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Last week I spent the afternoon learning all about Beef and it made me very hungry, just thinking about it right now also makes me very hungry. I love beef, I love all different kinds of meals you can make out of it but I can also tell you that I had no idea what the cuts were, where they were on the cow or how to save on purchasing just the right amount for your family. These are the things I’m going to share with you in this post. First, you need to know that by visiting Beef It’s What’s For Dinner you can find all these facts and many more. Another really great resource is Confident Cooking with Beef is a brochure that has all you need to know about beef! First thing you should know is that it’s full of 10 essential vitamins.


I love pot roast, but I wouldn’t know where to begin on how to make the perfect pot roast, so if you’re like me you may want to use the Interactive Butcher Counter:

For Pot roast there were 8 options. Thinking back on what my family used I’m pretty sure it was the bottom round roast in the crock pot for 8 hours with Lipton French Onion flavor mix and it comes out delicious!


Know Your Cuts:

Use the Interactive Butcher Counter – a tool to help you select the right cut at the meat case.

· Free
· Available on website or on mobile phone
· Don’t need to download or update an app (optimized for mobile devices)
· Provides nutritional information
· Gives the recommended cooking method
· Links directly to recipes

Anatomy of beef and cuts:


· Middle meats that are more tender: rib, loin, plate, flank.
· Other meats require marinating longer to tenderize: chuck, brisket and round.

Also on the website, see the guidelines for what temperatures you should cook these beef cuts to. And don’t be afraid to talk to your butcher. The best way to save on beef of course is to buy in bulk, but it’s also ok to ask your butcher for the specific amount. Tell him you only need a two person serving and of course you’ll save. You won’t be wasting any money. For more ways to save you can find tips for beef butchery on YouTube:

· Know how to cut beef to make the most of your dollar

· Save $1-$2 per pound!

· Learn how to use one cut of beef as an ingredient in many different dishes: stir fries, casseroles, stews, soups, mixed dishes and more!




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· Facebook: BeefItsWhatsForDinner
· Pinterest: BeefForDinner
· YouTube: BeefForDinner

Star Wars Rebels Spark of Rebellion Character Interview: Steve Blum and Taylor Gray

As a family my kids and I have been having Star Wars Rebels family time. We record on Mondays at 9PM EST and then on Saturdays watch Star Wars Rebels Spark of Rebellion together. The kids love it, actually we all love it. It’s so fun to be able to share something that we loved while growing up with our kids and have them love it too. Since I had the opportunity to interview the characters/actors I wanted to share it with all of you.

Star Wars Rebels


Steve Blum and Taylor Gray act as Zeb Orrelios and Ezra Bridger. These two characters do not get along at all, but the actors on the other hand just look at the photo above!

Q : What drew you guys to the film?

TG :  I love it. I think it’s so cool, um, like what, my favorite part about it is all the action. I think that that’s so fun. I think kids are gonna enjoy, um, all the characters and, and their multiple layers and how they run around firing off blasters and taking down troopers. I think, I think it’s all a lot of fun. It’s action along with a lot of, ah, nice dialogue.


SB : I was drawn when I was a kid when I first saw it. I was seventeen. I was fresh out of high school, and I went to the premiere in 1977, and I was one of those kids in the theatre whose head snapped back when the imperial star destroyer comes across the screen and the whole theatre rumbled. So, I get to relive this on a cellular level. It, it activates all of those memories from that time and, and, ah, when I was graduating high school, I was one of those apathetic youth and I didn’t go to my own graduation.

And, ah, to get to go and see something like that that was brand new. It was stuff that we hadn’t seen before. It, it woke up something in me and kind of gave me a new hope [UNINTELLIGIBLE.] But to get to, to work on something like that now where it’s, we’re bringing this to a whole new generation. It’s really exciting for me, and I’m a dad. And so I, I like working on quality programming that’s, ah safe for kids and it’s, um, it’s, it’s really got a great underlying message. It does, ah, offer a notion that there’s something bigger than we are and that we can strive to be better than we are and, and that a small group of people can be just as powerful as a large army against injustice.

TG : And a little bit of the force.

SB : And a little bit of the force, yes.

Q : Were you a Star Wars fan prior to this?

TG : Um, yeah. I hadn’t seen all the Star Wars movies. I had seen, I had seen 4, 5 and 6. It’s a nice joke with us, because we have some people in our cast, Vanessa and Freddy and then Dave as well who know more about Star Wars than anything I’ve ever met. They know things that I think aren’t even in Star Wars that are [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. And Steve and I, ah, Steven knows more than I do as well, but it’s been fun because, um, it’s cool to be a fan. I, I’ve now caught up and understood why everyone loves it so much.

I remember being in school when I was little, and every other kid had either a Star Wars shirt on or a lunch pail or a back pack. And it all makes sense why it’s so appealing, but it’s, it’s really cool. The best part of it is talking to fans of Star Wars and hearing their sentiments and why it’s so special to them, because everyone has their own connection to, ah, the Star Wars story. So it’s been really cool, um, coming up through all of it.


Q : We heard from some of the crew that you’re the funny one. Have you pulled any pranks on the cast?

SB : Not really. I think, what I just demonstrated there… [LAUGHING]. At the end of every effort, some, some of these guys…

TG : And an effort sounded something ridiculous. It’s like when we jump from building to building, or push a crate through planes.

SB : Yeah. I mean, he’s not used to doing that because he’s an on-camera guy and he can do that with his face or his body, but in, in voice over, we have to do everything on the mic, and so we’ll have what we call sound sets and in the sound sets, they’ll say okay, now we need you to, ah, take a punch or take six punches, three soft, three medium, three hard. And you’ll just hear us go [GRUNTING SOUND EFFECTS], and it can sound really filthy or, you know [LAUGHING] you go a lot of different directions. But basically after every sound that he makes… Do a sound.

TG : [GRUNTING SOUND EFFECT]. Every time, though`. Like you think you’ve heard it twice and it’s gonna come again, ah, but it’s always, it’s always so funny, but the king of doing all those sounds is Steve. We, there’s a thing that we do called the, what is it, [SOUNDS LIKE: walla librar--]…

SB : A sound library.

TG : Yes, sound library. And it’s like let’s hear you jump 20 times. Let’s hear you get hit in the face. Let’s hear you get shocked, and this guy can do every sound in the book when I’m like, ah, I’ve done it once. I think that’s the only way I’m ever gonna get a hit, but, um, it’s cool to learn from him. He’s so good at it.

SB : Well, I had to because I grew up doing anime, so in anime it’s a requirement to make every disgusting sound known to man.


Q : When you came in to read for the Wolf role, was anyone keen on what it could have been?

TG : Jungle Book? I thought it was like a, like a, like a discovery, like animal… I had no idea.

SB : Yeah, I do so many military games and, and military type characters that I just figured it was some military guy and some fighting show. I didn’t know what it was. I do a lot of superheroes also, so I really didn’t know until I think I was in the studio just about to record, and I saw storm troopers in the copy and I went, oh, this is something different. This is Star Wars. This is, this is Star Wars! [LAUGHING.] Yeah, so it was that moment of realization. Dave can probably speak to that about, ah….

TG : Yeah, I still didn’t pick up. I was like storm troopers, still probably like Jungle Book. [LAUGHING.]

SB : Yeah, a lot of shows that we auditioned for are coded, they’re very heavily coded. They want to protect that and we sign non-disclosure agreements once we do know, so I wasn’t allowed to talk about it. I had to keep all that inside, and thank God I can finally talk about it. [NON-INTERVIEW DIALOGUE.]

Q : How have you embraced the hardcore Star Wars fans?

TG : I think it’s awesome. I had no clue that there, we went out to, the first little taste of it we got was they sent us this thing called Star Wars Weekends in, ah, in Florida. And I had no idea what to expect. I was like oh, it will be fun to like hang out with a couple people who like Star Wars and go on some rides. There were like 60 thousand people who all had Star Wars shirts or full on, ah, costumes, ah, wardrobe, outfits, everything and, and light sabers. And just seeing that, I realized oh, wow, we’re in something much bigger than I thought.

And it’s, it’s been so much fun and they’re saying there’s so much more to look forward to, and I can’t wait.

SB : Yeah, I, I’ve been doing the convention circuit for the last 10 years for my other work for my other work and, ah, going to that weekend in particular seemed, you know, there was 20, 30 thousand people on the parade route, and they put us in convertibles and we’re waited on. It’s great, and I’m thinking the show hasn’t come out. Nobody’s gonna know who we are, and they’re chanting our names, you know. It’s my name. This guy had researched and knew everything that we did and people were bringing stuff up to me from my whole career. It was, in was amazing, and seeing the families, too.

There was this one family where there was a grandma in a wheelchair in her 90′s, and the way down to like a 2-year-old, and there are like 50 of them and they’re all together cheering for us as we’re coming out of the parade route, and they’re in first position right there, and they’re everywhere in the park that we were [SIMULTANEOUS TALKING,] [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. There’s all the signs and, and they had us take a family photo.

TG : They all had code names. They were, there was Red Leader [LAUGHING]. They, they knew what they were doing. Yeah, and, ah, it’s so fun.

SB : Yes. It’s been awesome. It’s a whole different level of fandom too, and so show-specific. It’s just amazing to me that after all these years, that the fandom is stronger now than it’s ever been. It’s incredible. [SIMULTANEOUS TALKING.]

TG : With all the media, it’s crazy. It’s on Twitter. It’s, it’s unbelievable. I’ve been telling people, I’ve had a Twitter before I’d gotten this, and I felt like half the people I see on Twitter somewhere in their little, ah, description of themself, it’s like coffee enthusiast. I like my hair. I’m a Jedi. [LAUGHING.] I’ve seen Jedi, so I see the word Jedi in more of those biographies than anything and, ah, I understand why. They’re the coolest type of person you could be.

SB : Hey, you’ve got Freddie Prince, Jr. [SIMULTANEOUS TALKING,] [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. Yeah, he’s on Twitter and he’s going crazy about it. It took Star Wars to do that.

Q : Since you didn’t know what you were going in for to read for, was there a point of time where you wondered about turning it down before you knew what it was?

SB : I don’t turn down anything.

TG : Me neither, but there’s a fine, sort of, this, it was actually this one. I, I was doing something else that day, I think and I remember being really late to, I was like an hour, and not normally would we show up late to anything and I was, I was running an hour late and I remember calling my agent, I’m like I’m late. I’m gonna make a fool of myself. I was sweaty. It was, I was working on something else. I had a hat on, and I was like I’m just not gonna go into this. I don’t even know what it is. And he’s like just walk in. I think they’re still there. And I remember walking in like this, so ridiculous. Like I, I can’t believe I’m late. I feel so bad.

And then yeah, it worked out. And now I’m so glad that I did, ’cause that I had, I guess that’s maybe a recurring thing in my life, like if I’m like a couple, I’m like no, I can’t do this, but, um, it sit, my mom’s over there nodding, yes. Yes it is. [LAUGHING.] Um, but yes, so this is, this has been awesome.

SB : Well, yeah, I, I treat every role as though it is the most important thing in the world. And a friend of mine wrote a song called Soldier A, and it’s, it’s about like the, the most innocuous character who, who dies every episode, but you have to invest as a voice actor. Especially on camera, we don’t have the luxury of grabbing a role and carrying it, you know, through a whole series and being able to depend on that for, ah, income. In the case of the show, of course, it’s a little bit different, but, ah, there’s so many shows that I work on where I am literally fired every day.

I go in, I work one day on a show and I’m on to the next thing, and so I treat every character with great reverence and I’m very grateful for the ones that I book. So, ah, to, to have invested that much into something like this and then it fleshes out to something like this, it’s gravy, it’s amazing.

Q : Do you have a favorite Star Wars character?

TG : Um, I hadn’t even seen all those, all those three films, so I had, yeah, then caught up, Anakin. I had, ah, when he was young and racing the pods, um, because I had played like the, ’cause Star Wars has everything. I, I play the video game where you’re racing through the, the deserts…

SB : The pod racing.

TG : Pod racing. [SOUNDS LIKE: Thank you.] I just needed reassurance from somebody. Ah, and, and, ah, I thought Anakin. He was young. He was the hero and, and he was my favorite character, but Darth Sidious, that’s a much cooler character. We met Ray Park when we went out to the, um, weekends and he was, um, Darth Maul. And I thought he was awesome, ’cause I hadn’t seen all those [SOUNDS LIKE: shows], so that is another character that I think is so cool, but I, ah, I hope that kids like the characters from this show as well. And I think it will be a lot of fun.

SB : They probably will.

Q : What was your favorite scene to voice over?

SB : Well, well, pretty much, I don’t know. I–I love, I love all of it for so many different reasons. I, I think one of my very favorite scenes that I’ve seen so far was Ezra’s realization that he was doing something of value. Ah, after our first initial struggle, and then stealing stuff, and he’s sitting there and we’re giving away, ah, food, and that was the whole, ah, purpose of our mission. And we’re risking our lives to do that. And to see that look of, of, ah, realization on his face where he’s just going, well, I didn’t do anything.

It’s like he didn’t deserve the praise and you see a little bit of a transformation in him [SIMULTANEOUS TALKING] and that was, that was a very powerful moment for me.

Q : Another moment is when he realized you came back for him, another strong turning point.

SB : And for me actually not taking care of him and letting him go, that was a really hard thing for me to play as, as a dad. It was really hard for me to, to just say see, you’re on your own, and leaving him with the empire. I mean, that was, that was terrible, but thank God we resolved that. [LAUGHING.] I can sleep now.

Cooking Mama 5 Nintendo 3DS Video Game

Can we play it can we play it. This is what I hear when Cooking Mama 5 comes into the house. We received a sample from the brand and off we go to play. The original kitchen diva that created the cooking genre is set to school you with brand new mouth-watering recipes and household mini-games. Cook your way through classic fare, exotic cultural dishes and sweet treats to delight the palate! Fun stylus-based activities will keep you busy around the house and prove to Mama that you’ve got the culinary chops to play in her kitchen!


Zoe loves being in the kitchen, her play kitchen, mom’s real kitchen and even in any virtual kitchen she can find so playing this game is enjoyable to her.

Key Game Features include:


· The latest addition in the successful Mama franchise: 13 million+ games sold worldwide!

· Unlock 60+ recipes as you progress. Test your skills with new appetizers, drinks, main dishes and desserts including: pork cutlet rice bowl, chicken nuggets, BBQ skewers, pumpkin gratin, raisin bread, Hawaiian pancakes, gingerbread cookies and much more!

· Step out of the kitchen and help Mama with more than 30 new activities around the shop and house: feed the pets, deliver orders, make change, serve ice cream, wash dishes, pick apples, organize, draw and more.

· Six gameplay modes feature intuitive stylus-based activities:

o Let’s Cook: Create recipes step-by-step with Mama on hand to help you.

o Cooking Dojo: Earn medals in timed challenges that reward you for quick and accurate preparation.

o Help the Store: Work the register and play waitress at Mama’s Burger Shop.

o Help Harvest: Gather your recipe fixins’ before you cook.

o Let’s Help Mama: Step outside the kitchen and assist Mama as CEO of the household with fresh activities that make “chores” fun and rewarding.

o Let’s Study: Number and word games mix up the kitchen fun.

· Earn furniture and decorations via SpotPass to customize your menus and game screens. Make your kitchen your own with stained glass, wallpaper, picture frames, plants, holiday items and more. You can even customize Mama’s outfit!

· Single cart download play offers multiplayer cook offs for up to four players.

· Gyroscope and accelerometer support for certain recipes.

Why Use A Glass Drinking Straw

While I had braces I used a straw all the time. It was the easiest way to eat and drink. It wasn’t a difficult transition because I love drinking through straws anyway. Tribest has recently released new BPA-Free, glass straws. They are really nice because they come with a straw cleaner.


I’m no longer using straws because of my braces. I am now using them because I am making smoothies and juices and when you have a protein powder sometimes there is residue left inside the straw; making it difficult to get clean. The glass is much easier to clean in the dishwasher and if there is anything left just drag that straw cleaner though it and run it through the dishwasher again.

Concerns for the environment warrant special consideration for the choices we make every day. Each container we drink, eat or store food can make an impact on the ecology. Keeping in mind that only 20% of plastics produced make it to a recycling center, Tribest is introducing highest quality glass straws as a way to replace plastic straws. Made from borosilicate glass, these straws are made from the safest and strongest glass commercially available. They are dishwasher and microwave safe and comes with unprecedented lifetime guarantee — if it breaks, it will be repaired or replaced. Try ordering one today and elevate your drinking experience while helping the environment!

Tribest GlassDharma drinking straws are:

• 100% handmade in California

• Great for all hot or cold drinks

• Perfect for specialty drinks such as bubble teas, shakes and ice teas, and smoothies.

• Durable

• Kid-friendly and safe

• Elegantly green

• Guaranteed for a lifetime

My New Weight loss Plan: HookedUp

Samples provided

About three years ago I was really motivated to lose weight and I had this shapewear that helped me lose weight. The idea is that when you are wearing shapewear it takes more effort to move those joints and you burn more calories. I don’t know if it actually worked but I know that at that period in time between my exercise, eating, and shapewear I went down two sizes. I was down to a size four. I currently find myself going the wrong direction on the scale and clothing sizes so I’m really trying to get motivated again and hoping that shapewear will help me again. 


I have received some samples from HookedUp: The Perfect Shapewear! I’m really excited to start using it. It’s hard to look fabulous when you feel self-conscious and fat, and traditional shapewear can cause even more problems by rolling down or pinching skin. HookedUp shapewear is different: it hooks directly to your favorite bra, so it can’t roll down. Hide any worrisome areas and ensure that all of your clothes, from tight knits to form-fitting dresses, are flawless.



Back Smoothing Bras

These bras aren’t just for curvy ladies. Traditional bras have metal hardware, back closures, and adjusters that can show through clothes, spoiling your look. Smoothing bras from companies like Montelle Intimates keep you looking smooth and sleek in anything.


Seamless Underwear

The only thing worse than underwear that shows through clothes is underwear that keeps riding up. Banish them both with no-show panties that disappear beneath your clothes, like Commando’s Better Than Nothing Thong. These panties hug your curves to keep lines undetectable, and a seam-free, silicone edge keeps them in place.


It’s easier than you thought to feel like yourself again. With these discreet shaping products, you’ll have your figure back in a flash.


Style: High Waist Shaping Slip

Price: $68

Where to Buy:

Join Us For The Folgers Flavors Twitter Party Oct 22 1 PM EST #RemixYourCoffee

We are so happy to participate in the Folgers Flavors Twitter Party on October 22nd at 1 PM EST. We would love for you to join us in the fun and chat about all the great new flavors and how easy it is to have that perfect cup of coffee. Folgers is excited to put flavor control is in your hands with the introduction of NEW Folgers® Flavors – portable and convenient flavor enhancers in four delicious varieties that make it easy to customize your perfect cup of coffee anytime, anywhere.  And I’m on the road today sitting in my car while the kids are at dance and just added some flavor to my morning cup of coffee. YUM!


Folgers Flavors:


Thinking of all these great flavors and having tried them makes me hope they come out with some holiday flavors. Think of all the flavor possibilities in just a squirt.

You may not know this about me but I grew up on Folgers coffee, it’s the only brand my dad will drink. So that’s what we had and that’s a brand I know and trust. Truly a brand that has been loved by my family for generations now.

Enough of the serious now let’s have fun. Join us at the party, follow Folgers on Twitter @Folgers and use the hashtag #RemixYourCoffee.

The party will be on October 22nd at 1 PM Eastern.

Tweet you there!

10 Halloween Crafts Fit For Your Little Frankenstein

My kids LOVE doing crafts and thanks to our lovely team here at MomStart we have collected 10 fun Crafts fit for your little Frankenstein. Each one is a different way to make Frankenstein.

Frankenstein crafts

  1. Tin Can Creatures: Frankenstein
  2. Popsicle Stick Frankenstein Craft for Kids to Make
  3. Frankenstein Pancakes
  4. Franken-dough
  5. Paint Chip Halloween Craft
  6. Halloween Treat Bags & Boxes
  7. Halloween Block Project
  8. Frankenstein Footprint and Handprint Art
  9. Frankenstein Hand Print
  10. Frankenstein Puppet

Quick & Easy Gluten Free Immaculate Baking Mixes

Samples Received

I love to bake but can’t always find the time to bake. Cooking from scratch sometimes takes more time because you have to first have all the right ingredients, then second measure them all out, put them all away and it can be a process. Boxed or prepared mixes are reliable and convenient. But when you bake from scratch, you know exactly which ingredients were used to create the cakes, cookies and other baked goods your family and friends are consuming. It’s a choice.


Just in time for the busy holiday baking season, Immaculate Baking now offers eight new scratch mixes that marry convenience and great taste with simple and carefully selected ingredients. Their scratch baking mixes include the same ingredients you would choose if baking from scratch.


I’m super excited they sent me these mixes because I haven’t had time to bake and I’ve been craving some cookies. I have been sick since Wednesday and on Sunday I was REALLY craving some cookies. I picked up the Gluten Free Chocolate Cookie mix, added two eggs and some oil and voila instant cookies. Easy to clean up too, just put the bowl and cookie sheets in the dishwasher when finished baking and my kitchen was clean and I had good cookies with little effort.

The new offerings, made from wholesome, natural ingredients include:

• All Natural Chocolate Cake Scratch Baking Mix

• All Natural Yellow Cake Scratch Baking Mix

• All Natural Brownie Scratch Baking Mix

• Organic All Purpose Flour

• Organic Pancakes & Waffle Mix

• Gluten Free Double Chocolate Cookie Mix

• Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

• Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Mix

All of Immaculate Baking’s convenient baking solutions are made without use of GMOs and have been enrolled for Non-GMO Project Verification. Currently, over half of Immaculate Baking’s products are Non-GMO Project Verified; Immaculate Baking anticipates its entire lineup will be Non-GMO Project Verified in the near future.

ABOUT Immaculate Baking:

Immaculate Baking began with a cookie. While some kids were forming garage bands, Scott Blackwell used his garage to manifest a simple dream with dogged determination. He resolved to create, perfect, and share his mouth-watering, wholesome, homemade cookies, like the classic Chocobilly. Welcome to Immaculate Baking.

Just For U Coupons & The Many Proteins of Hillshire Brands #BringHillshireHome #AD

This is a compensated post with MomitForward, our opinions are our own.

I’m a huge fan of the Hillshire Farm brands including it’s Jimmy Dean line and have been for years; I think since I married my husband. You see, he’s a super taster and even though I may buy other sausage brands his preference is Jimmy Dean and we always come back to it. I’ve even been to the headquarters of Hillshire Brands thanks to my blog so the love is there. I’ve even met the sun. He’s awesome!


You know what I also love? Shopping at Safeway using my Just For U coupons app. I’ve been using this app for over a 2 years now and I Love love love it. Wow, how time flies it feels like it was just yesterday that the app came out. The Safeway Just for U app is available on the iPhone, droid, and Windows Phone, well the Windows Phone version is made by someone other than Safeway and you have to pay for it if you want more than three coupons to you per day so it really kind of stinks. But the droid and iPhone version is really cool because you get personalized deals, consumer coupons and Safeway deals all in one location. I like to use it to make my grocery list and see how much I’m going to save.

What do these two things have to do with one another? You guessed it. Jimmy Dean is part of the Hillshire Brand and all of the Hillshire Brands have coupons available to you on the Safeway Just For U app.

• Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage -$.55/1
                       • Products: Hillshire Farm Rope and Link Sausage, American Craft Links
• Hillshire Farm Cocktails (Lil Smokies) – $.55/1
• Jimmy Dean Refrigerated Sausage -$.55/1
• Roll Sausage, Fully Cooked Crumbles, Links and Patties
• Jimmy Dean Frozen -$1/1
• Frozen Breakfast (Delights or Red Box)
• State Fair Corn Dogs – $1/1
• Ball Park Hot Dogs -$.55/1
• Ball Park Hot Dogs or Park’s Finest from Ball Park


I took these coupons and found some Frozen Breakfast sandwiches at Safeway. We love the Jimmy Dean Sausage, Egg & Cheese Croissant Sandwiches and I have recently decided that I like the Jimmy Dean Delights! Our freezer is stocked full of the Croissant Sandwiches and we have a few of the other Jimmy Dean Frozen options like the grilled steak and pulled pork.

Jimmy Dean Delights


This is the Jimmy Dean Golden Roasted Turkey Delight. Yum Yum. With 13 grams of protein and only 210 calories, I was impressed!

We have 8 other bloggers with really great ideas on how to use Hillshire Farm products. Check them out below

10 Halloween Inspired Cookie Recipes

Halloween is the beginning of baking season and that’s my favorite time of year. Here are 10 different Halloween inspired cookie surprises.

Halloween cookies

  2. 2.  Gingerbread Vampires
  3. 3.  Halloween Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies
  4. 4.  “Candy Corn” Cookies
  5. 5.  Pumpkin {Shaped} Cookies
  6. 6.  Chocolate Peanut Butter Spider Cookies
  7. 7.  Candy Corn Cookies
  8. 8   Jack-o-Lantern Oreo Pops
  9. 9   Gooey Monster Cookies
  10. 10 Witch Hat Peanut Butter Cookies