The Final Re-cap of the #ATTPROAM #ATTBLOGGER

Watching a golf game through the “Fan’s Eye View” was a lot more fun than just watching a regular game of golf. But who am I kidding? The #ATTPROAM isn’t just a regular game of golf. The AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am is a famous golf tournament and an experience that raises money for charity. Golf Pros, Hollywood celebrities and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs play together to raise millions of dollars in donations. Some familiar names that that attended were Billy Murray, Don Cheadle, Jake Owen, Josh Duhamel, Andy Garcia, Chris O’Donnell, Kelly Slater and many others including Larry the Cable Guy. Larry was really vocal and fun to watch on twitter. The “Fan’s Eye View” really brought all of the best features of the week to life.




The foursome, made up of Tim Lang – Military Veteran, Katie Horsford – First Tee Mentor, Dan McLaughlin of The Dan Plan and Tiffany Fitzgerald of Black Girls Golf , had an amazing journey. The “Fans Eye View” promotion really engaged golf fans through the four fans chosen because they shared what people like to see: The fun, the atmosphere and the people of golf, anyone on social media was able to enjoy all aspects of the game.

I learned quite a bit following along, I got to see the latest technology surrounding the game and I had no idea what kind of training exercises were out there for golfers. I would have loved to have been one of the four learning first hand how the money from the Pro-Am is shared with the charities. These people were true ambassadors for the game and you could see it all week long. I was wondering how much sleep they were getting because of how much fun I saw them having. I hope that more sports pick up this type of social media sharing because it really brought the sport of golf to life.

I am an #ATTBLOGGER. This post is brought to you by AT&T, celebrating 30 years of the #ATTPROAM. All opinions are 100% my own.

5 Days Left to Have the King’s Hawaiian Starring Roll

King’s Hawaiian makes some of the best rolls around right? We received some coupons to purchase some rolls for the starring roll and we invite you to enter the contest as well. You have 5 Days left to enter the King’s Hawaiian Starring Roll.



20-24 servings, 30 min to prep., 3 hr. to marinate, 30 min. cook


  • 3 lbs (about 9 pieces) boneless/skinless chicken thighs
  • 1 ½ oz Italian dressing
  • 1 tablespoon dried oregano
  • 1 tablespoon dried basil
  • 1 ½ green bell pepper, cut to the size of the dinner roll
  • 1 ½ red bell pepper, cut to the size of the dinner roll
  • ¾ red onion, cut to the size of the dinner roll
  • ¾ cup mayo
  • 2 (12-pack) KING’S HAWAIIAN Original Hawaiian Sweet Dinner Rolls (cut horizontally)
  • Fresh pineapple, for garnish


  1. Mix oregano, basil, and Italian dressing.
  2. Cut the peppers and onion into slices small enough to fit the King’s Hawaiian Original Sweet Roll.
  3. Add chicken and vegetables to marinade and mix. Be sure to evenly coat all ingredients.
  4. When the chicken and vegetables are evenly coated with the marinade, refrigerate (for food safety) for about three hours.
  5. Heat grill pan over a medium-high heat. Grill chicken until cooked. Grill vegetables until tender.
  6. Spread mayo on both sides of the roll and assemble sliders, in this order: bottom of bread, chicken, bell pepper, onion, top of bread. Use a toothpick to skew a pineapple garnish and hold the sandwich in place.

To Create Pineapple Garnish:

  1. Cut fresh pineapple lengthwise into ½ inch slabs.
  2. Lay pineapple slice onto a cutting board and use a star-shaped cookie cutter to cut pineapple.

Chef’s Tip: To add extra flavor and create beautiful grill lines use a cast iron skillet with ridges.


King’s Hawaiian is inviting fans to join in on the fun and throw an epic award show party – one worthy of an Academy Award or a Grammy. King’s Hawaiian understands that everyone wants the chance to turn on the glitz. This award season, get off the couch and join the party! Please join us as we celebrate the “Starring Roll” campaign. Visit for a chance to win a grand prize of $10,000.    

We like ours in quite a few different ways. Here are some Chili Dogs with Cheese and Fritos.


Then this next one has a hot dog with avocado, fried onions, and crab. It was so good!


The iPad Air 2 Thin Mobile & Strong & iPad Mini for $99.99 #ATTSeattle

I just traveled from Seattle to Los and it’s a very long trip. My husband and I took turns driving and while we weren’t driving we were playing on the iPad Air 2 that my AT&T rep loaned out to me. I’ve had two different iPads before but never the iPad Air nor have I ever had a wireless connection and now I’m in love! Apple devices are fun and having all the apps that everyone has is AMAZING. Which apps did we use on our car ride down?


We have downloaded HBO GO, Disney Anywhere, Bot Fight six, MAPS, and were quite entertained for hours. On the way down my husband found this new game The Simpsons Tapped Out and now we all have it on all our devices. I didn’t want to give the device back you know? I wanted to just keep it. The iPad is so light and easy to use and it’s just a whole lot of fun and the fingerprint security was used quite a bit. I loved being able to use my fingerprint instead of typing in my password everytime I wanted to download a new app. Also it’s nice to be able to use my fingerprint to give the kids access to apps on their iPods.

From launching apps to playing games to editing video, everything is more fluid and responsive on iPad Air 2. That’s because the all-new A8X chip with 64-bit desktop-class architecture provides 40 percent faster CPU performance than the A7 chip in the previous iPad Air. It also has 2.5 times the graphics performance. And yet iPad Air 2 still gives you up to 10 hours of battery life.


The new 8MP iSight camera has advanced optics, an improved sensor, and a more powerful image signal processor that let you capture incredibly detailed photos and 1080p video. You can also shoot high-resolution panoramas and time-lapse and slo-mo videos. The FaceTime HD camera is better than ever for video calls and selfies, especially in low light.2 The Retina display isn’t just a great viewfinder, it also helps make iPad Air 2 the perfect way to shoot, edit, and share your photos and videos. And there are many apps that take advantage of the built-in cameras, so you can do things like analyze your golf swing, virtually move furniture around your living room, or scan and store documents and receipts.


AT&T is now offering the iPad Mini for $99.99 on a 2-year wireless agreement with a new limited time promotion. Here’s what you need to do to get the promotional price:

· Purchase a new iPhone using AT&T Next

· Add a two-year wireless agreement for the iPad, which includes the option to add the iPad Mini to Mobile Share Value for $10 per month.

· Add wireless service for both the iPad and iPhone (like a Mobile Share Value plan)

Adding iPad Mini to your Mobile Share Value plan is $10 per month.2  Mobile Share Value plans also include Rollover Data so any data you don’t use this month rolls over to the next month.

AT&T Next offers customers who choose a new smartphone for $0 down the flexibility to upgrade earlier, with no annual service contract.  When you choose AT&T Next with our Mobile Share Value plans, you can take advantage of our best-ever pricing for your service plan and receive a monthly discount on the access charge for smartphone line between $15 and $25 dollars per line when compared to a smartphone on a new two-year wireless agreement. 

This promotion will only be around for a limited time, so be sure to visit a participating AT&T store or to take advantage of this great deal. See more at:

Dressing Kids Like Kids in LeTop

My daughter is now eight years old and I can’t stand it. When we go shopping the shorts are super duper short and all the clothes are starting to be more like teenage clothes and I’m not ready for her to dress like a teenager. Sadly I’m not even ready for her to dress like a pre-teen. I’m not even ready for her to dress like an eight year old. Luckily there are clothing brands like LeTop that keep them young and fashionable.

Zoe and I both love this outfit even when she went to get her head shots done the photographer loved it too. She had her put it on and then she changed her mind but I think it was because she didn’t have just the right color background, because the outfit is amazing. I have worked with LeTop for longer than Zoe has been alive. I’ve worked with them when I was working in a boutique before both of my kids were born. They have always had the most adorable children’s clothes from newborn to size 7 or 6x and 6x fits my eight year old quite well. And the quality is top notch!



La Belle Chiffon Poodle Shirt & Scalloped Leggings

Whether you hit Paris or the playground, she’ll look cuter than ever in this sweet set. The cotton-blend shirt features an embroidered poodle design complete with chiffon fur and a velvet bow at the collar. Leggings include off-white scalloped trims. Back buttons and an elasticized waist assist dressing.

  • Pair with sister Scalloped Dress with Pink Trims
  • 60% cotton/40% polyester; 100% cotton
  • Machine Washable
  • $54.00
  • Style # 126413





LeTop comes out with new designs every season. We look forward to what comes out next.

9 Top Tips on Developing Healthy Eating Habits

image(Image credit:

How many times have you found yourself impulsively tearing open that bag of chips and snacking away on it to satiate your evening hunger pangs? I bet you already know that doing so isn’t good for you, but yet, every now and then you keep hankering for quick comfort foods to fill your stomach.

Most of us are well aware of what we should and shouldn’t eat. And while we have both, healthy as well as unhealthy options before us, we often opt for the latter because of the convenience and the taste factors.

Eating healthy requires effort. In fact, lots of it.

Developing and sticking to healthy eating habits requires that you make a conscious decision to do so and learn to consistently make the right choices about what you consume. This may take time but getting started is half the battle won.

Wondering how to get there? Here are a few tips.

1. Plan Ahead

Planning is essential of the success of any strategy. So when you’re building a strategy for eating healthy, you will do well to decide what you’re going to eat a week in advance.

Think about what you’re going to need to support this plan and draft a grocery list accordingly. When you visit the store, pick up only the items mentioned in the list and nothing extra.

The list will help you stick to your plan and avoid the temptation of buying that bag of chips which always look so good to the eyes!

2. Do Not Skip Breakfast


(Image credit:

Starting your day on a healthy note will keep you motivated to eat wisely for the rest of the day as well. Make it a point that you eat a hearty and healthy breakfast. Not only will it keep you energized, it will also make it easy for you to not to succumb to hunger pangs.

3. Do Not Starve Yourself

It is important that you eat well without depriving yourself of food. Starvation will only make you prone to binging, which defeats the purpose of your plan. Eat freshly cooked meals in moderation and you should do well.

Even if you cannot cook your own meals for whatever reason, you can always engage meal-delivery services like FreshnLean vegan meal plans in place to provide you with freshly cooked, healthy meals at your doorstep. Nothing gets better (and easier) than this!

4. Be Aware of Food Peeves

You will have to make a conscious effort and pay attention to what you eat, how much you eat and how it makes you feel. Some foods tend to make you feel full quickly, or maybe even force you to spend the night in the bathroom.

This may happen because your body may not be able to assimilate certain kinds of food. It is, therefore, advised that you listen to your body and avoid eating such items.

5. Keep Natural Foods Handy

Many a time, we resort to eating a packet of chips due to the sheer accessibility and convenience it offers to satiate our hunger. What if fresh fruits and vegetables were easily accessible too?

It makes sense to stock your refrigerator with plenty of fresh produce. You can chop them up and store them in the fridge for times when you may be looking for something quick and healthy to snack on.

6. Eat Smart When Dining Out


(Image credit:

Don’t let the prospects of eating out ruin your plan to eat healthy. We all know restaurant food isn’t particularly high on the healthy quotient and is laden with calories. Even their salads can be high in fat content.

The good news is that some restaurants mention nutritional information on the menu itself to help you make relatively healthy choices. If not, you need to be smart and eat a small salad or a bowl of soup at home before heading out.

This will help you eat less at the restaurant. You could also split the meal and the dessert with your friend/partner and hence, consume lesser calories. When eating salads, ask the server to serve the dressing separately.

7. Know What You’re Consuming

This is easy. When buying packaged food from the supermarket, read the nutritional contents on the label to figure out whether it is healthy enough to be consumed. Make an effort to look for food that is low in fats, sodium, sugar and other preservatives.

8. Try to Relish What You Eat

Decide that you’re going to enjoy what you eat, especially because it is healthy. Start by taking the time to actually sit down, eating your meal slowly, and chewing it properly instead of gulping it down in a hurry.

Take in the natural colors, flavors and aroma of the food you eat to be able to truly relish it. Stop eating when you start to feel full to avoid overeating. Eat to feel satisfied, not stuffed.

9. Exercise Portion Control


(Image credit:

Make it a point to eat at least 3 healthy meals in a day. If you feel like snacking in between, do so but go for healthy items such as fruits, nuts, unbuttered and unsalted popcorn, low-fat yogurt, whole grain crackers, and so on. You can also eat several small meals throughout the day to prevent overeating.

Portion control is a great way to eat healthy and avoid overeating. Try eating your food in small-sized plates/bowls to feel like you’re eating the same amount of food.


All great things take time. One cannot expect their eating habits to change overnight, and depending on your habits so far, switching to healthy food will take a certain amount of time as well. You can give the above mentioned tips a shot and turn it into a gradual process to transform into a healthy eater. It should get easier once you get used to eating nutritious food. Very soon you will find yourself instinctively shunning unhealthy eatables in favor of healthier substitutes.

Getting to Know the Samsung Galaxy Alpha At AT&T #ATTSeattle

We will be receiving the Samsung Galaxy Alpha for a quick review from AT&T and I’m excited for it’s arrival. I love the Galaxy series phones and have never been disappointed with AT&T’s service. Samsung Galaxy’s phones always have great cameras, security and speed! And AT&T has a great offer going on right now.


Purchase the sleek and powerful Samsung Galaxy Alpha smartphone for $0 down with AT&T Next, and get a vivid 8″ display, lightweight Samsung Tab 4 8.0 Android tablet. See the terms at the bottom of the post!

Here are some of the highlights about the Samsung Galaxy Alpha:

Intelligence that truly makes an impression. Sleek outside. Smart inside: With stunning looks and innovative features, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha™ truly impacts your everyday life. The Galaxy Alpha includes:

· Thin and lightweight design with a metal bezel

· Crisp 4.7” Super AMOLED® display

· 12MP camera

· Built-in S Health™ application

· Fingerprint scanner


· Style that stands out: Function has never taken such a striking form. The Galaxy Alpha is engineered to enhance the everyday with a lightweight, slim design complete with a metal bezel.


· Attention to detail: Make each moment yours with the 12MP camera. It features a 4x digital zoom and pro editing tools, so you can enhance photos before you even get the shot. Plus, camera modes offer predefined settings for capturing photos.



· Stay entertained: Experience your favorite videos, movies, and games like never before. The 4.7” Super AMOLED HD display delivers HD clarity and rich colors.

Fingerprint Scanner

· The ultimate password: Protect your phone with the swipe of your finger. Use your fingerprint to automatically unlock your phone and add login credentials for easy access to popular websites.

S Health

· Meet your perfect workout partner: Set goals and stay motivated on your path toward better fitness. S Health lets you track your steps, challenge friends, earn badges, and get on-demand nutritional advice. Plus, you can even check your heart rate with the built-in heart sensor that responds to your touch.


Terms & Conditions:

2/9-3/29: FREE Samsung Tab 4 8 when bundled with any Samsung Galaxy smartphone on AT&T Next. Must buy a Samsung Galaxy smartphone via an AT&T Next installment agreement with qualified monthly wireless service plan (voice and data).  Must buy Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 via a new 2-year wireless agreement with qualified monthly data plan (min. $14.99). Items must be purchased together. $0 down with an AT&T Next installment plan. AT&T Next requires 30-month, 24- month, or 20-month 0% APR installment agreement and qualifying credit.

Exploring Rome with your Kids

    A splendid holiday in Rome is not just ideal for history buffs or adventure seekers. Any family that wants to visit the Eiffel Tower, Florence Cathedral, Colosseum, or the Roman Forum, will surely enjoy in this wonderful country.

    But if you are thinking about going on a trip to Italy with your children, careful planning and a whole lot of patience is needed if you want to further enjoy your trip., The city is quite big, so you need to have a keen eye on each family member. If it is your first time to go here, you need to map out all of the family-friendly hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions before you even land. To learn more about travelling to Rome with your kids, check out this short article below.


1. Pace yourself

    The city is surrounded with numerous monuments, historical sites, ruins, and museums to explore. It is highly recommended that you do not rush your visit and start exploring at your own pace. Start navigating the most accessible tourist attractions around your location. That way, you won’t have to waste your time travelling from one place to another.

2. Squeeze some play time on your schedule

    With so many historical sites to visit, you are probably super excited to explore every last one of them. However, do not forget that you are traveling with your kids. As much as you want them to learn about the rich culture of Rome, the young ones might get tired, bored, and cranky after jumping from one place to the next. Make sure that you take adequate rest every once in a while. In addition, find time to break away from the history lessons and just let them explore the local museums that cater to children. Explora il museo die bambini, for instance, is a museum where kids can learn more about science.

3. Rent some travel gear

    Instead of bringing your baby’s stroller to Rome, it is highly recommended that you just rent one instead. Most online services offer a lot of items ranging from nursery equipment, strollers, cribs, high chairs, travel cots, car seats, toys, and a whole lot more. This method will help you save luggage space, and will make your kids enjoy the trip further.

4. Let the young ones become more involved with the trip

    Before flying to Rome, make sure that you introduce your kids to the city. Together, you can read about the Roman Empire, or watch an online travel documentary about the place. This will help them become more interested about the trip. You can also let him decide which place to go next.

Care to share other useful tips when traveling to Rome with your kids? Share your thoughts below!

LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League Giveaway

A week ago my kids and I went to the screening of LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League Giveaway. They loved it and now pretend to be characters from the land of Bizarro.


In the Bizarro World Pack, Bizarro clones the Justice League and creates his own Bizarro League to help save his planet Htrae from the evil Darkseid. Join Batzarro, the world’s worst detective, angry Bizarra, and the scared Lantern GreenZarro, and more!

The movie starts with Superman being quite embarrassed by his counter part Bizarro so he takes him to a new land and tries to build him a city to take care of. Well even though Bizarro was lonely he made the best of it, only needing help once his citizens were being attacked. Thus the reason to create the Bizarro League. It’s a cute film for DC fans and LEGO fans which my son is both.

After the movie we were able to listen to the cast chat about making the film and how much fun they all have working together. At first the kids were really worried they were going to be bored but then they thought the actors were pretty funny.

You can gain access to all of the great content in the LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham DLC Season Pass for $14.99. The DLC Season Pass allows players to access six add-on content packs: Bizarro World, Man of Steel, Dark Knight, Batman 75th, Arrow and soon-to-be released, The Squad Pack! You can also purchase each Season Pass pack separately for $2.99 each.


Now you can enter to win a LEGO set from the DC LEGO world.



Enter to win:

Blu-ray AND Green Lantern vs. Sinestro LEGO

To Enter:

Tell me who your favorite Bizarro would be

Extra Entries:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What Does Neil Patrick Harris Need For The Viral Oscar Selfie?

A selfie by Ellen DeGeneres, to be specific. On Sunday, Neil Patrick Harris will set out to capture his own viral selfie at the 87th Academy Awards. AT&T thought you guys would want to know what tools you can use to get the best selfie.


The majority of the selfie-taking world knows to tilt their head to the side and find light that perfectly illuminates their face—not to mention the “duck face” pose that is so 2014

So what does it take to snap a viral selfie in 2015?

With a little help from AT&T, you’ll be on your way to the next Ellen-worthy selfie just in time for the Oscars. 

· Channel your inner-Ellen with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the same model of phone that she used to snap the winning shot. This newer model is even better, as it boasts a wide-angle 3.7MP selfie-optimized, front-facing camera.

· Embrace the “surprised look.” Goodbye, “duck face,” you’re a thing of the past. The faux-surprised face is the new selfie trend

· Go big or go home with a tablet. With a larger screen and Retina display, the Apple iPad mini makes selfie-snapping and editing a breeze. The best news is you can get one for only $99.99 with a limited time promotion from AT&T. 


· Create a “velfie,” a video selfie. The next big thing in viral posting is the “velfie:” a selfie in video form, about 5-6 seconds long.

· Befriend the selfie stick or mount. The Joby GripTight Mount ($19) is the perfect accessory to take your selfie game to the next level. It is the only tripod mount that supports almost any phone.

· Go EXTREME, with the GoPro Hero3+ ($299)


All of these products are available at AT&T!

5 Things to do in Canada’s Cultural Capital, Ville de Montreal

Montreal is a vibrant mega city full of art, culture, architectural masterpieces and good food. The city is well planned and laid out, with a highly efficient public transportation system and a network of bike routes, giving Montreal a more European flavor than the rest of Canada. There’s so much to do here, this article won’t be enough to cover all the magnificent activities and attractions this great city has to offer. So, let’s get started!

1. Head up to Mont Royal

When you’re in Montreal, be sure to include a trip to Mont Royal, the 760-ft. high hill Montreal was named after. Parc du Mont-Royal was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, co-creator of New York’s Central Park. The park offers spectacular views of the entire city, with the Chalet du Mont Royal serving as a wonderful lookout spot. The park is famous for its diverse flora and fauna, and is one of Montreal’s best known and best loved spots.

2. Step back in time and visit Old Montreal

I’m a sucker for all things vintage, and Old Montreal is one fine glimpse into the past. Vieux- Montréal is the site of the original city of Montreal and is a cultural mecca, being the hub and hive of all things artsy. Cobblestone streets, sidewalk cafes and horse-drawn carriages will greet you as you set foot in this beautiful part of the city seemingly untouched by time.

Have a drink at one of the many cafes overlooking the river, or enjoy some performance art in the summertime. Most notable is the Hôtel de Ville or the old Town Hall, with its grand architecture and historic past.

3. Say a prayer at Montreal’s grand basilicas

Your Montreal trip wouldn’t be complete without dropping by the Basilique Notre-Dame, one of the city’s most visited attractions. The iconic church is home to a 7,000 pipe organ that’s estimated to be a hundred years old and is located at the rear chapel. It also houses the gigantic 11-ton Jean-Baptiste bell. When you hear those bells toll, better head on inside the church to see the beautiful ornate wood carvings, stained glass windows, centuries old statues and high vaulted ceilings.

There’s also the Basilique-Cathédrale Marie-Reine-du-Monde (Mary Queen of the World Cathedral), which is a small scale replica of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Don’t let the word “small scale” fool you, because this church sits proudly right smack in the middle of towering skyscrapers and can hold its own due to the 294 ft. high dome.

4. Experience Nature in the City

If you’re a nature lover or if you want your kids to experience nature up close and personal, go to the Montreal Biodome for a fun nature adventure. The Biodome is split into four ecosystems: a tropical rainforest, a Laurentian forest, a polar environment and the St. Lawrence marine habitat. The most awesome part of this adventure is you get to experience the changes in temperatures as you stroll through the entirety of the Biodome and enter each separate ecosystem. There are monkeys, bats, capybaras, puffins, marine wildlife and penguins!

Located next to the Biodome is the 185-acre Botanical Gardens, which is home to more than 26,000 species of flora thanks to 10 massive greenhouses each tailored to a specific theme, like the tranquil Japanese Zen garden that showcases bonsai trees and the Chinese Garden which features designs from the 14th to 17th century Ming Dynasty. Don’t touch any plants in the popular poisonous plant section though, unless you want a trip to the emergency room.

5. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Being the art and cultural capital of Canada, Montreal is home to a lot of museums. The Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montreal is the city’s most prestigious museum and has been building its collection of fine arts from renowned artists like Picasso, Rembrandt, Cézanne, El Greco and Renoir. The museum is also home to many Canadian and international masterpieces, plus a collection of artifacts from World War I.

Honorable Mention

As I said, we were bound to run out of real estate when talking about all the amazing things you can do in Montreal. A list like this should be 10x long! Anyway, other places you can go to that are worth mentioning are:

· Plateau – you should spend a day or more here. Go to every shop, every café and talk to everyone!

· Stroll the Underground – There’s a network of underground shops, restaurants and even movie theatres for when winter rolls in. A must see.

· The Food – I have to say, Montreal is a foodies’ paradise. Prepare to gain a few pounds when you visit. Don’t forget to try the smoked meat, the Montreal Bagel and their famous poutine.

· The Beer – There are tons of micro-breweries and if you love beer like the people of Montreal do, be sure to go to a few of them.

· Visit the Markets – A trip to Montreal wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Atwater market and Jean-Talon market.

There you have it folks! This list is far from complete because there are a whole lot more activities, events and festivals in Montreal you just have to experience for yourself. If you want to be near the action at all times, you can opt to stay in the many hotels or condos in the heart of Montreal, so you don’t ever miss out.