Why Use A Glass Drinking Straw

While I had braces I used a straw all the time. It was the easiest way to eat and drink. It wasn’t a difficult transition because I love drinking through straws anyway. Tribest has recently released new BPA-Free, glass straws. They are really nice because they come with a straw cleaner.


I’m no longer using straws because of my braces. I am now using them because I am making smoothies and juices and when you have a protein powder sometimes there is residue left inside the straw; making it difficult to get clean. The glass is much easier to clean in the dishwasher and if there is anything left just drag that straw cleaner though it and run it through the dishwasher again.

Concerns for the environment warrant special consideration for the choices we make every day. Each container we drink, eat or store food can make an impact on the ecology. Keeping in mind that only 20% of plastics produced make it to a recycling center, Tribest is introducing highest quality glass straws as a way to replace plastic straws. Made from borosilicate glass, these straws are made from the safest and strongest glass commercially available. They are dishwasher and microwave safe and comes with unprecedented lifetime guarantee — if it breaks, it will be repaired or replaced. Try ordering one today and elevate your drinking experience while helping the environment!

Tribest GlassDharma drinking straws are:

• 100% handmade in California

• Great for all hot or cold drinks

• Perfect for specialty drinks such as bubble teas, shakes and ice teas, and smoothies.

• Durable

• Kid-friendly and safe

• Elegantly green

• Guaranteed for a lifetime

My New Weight loss Plan: HookedUp

Samples provided

About three years ago I was really motivated to lose weight and I had this shapewear that helped me lose weight. The idea is that when you are wearing shapewear it takes more effort to move those joints and you burn more calories. I don’t know if it actually worked but I know that at that period in time between my exercise, eating, and shapewear I went down two sizes. I was down to a size four. I currently find myself going the wrong direction on the scale and clothing sizes so I’m really trying to get motivated again and hoping that shapewear will help me again. 


I have received some samples from HookedUp: The Perfect Shapewear! I’m really excited to start using it. It’s hard to look fabulous when you feel self-conscious and fat, and traditional shapewear can cause even more problems by rolling down or pinching skin. HookedUp shapewear is different: it hooks directly to your favorite bra, so it can’t roll down. Hide any worrisome areas and ensure that all of your clothes, from tight knits to form-fitting dresses, are flawless.



Back Smoothing Bras

These bras aren’t just for curvy ladies. Traditional bras have metal hardware, back closures, and adjusters that can show through clothes, spoiling your look. Smoothing bras from companies like Montelle Intimates keep you looking smooth and sleek in anything.


Seamless Underwear

The only thing worse than underwear that shows through clothes is underwear that keeps riding up. Banish them both with no-show panties that disappear beneath your clothes, like Commando’s Better Than Nothing Thong. These panties hug your curves to keep lines undetectable, and a seam-free, silicone edge keeps them in place.


It’s easier than you thought to feel like yourself again. With these discreet shaping products, you’ll have your figure back in a flash.


Style: High Waist Shaping Slip

Price: $68

Where to Buy: www.hookedupshapewear.com

Join Us For The Folgers Flavors Twitter Party Oct 22 1 PM EST #FolgersFlavors

We are so happy to participate in the Folgers Flavors Twitter Party on October 22nd at 1 PM EST. We would love for you to join us in the fun and chat about all the great new flavors and how easy it is to have that perfect cup of coffee. Folgers is excited to put flavor control is in your hands with the introduction of NEW Folgers® Flavors – portable and convenient flavor enhancers in four delicious varieties that make it easy to customize your perfect cup of coffee anytime, anywhere.  And I’m on the road today sitting in my car while the kids are at dance and just added some flavor to my morning cup of coffee. YUM!


Folgers Flavors:


Thinking of all these great flavors and having tried them makes me hope they come out with some holiday flavors. Think of all the flavor possibilities in just a squirt.

You may not know this about me but I grew up on Folgers coffee, it’s the only brand my dad will drink. So that’s what we had and that’s a brand I know and trust. Truly a brand that has been loved by my family for generations now.

Enough of the serious now let’s have fun. Join us at the party, follow Folgers on Twitter @Folgers and use the hashtag #FolgersFlavors.

The party will be on October 22nd at 1 PM Eastern.

Tweet you there!

10 Halloween Crafts Fit For Your Little Frankenstein

My kids LOVE doing crafts and thanks to our lovely team here at MomStart we have collected 10 fun Crafts fit for your little Frankenstein. Each one is a different way to make Frankenstein.

Frankenstein crafts

  1. Tin Can Creatures: Frankenstein
  2. Popsicle Stick Frankenstein Craft for Kids to Make
  3. Frankenstein Pancakes
  4. Franken-dough
  5. Paint Chip Halloween Craft
  6. Halloween Treat Bags & Boxes
  7. Halloween Block Project
  8. Frankenstein Footprint and Handprint Art
  9. Frankenstein Hand Print
  10. Frankenstein Puppet

Quick & Easy Gluten Free Immaculate Baking Mixes

Samples Received

I love to bake but can’t always find the time to bake. Cooking from scratch sometimes takes more time because you have to first have all the right ingredients, then second measure them all out, put them all away and it can be a process. Boxed or prepared mixes are reliable and convenient. But when you bake from scratch, you know exactly which ingredients were used to create the cakes, cookies and other baked goods your family and friends are consuming. It’s a choice.


Just in time for the busy holiday baking season, Immaculate Baking now offers eight new scratch mixes that marry convenience and great taste with simple and carefully selected ingredients. Their scratch baking mixes include the same ingredients you would choose if baking from scratch.


I’m super excited they sent me these mixes because I haven’t had time to bake and I’ve been craving some cookies. I have been sick since Wednesday and on Sunday I was REALLY craving some cookies. I picked up the Gluten Free Chocolate Cookie mix, added two eggs and some oil and voila instant cookies. Easy to clean up too, just put the bowl and cookie sheets in the dishwasher when finished baking and my kitchen was clean and I had good cookies with little effort.

The new offerings, made from wholesome, natural ingredients include:

• All Natural Chocolate Cake Scratch Baking Mix

• All Natural Yellow Cake Scratch Baking Mix

• All Natural Brownie Scratch Baking Mix

• Organic All Purpose Flour

• Organic Pancakes & Waffle Mix

• Gluten Free Double Chocolate Cookie Mix

• Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

• Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Mix

All of Immaculate Baking’s convenient baking solutions are made without use of GMOs and have been enrolled for Non-GMO Project Verification. Currently, over half of Immaculate Baking’s products are Non-GMO Project Verified; Immaculate Baking anticipates its entire lineup will be Non-GMO Project Verified in the near future.

ABOUT Immaculate Baking:

Immaculate Baking began with a cookie. While some kids were forming garage bands, Scott Blackwell used his garage to manifest a simple dream with dogged determination. He resolved to create, perfect, and share his mouth-watering, wholesome, homemade cookies, like the classic Chocobilly. Welcome to Immaculate Baking.

Just For U Coupons & The Many Proteins of Hillshire Farms & Jimmy Dean #BringHillshireHome #AD

This is a compensated post with MomitForward, our opinions are our own.

I’m a huge fan of the Hillshire Farm brands including it’s Jimmy Dean line and have been for years; I think since I married my husband. You see, he’s a super taster and even though I may buy other sausage brands his preference is Jimmy Dean and we always come back to it. I’ve even been to the headquarters of Jimmy Dean and Hillshire Farm thanks to my blog so the love is there. I’ve even met the sun. He’s awesome!


You know what I also love? Shopping at Safeway using my Just For U coupons app. I’ve been using this app for over a 2 years now and I Love love love it. Wow, how time flies it feels like it was just yesterday that the app came out. The Safeway Just for U app is available on the iPhone, droid, and Windows Phone, well the Windows Phone version is made by someone other than Safeway and you have to pay for it if you want more than three coupons to you per day so it really kind of stinks. But the droid and iPhone version is really cool because you get personalized deals, consumer coupons and Safeway deals all in one location. I like to use it to make my grocery list and see how much I’m going to save.

What do these two things have to do with one another? You guessed it. Hillshire Farms/Jimmy Dean have coupons available to you on the Safeway Just For U app.

• Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage -$.55/1
                       • Products: Hillshire Farm Rope and Link Sausage, American Craft Links
• Hillshire Farm Cocktails (Lil Smokies) – $.55/1
• Jimmy Dean Refrigerated Sausage -$.55/1
• Roll Sausage, Fully Cooked Crumbles, Links and Patties
• Jimmy Dean Frozen -$1/1
• Frozen Breakfast (Delights or Red Box)
• State Fair Corn Dogs – $1/1
• Ball Park Hot Dogs -$.55/1
• Ball Park Hot Dogs or Park’s Finest from Ball Park


I took these coupons and found some Frozen Breakfast sandwiches at Safeway. We love the Jimmy Dean Sausage, Egg & Cheese Croissant Sandwiches and I have recently decided that I like the Jimmy Dean Delights! Our freezer is stocked full of the Croissant Sandwiches and we have a few of the other Jimmy Dean Frozen options like the grilled steak and pulled pork.

Jimmy Dean Delights


This is the Jimmy Dean Golden Roasted Turkey Delight. Yum Yum. With 13 grams of protein and only 210 calories, I was impressed!

We have 8 other bloggers with really great ideas on how to use Hillshire Farm products. Check them out below


10 Halloween Inspired Cookie Recipes

Halloween is the beginning of baking season and that’s my favorite time of year. Here are 10 different Halloween inspired cookie surprises.

Halloween cookies

  2. 2.  Gingerbread Vampires
  3. 3.  Halloween Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies
  4. 4.  “Candy Corn” Cookies
  5. 5.  Pumpkin {Shaped} Cookies
  6. 6.  Chocolate Peanut Butter Spider Cookies
  7. 7.  Candy Corn Cookies
  8. 8   Jack-o-Lantern Oreo Pops
  9. 9   Gooey Monster Cookies
  10. 10 Witch Hat Peanut Butter Cookies

Dogs Like Halloween Treats Too! #PurinaHalloweenWM #ad

This post is sponsored by Lunchbox. All opinions are my own.

As a pet owner what wouldn’t you do for your dog. I love having a dog. They are so loyal and loving and just plain adorable and make your heart melt. They just make life an adventure as they are all so full of personality.


Do you ever celebrate Halloween with your dogs? We did. We’ve dressed our pups and we like to get them Halloween sweaters too. It gets cold up here and my black lab was always cold. One year my husband dressed up our puppy like a construction worker and he got himself a matching costume.  My sister dresses her pups up too. And she lets her dog hand out treats to the trick or treaters that come to her house.  Did you know that Walmart is a great place to get puppy costumes and Halloween Dog Treats. They have that everyday low price and a very large selection of dog costumes, dog sweaters and Purina dog treats.


If you want to celebrate Halloween with your dog then be sure to celebrate this year with Beggin’ – The Official Dog Treat of Halloween™! Our dogs love Beggin’ – The Official Dog Treat of Halloween™!  Want some free dog treats?

Head to the Purina Pet Park, it’s a portal on Walmart.com where you can play the Treat Seeker game for a chance to win one of 25,000 treat samples for your pet! The website is even more fun on a mobile phone so be sure to check it out with your cell phone and see the tilt capabilities, it’s pretty cool.


Don’t forget your pup this year while you are out trick or treating or handing out candy. They like to have special treats to, so head on over to Walmart and pick some up. While your there get to know the full array of Beggin’ and Purina Pet Treats! They’re the perfect way to “treat” your dog or cat this Halloween season.


Beggin’, the Official Dog Treat of Halloween™

Enter to Win:

Walmart gift card and Purina dog treats. Click here for ways to enter Purina Halloween 2014.

The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm by LeVar Burton

Earlier this year on one of my blogging adventures I met LeVar Burton. He gave the moms at the Social Media Moms conference in Disneyland a speech about the importance of reading and helping your kids develop a love of reading. I had no idea how many kids are out there that are not learning how to read. He has written a book for children to help them learn to express their emotions. The book is called, The Rhino who Swallowed a Storm.


When little Mica Mouse is scared by thunder booming outside her cozy home, Papa Mouse reaches for just the right story to comfort her. Hugging her close, he begins to read The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm. In this poetic book-within-a-book, a happy little rhinoceros is overwhelmed by a storm that sweeps away everything he loves. Swallowing the storm just makes him feel worse, so Rhino sets off on a whimsical journey toward healing. Along the way, he meets many friends, including a kind spider, a brave kangaroo, a wise tortoise, and an uplifting whale. With their help, Rhino lets go of the storm inside and learns to see the light in a world turned gray. Mica Mouse is soothed by the story and Papa’s gentle reminder that even though bad things sometimes happen, the world is full of people who care.


In his first children’s book, longtime Reading Rainbow host LeVar Burton gives us an engaging resource to help children express their feelings and navigate through difficult experiences. The “Take a Deeper Look” page at the end of the book even provides discussion questions to facilitate a healing dialogue.

About the Author:

Actor, director, and educator LeVar Burton has been an icon for more than 35 years. 1977’s TV miniseries Roots propelled the 19-year-old Burton onto the world stage with his unforgettable performance as Kunta Kinte. As Star Trek: The Next Generation’s blind chief engineer Geordi LaForge, Burton reminded audiences that it’s not our disabilities but our contribution to society that defines us. However, it’s his 31st year as host, producer, and now co-owner of Reading Rainbow where Burton has had his greatest impact, delivering the message of the importance of literacy and reading to generations of children. Coauthor Susan Schaefer Bernardo is a published poet and the author of Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs. Courtenay Fletcher is a designer and the illustrator of Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs.

Family Game Night: Blue Orange’s, Niya: Two Thumbs Up

By Summer

We’re a gaming family; you might remember my post on Blue Orange’s Battle Sheep. We keep a deck of cards in our car; well, really the kids keep a deck of cards in the car, so we can breakout in random-acts-of-gaming anytime. I do have to admit though, I wish there were more, smaller-sized games, more than just cards. Sure there’s Uno or Phase 10 or Blue Oranges’s Spot it or Blue Orange’s Tell Tale, in addition to a normal deck of cards from which a catalog of games can be played — Old Maid, Go Fish, Rummy, Hearts, and our current kid fav, War. I want a small portable game with a quick end. If we’re out to eat we can break this out between being seated and ordering, or before the meal comes. Or even at home on those family game nights when time has escaped us between dinner and bedtime. Now Blue Orange has come out with a new game that’s fun, quick, easy, fun, esthetically beautiful, creatively deigned, and fun. It’s a mix of tic-tac-toe, Connect 4, and Hwa-tu called Niya.


This is a simple 2 player game and on the tin box they claim it only takes about 10 minutes per game, and they’re right depending upon factors like teaching children strategies or player thinking time. Blue Orange says Niya is appropriate for 8+ years, but our young 5 year old has played it with us and won; so depending on skill level, I think your child can be younger than their recommended playing age of 8 years old to play and enjoy Niya.


The concept is simple, the first to get 4 in a row or a 2×2 square wins. You can also win by forcing the other playing into a turn with no options. You can have a cat’s game, and my family thought it would happen more often than it has happened. In fact, we’ve been playing regularly with each other and friends, and we’ve only had ONE cat’s game. It’s no wonder Niya has won prestigious awards such as the Parents’ Choice Gold Award, Mom’s Choice Awards Gold, Tillywig – Brain Child, and the Major Fun Award. It’s a brilliantly fun family pleaser.

Here’s Brandon from Blue Orange to give you a 2 minute brief on playing Niya:


AND since it’s small, like I mentioned, that is a great game for Christmas stocking stuffers, and the price is right at under $15 on Amazon. You should also check with your local gaming store who is sure to have it in stock, or with your local chain store that are now stocking up for the Christmas season.


Blue Orange has MANY other creative games If you want to stay in touch with Blue Orange and be the first in the know on that’s going on by checking back with us here at Mom Start. You can also follow Blue Orange on Facebook and Twitter, or check out their website.


Happy gaming!