Nominate A Thanksgiving Hero La Brea Bakery #ThanksgivingHero #AD

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Have you ever eaten at a La Brea Bakery? We have and it’s so good. It’s hard to walk by La Brea Bakery without wanting to go in and get something to eat. Well I’m partnering with them this Holiday season to help get the word out on a promotion they are working on. La Brea Bakery is running a Thanksgiving campaign where you are encouraged to nominate your “Thanksgiving Hero”. What is a Thanksgiving Hero you might ask?


A Thanksgiving hero is a person you know that regularly works on Thanksgiving serving others such as a firefighter, a police man, a waiter. Pretty much anyone that is serving on Thanksgiving. I have friends that often have to work on Thanksgiving and now that stores are open on Thanksgiving day I feel for so many people out there. I don’t really have a Thanksgiving hero. I always thought of my grandmother as a Thanksgiving hero. Both of my grandmothers actually. They both spend forever preparing for Thanksgiving day and then try to do all the cooking by themselves. It’s a crazy big job for them both as we have a very large family. My granny was always serving others. She would work meals on wheels once a week and I would go with her in the summers so I grew up knowing how important it is to help others. I’m trying to teach that to my children as well.

Oh wait, I just thought of someone! My Aunt and cousin are both nurses and they don’t always get holidays off so I do have someone I can nominate. And I’ll describe them to you next week. For now I want you guys to all think of someone you could recommend.


La Brea Bakery will deliver fully catered meals to 5 finalists across the nation on Thanksgiving.



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Franz Spirit of Giving: #Giveaway #SpiritofGiving

Samples received.

We love Franz bread, my husband doesn’t like if if I get a different brand. He said that Franz is the freshest bread around. They are a local brand and all.



Every year, Franz Family Bakery gives back to the community with their Spirit of Giving charitable campaign. You know I’m a sucker for companies that give back! Throughout the month of November, (November 1st-November 28th), Franz is accepting nominations for 50 families in need to receive $500 along with Franz food products (including a year supply of Franz bread) to help make their lives a little more special during the holiday season. As a mom of two kids that eat sandwiches every day I can’t imagine how much of a relief a year’s supply of bread would be for a family in need. I can actually think of a few families that would be great to nominate for this so I’m going to run over there and put a few families in.


Spirit of Giving Information

There’s no better feeling than helping out a neighbor in need. Tell Franz about the well-deserving people, families or organizations that have touched your life over the years. Franz will choose 50 of the nominees to receive $500 and a year’s supply of bread to help make their lives a little more special this holiday season. Nominations can be submitted at If your nominee is selected you will also receive a one-year supply of Franz bread!


It’s really easy to nominate someone. Franz has a very easy to fill out form. To help get everyone in the Franz Spirit of Giving, Franz has offered us a gift basket of goodies to giveaway.

Enter to Win:

An Amazing Franz gift basket

To Enter:

Tell me about someone you know in need

Extra Entries:

Use the rafflecopter a Rafflecopter giveaway

Babies First Christmas EVENTS With @BabiesRUs & Twitter Party Nov 5th 2 PM ET #BRUChristmas #Giveaway

We are super excited to be partnering with Babies R Us and Pampers again this holiday season. We are hosting a twitter party on November 5th 2 PM ET and we hope you can join us. We’re going to be chatting about how memorable your babies first Christmas was or how you plan to spend your babies first Christmas. We’ll be giving prizes away and also talking about the events that Babies R Us is hosting in their stores:



On select Saturdays in November (11/7, 11/14 & 11/21) at 11am, Babies“R”Us stores nationwide will host Baby’s First Christmas events for moms and dads to celebrate the holidays with their babies! The events will include:

· Story time for you and your baby to get in the holiday spirit

· Craft activity where you and your baby can decorate an adorable “ugly Christmas sweater” onesie (super cute J)

· “Baby’s First” photo station

· Handpicked gifting solutions for stocking stuffers, keepsakes and toys for infants at any stage

· Raffles, giveaways and more!

Come celebrate the holidays with your baby as well as receive great offers at Babies-R-Us such as:

· $2.00 OFF when you buy any Pampers wipes refill 7x box.

· $5.00 OFF when you buy Dreft 150oz

Pampers is actually partnering with Babies “R” Us this year. You know we’re big fans of Pampers, I mean we’re a Pampers Baby Board Ambassador and love sharing everything they do. Their newest diaper being their #SagtoSwag.

Our first Christmas with a baby with with our daughter. I was seven months pregnant with her soon to be baby brother so I can’t remember much. I remember she was adorable. We purchased her this amazing Kitchen that was way to big for her, but we knew her birthday was in one month and that she would have a brother to share it with that very next year. This was her Christmas coat and onsie:



Then the next year they had matching Dr. Seuss Onsies. You can see a photo of Miles above. He was adorable. We like to hang stockings and fill them for the kids so that they have something to open while they are waiting for us to get up. We started this with them as they were babies and continue to do it to today. It’s a very fun tradition. Now the first two years we had a Christmas tree we had to keep it behind a fence so the babies would leave it alone.


Now of course they help us decorate it every year. Starting traditions with them as babies has helped us really establish strong family Christmas traditions. I really want to encourage you to attend one of the free events with Babies “R” Us. There are lots of prizes to win and fun things to do. My children and I will be attending one of the local events and sharing our experience so follow along socially on twitter, instagram and Facebook with #BRUChristmas. For now to get you excited and thinking about everything we wanted to host a little giveaway:

Enter to Win:

· $100 gift card to Babies“R”Us

· Pampers wipes

· Dreft Pen

· One Christmas themed item TBD from BRU

To Enter:

Tell me at what stage you are at with Christmas and your family

Extra Entries:

Use the rafflecopter a Rafflecopter giveaway

Skin Care with Nerium Age-Defying Formula

Samples received.


Make sure your skin is protected from all the damage the sun brings – with Nerium International’s Age-Defying Night Cream, NeriumAD® Formula. While many products use water as a base, NeriumAD® Formula uses aloe vera, boasting hydration and maximum staying power so your skin will look youthful and glowing all year long!

About the Product

  • Defying night and day treatment 1 bottle Night and 1 bottle day cream
  • Non-Comedogenic – Paraben Free – Gluten Free – Cruelty Free
  • Improves appearance of Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Improves appearance of Aging or Sun-Damaged Skin

Featuring NAE-8 – an exclusive, next-generation antioxidant that combines nerium oleander and aloe- as well as vitamin E and a variety of oils, the scientifically-backed Age Defying Night Cream works to hydrate and eliminate the signs of aging including fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration while also combatting inflammation and age-accelerating free radical damage. With its unique consistency, the formula sticks to skin like a mask, ensuring maximum adherence so the formula works to its fullest.

I received these products as a sample and I’m really enjoying using them. I don’t have any before and after photos for you. I am happy to report thought that even with my very sensitive skin I haven’t had any issues with them. I use the Nerium AD Age Defying Night and Day Cream in the morning and at night before bed. And I really like the Nerium Firming lotion. I use that on my tummy and thighs. They need all the work they can get.


facial cleanser

Nerium International’s Age Defying Night Cream can be purchased online at for $110. For best results, use with Nerium International’s Age Defying Day Cream, sold with the night cream for $165.

Denny’s Holiday Menu got Two Thumbs Up #DennysDiners

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I had the privilege of being taken to lunch by my handsome son. We had the perfect lunch date at Denny’s Diners. We were traveling to one of his auditions and on the way back it was lunch time. I knew I needed to go there for my blog because they just released their Holiday Menu and boy is it quite delicious.  We started off with dessert by getting the Santa’s Milk and Cookie shake. Oh wow, I really liked it. And so did Miles as you can see.



With lunch he wasn’t able to finish even the kids’ size so we took the rest home in a togo cup. They were very accommodating. I had to try the Pumpkin Pecan pancakes and they were better than expected. The pecans were oh so very good.


Now they would have been plenty for me to eat but I really wanted to experience more of the holiday menu so I also tried the Holiday Harvest Skillet.


The skillet included Gooda Apple Chicken Sausage potatoes, red peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms and onions.


I loved all the veggies in this skillet. I’m a sucker for a good skillet meal. My son he was in the mood for a cheese burger so he had that and apple slices. He didn’t eat the caramel because he was in a healthy mood. He said after being in the car for 4 hours he really needed something healthy to eat. At least that’s what he said, It appears by the photo when I wasn’t looking he decided he wanted that caramel on his apples after all.


The Holiday Menu also includes a Turkey dinner, pumpkin or pecan pie and a build your own grand slam with the holiday flavored pancakes and special sausage. Don’t forget that on Tuesday nights kids eat free at participating locations. And the value menu includes a few holiday treats as well.


Denny’s is really a great place to take your family. My kids both enjoy the menus and do all the puzzles and while my son and I were there I heard another family working together to solve the different puzzles in the menu.


In the spirit of Rudolph, you can order a Rudolph pancake……..


or get the kids a Rudolph cup.


Be sure to enjoy the Holidays as a family at Denny’s Diners.

Features That Make Video Conferencing a Great Parenting Tool

Parenting requires incredible skill and talent at coordination. You’ve got your career, your partner, yourself and your kids to take care of. It can be tricky, frustrating and entail a lot of consistent hard work just to make sure you don’t constantly put one over the other. That’s why parents are always on the look-out for great tools that help them keep their wits and sanity alive. One such tool is video conferencing.

Here are some of the best features that video conferencing systems have which are ideal for parents:

Face to Face contact

Is your child sick? Does he need to be confined? Can’t be there all the time? Science Daily reports on how UC Davis Children’s Hospital used video conferencing to provide a secure way for patients and families to communicate. It wasn’t only meant to make the isolation easy on the patients, especially for kids who had to stay for as long as four days in the hospital. Based on findings, the technology was also able to improve the quality of life for patients. Video conferencing went a long way to reducing the stress on both sides. Seeing each other face to face, through video conferencing, made the situation bearable for parents and children alike and greatly reduced the anxiety and fear felt on both sides. So the next time your tiny tot needs to stay at the hospital for a few days and you have to pick up the dog from the vet or drop another kid to school, you can use video conferencing to make sure you know what’s going on, every second you’re away.


This basically means you can work from anywhere. Whether you’re in another conference room, on your way to somewhere or at home with the kids, you can go to a meeting, take a call or participate in a brainstorming session. You can go to work anytime from anywhere. That also means you can go to meetings at any time. Have a parent-teacher conference scheduled? No need to cut your work day short just to make it in time before your kid’s first-grade teacher goes home. According to the Life Size blog, one of the major perks that video conferencing systems provide the education sector is being able to allow parent-teacher conferences to happen by remote. No travel time for both means teachers have more time to devote to students and parents like you can easily attend meetings regarding the educational progress of your kids without having to leave the office early, waste time on commuting hours and find yourself late for the appointment because you ended up stuck in traffic anyway.

HD Quality

Cloud-based solutions like BlueJeans offer the kind of clarity and resolution that makes video conferencing one of the best parenting tools around. Workwise, businesses find it easy and convenient to concile distributed workforce with BlueJeans Network services. HD quality, in particular, improves communications among team members. It’s easy to see context cues and body language when you’ve got video resolution as high as this. That’s why remote teams are now a realistic option for many companies. More and more people, according to Global Workplace Analytics, are looking for telecommuting opportunities. For parents, having HD quality when you talk to your kids, whether the kids are at home or somewhere—a sleepover at grandma and grandpa or out in the garden playing—means it’s pretty hard to miss anything. You can take advantage of the high-resolution to check up on your tiny tots, see how they’re feeling and even take the time out to tell a story or two while you’re on a break at work. With so much clarity, your kids will feel you’re almost right next to them. It’s not a perfect arrangement but it’s one way to keep you and your kids connected when it would’ve been impossible otherwise.

Sharing features

Video conferencing systems offer a ton of sharing features that make it the go-to choice for parents with demanding, corporate careers. There’s the content sharing that includes file transfers of images, documents, PDFs and Epubs, along with other doc formats. There’s also the video sharing, along with zoom capability. All these features make it possible for remote employees to access files or exchange files with other team mates as though they were right there in the office. That ease allows parents like you to conveniently work on your home units, in much the same way you would on your office desktops. Need to go over a file, section by section? The screen sharing feature makes that happen. You and your kid’s teacher can also use this feature to talk about your child’s latest report card, assignments and exams in detail so it’s easy to be updated on how well your child is doing at school.

With these features, video conferencing allows you and your kid a chance to keep in touch, despite busy schedules and endless deadlines that often stand in the way.

Change Starts With Small Acts: Beginning My #BetterForBaby Project

I love being a member of the Pampers Baby Board because they enable me to make a difference in my community. A few months ago Pampers released this amazing commercial about making the world better for baby. Please take a few moments to watch this video.

What did you think of that video? Did it inspire you in any way?

This video inspired me in so many ways and I want to do so many different things to help my community and all of them will make life better for the future. I want to help end child hunger, I want to help homeless people. I want to give Christmas presents to those in need this year and I want to help teachers. Pampers offered me a sizeable grant to start helping my community. The first thing I set out to do was help local teachers in my community. I have some backpacks filled up with school supplies. These back packs are going to be given to the PTA of the school that our kids used to go to. I’m really excited to see teachers being supported. We home school now so I know how hard teachers work. I have a hard time teaching two kids while teachers teach classrooms of 24 – 30 different kids. Thanks to my partnership with Staples and what I purchased I have over $500 worth in school supplies to donate.

staples teacher gift

I have also partnered with Denny’s and to give to No Kid Hungry. I hosted a giveaway to inspire others to give. Only 2 people actually made donations so I was very sad about those results but I was still able to give to help the kids out thanks to both Denny’s and Pampers. I LOVE my job. I love that my partners enable me to do these things. Because they work together it helps me stretch and maximize the grant and help even more kid hungry

Another thing we did was we helped a homeless man. When we were in LA we saw them everywhere and our hearts were broken for these people. I see them and they look so hopeless so I decided to have a bag ready for the next time we saw one. I purchased food and when we were driving home from LA we stopped at rest stop and there was a guy there that had a sign saying he needed help. Any kind of help! So I decided to give him a bag of food. I had Miles give it to him and the guy said thank you and smiled at me. As we were driving away I saw that he found a bag of popcorn and started eating it. You know that if everyone did something small for someone else this world would change.


I know that my kids see what I’m doing and that they are developing a heart of generosity also. We have about $1500 left to share with others and I’m pretty sure we are going to celebrate a few families this Christmas. But even before that I’m going to get some diapers for a family at my church that is going through a financial struggle and I can’t wait to surprise her. Thank you Pampers for inspiring change!


What will you do to make life better for baby?

Why Use @Farmigo in Photos

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I’m really excited to introduce to you a new way to get your Farmers Market fix without going to the market yourself. I have had my first experience with what you can get with Farmigo. Farmigo, is a fast growing online farmers market that has just launched in the Seattle-Tacoma area. We love eating fresh veggies. Zoe has a fun story about once when she took a carrot on the stem to school. Her classmates had no idea that’s what a carrot looks like when you pull it out of the ground.SAM_0016

I took a little video of Zoe sharing her experience:


What if you could eat healthier and save money on groceries while also helping your neighbors, local farmers and our environment?  This is what Farmigo offers. Farmigo connects consumers directly to the best local producers through an online marketplace. They collapse the distribution chain of supermarkets and bring farm-fresh food to central pick-up sites in neighborhoods such as a school, a private home or a workplace. Unlike a CSA, you can order what you want and there is no order minimum. They connect farmers to neighbors, neighbors to each other, and everyone to their food. They want to make it possible for the best fruits, vegetables, meats and artisanal products from local growers and producers to be brought directly to your table. And from what we experienced they succeed. SAM_0025


Organizers facilitate the pick-up process at their community pick-up site. In return, organizers earn a 30% discount on their personal order each week. If their community spends over $500 in a week, they can opt for a 70% discount or a 10% commission, paid through direct deposit approximately 10 days after the delivery. You can sign up to be an organizer or you can join someone else’s community to begin shopping. I found quite a few of them near me. The selection looks really high quality and you know it’s going to be fresh.

imageYou can learn more and fill out the brief form at

Here are just a few reasons in photos of why you should give Farmigo a try.






Coffee, you had me at Coffee!!!

5 Fantastic Halloween Apps #ATTSeattle

Halloween’s creeping around the corner! To celebrate, AT&T has compiled a list of terrifyingly awesome apps for your smartphone or tablet. From taking spooky photos to keeping your little ghosts and goblins safe while trick-or-treating, these apps will make your Halloween a screaming success:



This is the all-in-one Halloween app, complete with a library of Halloween sounds, wallpapers, costume ideas and trivia. Halloween! also has a built-in countdown and flashlight, ideal for trick or treating.

Free – Apple



This app lets users haunt their photos by inserting various apparitions. Yes, that means you can creep your friends out by posting a selfie with a ghost! But you may need to perform an exorcism on your smartphone afterward.

Free – Apple | Android



Ever wonder how you’d look as a zombie without the hassle of the zombie apocalypse? Then ZombieBooth is for you. Packed with 3D and animated features, you and your friends can get the undead beauty treatment.

Free – Apple | Android


Halloween Card Creator

This app lets you customize your own Halloween cards with widgets, touch gestures and more. Choose from a wide selection of backgrounds, fonts and clip arts, or use your own photos. Share your designed card on Facebook or via email from the app itself. [Free]

Free – Apple | Android


Plants vs. Zombies 2

This sequel builds on the success of Plants vs. Zombies with even more of what you want… pumped-up plants defeating legions of the undead. There are plenty of addictive levels and strategic options to keep you occupied beyond Halloween. 

Free – Apple | Android


AT&T FamilyMap

Track your trick-or-treaters by using AT&T FamilyMap. Make sure your kids are safe – and where they said they’d be – with this app. It shows their location on an interactive map and sends location by text or email.

AT&T Service – Sign Up Here (First 30 Days Free)

Meet The Nexus 6 #ATTSeattle

We had a month with the Nexus 6 thanks to AT&T. I loved it. I love the size, I like big phones if you didn’t already know…and the Nexus 6 is a good size.  The screen (The 6-inch Quad HD display works for everything from e-books and docs to movies and games.) was BEAUTIFUL and I loved how the back of the phone curved (Nexus 6’s contoured aluminum body is curved to fit perfectly into your palm ). It fit nicely in my hand.


The Camera on this phone is really an amazing camera. The 13 megapixel camera’s image stabilization and HDR+ mode help you take your best possible photos with the least possible effort The high-clarity Quad HD display dims and brightens to adjust to indoor and outdoor light. A large 3220mAh battery provides performance throughout your day. Use the Motorola Turbo Charger for a quick burst of power; all it takes is 15 minutes to get up to 6 additional hours of battery life. Plus, the latest Android™ 5.0 Lollipop software provides power-saving features to get the most out of your battery based on how you use your phone. The speakers were really awesome too. The sound from the front facing speakers is loud and clear.