How To Get Ready For a Workout In Bleak Winters

Who likes to ditch the blanket to reach out for the gym gear in chilly season of the year? But of course, there’s a need so profound you cannot miss out on your workout regimen (the need for a size minus maybe?). The fact that staying fit and on track is highly essential during the cold season of the year for health benefits and for mental well being as well, cannot be ignored.

Getting the adequate amount of daylight and fresh air is a requirement for a healthy body and thus, hitting the gym maybe the solution to grab the chance to enjoy the season alongside. But what about the craving for staying cooped up in warm embrace of your humble abode? clip_image002

Battle the winter effect on your mood to shun frustration and depression by following the tips to get going for your workout sessions.

1. Warm Up

Of course you will not at all jumpy for your workout routine after getting out of bed, so warm up before you start off to march towards your gym. Walk around or start jogging before starting with hard core exercises so the pressure is not alien to your body.

2. Set Motivational Goals

Remember the time you had to set motivational goals for your new workout regimen? That exercise has to be repeated in order to train your brain to help you get ready for the workout session each scheduled day. Define goals for yourself to be achieved by the end of the chilly season so that you have something to reach out for each time you think twice about going for a workout.

3. Stay Hydrated

By drinking ample amount of water and fluids, it’s not only your internal system that gets to function properly in the cold, but also it helps you stay fresh, which results in an increased level of readiness for working out. Let the hydration work up its way to help you gain flexibility for the exercise regimen.

4. Dress Up For The Season

Who can forget a gym gear and the right winter apparel when it is all about working out in the winter season? Pairing the right amount of clothing to save you from the chilly winds down your way towards the gym is an essential requirement. Layered dresses work pretty well in bleak winter season, so you could remove some of the articles once you’re in the warm environment of indoors.

Also, there are several brands that offer amazing winter wear, which can be worn at the workout sessions and pulled off really well in this season when it comes to fashion trends of gym wear. The tops can be pulled off with style and grace; similarly, the pants are in various styles and can be picked for the perfect fit that suits your needs.

Coupons for Fabletics yoga pants are available for the cost effective ways to reach out for the perfect workout wear so there’s no need to worry about the question ‘what to wear for workout session- that too in winters?’ Grab your chances to land a discount so that you have greater motivation for your workout regimen.

Introducing The New Dyson Ball Animal @Dyson #DysonAnimal

Samples received.

So we recently got a dog, a German Shepard puppy that sheds and brings in dirt all the time. I would say that the amount of dirt and debris in the house has increased ten fold because of this dog. The Vacuum we had just didn’t cut it so when Dyson asked me if I wanted to give the brand new Dyson Ball Animal a test drive I said yes right away. SO they sent out a sample right around the holidays and we’ve been vacuuming. But first let me tell you about assembly. My husband put the Dyson Ball Animal together and I watched him as he easily put it all together. His only complaint was he couldn’t figure out where to put all the attachments. So assembly was easy.

Dyson Animal

The latest Dyson upright vacuum boasts powerful suction to remove dirt and microscopic dust. It self-adjusts to seal in suction across carpets and hard floors. The ball enables the machine to turn on a dime, making it easy to steer around furniture and other obstacles. An instant-release high-reach wand allows for quick cleaning up high. Ball Animal comes with the Tangle-free Turbine tool, so you can remove human and pet hair alike without tangling. It also features a new tool—the multi-angle brush, which twists into different positions for easy high-reach cleaning.


It sucks up quite a bit of hair. I wish I had taken a picture, I’m probably going to have to take a picture of this and show it to you anyway. Here is the dog rug…well it’s not the dog rug it’s our living room rug so the coffee table doesn’t scratch the wood floor. The picture I didn’t show you was the first time we used the Ball on it, this is the second time, about two weeks after the first time, so plenty of time for dog hair and dirt to settle in. LOOK at the difference.



RUG AFTER ….and the guilty party couldn’t even wait for me to take a photo before she laid on it again.


Dyson Ball Animal Features: SAM_4098

· Radial Root Cyclone™ technology: Designed to maximize power. A mesh shroud helps separate large debris, with inner cyclones generating powerful centrifugal forces.  Every angle of each airway is honed to ensure microscopic particles like pollen and mold are separated from the airflow. SAM_4105

· Testing: Dyson upright vacuums are subjected to 550 tests over 50,000 hours. During development a Dyson vacuum will be dropped onto a hard floor 5,318 times. It will run 847 miles on a turntable rig; nearly the equivalent of a trip from Chicago to New York City. 

· Patents: There are currently 304 patents and 481 pending patent applications worldwide relating to technology used in the Dyson Ball™ range of vacuum cleaners.

· Maneuverability: In addition to the motor and filter, ducting, valves and the stand have been engineered into the ball, making it even easier to turn the tightest of corners.  

· Hygienic bin emptying: Just push the button to release the dirt directly into the bin. (it’s really easy to remove from vacuum and empty)SAM_4103

· Warranty: The machine comes with a 5 year parts and labor warranty. SAM_4104

· Price: $499.99

Now I also need to explain to you how LONG the handheld piece is. It took me a bit, actually I had to find a video on-line to figure it out. But once I did I was like holy cow how did they get that much tubing into such a small area? WOW, it’s quite impressive. So here is where you will find the hose/wand. SAM_4108

This cap flips up and then you will find a red handle that you can lift up.


Then I was able to go almost all the way to the top of the stairs, if I put the vacuum on the first landing I could go all the way to the top of the stairs.


It’s nice and long.





Overall, other than not knowing where to put the attachments or how to get the wand out, I love it. The wand is super long and does an amazing job on my stairs. The dog hair and allergens are gone, well until the dog goes outside again. She’s quite the sheddar, I mean Sheppard. It’s a vacuum that can stand up to the dog. So thank you Dyson for allowing us to spend some time with this great vacuum.

5 things to Keep in Mind for Home Renovation

Making the decision to renovate your home or add an addition is a big deal. There is so much time, money, and effort that goes into it that you don’t even realize. Because of this, many homeowners find that they make plenty of mistakes along the way. Instead of regretting your decision, use the following information to ensure you keep all the important elements in mind.


1. The Contractor

If you’re hiring a professional, make sure you make a great choice. Do a background check, talk to other customers, and learn everything you can about this person. After all, you’re putting your home in their hands. You should also make it a point to get more than one quote. Never accept the first offer you receive, and instead, make it a rule to get at least three. This will help you decide which one to go with or give you leverage to negotiate.

2. The Purpose

Sure, it may seem great to have that huge home theater on the back of your house, but do you really need it? Make sure that if you renovate or add that you’re doing it for a good reason. Keep in mind that not every renovation will provide the return on investment, so the more quirky the space, the less you’ll get back for it. This is why you should think long and hard about the decision before you go for it.

3.The Layout

It’s important to think about layout before you start the project. Think about the end game. What furniture are you going to use? And where are you going to put it? Knowing this will ensure you make smart decisions, such as ensuring you have enough electrical outlets or that the heat vent locations are in the right spots. When you plan ahead for these little details, you won’t have any frustration when it’s over.

4. The Materials

If you have certain materials in mind you want to use, be sure to convey this ahead of time. This may have an impact on price, design, length of time, etc. Always have an idea of what you want to use so that you have time to get the materials and ensure they’re usable. As mentioned before, the more you plan ahead, the better it will be.

5. The Budget

This is one of the most important things to consider. Before you even begin debating, you need to know your budget. Then, you need to add about 10 to 20 percent to that for unexpected costs. Once you have this in mind, be sure to make every decision so that you don’t blow it. The last thing you want is to have an enjoyable space and no money to furnish it.

So no matter what type of renovation you have in mind, these tips will help make the experience much better.

Concealer 101: The How & Why

Concealers are a makeup staple that most of people seem to love, and with good reason! Typically designed to cover up blemishes and imperfections, concealers are a fantastic option for boosting the overall appearance of your skin. And with mineral makeup brands like Glo Minerals offering skin-nourishing benefits, there is no better time than now to give in to your concealer curiosity. So, here is a little background on this makeup product:


Why Should You Use a Concealer? The short answer is: it can immediately boost your self-confidence by covering up imperfections. An extra added benefit: you can choose products that simultaneously work to improve skin conditions while concealing the problem. Indeed, certain products are formulated with ingredients that will nourish skin, fight blemishes, lighten dark spots, and more!

How Do You Use Concealer? This really depends on the type of concealer you have selected. The most common type of concealer you are going to find is the simple tube with a doe foot applicator. This looks incredibly similar to a lip gloss tube, only it will be flesh-toned and filled with what looks like a thick foundation. These are incredibly user friendly and typically offer a natural, buildable coverage. If you’d like to brighten up your under eye, simply dab a little bit under each eye (gently, of course) and use a brush or foam blender to blend it out. If you would like to cover up a dark spot or blemish, apply a thin dab on top of the area, allow it to set for a minute, and blend the edges out. Note: if you blend the entire area you will lose coverage over the blemish or dark spot.

For those who are looking for a more targeted approach, you may want to look into a corrective camouflage kit. These kits will typically include the four common neutralizing hues: Yellow, Mint, Lavender, and Neutral. Here is a run down of what each shade is designed to treat:

· Yellow: Use this shade to conceal redness, flushing (pink) skin, and dark spots or dark circles. The warm tones are great for balancing cool tones and help to brighten up your complexion.

· Mint: This is a redness-neutralizing powerhouse. Diminish redness that is associated with blemishes, rosacea (if the formula is rosacea friendly, which the Glo Minerals option above totally is), scars, and other forms of red blotches. If you are experiencing prolonged, unexplained redness, be sure to consult your dermatologist!

· Lavender: This is great for neutralizing gray, yellow, and green hues. Darker skin tones may also find this helpful for concealing under eye dark circles.

· Neutral: This shade will likely be your best friend, as it is designed to look like your skin, while covering up acne, dark circles, and other imperfections. Neutral shades found in these kits are typically lighter in tone, so if is lighter than your natural skin tone, simply allow the product to set, then go over it with your typical foundation.

When working with a corrective camouflage kit, your best bet is to use a concealer brush to apply your shades. This gives you more precision and control, as well as blending power!

A more recent addition to the concealer world is the foundation/concealer hybrid. These formulas allow you to get a medium to full coverage look that is buildable. Basically: it will afford you nice coverage in one swipe, but can be layered up on areas you wish to further conceal. This is a great option for everyday and on-the-go use!

Which One is Right For You? The answer is simple: try them and find out! If you want a more targeted approach to concealing blemishes, dark circles, and dark spots, definitely reach for the corrective camouflage kit! You can use this hand-in-hand with your other concealers (together on a daily basis, or only as-needed, in which case, it will last you much longer) or on it’s own. If all you need is a quick fix, the other two options should suit you just fine.

Fitness Friday: Three Things To Help You Lose Weight

Years ago when I first starting blogging I would do a fitness Friday post where I would do a round up or talk about how I’m doing with my own weight loss plan. Since it’s the second Friday of a new year I thought I would start it up again and I actually have three different products I want to share with you to get you started with me on a journey to better health.

First…Do You have a fitness band yet?


There are many different kinds of bands out there and I’ve tried them all and like a lot of them, but I think I’m going to have to say that my favorite ones are made by Jawbone. I love the Fitbit series. The problem with some of the other’s I’ve tried is the battery life on them is so low, the Fitbit lasts long enough that I can use it all day and night for a few days in a row. And now my new one is the Fitbit Charge HR and it monitors my heart rate in addition to activity, and sleep. Plus one final addition that I like that is like the Microsoft Band is the caller ID. This is a pretty awesome fitness tracker, and it’s one that other’s use which is part of the inspiration to get off the couch you know what I mean? So the two reasons, main reasons, not only reasons, I use the fitbit is social aspect and the better battery life. It’s also really easy to pair to my phone!

The power of your heart rate is now on your wrist with Fitbit® Charge HR. Monitoring your results and modifying your workout routine has never been easier! By automatically tracking your heart rate readings, workout stats, sleep patterns, and more, Charge HR is the motivation you need to help reach your fitness goals every beat of the way.

Key features include:

  • PurePulse™ Heart Rate
  • Activity tracking
  • Exercise apps
  • Sleep tracking
  • Caller ID

See for more information or visit an AT&T store near you.

imageThe second thing that I’ve received to review on the blog that is helping me on my path to fitness are the GOTYGOTY hot slimming pants. These pants are made of a material that raises my body temperature making it more likely that I burn calories every time I get off the couch and move. I will be honest and say that they smell funny for the first few times you use them. They fit quite snugly and since it’s Winter and I’m too cold to be wearing Capris, I actually wear them under my sweat pants. GOTYGOTY wear was made for women of all ages, sizes and shapes who want to maximize their fat-burning potential through help with melting away extra unwanted pounds and giving your body a more shapely and slim appearance.



GOTYGOTY technology-enhanced activewear is the result of 3 years of extensive research by the founder of GOTYGOTY.  GOTYGOTY “hot” pants and tops are made with a highly stretchable neoprene fabric that has an upper nylon layer on the outside and a polyester layer on the inside.  As such, our neoprene fabric designs are made to retain body heat which will cause the wearer’s core body temperature to rise and the body to work harder.  GOTYGOTY was specifically designed to raise core body temperature and retain body heat. By raising core body temperature, the wearer works harder, thereby burning more calories and ultimately melting away fat faster than wearing regular active wear clothing.  GOTYGOTY supports a wearer’s efforts for toning and shaping their body.



clip_image002The final item I’m sharing with you guys today is a new product 8G. 8G was reated by a cancer survivor and mother of two, Dawn Russell. 8G offers the perfect way for moms and dads to get greens on the go. I’m really inspired to lose weight this year. I’m up to 175 and I want to get down to 145. So I need to lose 30 pounds. But I know it’s a lifestyle change one that includes eating healthy, exercise and doing it every day. So 8G is an attempt to make sure I’m getting all the vitamins I need.

Free of sugar, 8G is an effervescent tablet made up of a unique combination of greens, including kale, blue-green algae, spinach and more. It’s a great option for busy parents who love juicing but don’t have the time or money to spend blending fruits and veggies, or are simply looking for a way to get a boost during their crazy and hectic days – just add to water.

Simple to stuff in your purse, diaper bag or keep in the car, 8G is stocked with:

§ As much Vitamin C as five oranges.

§ As much Vitamin B6 as 12 cups of peas.

§ As much zinc as 10 cups of asparagus.

§ As much Vitamin B3 as 27 cups of broccoli.

8G is available at Nordstrom locations nationwide for around $1.25 per tablet.

ZOOTOPIA : The Making of The Story! #Zootopia

Zootopia is better than you might think. When I first saw previews for it I thought, oh great another talking animal movie but true to Disney, there had to be a good story and there is.

Coming out March 4th, Zootopia follows the story of a bunny, Judy Hops played by Ginnifer Goodwin that moves to the big city to be a cop. However, because she’s just a little bunny she’s assigned to be a meter maid. She takes her job very seriously. Now the animals all live together but they have the same type of animal hierarchy meaning certain animals just don’t get along. Take for instance a fox and a bunny, enemies right? You’ll find that this is going to be a key theme in the movie. How do we define ourselves when others may see us as small and unimportant. It’s up to us to define ourselves.
The fox that becomes the pain in Judy’s side is named Nick Wilde and he is played by Jason Bateman. Nick brings in drama and a whole lot of humor and I can’t wait to see the rest of the movie. I only got to see a few clips here and there and it was good. Here’s a clip for you guys.



So one thing I really love about going on a Disney Press trip is when we get to meet with the animation department. I love learning how these movies are made. On this trip I interviewed Directors Byron Howard and Rich Moore, and Producer Clark Spencer. Coming up with the story for Zootopia really excited John Lasseter and with the help of the “story trust” they came up with something everyone enjoys. The Story Trust includes a timeless story, must be entertaining, have great humor and deep emotion and stands up to the high standards of Walt Disney.


Character creation was created according to scale. They decided to make all the animals anthropomorphic so they lined up a small animal the mouse all the way to the tall giraffe and they created a world that would be suitable for all of them. The mouse actually became their “ruler” so to speak. The animation on this is really great when you think of all the details they put into this. So size is one thing, but then think of how an animal movies they captured that even though they walk around on two legs. They also focused on the hair of each animal. They did a lot of animal research. For example a Polar Bear doesn’t have white hair, it’s clear and only looks white because it reflects the snow. The research for the “big city” took the animators to an expert on the evolution of New York City and the development of Chinatown and Little Italy.


Zootopia arrives in theaters March 4th, 2016!

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On The Set of Grandfathered with John Stamos #Grandfathered

The actor that doesn’t age is now a grandfather on fox. My daughter and I love watching Grandfathered, it’s funny amazingly family friendly and has John Stamos. John Stamos who I actually got to sit down with and interview. In case you’ve never seen this creative show…..

About the Show: Grandfathered

Grandfathered is a fun, comedic show about a uncommon family situation, and a certain coming of age – if you will. John Stamos stars in this show, he plays a a charismatic, longtime bachelor named Jimmy who finds his life turned upside down when he learns that not only is he the father of a grown man named Gerald, but also a grandfather to Gerald’s baby daughter. New relationships develop, old ones are rekindled, and life changes at the blink of an eye!



Chatting with John Stamos was just as funny in person as he is on the screen. He was very engaging and personable. He talked about how he has connected with the cast and the twins that are his “grandchild” on the show. One of the things that I really liked that he said about the girls is how they are treated. They actually schedule when each of them is going to take a turn acting. They are never punished for tantrums with threats that they will be replaced with their sister. I really like that because acting is such a competitive field and to be pitted against your sibling just seems wrong but it does happen. He also spoke about his other colleagues and how much he enjoys working with each one of them.

Meeting John Stamos was great. He loves the kids he works with. He even took them to Disneyland #grandfathered

A photo posted by Louise Bishop (@momstart) on

I also spoke with Ravi Patel who plays Ravi and he spoke to us about his passion project called This Bar Saves Lives. Ravi was paired with Kelly Jenrette who plays Annelise. Ravi and Kelly were both big fans of John and a pleasure to talk to.  The final group that we interviewed was Josh Peck and Christina Milan. Josh also spoke about everyone he works with calling them “family” while Christina mentioned how she couldn’t do all she does without her family. “It takes a village. It really does take that.  My mom and my sisters are very helpful as well as I do have a nanny. Somehow I balance it, when you have a kid, it’s a balancing act, you’ve got to remember everything especially for them.”.

Watch Grandfathered this Tuesday, January 5, 2016 at 8:30pm EST on Fox……………………….

TUESDAY, January 5, ON FOXGuest Starring Dr. Phil McGraw (“The Dr. Phil Show”)

After hearing that Jimmy hasn’t been to the doctor in over ten years, Sara and Gerald trick him into seeing their family doctor (Dr. Phil McGraw) for a routine physical, which results in an unsettling discovery. Meanwhile, Gerald and Vanessa stress over Edie’s upcoming surgery and Annelise and Ravi stumble upon Jimmy’s secret safe in the all-new “Perfect Physical Specimen” episode of GRANDFATHERED airing

Tuesday, January 5 (8:30-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (GF-111) (TV-14 D, L)
Cast: John Stamos as Jimmy Martino, Paget Brewster as Sara, Josh Peck as Gerald, Christina Milian as Vanessa, Kelly Jenrette as Annelise, and Ravi Patel as Ravi.
Guest cast: Emelia and Layla Golfieri as Edie, Brandon Sornberger as CJ, Dr. Phil McGraw as Dr. Melvoy, Abby Walker as Cindy, AJ Rivera as Victor, and Laura Krafft as Keener #1.

And Before I leave you I have all these amazing Grandfathered Set visit photos. Check out the bar.



And here are photos of the Grandfathered house we got to tour.


It was really a great experience and made me love the show even more than I already do!

Ford Sync From Your Phone #AttSeattle #CES2016

Ford and AT&T are bringing high-speed connectivity and an even better owner experience to customers this year – with plans to connect more than 10 million customers to Ford SYNC® Connect within the next five years. SYNC Connect, Ford’s new high-speed connectivity technology, adds levels of convenience to SYNC, the industry-leading in-car entertainment and communications system. Ford is introducing SYNC Connect in the United States and Canada this spring in the new Escape.

“Vehicle owners want the convenience that comes with being connected at home and on the go,” said Raj Nair, Ford executive vice president, Global Product Development and chief technical officer. “With SYNC Connect, we are able to provide features and services that make the car an even more seamless part of our customers’ connected lifestyles.”


With Ford SYNC Connect, Ford vehicle owners can:

· Remotely lock and unlock doors from virtually anywhere

· Use the built-in GPS system to locate their parked vehicle on a map

· Remotely start the vehicle or schedule a start time

· View vehicle information, including fuel and battery level and tire pressure readings

SYNC Connect plays a key role in Ford’s connectivity strategy as part of Ford Smart Mobility, the plan to take Ford to the next level in connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, the customer experience, and data and analytics. SYNC Connect debuts this spring on the new Ford Escape. After the initial rollout in North America, SYNC Connect is launching in global markets, adding another 10 million connected vehicles by 2020.

“Connected car services are an important feature to consumers,” said Chris Penrose, senior vice president, Internet of Things, AT&T Mobility. “We’re thrilled to expand our relationship with Ford to deliver an enhanced connected experience to more Ford drivers.”

Control Your Digital Life System Using Voice Commands #ATTSeattle #CES2016

AT&T1 Digital Life will launch a new Voice Assistant mobile app that allows users to use their voice to control certain aspects of their Digital Life home security and automation system, including being able to ask questions of the system,[1] . The app is in active trials now with a commercial launch planned for the first half of 2016. AT&T Digital Life will demonstrate the app’s features at the AT&T Developer Summit at CES 2016.


The AT&T Digital Life Voice Assistant app uses Interactions’ Curo™ speech and language platform to respond to natural English language voice instructions. The Voice Assistant app complements the Digital Life app and gives users a new alternative to managing some of the system’s most commonly used functions.

Using the initial version of Digital Life Voice Assistant, provided for iOS and Android devices, users can:

  • Ask questions such as, “is the security system armed?” or “is the back door locked?” 
  • Partially control the alarm system and home automation devices with commands such as “set the system to ‘Armed Stay’,” “turn off all lights.” or “set the first floor thermostat to 72 degrees,”
  • Choose to hear voice announcements, such as “the Digital Life system was disarmed,” or “the garage door was opened.”

“Communicating with your Digital Life system using your voice and natural language is a convenient way to get even more out of your service than with the Digital Life app alone.” said Kevin Petersen, president, AT&T Digital Life. “As we add new devices and services to our managed platform, we’ll continue to introduce and extend features like the Voice Assistant to make Digital Life services even easier for customers to use.”

To learn more about AT&T Digital Life, visit

LG Flex 2 #ATTSeattle #Giveaway

AT&T gave me an LG Flex 2 to giveaway to one of my lucky readers. But before I wrote up this fun giveaway I played with the LG Flex 2 and I really liked it. I like LG phones I always have. They have really bright crisp screens and take great photos and this phone is supposed to take the “perfect selfie”. One of the really fun features of the Flex is the curve of the phone. Some people feel like this phone will snap but to me I think it fits my hand like a glove. The operating system and the way things on this phone are organized makes sense to me so I really like using this phone. Here are some major feature points on the phone:


Redefining the curve

The LG G Flex2™ is designed for those who recognize and appreciate artistry. The unique and elegant curved design is sure to draw attention while opening up a new sensory experience in what a smartphone can do.


Bold statement

The unique design is a beautiful fusion of style, performance, and attitude that fits comfortably in your hand or your pocket.


Point and shoot

The 13-megapixel camera with OIS+ and Laser Auto Focus allows you to focus fast while the floating lens steadies the shot for sharp, focused imagery even in less than ideal lighting situations.


The perfect selfie

Easily take and preview great selfies with pro-style screen illumination to softly light your face, a hand gesture activated countdown timer, and an auto preview mode.


A sight to see

Immerse yourself in a panoramic viewing experience in the palm of your hand with the 5.5″ Curved Full HD 1080p display.

Now you can enter to win the LG Flex 2

LG G Flex 2 for Reader Giveaway

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