Ant-Man Costumes The Helmet and Inside Pym Tech Lab #AntManEvent

I’ve shared with you guys four Marvel’s Ant-Man interviews this week and today I want to share more about our on set experience and the fact that I got to wear THE ANT-MAN helmet which was AWESOME and yes this sentence will never end. (insert smiles because that’s how excited I am to share this)


See! This is us inside Pym Tech Lab in between takes. They has just filmed a major action scene the day before and were getting ready to film something else later that afternoon. It was really cool to be on the set because we could see what was on the computer screens and how detailed all the lab stations were. It’s so amazing how big these sets can feel while still being inside a building itself.

This also looks like part of the lab


We also saw a few other areas that they filmed in. We weren’t allowed to take photos but I did manage to get my hands on a few Ant-Man Movie Stills of the room we were in.


And this Ant-Man photo is really cool because I stood in that exact spot minus the body count.


After checking out the amazing sets we were allowed to go over to the costume department and chat with that amazing team. Learning about costumes is always one of my favorite things to listen to. And I was surprised to learn how a costume like Ant-Man’s evolves as the need arises.


The costume would start one way and then they would find that he couldn’t even lift his arms more than waist high like in the photo below; so of course they had to make it lighter and more flexible.


It took them over 7 months of prep to create the first costume. Everything was custom made and they used a 3-D printer for prototypes. As the costume evolved they were able to get a light in a set of the gloves and in one of the helmets.


And the helmet had to be screwed on. While filming only four different people had ever tried on the helmet, until the bloggers showed up that is. This is how the Ant-Man helmet was screwed onto my head.




In the end there were 13 suits 7 helmets, and 15-17 belts. The stunt belts are 1 piece, but the “hero” belt was over 50 pieces! It was such a fun an amazing day and I can’t wait to see the movie as it’s in theaters on July 17th.

Movie Set Visit With Ant-Man Actress Abby Ryder Fortson #AntManEvent

Many of you know that my children want to be actors and that we spent some time in LA so they could have a go at it. So whenever I get the chance to chat with a child actor I just love it. Abby Ryder Fortson was six years old when we interviewed her. She plays Cassie Lang, the daughter of Ant-Man/Scott Lang. She’s the same age as my son and her acting ability is amazing. She was so cute on set and very charming off set when we chatted with her.


I’ve been asked many questions about what child actors go through on set. Of course it depends on their age and then if they are in school or not. They have to spend a certain amount of time doing school work and a certain amount of time playing. Then they have to have a set amount of time that they are allowed to work, and interviews are considered part of the time working. They were very strict about this and before we were allowed to interview her they checked to see if she had the time left in her day. Luckily she did have some time to talk with us.

Marvel's Ant-Man</p>
<p>Cassie (Abby Ryder Fortson)</p>
<p>Photo Credit: Zade Rosenthal</p>
<p>© Marvel 2014

Who is your favorite Disney Princess?


Well what’s your favorite part about making a movie?


While we were watching her on set with Paul Rudd we saw him give her a gift, it’s this crazy doll thing that talks. So someone wanted to know what she honestly thought of the doll.

What do you think of that doll that you’ve been acting with all day today?

I don’t like it.

Was it kinda creepy?

Yeah. It’s so weird! And he bit my finger! (She laughed) ‘Cause I was here last.

So what’s your favorite part about acting? Why do you love acting so much?

Because I get to be all different kinds of people.


Marvel's Ant-Man</p>
<p>Cassie (Abby Ryder Fortson)</p>
<p>Photo Credit: Zade Rosenthal</p>
<p>© Marvel 2014

Do you like Paul Rudd?


Is he fun to work with?

Mm hmm. And he’s actually [SING-SONGY] koo-koo!! (everyone laughed)

Is it really hard for you to remember your lines?


No? You remember them pretty well?

Mm hmm.

How long have you been acting?

Since I was four years old.

And how old are you now?


So are you in Kindergarten or 1st grade?


Do you have any Disney shows that you like?

Mm, yeah.

Which ones, what are your favorites?

Like Mary Poppins, I have Frozen, um, what else do I have? We don’t actually have a lot of kid movies.

What’s your favorite song?

Mm, I don’t really have a favorite song. ‘Cause I like every song. Basically.

When you’re not acting what’s your favorite thing to do?

Um, I don’t really know. (everyone laughed)

What did you think of the suit?

It was actually really cool….. I actually got to put on one of his gloves when I was at the Wardrobe.

Is Ant-Man your favorite superhero now?

Yeah. And Black Widow.

Any advice to other kids that want to act?

Uh, practice like-– like three weeks ahead so you get them down.


You can see this amazing girl in theaters as Ant-Man arrives July 17th.

Loading Up The KIA Sedona For FUN Adventures #AD

This is a sponsored post by Kia.

I only had three full days of reviewing the Kia Sedona LX and feel like I barely scratched the surface of all the fun that can be had in it. And I have to say we had a lot of fun. We set off taking it slow on Saturday and we went to the kids acting class and then to Starbucks. Then we drove to Griffith Park and I forgot to take pictures. I’m sort of out of habit of reviewing vehicles. 20150524_212414271_iOS


The next day we decided to take more of a road trip so I looked at the map and picked out a beach used the GPS and arrived safely. I picked Point Dume State Beach in Malibu. Wow, Malibu was nothing like I expected you travel through these beautiful mountains and then you suddenly are spit out onto the beach. It was breathtaking. I took away all electronics and made the kids enjoy the beauty with me. We had such a fantastic time we just forgot to bring our swimsuits.


I mean we didn’t forget I just thought it was going to be too cold to get into the water and the kids ended up getting soaking wet. So we stopped at Target got some new clothes and the kids were able to change in the back of the Sedona, one kid in each row. The windows are tented so no one can see in. Then after they were in dry clothes we drove in the opposite direction of the beach and found a Sonic Drive in. Then we stopped at home.



Because we had so much fun at the beach we decided the next day we needed to load up and go to the beach again. 20150525_175154034_iOS

This time we planned it and picked up friends on the way. We had the room so why not. The Kia Sedona seats 8 with adjustable seating in the middle. You can move the seats back and forth and from side to side. (Choice of seating available for up to eight,or available Slide-N-Stow™ second row. (translation: multiple configurations for family trips or trips to the hardware store and plenty of cargo room.) When we arrived at our friends’ place I had to pull off to the side very close to the curb, the car sensed a tree and pulled in the side mirror to keep itself from being damaged. That was really a cool feature. (side note, because of all of the cameras on this vehicle parallel parking is a breeze, even with how large it is….I NEVER thought I would park something this big before). They piled in and added their beach supplies and then off to Target we went to get even more supplies. We couldn’t fill up the trunk not at all. 20150525_202416103_iOS

Again, we arrived at the beach for a day full of fun. And driving home the kids reclined their chairs and put up their feet. Yep they were sitting in the lap of luxury. While we also listened to the Kids station on SiriusXM.


Now for features I haven’t mentioned yet. The front seats and steering wheel were heated, while the seats could also be cooled. I love having a hot back so I always use the heat. I mentioned the rear view mirrors and how easily they adjusted when needed and they were quite easy to adjust for the driver. The Kia Sedona also has next-generation, driver assist technology includes Advanced Smart Cruise Control and Blind-Spot Detection with Lane-Change Assist. (translation: conveniences that help make the driving experience enjoyable and safe.) LOVE THIS FEATURE! I ALWAYS use this feature while driving on the highway. Kia collage

It can detect if the car in front of you is slowing down and will slow you down. And, every time I come close to the lane or try to change lanes without using the signal the car beeps at me to alert me that I’m getting close to the line. The sun roof was a feature the kids loved, oh yeah, there were two sun roofs, how cool is that? And opening the sliding glass doors was easy for the kids and if they left them open I had a button in the front seat that I could use to close them.

kia seat orientations

I’m sure there are plenty of features that we didn’t explore. For example we didn’t use the 3rd-Row Seats offer the versatility of a 50/50 split-fold to accommodate a variety of passenger and cargo combinations. The seats easily disappear into the cargo area when not in use. I wish I had this vehicle for the long drive back to Washington. We would be able to take almost all our stuff home in it. Oh and we never took advantage of how many different kinds of electrical plugs this car had.20150526_042114026_iOS

There was USB/12 Volt, and 110 Volt. It’s the perfect vehicle to take on a road trip.


We Loved This Ride

On The Marvel Ant-man Set with Judy Greer #Antmanevent

On Monday I gave you our experience as we drove over to the house set where we were in Atlanta Georgia in a residential area. The studio was using a house to film in that day because they were filming a birthday party scene where Paul Rudd who plays Ant-man was late for his daughter’s birthday part. He was late because he wasn’t even invited to the party but he loves his daughter so he went as soon as he found out about it. This is the scene we spent most of the day watching. He arrived at the house where Judy Greer who plays his ex-wife Maggie and Bobby Cannavale who plays Paxton wouldn’t let him in at first. Maggie lets him in though so he can see his daughter and give her his birthday present. It seems that to both of them family is important.

Marvel's Ant-Man</p>
<p>L to R: Maggie (Judy Greer) and Cassie (Abby Ryder Fortson)</p>
<p>Photo Credit: Zade Rosenthal</p>
<p>© Marvel 2014

While on set we had the opportunity to interview Judy Greet to learn more about the relationship and how she came to this project. Here are the things I learned from her.

How did you get involved with the project?

Judy : Um, old-fashioned. They just auditioned. But I did get the part within I think less than 24 hours, which for a movie audition is very rare. Usually TV happens really fast. But for films, and especially a film like this scale. There’s so many producers and studio executives that it usually has a lot of people it has to go through. But, yeah, I found out the next morning. And that was my first audition in a really long time ’cause I’d been working a lot. So I was feeling pretty good about myself. I’m not gonna lie.

Did you know what you were auditioning for?

Judy : Yeah, I just wasn’t allowed to read the script ahead of time. But I knew the movie and Paul.

Why did you want to audition for it?

Judy : I really love Peyton Reed. There was another director attached to it before whose name I totally forget, which is bad. But I was really excited to work with Peyton because he’s I think really funny. And I think what some of these super hero movies lack is like a genuine sense of comedy in them. And I think that the serious like super hero movies are great for like the super fans.


But it’s the comedy that’s gonna keep us interested in them when we’re watching them over and over with our kids or whatever. You know, like Guardians of the Galaxy was so funny. And so I would watch that a bunch if it was on television. And you know how kids just– they fuckin’ watch the same thing over and over and over. (everyone laughed) I mean over and over. I’m like we have seen this episode of Good Luck Charlie so many times. But, um, yeah, so I was excited about the comedy. And with Paul being Ant-Man I knew it was gonna be funny.

Did you have to do any research for your part?

Judy : Well, I did do research because they gave us information about it. But, you know, my role isn’t really in the like stunty super hero parts of the movie. So I feel like I can get away with, um, not having to know too much.

Can you tell them a bit about your role and the character you play?

Judy : Yeah, so I play Scott Lang who’s Paul Rudd’s character’s ex-wife. And we’ve sort of established that in our relationship when I got pregnant we were gonna kinda live the straight life. Ok, so– so basically we were married when we were really young. Scott Lang’s character is extremely intelligent and able to do kind of like I don’t know like cyber law breaking.

And when I got pregnant I asked him to stop. And he didn’t. And he ended up getting arrested and going to jail. So we got a divorce. And I had our baby. Well, I already had the baby. But we got a divorce. And I, um, met Jim Paxton, Bobby Cannavale’s character. And we’re engaged. And so our relationship is good. It’s just we’re not married anymore. But I think we had a really amicable divorce.

So we’re friendly. And I want him to see his daughter. And I want him to have custody. And I want that stuff most– you know, for my daughter. But he can’t, you know, put her in danger anymore, which is what he I felt was doing by breaking the law when, you know, she was a baby. So that’s my role. I’m like you have to get a job and be responsible. And he’s like, ugh!


Do you see a lot of similarities in yourself when you put yourself into the character?

Judy : Yeah, I always do. I– I don’t know, it’s just easier if I just kind of play a version of myself. And, um, yeah, even like the scene yesterday that we shot, which was a really cool scene where we confront Scott about having to shape up in order to see his daughter Cassie. I think I feel like I wanted her to be like cool and strong and compassionate.

It’s not like– this guy’s not the devil. You know, he just messed up. So, I felt like that was definitely coming from me ’cause I don’t know that the text– the text maybe was supporting someone who was more emotional. And I wanted her to be like a strong person and in her own way like a positive influence on her ex-husband. I also find that to be more layered and interesting…..

So being your first Marvel like feature what is this like for you?

Judy : Yeah, um, well, I don’t know. It’s really fun to be here. I can tell you that. Like it’s just been such an easy job because everyone’s nice and cool. And there’s …….. I don’t know. It just seems like we have time to figure out the material. And, again, you know, I’m not in like stunty super heroey scenes. So I– that might be a different answer. But for my scenes, they’re more acty and more about like inner personal relationships.

And I feel like they’re giving us a lot of space and a lot of time to figure those out. And I really like that. But it’s also really fun because the combination of Peyton and Paul Rudd and Bobby Cannavale is awesome. They’re really funny.

We’ve heard you guys kind of cracking up and making jokes. And Paul Rudd was calling you dense and all of that. Was that something that was kind of consistent throughout filming?

Judy : It has been for me, yeah. It seems like it….I came back. I was gone for a minute. I shot some stuff, and then I left town and came back to finish up this stuff. And when I came back, uh, it was Friday, last Friday. We shot a really long day. And I got in Thursday evening, like slept, got up, came. We shot like 15 hours. And I was like so tired at the end of it. But we were all still hanging out and making jokes and having fun like what you saw today.

And I then I remembered….God….Paul’s been doing this all week. Like I’m like ugh! Like he’s been doing this all week like shooting 15-hour days all week for weeks. And he’s still like fresh and fun and funny and like making jokes and so nice to everybody. So, yeah, it– it feels like that’s just who he is. And same with Bobby and Peyton.


Judy was very kind to give us her time in between takes as well. People think acting is so glamorous and it is in a way but there is so much work that goes into it. I mean imagine working 15 hour days all week. Doing interviews while the set is reset and then going right back to work. Plus each seen is shot over and over again, then they change the camera angle and you do it again.

Ant-man is in theaters July 17th.

Stop Migraines with Stopain #AD #Giveaway #migrainerelief

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Ant-Man Set Visit With Marvel Director Peyton Reed #AntManEvent

I know I’ve already mentioned that later this week I’m going to be in LA watching the Marvel movie Ant-Man and attending the press junket. Which makes me feel like I’ll be brining you a full circle picture of making the movie to the final results. One of the things we did on the day of our Ant-Man set visit was take a tour of the house they were filming in that day. The house was very well decorated and there were kids everywhere. I loved seeing it. I mean it was a real house not a built set. I was one of the last groups to go into the house. When we went in we had to stand at the back door and wait while they filmed and talked to the actors about what to do next. Then they were trying to decide how to move the camera to get the angle they wanted. Before we were able to go any further we had to walk back out because they decided to reset the camera and since it was a house there wasn’t exactly a lot of room. We were able to sit down with the director though and chat with him about working on this movie.

Marvel's Ant-Man</p>
<p>Director Peyton Reed</p>
<p>Photo Credit: Zade Rosenthal</p>
<p>© Marvel 2014

What’s your experience of Ant-Man before starting production on the movie?

Well I am a classic uh Marvel Comics nerd who was reading comic books from a really, really young age and uh there was kind of a choice as a kid. You either read Marvel Comics or DC Comics. Some kids read both, but I was strictly a Marvel guy and uh Ant Man was one of my favorites. I always loved Ant Man.

He’s kind of an outsider character, even in the comics world. He really kinda’ never had his own comic book. He was an Avenger and there was Tales To Astonish with the Ant Man and but he, he kind of was a little schizophrenic the character of Hank Pym, but he was in the comics he was Ant Man and Giant Man and all these different things. But I always loved that character and I was actually um in a punk band in the 80’s and I would draw all the fliers to the, to the shows.

And there was one where I totally ripped off the cover of Avengers #1 and had the band members as characters of the Avengers and I was Ant Man in the, in the thing and this was probably ’86. Uh and we actually showed it at Comicon and uh, yeah. It was just a weird thing to sort of be directing Ant Man now when I had been that character back in, back in the day– back in my punk rock days. Um but yeah it’s, it’s um– for me it’s fun just– it’s the kind of movie I’ve wanted to direct for a long time and to be able ta’ have the opportunity has, has been great.

Q : Ant-Man he’s a father in the comics. A lot of why he becomes Ant Man is because of his daughter. How much of that played a part in this film?


Well there is….it’s one of the things that I really was attracted to about the movie because I think he’s the only super hero in the Marvel Universe that’s a parent. And we’ve changed some of the specifics from the comic, but he still definitely has the relationship with his daughter Cassie.

And it is a driving force as to why he sort of embraces his heroic side. Um and that was really appealing to me to sort of do a movie that has all these weird elements to it. The shrinking, the controlling ants, and all the sort of super heroics, but also has this really grounded domestic side you know. This– it’s, it’s this guy who is making really poor decisions in his life and is now trying ta’– trying some kind of redemption. And a big part of that is to really be a part of his daughter’s life. And also to kind of make the world a better place for his daughter to grow up in. And there’s a great thematic between Paul and his daughter, and also Michael Douglas and his daughter, in the movie, Evangeline Lily.


And I think that, that in terms of the script and the story is one of the great things. Is they both, Paul and Michael, are very flawed characters who have things to learn about parenting and about being there for your kids. And that I think is a different thing from, from a lot of the other Marvel movies.

Marvel's Ant-Man</p>
<p>L to R: Director Peyton Reed and actress Abby Ryder Fortson (Cassie) on set</p>
<p>Photo Credit: Zade Rosenthal</p>
<p>© Marvel 2014


How Do You Take The Ant-Man Comics and Translate them to A Movie?

Well I think the comics…..I mean I think all the comic to movie translations change because you wanna’….do the same thing that Marvel Comics did from the 60’s to present day, is you know each version of say the Avengers or, or you know Iron Man, each decade there’s sort of a different take on those characters. To keep them fresh and relevant to the world around them.

And even like in the original Stan Lee, Jack Kirby Comics they were all about sort of– they were pop culture references. It was all about really being relevant to young readership and I think the same is with movie. So there’s a lot of discussion about what changes and what stays the same, but I think everybody’s united on the fact that you wanna’….keep it fresh ‘cause there’s so many super hero movies.

And there’s all this talk about super hero fatigue and I think no one is more aware of that than Kevin Feige and the people at Marvel. And it’s like you know you, you gotta’ stay 5 steps ahead of the audience ‘cause ultimately he just wants the audience to be surprised and entertained and, and not bored and not this, “Oh I’ve seen that before.”


And again, one of the things about Ant Man that I love is like the powers are, are really, really different and the, the style of story’s very different. And it’s, it’s– he’s a very– he’s, he’s very grounded. It’s a grounded story.


Then he goes onto telling us more about the movie and how it evolved.

This movie really kinda’ has the DNA of a heist movie. Um and it’s– you know in the way that it was written and the way that we’re shooting it you know it’s got a real sort of rhythm. There’s a lot of stuff that has to happen and, and there are a lotta’ heist movies that, that we watched as, as inspiration. Um so it is you know a super hero movie, but it really has the spine of a, of a heist movie.

There were a bunch of heist movies. I mean obviously like probably more recently Oceans 11, but going back to stuff like The Killing, Stanley Kubrick and um you know the original uh Thomas Crown Affair, stuff like that. And, and there are a lot of things that have to be set in motion and you have a group of characters who all have a defined function in this heist and how it plays out.

And the notion that as much as you plan anything there’s always that sort of “X” factor or that act of God or something that you didn’t count on to come up. So we uh we definitely took all that into account. image

Tell us about casting?

I inherited Paul Rudd…… And we have an amazing cast. I mean you know I certainly cast a lot of the other roles around, but you know uh Michael and Paul and Evangeline were on the movie before. In terms of the performance and the performance is all around, they’re incredible. I mean Paul….uh I was saying before I think Paul was probably, I don’t know is there’s an official award, but he’s gotta’ be the most liked and most likeable guy in Hollywood. I knew Paul a little bit before the movie, but to find out that you when you’re watching a Paul Rudd movie it’s like, “Oh I can, I can hang out with that guy.” And you actually do feel that way when you work with Paul ‘cause he’s, he’s great. He’s kind of an Actor that when I decided I wanted to be a Director.

And wondered what it would be like I always, I always hoped that Actors would be that way and, and Paul is that way. And obviously he’s an incredibly gifted Comedic Actor, but if you look at his dramatic work he’s equally amazing in movies and on stage. And this movie definitely asks him to exercise all those muscles you know. It’s kind of a different– we, we– we introduce him in a different context and you first see him in the movie he’s in prison.


He’s getting out of prison and it’s like a rougher, more rugged version of Paul. Uh and that’s been really fun. To kind of see him– he’s worked out and he’s been doing all this fight training and um and he’s amazing. And you know my wife for example, who’s always loved Paul Rudd, you know she saw from the first day and she’s like, “Ohhhh impressive.” And I said, “Calm down” ….I’m never letting you come to set. ….. Um but he’s– yeah he’s amazing in the movie and he and, and Michael Douglas together are fantastic.

It was quite a bit of fun getting to do all these things. A full set is a very busy place and everyone has a job to do. You can see the final product July 17th.

On The Marvel Ant-Man Set with Paul Rudd #AntmanEvent

Back in November had the most amazing experience, I was invited to visit the Marvel movie set for Ant-man. Now this is a big deal and let me tell you why. No one gets to know the location, it’s locked down tight. We got in our shuttle to what’s called base camp. Then there we had to get out of that shuttle and get in the shuttle driven by someone that knows the set location. Then we arrived at a residential area where they were filming a scene with Paul Rudd.


It was freezing cold that day which made waiting on interviews feel like forever, however we were able to watch the filming on a screen they had in a tent with portable heaters. Paul Rudd finally had a few minutes to spare in between takes and graciously gave us some of that time for our interview. He was even impressed with us for waiting out in the cold. He was really a great guy to talk with and watch on the screen. He had been working for about two weeks straight and was tired, but this guy still had really great energy on and off set. In between takes he was joking and laughing with his co-stars. Sometimes he would even stop and sing silly songs. The most adorable part of watching him, was when he was with Abby Ryder Fortson who plays his daughter in the movie. He was so sweet with her and caring. He would just be silly but also ask her if she needed anything.

Marvel's Ant-Man</p>
<p>L to R: Ant-Man/Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) and Cassie (Abby Ryder Fortson)</p>
<p>Photo Credit: Zade Rosenthal</p>
<p>© Marvel 2014

So here are a few things I learned during our chat.

How does it feel to be a part of Marvel and being a superhero?

PAUL RUDD : It’s fun! Yeah. It’s a totally different kind of experience for me. I’ve just kind of given into it. Yeah. And gone on this wild ride and, it has been one so far. But it’s been great.

What did your friends and family think?

They seemed pretty excited. I, I guess. I mean, it’s for those that cared. My family was excited. You know, I’ve got a 10 year old son, and I was really excited to tell him that I was gonna be a superhero. He’s more into kind of sports and music, and it’s… The hero, the superhero stuff hasn’t really gotten him in. But I was excited at the idea that, you know, he’d get to see a movie that I did, ‘cause he’s never seen one, really. And, then when he said what is it called? Who you gonna play? And I said Ant-Man.

He just looked at me and said, what? Ant-Man? And he couldn’t quite wrap his brain around that one. It doesn’t have quite the same, you know, verve and panache as Iron Man. To a 10 year old, that kind of stuff makes a big difference.


What made you want to sign up to do a superhero part?

You know, when I first signed on, the director was Edgar Wright, uh, who also wrote the script with a guy named Joe Cornish, and, uh, Edgar’s a friend of mine. I was excited about working with Edgar, and it also seemed like, you know, just a different kind of thing, which, was interesting in and of itself, you know. I figured it would probably be funny. But then there were other elements like action and some drama and stuff like that I don’t think people normally associate with me.

What is it like wearing the suit?

It feels really cool, ‘cause it looks bad ass. Like, it’s a great, it’s a great suit.

He went on to talk about how it constricted some of his movement and how there was nothing he could do when he had an itch. And talked about how much time he spent in the amazing suit.


It varied. You know, sometimes it would just be a shot or two. Other times it was most of the day. You know, we shot inside a lot, and they were able to keep the sound stages a little cooler, which was good, ‘cause it didn’t breathe that well. But, there were certain days I was in it for a long time. It felt great to take it off at the end of the day. And it takes a few people to kind of get in and out of it. I had a small pit crew.

Did you have to have any training for the role?

I have been involved with this for about a year, and there’s been a lot of training. I did a lot of, gymnastics and mild hard core. I tried to get familiar with that. I’d never done that before. And then, uh, regular, just weight training and all that kind of stuff that is required for these kinds of parts.

Marvel's Ant-Man</p>
<p>L to R: Ant-Man/Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) and Cassie (Abby Ryder Fortson)</p>
<p>Photo Credit: Zade Rosenthal</p>
<p>© Marvel 2014

While we were watching the performances by the actors on set I noticed that the lines were different almost every time. Was there a lot of Improv?

Uh, yeah. I mean, there has been, to a certain extent. More than on some things I’ve worked on, and a lot less than other things I’ve worked on. But, uh, Marvel has a way of shooting these films. They have a kind of a Marvel approach, and they’ll often try lots of different versions of things. They want to kind of explore every avenue. And I like that. I like working like that, and, um, and sometimes it feels maybe like you’re going down a nowhere road. But I think so much of this stuff is shaped as you edit it, and, and, and you get into post, and, you know, we do what we… We do… We have a script and we, and we do the scenes as written, but then we’ll play around with it as well.



He was certainly worth the wait and Ant-man is going to be awesome. See Ant-man in theaters July 17th.

Going To The #AntManEvent, #DescendantsEvent, #LivAndMaddieEvent, #GamersGuideEvent and #BUNKDEvent

On Thursday I’m going to be on my way to the #AntManEvent, #DescendantsEvent, #LivAndMaddieEvent, #GamersGuideEvent and #BUNKDEvent. I’m super excited about it because it’s going to be a full week of Ant-man around here. I’m starting off tomorrow with set visit interviews and experiences and never before seen photos. Then while you are reading my last two interviews you can also follow along with the press trip in LA. We will be seeing the movie and interviewing quite a few actors.

imageOn the list are:

Michael Douglas (“Hank Pym”)

Paul Rudd (“Scott Lang / Ant-Man”) & Evangeline Lilly (“Hope Van Dyne” – @EvangelineLilly)

Corey Stoll (“Darren Cross / Yellowjacket”)

Michael Pena (“Luis” – @realmichaelpena), T.I. (“Dave” – @Tip) & David Dastmalchian (“Kurt” – @Dastmalchian)

and Director Peyton Reed - @MrPeytonReed

We will also be learning about some great new features coming out on the Disney channel. I’ve been seeing some of the previews and the one I’m really looking forward to is Descendants.


In present-day Auradon, Ben, the teenaged son of King “Beast” and Queen Belle, is poised to take the throne. He offers a chance for redemption to the trouble-making teenaged descendants of defeated villains exiled to the remote Isle of the Lost. The villains’ descendants have been granted permission to attend prep school in the kingdom with the Disney heroes’ kids.

There we will have a Q+A with Director Kenny Ortega

Then we will be watching clips from BUNK’D and Gamer’s Guide To Pretty Much Everything.

About BUNK’D

Emma, Ravi, and Zuri Ross head off to a rustic summer camp in Maine, where their parents met as teens. Along with their new friends, the trio tries their best to settle into their exciting new lives at Camp Kikiwaka.

About Gamer’s Guide To Pretty Much Everything


Follows professional teenage video gamer, Conor, who is forced to go to high school for the first time, after a thumb injury. Coping with his new lifestyle, he focuses on friendships and visualizes life as a video game.

And if that wasn’t enough, we have a set visit to both of them and to Liv & Maddie another very popular Disney show.



It’s going to be a busy busy fun week!

Follow along socially:

ANT-MAN (7/17/15) (#AntMan)




T.I. (“Dave”)


PEYTON REED (Director)

DESCENDANTS (7/31/15 at 8:00pm)

LIV AND MADDIE (Airs Sundays)

GAMER’S GUIDE TO PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING (Premieres Wednesday, 7/22/15 at 9:30pm)

BUNK’D (debuts TBD)

CloudPets Cuddly Communication for Kids

Samples received

My son has been asking me for a CloudPet for months and months. I wasn’t going to get him one but one of the perks of blogging from time to time one of our wants comes to us. I said yes to the review offer and we received the blue bunny!. There are four different CloudPets, the blue bunny, the black and white cat, the brown bear and the brown puppy dog.


CloudPets Features:

  • A message you can hug. Send a message to CloudPets from anyone from anywhere.
  • Stay in touch with the ones you love! CloudPets makes you feel like the ones you love are always near.
  • Send and receive messages from anywhere through the cloud with free app. The CloudPets app uses bluetooth technology to send your messages to your pet.
  • CloudPets’ heart blinks to indicate you have a message. Record and reply from your CloudPets. Parental controls are included; only Invited family and friends can leave messages on your CloudPets.
  • CloudPets requires a compatible smartphone or tablet. Compatible Apple devices include: iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, and 6 Plus; iPad with Retina Display (iPad 3 and 4), Air, Air 2, Mini, Mini with Retina Display (iPad Mini 2 and 3). Compatible Android devices include: Samsung Galaxy Note 3; Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S6; HTC One M7, M8; Moto G (1st gen); Nexus 4, 5, 6, 7 (2013), 9. More Android devices may be compatible but have not yet been tested.

Miles cried the other night as I was telling him bye before I left on one of my press trips. It breaks my heart when he cries. So I told him I would send him messages to his cloud pet. He loved it. He also was able to send me messages which I loved to. It’s nice to be able to hit play and hear his little voice over and over again and I think that’s what he loved about it too. Plus it’s just so cuddly. He’s trying to share it with his sister but it’s so hard for him because he won’t let it go.


Cute and cuddly #cloudpets

A photo posted by Louise Bishop (@momstart) on

My only negative is that I don’t like that I have to load the messages onto the CloudPets. My husband though, said for them to be able to have the bunny get the message directly would make the bear twice as expensive.