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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf GoodNites* TRU-FIT*.

I want to start off by saying that we’re part of the twitter party on 9/24 and we would love for you guys to joining us. It’s the #Trufitwalmart twitter party at 11:00 am EST. We will be chatting about bedwetting and how GoodNites* TRU-FIT can help. Now available at Walmart are the brand new GoodNites* TRU-FIT*, a truly comfortable fit for little ones that makes them feel like they are still wearing normal underwear because really they are. GoodNites* TRU-FIT* is machine-washable, real underwear with disposable, absorbent inserts that help keep sheets and PJs dry all night. We took them piece by piece so you can see how it fits and works together keeping your child dry at night.

You have the disposable insert…

GoodNites* TRU-FIT* Underwear with GoodNites* TRU-FIT* Absorbent Insert = Outstanding Nighttime Protection.

image The washable underwear….

GoodNites* TRU-FIT* is available in Walmart and for boys and girls in sizes S/M and L/XL with colors and patterns for each size.


And the fitted location for the insert.

GoodNites* TRU-FIT* provides outstanding leakage protection with a six-layer advanced absorbent technology to help lock in wetness.


Bedwetting is more common than people believe because no one wants to talk about it. It’s embarrassing to the child and sometimes even embarrassing to the parent. According to a GoodNites® brand study, it’s estimated that 1 in 6 children between the ages of 4-12 in the United States suffer from nocturnal enuresis, more commonly known as bedwetting. On occasion it happens in our house and my son hates telling me about it because he’s embarrassed. GoodNites* TRU-FIT* offers a new choice for parents and children looking for a superior bedwetting product to help families have a better night, every night.

Join us Wednesday, September 24 from 8:00am – 9:00am PST/ 11:00am – 12:00pm EST #Trufitwalmart to learn more about the misnomers of bedwetting and the success of Trufit.

Bedwetting is a fairly common condition that a child cannot control or be trained out of.


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Visit the Better Night Network at and the GoodNites Facebook page for more information on bedwetting solutions and advice from trusted experts. And use #TruFitWalmart


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf GoodNites* TRU-FIT*.

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More About YouthSpark: Microsoft Expands Free Tech Resources

YouthSpark, launched two years ago this month to provide opportunities to 300 million young people around the world and specifically the technical skills and education that experts say youth need to get jobs and start businesses. In an effort to reach even more young people, Microsoft today announced:

· The TEALS program (Technology Education And Literacy in Schools) is doubling its reach in the U.S. This year, TEALS is placing software engineers as volunteer computer science teachers in 131 high schools across 18 states plus Washington, D.C. This is an increase from 70 schools in 12 states last year. The program’s expansion is an effort to meet the rising demand for computer science education. 

· The popular YouthSpark Summer Camps at Microsoft retail stores won’t end this fall. Across all full-line Microsoft Stores in the United States andclip_image002 Canada, YouthSpark Summer Camps are expanding to a full school year program of field trips for K-12 students.

· To celebrate and support young innovators around the world, Microsoft is launching Imagine Cup 2015, the worldwide student technology contest. Students ages 16 and older are invited to register for the Imagine Cup 2015 season and learn about the many opportunities to compete throughout the year.

· And for the millions of youth around the world that still face a digital divide, Microsoft is expanding its Digital Literacy Curriculum to 10 more languages to increase youth access to the basic technology skills they’ll need to help cross the opportunity divide.

Joshua Uwadiae from the UK got a second chance when he enrolled in an apprenticeship program and went from being a high school dropout to an IT manager with a promising future.  Joshua’s story, and the stories of other “YouthSpark Stars” underscore the program’s impact but also the movement that is being made to address the youth unemployment gap.

The Talkback Toy! Little Live Pets Birds

We received a sample.


Little Live Pets are the newest interactive line of pet birds that look and act like a real pet. Each Bird responds to touch, fits easily in the palm of the hand, and makes 30 different sounds, including tweeting, chirping and even whistling popular nursery rhymes. Kids will love the Birds’ unique chatter back recording feature, which allows them to talk to their bird and hear it talk back!  Pat your bird and hear it tweet happily as it responds to your touch. The more you play with your bird the happier it becomes, when your bird is super happy it will even whistle you a special tune!


I received the Little Live Pets Bird and took it on vacation with me. My intention was to give it to one of the little girls that we were visiting. Her name is Kylie, and when she saw the bird she fell in love. Before I even turned it on she asked it if it would be her best friend. I immediately turned it on and told her to ask it again, while I held down the record button, she couldn’t see what I was doing and right after she said it in the cutest voice ever, it repeated the question back to her.

“Will you be my best friend”

She smiled so big and said yes, you’re my best friend now!


It was one of those moments where you wish more than anything you had a recorder on you at all times.

I took this video with my daughter:


Between my daughter and I over the next few days we taught the bird quite a few different phrases and the more attention you give the bird the more noise it makes, the more nursery rhymes it tells you and the more phrases it says from what you taught it to say. It’s one of those toys that you either love it or you hate it. We loved it. Even my mom loved it. She loved it so much that it ended up living with her instead of coming back home to our house with us.

Interview with Benedict Comberbatch: Penguins of Madagascar

This is a really cute interview with Benedict Comberbatch who plays a new penguin in Penguins of Madagascar.




This fun video is the official launch of The DreamWorks Download, a weekly look into the excitement that’s happening at DreamWorks Animation! From behind the scenes of new animated movies to one-on-one interviews with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, The DreamWorks Download is the web’s VIP pass into an awesome world of animated magic.


About DreamWorksTV

DreamWorksTV combines DreamWorks Animations’ expertise as a global family entertainment brand with the digital savvy of AwesomenessTV to create a YouTube channel featuring original live action and animated content. Helmed by AwesomenessTV’s Brian Robbins, DreamWorksTV showcases original short-form content that is laugh-out-loud funny, introducing fresh new voices as well as iconic characters.  Family-friendly versions of reality TV and original animated web series from top creators are featured along with Vlog posts from DreamWorks Animation’s stable of fan favorite characters.  Visit DreamWorksTV at, “like” them on Facebook using keyword “DreamWorksTV” and follow them on Twitter @DreamWorksTV.

Maintaining Three Jobs

After talking to my kids they now say that I have three jobs and it’s the truth. I’m their teacher, their mom and all being a mom entails, and my blog, well sort of. After a day full of home schooling I have no energy or bandwidth for anything else. Even right now I’m so tired I’d rather just sit in front of the TV than respond to any of my e-mails.

I can barely sit here and write this post, my brain is just mush. The point of this post is that I’m thinking about all those moms that have full times jobs. Come home make dinner run their family lives and then start blogging. I know a lot of moms that have blogs that are more successful than mine and they juggle all three. I have no idea how to do it.

I’m taking each day at a time and finding it more important to get AWAY from the computer every day. When we are done with school we go outside. I’m doing play dates and I’m getting outside. Who knows when and if the rain comes back so I have to enjoy the outdoors. Gahh, I better not even ponder on what we’re going to do when and if the rain comes back.

Writing, I’m thinking I need to just sit and write on a Saturday or Sunday but I’m just not sure I can. I worked so hard to have my Saturday’s and Sundays’ off. I think what I need to reach is a point where it’s ok if I’m not working. I just don’t know if I can let it go….

Kelly & Cal Movie Ticket Giveaway

We are giving away movie tickets to go see Kelly & Cal


Kelly & Cal Movie Synopsis

Punk-rocker turned suburban mom, Kelly (a fantastic Juliette Lewis), is nostalgic for a life she can no longer have and uncertain of a future she doesn’t yet fit in. Seventeen-year-old Cal (Jonny Weston in a breakthrough performance) is frustrated at his lack of control over the hand he’s been dealt. When the two strike up an unlikely friendship, it’s the perfect spark needed to thrust them both back to life.


invites you and a guest to see KELLY & CAL!

Send an email to SEATTLE@43KIX.COM with your name and address and the subject line “K&C – MOM START” for your chance to win run-of-engagement passes!

10 Pistachio Inspired Recipes

I love nuts and my favorite nut is the Pistachio, so we found some of the best 10 recipes on the web using Pistachios.

pistachios recipes


1. Chocolate Rum Kiss Cocktail Recipe

2. Pistachio Marble Pound Cake

3. Garlic Scape Pistachio Pesto Hummus

4. Emerald Isle Pistachio Cupcakes

5. My “everything but the kitchen sink” Meatloaf

6. Roasted Balsamic Strawberry Crostini with Mascarpone Whipped Cream and Pistachios

7. Pistachio Fluff Salad

8. Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti

9. Creme Brulee Pistachio Macarons

10. Pistachio Chocolate Chip Cookies

VSP Vision Care: The Importance Of Getting Your Eyes Checked #SeeMuchMore

This is a partnered post, all opinions are my own.

Going back to school means it’s time to check everything. We check out clothes to see if everything fits perfectly for the first day. We go to the doctor to have our health checked and see if we need any new shots for the new school year. My kids are so happy they don’t need shots for a few years at least. And some schools do hearing and eye tests with in school screenings. And regardless of if your school does the check or not you should get them checked; especially your eyes. I’m working with VSP Vision Care, the largest national not-for-profit in vision care, and they shared a few reasons why you should get your eyes checked:


· Eye exams are important for everyone in your family – from babies to adults, and everyone in between.

· Annual eye exams are important to your overall health. They allow eye doctors to detect eye conditions as well as early signs of health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

· As you get your children ready to go back to school, don’t forget that getting them an annual comprehensive eye exam can help them learn and experience life to the fullest.

· Many experts believe that 80 percent of what we learn is through our eyes, making a comprehensive eye exam one of the most important ways parents can give their child the best chance at success this school year.

· One in four children has an undetected vision condition.

o A child doesn’t know what good vision is if he or she has never experienced it.

o Because eye health plays a major role in academic growth, it’s common for a vision problem to be mistaken as a learning disability.

o Undetected vision conditions can negatively impact learning development and contribute to frustrated students, poor grades and behavioral issues. 

· Comprehensive eye exams can detect what school vision screenings cannot.

o While in-school screenings do help identify some vision problems, such as near and farsightedness, they do not test for all of the problems that a comprehensive eye exam does, like diabetes and hypertension – both growing health concerns for children.

o Two of the most common vision problems a screening can miss are eye coordination and lazy eye. These conditions can usually both be corrected as long as they identified and treated early!

· Children’s eyes develop rapidly until about the age of seven – making early detection essential in correcting potentially permanent vision issues.


VSP Vision Care reinvests in the things its nearly 66 million members value most – the best care at the lowest out-of-pocket costs. With a network of 30,000 eye care providers, VSP members have the freedom to choose the provider, location and eyewear that’s right for them. It’s easy to see why VSP is consumers’ #1 choice in vision care. Need help with all that? Use

image is a one-stop site for all the information you need about enrolling in vision benefits. The site includes a virtual savings calculator to estimate your savings with VSP vision benefits. There is also helpful information about maintaining healthy vision that can be found at the Learn About Your Eyes section of the site. You can even play an interactive game for a chance to win prizes.

So Go make an eye appointment for back to school season, it’s good for your health!