Pantene The Final Results: Good Hair Day #PanteneAtSams

We are actually a Pantene family. I love purchasing the Pantene Platinum Color Lock Shampoo and Conditioner larger size that you get at Sam’s Club because the whole family can use it and it still lasts a long time. I know it’s meant for color treated hair but still the product makes all of us look great! My hair looks just as good a month ago as it does now. Remember my before picture:


It’s a little windblown of course but so is my after shot:


My hair is so soft.

But maybe you can see my hair better in this family photo where we all look great! All of us have really shiny soft hair. It’s really healthy hair too!


Our hair looks amazing right? And mine is colored!


Pantene Platinum Color Lock shampoo & conditioner……….Color-treating hair leaves it weak and prone to damage, but the antioxidants in this system work from the hair’s core to help protect against fade-causing damage and protect color, all while providing a soft, radiant shine. With Nutri-Lock technology, this system works from the hair’s core to help provide color protection for up to six weeks (shampoo and conditioner system vs. non-conditioning shampoo).

Pantene_Platinum_ProductShot_1Why Use Pantene Platinum Color Lock?

  • Pantene Platinum Color Lock is a new shampoo and conditioner system available at Sam’s Club.
  • It helps you lock in your look longer, giving you salon-quality color protection.
  • With Nutri-Lock technology, this system works from the hair’s core to help provide color protection for up to six weeks (shampoo and conditioner system vs. non-conditioning shampoo).
  • Together, this shampoo and conditioner help fight color fade as well as the $40 leading professional brands, based on Kline sales data.
  • Color-treating hair leaves it weak and prone to damage, but the antioxidants in this system work from the hair’s core to help protect against fade-causing damage and protect color, all while providing a soft, radiant shine.
  • Platinum Color Lock shampoo and conditioner may be used every day.
  • At Sam’s Club, each product is available in a 40 fl. oz. pump bottle.

Like I said the big bottles are amazing they last forever.

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Get Caught Reading Books from PBS #SummerReading #GetCaughtReading


The Get Caught Reading campaign was devised by the Association of American Publishers (AAP) to remind people of all ages how much fun it is to read!  Member organizations of the AAP participate in a variety of ways to encourage everyone to enjoy books and magazines and to share that pleasure with the young children in their lives.

To celebrate this great campaign, The Jim Henson Company has teamed up with Bloomsbury Children’s Publishing to offer, Enchanted Sisters: Summer’s Friendship Games.


As part of the Get Caught Reading campaign, two NEW posters are available from the AAP beginning May 11Enchanted Sisters and Doozersfeaturing adorable characters that are “caught reading” in these fabulous FREE posters made available to teachers and parents for use in classrooms, libraries and other locations.

clip_image004 clip_image006

The two new posters join those previously made available by The Jim Henson Company:

clip_image008 clip_image010 clip_image012

The posters are available for everyone at  Posters are FREE plus a $5.00 charge per set (1 – 12 posters each of the same title) for shipping and handling! The order form is available here:

According to AAP Vice President Tina Jordan, “Dinosaur Train, Pajanimals and Sid the Science Kid posters are some of the more frequently requested posters by the elementary school and library community and AAP is grateful to The Jim Henson Company for creating two new posters that will join our GCRcommunity.”

The new chapter book series, Enchanted Sisters, targets newly independent readers—girls ages seven through nine—and tells the stories of the four sisters – the Sparkles: Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer who come together every three months to join their Mother Nature in a ceremony that changes the seasons in our world. Their world is magically different from our own, yet the Sparkles are completely relatable. They are confidently themselves, even when that’s the hardest thing to be. Continuing the longstanding Jim Henson Company tradition, the message in these stories about strong girls making bold choices are clear: embrace and celebrate our differences; anyone can be a hero; and families come in lots of different packages.  The books are co-authored by Elise Allen, author of the book Anna’s Icy Adventure(Disney Frozen), and Halle Stanford, eight time Emmy-nominated children’s television producer and senior vice president of children’s entertainment at The Jim Henson Company.   Paige Pooler, whose artwork can be seen in American Girl magazine, and the Liberty Porter, Trading Faces, and My Sister is a Vampire middle grade book series, is the illustrator.

In Enchanted Sisters: Summer’s Friendship GamesSummer has always secretly enjoyed hanging out with Thunderbolt, one of the mischievous Weeds who bring disaster and mayhem everywhere they go. Sure, the Weeds have acted poorly in the past, but they can’t be all bad . . . right? Summer’s sisters couldn’t disagree with her more-especially after the boys ruin Summer’s bonfire party. When the two teams of magical siblings try to settle their disagreements in a series of competitive sports, Summer and Thunderbolt are forced to stop talking. But is winning and siding with their siblings really worth ruining their friendship? Hardback SRP: $15.99; Paperback SRP: $5.99.

Three additional Enchanted Sisters books in the series are available: Autumn’s Secret Gift, Winter’s Flurry Adventure and Spring’s Sparkle Sleepover.


PLUS – Keep a lookout also for NEW books coming in August featuring Doozers:

clip_image020 clip_image022

Doozers, inspired by the wildly popular characters from the classic Henson series Fraggle Rock, is a modern series for modern families that encourages kids to design, create and innovate. The Doozer kids bounce from one fabulous adventure to the next, engaging in exciting challenges that require them to imagine, invent and build, all while they have a blast playing and learning together.  Watch Doozers exclusively on Hulu Kids!

Get Caught Reading Month has been supported in the past by such well-known figures as former First Lady Laura Bush, Drew Carey, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Donald Duck, Patty Duke, Whoopi Goldberg, Billy Graham, Derek Jeter, Vernon Jordan, Jake Lloyd, Rosie O’Donnell, Dolly Parton, The Rugrats, Jane Seymour, Sammy Sosa, Spider Man, Erik Weihenmayer, and Robin Williams, all of whom have been “caught reading” their favorite books and magazines for print ads and posters seen by millions of people across the country. In addition, more than 200 Members of Congress have been photographed “caught reading” on Capitol Hill.

Tips For Getting Books In Neighborhoods for #SummerReading Get Caught Reading #GetCaughtReading

Samples received.  

imageGet Caught Reading is a great campaign to remind parents of today’s young readers how much fun it can be to read. According to United We Serve, a nationwide service initiative that helps meet growing social needs resulting from the economic downturn, 80% of preschool and after-school programs serving low-income populations have no age-appropriate books for their children. A recent study shows that while in middle-income neighborhoods the ratio of age-appropriate books per child is 13 to 1, in low-income neighborhoods the ratio is 1 for every 300 children.

A great way to improve the reading achievement of low-income children is to increase their access to print. Communities ranking high in achievement tests have several factors in common: an abundance of books in public libraries, easy access to books in the community at large and a large number of textbooks per student.

Help others to “Get Caught Reading” too with a local book drive!

Anyone can get together to help increase reading achievement and literacy by organizing a book drive. This tool kit provides the basics to run a book drive, organize your group, and make an impact.

Or, simply commit to donating your gently used books to local organizations.  Here are some tips:

  • Consider libraries, non-profit children’s organizations for homeless, foster children and struggling families, Goodwill and Children’s Hospital’s thrift stores, and after-school programs.
  • Call the charity or organization and see if they accept used children’s books and what their guidelines are.
  • Go through your books and make sure all pages are present, readable and stain-free.

Who Is Athena Really? Tomorrowland Interview with Raffey Cassidy #TomorrowlandEvent

Funny Story: Right after being some of the first media in the world to see Tomorrowland in it’s entirety we went to Disneyland to see the preview. There was this older gentleman sitting in line waiting to watch the preview with us and he as talking about Athena. He said there’s something peculiar about that girl. “She never ages. Think about it she never ages, there is a reason for it.” Having seen the movie I couldn’t say anything but smile and nod, like I know it’s so weird. He’s right though there is a reason for it. Have you seen the movie yet? Well you better this interview might have a spoiler in it. Let’s read it to find out what Raffey Cassidy has to say about her character Athena from the movie Tomorrowland.



Q : What got you into acting at such a young age?


Raffey: Um, well my brother went for an audition, and then they kind of asked me if I wanted to have a go at that. So I had to go and then in kind of started from there.

Q : So how did you get involved in this movie?

Raffey: Um, well, I just went up for like an audition, but it was a self-tape at home and then I went to London to do another screen test. And then I went to America to do another screen test. And then I found out that I got the part.

Q : What was your first scene?

Raffey: Oh, my first scene… It was in the world’s fair when, um, I was watching young Frank get, I think it was getting on the bus.


Q : What was your take away from the movie?

Raffey: Um, that everybody should be very optimistic and feel that there’s a way around situations if they’re in a bad situation. There’s always a bright side.

Q : What did you like the most from Athena’s personal view?

Raffey: Um, I love how wise she is, like she’s like an old soul inside of a young body.

Q : What was the most challenging part of filming the movie for you?

Raffey: Um, well, I kind of had to create a background for Athena, so, because she didn’t really have one, which was fun because that was something that I created for Athena.

Q : How did you feel about your costumes in the movie?

Raffey: Um, I loved them. I mean, they’re, you know, the blue dress. If you look closely, that was actually algorithms in, in algebra. Yeah.

Q : You had a lot of action scenes where you had to do martial arts. Did you have to train for that, or how did you learn?

Raffey: Yeah, I trained for two months in gymnastics and martial arts, and then I went to Canada and did another month of martial arts and a bit of gymnastics. Later I did another, couple of days every, every week or so.

Q : George was talking about your scene about you driving the truck. So what were your feelings on driving the truck and learning to do all that?

Raffey: Um, well I really enjoyed it. Um, it was, yeah, it was so fun………they actually taught me how to drive and, and there was a scene where I had to like go down a ramp and then stop. I think really I started to get a little too confident, and I got too close. Um, Britt just went stop, because it got so close.

Q : What traits of Athena do you see in yourself? I mean, I know she’s a robot, but…

Raffey: Well, if I had to choose something, it would probably be optimism, because I think that I feel that I’m quite optimistic and always look on the bright side of a bad situation.

Q : Because of your age, you are the future. So when you were filming this film, did you look at it and say okay, this may be how the future’s gonna be, whether its certain aspects that you thought no, not too much? I mean, did it seem like it flowed for you for what may happen?

Raffey: Yeah, I mean, there was so much technology in the actual Tomorrowland and I think that that’s how it’s going to be in, I don’t know, 60 years’ time or something. So, I think that will be what the future.


Q : There’s something from the future or Tomorrowland that you could use now, what would it be.

Raffey: The jet packs.

Q : How did you, um, train to play the role, like you did such a good job of playing a robot, I think. How did you train for that?

Raffey: Well, I mean, Athena has so many different qualities. She’s optimistic. She’s intelligent. She’s wise, and I just kind of put all of those together, and I always had an image in my head for a scene, so, so it was never just go in cold into it and trying to create one in my head. I always had an image that would just help me and I’d always be able to think of to get me through this.

Q : What was your hardest scene to film in the movie?

RC : My hardest scene would probably be, hmm, that my end scene, I mean, that was a lot of, that was a lot of lines, but once I’ve learned them, it just flowed and, and George like he had a lot of eye contact with me, so it’s so easy to perform and it would have been hard if, you know, if George wasn’t so good. But yeah, it was easy ’cause he just, he was just so professional and kept eye contact the whole time.

Q : So I have a daughter who is your age. Um, what’s the message that you would tell girls your age about the future and getting in the STM, that’s the, the science, math, technology?

Raffey: Um, well, I’d say the future isn’t a place we’re going. It’s something we’re making, so it can be anything that they, that they want it to be.

Become part of the future and go see Tomorrowland in theaters now!

Everyday Heroes Everyday Winners #MaytagSalutes #AD #sweeps

Compensation was provided by hhgregg & the Maytag Brand via MomTrends. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of hhgregg & the Maytag Brand or Momtrends.

I feel between Memorial Day and July 4th our attention is on our heroes more than ever.  So I’m exited to share this promotion since Memorial Day just happened with Maytag, hhgregg and MomTrends. Plus we have everyday heroes called moms and dads and grandparents and aunts and uncles that deserve some everyday rewards.


Now through 5/31, hhgregg and Maytag brand are giving away $45,000 in Maytag brand appliances. HOW EXCITING, even if there is less than a week left.


HHG_Maytag Salutes Campaign (2)

Every day, they’ll randomly select one winner to receive one of the following Maytag brand amazing prizes:

4.3 Cu. Ft. Bravos® HE Top-Load Washer and 7 Cu. Ft. Bravos® Dryer

36” 25 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Side-by-Side Refrigerator

30” Stainless Steel Smoothtop Electric or Gas Range

24” Stainless Steel Dishwasher

At the end of the sweepstakes (coming up very soon), they’ll award the following grand prizes:

A Maytag brand Kitchen Suite featuring a refrigerator, oven range, dishwasher and a microwave:

4.5 Cu. Ft. Slate Maxima® Front-Load Steam Washer and a 7.4 Cu. Ft. Slate Maxima® Steam Electric Dryer

4.3 Cu. Ft. Bravos® HE Top-Load Washer and 7 Cu. Ft. Bravos® Dryer

Visit for a full prize list. You can enter up to four times a day through the methods provided below. Non-winning daily entries do not roll over, so the more you enter, the better your chances! Go enter now you don’t have much time left.


Here are the 4 ways to enter:




Bonus Video Share:

With the video you can share it on Twitter using #MaytagSalutes and #sweeps to earn one entry per day into the grand prize and daily prize sweepstakes 

Easy to Use Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Vacuum Review

Samples provided

The new Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away may be one vacuum, but its abilities are limitless. Essentially three vacuums in one, the capabilities will not only leave your floors, furniture, ledges, and even your ceiling fans looking as good as new, you yourself will feel better restored and refreshed for the spring.

We received the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away vacuum for review and I love it as a mom because it’s so easy to move around and use. It’s so easy I came downstairs one morning and my 8 year old daughter had cleaned the entire wood floor with it all by herself. I was so proud. Now if only I could get her to surprise me again because any time I ask her too it’s “nah”.


With just a push of a button, the Shark® Rotator® instantly transforms into a Powered Lift-AwayTM vacuum – extending the reach of the motorized cleaning head under hard-to-reach areas. Deep clean around, behind, and under any hard-to-reach area in your home!
Use the Powered Lift-AwayTM mode when you want the most amazing cleaning maneuverability. It cleans hard wood and carpet and because it’s design it also is super easy to use on stairs. Since we moved into this apartment here in California I wanted to make sure that I had a way to keep it clean. That and I have to clean it before we move out and now cleaning is a breeze. From the hard wood floors on the bottom of the apartment to the carpeted stairs all the way to the top floor full of carpet switching modes is super easy.

Features Include:

TruePet™ Mini Motorized Brush Attachment


Motorized power in the palm of your hand. SEE VIDEO

3 Vacuums In One (NV650, NV651, NV652)

Powerful Upright, Lift-Away® Pod with Powered Brush Roll, and Convenient Canister with Caddy


Hard-Floor Genie™ Attachment

For superior bare floor cleaning with a washable microfiber pad. SEE VIDEO

Shark® Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology® + HEPA / Washable Filters


HEPA filters alone are not enough! If your vacuum is an unsealed HEPA vacuum, dust and allergens can escape around the filters and back into the air you breathe. Cleaner air compared to Hoover®, Eureka Bissell® (emits 10X less dust into the air) Complete Sealed HEPA System Captures & Holds over 99.99% of dust & allergens inside the vacuum, NOT back into the air you breathe.


More Suction & Deep Cleans Carpets Better

Never Loses Suction


Advanced cyclonic technology that separates fine dirt from the air, preventing dirt from clogging the filters and keeping suction power strong over time. From the first use to the last room, you never lose cleaning power.

Cleans Bare Floors

Powerful suction cleans bare floor surfaces.

Fingertip Controls

Switch from carpet to bare floor surface types using the brushroll controls on the handle.

Advanced Swivel Steering

Maneuver in between, around, and under furniture easier than ever before compared to previous Shark® vacuums. Advanced swivel steering and a low nozzle profile allow for a deeper clean by reaching those hard to reach places.

LED Lights


Ergonomic Handle


George Clooney Interview with Spoilers #TomorrowlandEvent

We had to split up the interview with George Clooney into to two parts because there were some spoilers in his interview. So now you’ve had a chance to go see the movie we can share the details. If you haven’t seen the movie stop reading now and go see it ok! It’s now playing in theaters.

Q : Raffey Cassidy and Britt Robertson. ……. What was it like working with such young and talented actors?



George: I didn’t like them. I’ll say that… (EVERYONE LAUGHED) Now, we can say nice things now, but the truth is I don’t care for them. [LAUGHING.] Well, first of all, they’re, you know, Britt is fantastic and, you know, her career is just at the very beginning and is going to be really fun. Raffey is spectacular and she was just 12 at the time, I think, and way too talented, for her age, and sweet and funny. Ah, it is also a fun part for me because I, as you well know, if you’d seen me speaking to a 12 year old the way I speak to her at the grocery store, you’d call child services.

I’m like who gets to yell at a 12 year old. I mean yeah, teachers do. But in the movies it’s, it’s so much fun because, you know, she’s not really a 12 year old and it’s really, it’s fun to be able to, ah, they sort of set up a way where, you know, we’re a little family of three, but she’s the adult, you know, driving the car and and Britt and I are the two kids, arguing and bickering all the time.


They were fantastic, and they were really sweet and they got a, and I think they’re having a really fun time with this, which is, you know, that’s how it’s supposed to be. You know when I work with younger actors, I always have to try to remind them that, you know, this is, this is the fun kind of job that most people don’t get to do. And if you get to be an actor and work, and somebody pays you for it, you’ve caught the brass ring, you know, and it’s just fun. So, that’s part of, the thing is, they really do dig it and they’re having fun, which is really a good time.


Q : What was your favorite scene or favorite fun memory while filming Tomorrowland?

George: I don’t remember much of it. I was drunk most of the time. [Everyone laughed] You know, I will tell you, there was a lot of moments, because you know, it wasn’t all done to green screen, you know. They were nice enough to build a lot of these sets where you actually got to play in them. The most fun we had was the driving sequences, believe it or not, because, you know, we’re being towed but Raffey is, you know, driving and, you know, I keep having to teach her like, you know, you’ve got to keep looking at the road, I mean.


And she’d be like, you know………what is the deal? Like my mother actually drives, which is true, it was fun because there was no technology. There was nothing. It was just old fashioned, three people sitting in a truck for five days, arguing and doing fun stuff. And that’s really fun for actors, because you don’t have to do any make believe. It’s all just right there.

So that was, I, I really enjoyed that. And also it was fun doing the stuff, you know, like shoving all the packs of powder down their, throat because we must have done, I don’t know, 30 takes, and every time I go, here you go. [Everyone laughed] And she’d be like not the whole pack. And I was like yeah, so much sugar on it.

Q : Did Britt really drink all those bottles of Coke?

George: Yeah, now in fairness, Brad was kind enough to only do it, I think, three times. But she does down two cokes in the take. I think it’s two cokes in the take. And, and I was like, I just sit there going, you know, she’s gonna explode, but she did it. Because you learn, like young actors, I remember when I was doing Descendants and we had this little girl, she played my youngest daughter in the film, and we did a scene where she gets to eat ice cream, and she never acted in a movie before and she just starts pounding the table.

And they’re just sitting there watching her going, you can see her, take 9 [Everyone Laughed] and she literally was like uuugh.

Q : Where there any scenes that were emotionally hard for you to film?


George: Emotionally hard, no. Because I find, movies in general aren’t emotionally, I mean, you know, you’re involved in them but, you know, it’s not really something honestly terrible has happened, you know. It is still make believe but I did find that, it was a tricky scene, you know, there’s a moment where I have to let, Raffey’s character go, the robot go, and there was a really weird, we’d shot it once and she kind of clicks out, but her eyes are open still and we drop her out, and it literally feels like I’m murdering her, you know.

It really does. It was odd. And you’re watching it, it’s so disturbing and it was really awful, so we went back and re-did it where she sort of completely goes out, because otherwise it really felt horrible. You know, there’s all kinds of weird balances in this film, you know. My relationship with her is very, we’re walking a very thin line there like I don’t know, this is kind of weird, you know. And it’s a constant thing like oh, oh boy. Let’s walk very carefully through these things. And thankfully, Brad is Brad and is really good at what he does, you know. He makes it, made it much simpler.

Final Days to Win Chicco Products & Save @ChiccoBaby #ChiccoBaby


Thank you Chicco Shop for sponsoring this post. While this was a sponsored opportunity from Chicco Shop, all content and opinions expressed here are my own.

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