a huge fan. I — if I really thought about it, I’d probably have a heart attack. So, but I’m also a professional, so I was able to do my job and I showed up and I did a good job clearly and then I got the call.

Tiya : Enough, yeah.

Vanessa : Then, then I hyperventilated. And — my agent was literally afraid for my life. [LAUGHS] She was like, honey, do I need to call a paramedic?

[LAUGHS] And I mean she probably should have [CHUCKLES], ’cause I couldn’t stop going, oh, my God, oh, my — you know, I was crying. Ohh, anyway.

Tiya : Freddy also says that he figured it out, because Freddy and Vanessa —

Vanessa : Well, I didn’t figure it out. I just — it just lucked out that it was in fact what it

Vanessa: No, no. Well, I — but I even said to a friend of mine who read for another wolf, um, he [CHUCKLES] — I said — do you think this is Star Wars? And he said, you’re such an idiot. [LAUGHS] Everything is — Star Wars, Vanessa.

Vanessa : Yeah, exactly. He was like, yeah, you with your Star Wars. [LAUGHS] Yeah, anyway. But, um, so, it was, um, it was go– probably a good thing that I didn’t know what I was doing. [LAUGHS] ’cause I would’ve been terrified. [CHUCKLES]

Question : How do you feel about being a strong female character ?

Vanessa : Hera is the leader and, and while she is fierce, she’s a great fighter and a great pilot, she’s also very nurturing, and she sort of plays a maternal role, uh, within the crew. And I think she sets a really great example, I think she does a lot of mentoring to — Sabine. Now, I will also say parenthetically as a Star Wars fan, she is a Mandalorian. So I personally bow down to her character.


Right. Getting back to Hera. Um, but, but I do think it’s really wonderful, uh, that Star Wars Rebels embodies two, uh, female characters that we all can aspire to act like them whether we’re adults or children or even little boys or little girls.

I’ve said before that the empire universally oppresses all races and all gender to where it sort of neutralizes elements. These aren’t good women or good female characters. They’re all good people. So that we’re not even thinking in terms of gender or class. Um, we’re, we’re united towards doing the right thing. So, while they are strong, female characters, it’s also kinda cool that there’s this different element that even transcends those distinctions.

Tiya : And not to get too, you know, well, social commentary on you, but — you know, there are, in my own personal opinion, there are,so many female personalities that, well, for better or worse, they may be famous not for a specific skill or talent but just famous for the sake of being famous. And maybe not for the right reasons — if you know what I mean.

So, it’s — such an honor you know, and I, and I — it makes me cringe, you know, I don’t have kids, but it makes me cringe to think like all little girls are like — this is, this is what they have to look up to and to aspire to be, and it’s worrisome for me. So, to me, it’s such an honor to get to play this female character who, you know, Sabine’s a teenager and yet she is so intelligent and so, uh, uh, uh, like not even concerned about the superficial stuff whatsoever. She’s never taken a selfie in her life, you know. [LAUGHS]

And if she knew what that was, she wouldn’t be interested. So I think it’s really — I think it’s amazing to get to play these two smart women. They are right there alongside the guys, beating up the bad guys. I hope that, that young girls and young boys can aspire to be like these characters, because they’re fighting for the greater good. They’re doing the right thing and they’re,  just like really smart and savvy about it while they’re doing it. So, I, I hope that’s like, you know, uh — I don’t know.


Vanessa : Yeah. Yeah. And I think also that, that what we’re all driven by is hope. Once again in transcending gender that I hope that kids take that hope, that, that it’s important to have faith, to have morals, to have ethics, um, and, and adults could probably [CHUCKLES] learn from, from that as well. And, um, some of those, those bigger human values that are not often embodied in, say, the people who are famous for things less than, you know, desirable. But, um, it — it’s really cool. There are some very wonderful, delicious ideas, uh, that are also in– inspiring over all, you know. Um, but I agree, definitely. These are really cool women, for younger girls to emulate.

Tiya : And they’re still fun, too. It’s not all about —

Vanessa : Yeah. They’re hilarious.

Tiya : — there’s, there’s, you know, Sabine’s c– can be a little sassy and she has a little attitude, but —

Vanessa : Yeah, it’s cool. Those things are sort of hidden beneath all the, the jokes and, and the high stakes. Yeah. It, it very much feels like the original trilogy. It has the same wit and, you know, get this walking carpet out of my way. You know, we talk to each other like that —

Question : Talk a little bit about how you guys do this script all together.

Vanessa : I love it.

Tiya : — for me, it’s — yeah, it’s, it’s so — such a treat, because —

Vanessa : Well, uh, yeah, oftentimes in animation and animated series, they try to get the entire group together, uh, but, uh, the previous Star Wars video games that I’ve done, I’ve been in a room by myself, uh, on a quote unquote Jedi counsel talking about people — [OVERLAP]

Tiya : [LAUGHS] Me, too. No.

Vanessa : You know, I mean, luckily, I know enough about the different places and things in the Star Wars universe, but it’s so much easier to interact with people, you know. We all love Star Wars, but that collective energy in the room is something that I think viewers will feel. I think it’s a real advantage. And, uh, and like I said, the, the writing of the scripts is so great. It’s really not that hard to do.

Tiya: Right.

Vanessa : I feel like we don’t do much [CHUCKLES], you know.

Tiya: It doesn’t feel like work certainly for me.

Vanessa: No. I mean not that we don’t — yeah, I mean we — obviously, it’s a job and we do work very hard. We research and all that, but, um, I think, uh, working as a group, I think that is a part of why it bristles with so much love and energy. Yeah.


Tiya : And also I think, uh, what’s really, special — makes the experience so special, aside from the fact that you know, we — I think that like getting to act the — actually act these scenes out in a room together — you know, not is it more enjoyable for us, but it infuses the scenes and hopefully makes for a better show. But aside from that, I think we really forge, you know, this, this, this family, uh, you know, this Motley Crew of people. Like we have this Motley Crew of characters.

Vanessa : Exactly.

Tiya : And so, we’ve like created this, this bond, uh, as a, as a crew, you know, the, the five of us and, and also, you know, our guest stars and — but the five of us really have like [STUTTER] kind of, uh, embodied these — the, you know, the same dynamics, familial dynamics as we have on this show. And so — yeah, as, as [CHUCKLES] Vanessa was saying, you know, she kind of is this maternal figure making sure I am not hungry — do I have — need a snack — am I cold; do I need to borrow her cardigan. I mean it’s the  it’s just the best.

Freddy is like the big bro and making sure everything’s … and under control. And —

Steve is like the, the clown —

Vanessa : The prankster.

Tiya : — that’s like cracking us up —

Vanessa : He is hilarious.

Tiya : At inappropriate times. So, it’s fun to like get to kind of be part of this, crew that we’re actually getting to, you know it, it — art imitates life, imitates art. Whatever. [CHUCKLES]

Vanessa : Yeah. Yeah. That — that’s, that’s fortunate that we all have, have sort of fallen into a groove that’s very similar to what we need to —

Tiya : To do and embody —

Question : I love your, um — Sabine’s character, because she’s very multidimensional. Like she’s out there shooting and fighting with them, but then she’ll like be gone over doing some technical stuff, like shutting down the field and all of that stuff. But one thing I notice about her character, she’s the only one that wears a cover over a face, like wears the [INAUDIBLE]. Do you know if there’s a significance to that?

Tiya : Well, she’s Mandalorian, so that’s like Mandalorian armor, the full thing. The only difference is that, um, I think she’s probably the only Mandalorian that has armor that’s been graffitied [CHUCKLES], because she designs her own. Yeah, she, actually like sort of, uh, embellishes her armor, but, yeah, that the significance of the helmet is that she’s a Mandalorian and that’s full Mandalorian, like, warrior armor.

Question : Um, who are you guys’ favorite characters in the Star Wars universe? Can you pick one or?

Vanessa : Well, you know we both love Princess Leia, because she’s a strong female character, but I also don’t wanna forget Ahsoka from the because Ashley Eckstein is so wonderful and she’s really a — she’s also a wonderful character that we watched grow from being a young padiwan, you know, towards becoming a Jedi. Um, but I think it’s the same principles.

Uh, women who are strong on so many levels that, uh, they’re really inspiring. So, I would say, overall, probably Princess Leia. Yeah.

Tiya : And I have a soft spot for Han Solo, but who doesn’t? I mean — [LAUGHS]

Vaenssa : Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Tiya : But as inspiration, Leia. [CHUCKLES]

Vaenssa : Yeah, exactly.

Tiya : [OVERLAP] For my own viewing pleasure, Han Solo. [LAUGHS]

Vanessa : You know, it’s really — it’s, it’s hard to choose. I mean —

Tiya : It’s true. There’s so many good ones.

Vanessa : Yeah, ’cause I, I sort of believe that I love Chewie, but I think that’s born on the fact that it was my first action figure that I got. But, you know, in terms of things that have really touched my heart, I would say Leia.

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