Reinvent Your Living Space

There is nothing like a cozy, comfortable, and beautiful home to come back to after a long day at work. Home is certainly where the heart is, and that’s why it’s so important to design a living space that you truly love. Just a few small tweaks around the home can make all the difference when it comes to the overall look and feel of the space.

From designer lighting to plush throws, there are so many ways to upgrade rooms in the home that it can be a little overwhelming to figure out where to start. Check out some of the quickest and most affordable ways to make a big difference in your living space.

Perfect Pillows

Never underestimate the power of a perfect pillow! When it comes to the bedroom, only you will know the type, size, and style of pillow that is best for you. Spend a few hours in a home furnishings store to test out the different types that are available, and then make the best purchases for your needs. Invest in top quality pillows and you will be rewarded with a blissful night’s sleep.

You can place pillows and cushions throughout the rest of the home too. Living room sofas should have several cushions propped on them for when you are snuggling up to watch TV. You can even have different styles of pillows and swap them out as the seasons change for a simple way to alter the look of the living space without breaking the bank.

Beautiful Blankets

Add a little coziness to rooms with blankets and throws. Not only will the add an English cottage style look to the living room but they will also serve a practical purpose too. Choose blankets in colors that complement the decor of the room, add in some textured blankets to help bring the room to life, or use some patterned blankets to add a touch of modern chic to the home.

Creative types can use their skills to sew up a storm by making their own blankets, cushions, and pillows out of affordable fabric. All About You has a huge library of free sewing patterns for the thrifty soul. It’s also possible to save money on home furnishings, lighting, and accessories with discount vouchers and coupons near you.

Light It Up


Image via Flickr by Emily May

Homeowners will spend thousands on buying the right furnishings, furniture, artwork, floor coverings, and accessories for the home, yet will often neglect the lighting. If you want to create the right ambience in the home, it’s essential that you install the best lights for the job.

A top tip is to use several different styles of lights in each room as well as dimmer switches so that you can adjust the lighting according to your mood. Hurricane candles and Chinese lanterns are lovely to have on hand when you want to create a romantic and intimate atmosphere without having to switch on a light. Twinkling wall lights and designer chandlers will help to add a touch of glamor and a lovely focal point to any room in the home. Pinterest has some spectacular interior lighting ideas that will help to get you inspired.

Natural light is one of the best types of lighting for your daytime activities, so make sure nothing blocks your windows. You can use mirrors to catch the light and make the space even brighter.

Maintain It!

While it’s lovely to decorate and update your home, damaged or dirty items already in the home can really bring down the look of the room. Broken items can also cause health and safety problems in the future.

Take a notepad and inspect each room for anything that needs work. Do you have a scruffy sofa? A leaking tap? A flickering light bulb? Many of these issues can be easily fixed, or you can hire a handyman to do they all the work for you in one afternoon. Proper maintenance is essential if you want to keep a beautiful showroom-esque home that is sure to wow guests.

Add a little style to your home by incorporating these tips into your living space. Have fun with it!

Something New for the Holidays

Getting something new for the holidays should be on everybody’s list this year, even if you have to get it yourself. And what better gift for the small business owner than a system to track inventory and sales, integrate a store location with an eCommerce store, and work with the back office accounting software? It’s called a point-of-sale system, and it’s the hottest gift small business person on your list.

clip_image002It’s the Thought That Counts

When you’re thinking about getting a POS, there are lots of different things to consider. It’s a really good thing that price is no longer one of them. There was a time when a computer-based point-of-sale system was for the big players only, and cost upwards of $20,000 for each station. While looking at a traditional point-of-sale cash wrap the cost can still be pretty intimidating, but there are alternatives out there for more suitable for smaller businesses that are still growing. Tablet-based point-of-sale systems are scalable and flexible additions to any business, capable of integrating your store or stockroom and your back office. The tablet acts as a CPU for your point-of-sale and with web-based software will find yourself capable of generating enough information to really make some good positive changes for your store.

Head in the Clouds

You might be asking what does the cloud have to do with anything? Once a buzzword solely for the geek literate, cloud-based software and storage solutions have brought down the price of accounting software, creative suites, and productivity suites. Cloud-based storage has fueled the expansion of e-commerce platforms like Shopify, that offer high-end websites with high-end features even the smallest businesses.

Software in storage as service is what enables the tablet-based point-of-sale system to be such an effective tool for small business. In fact, Inc. magazine projects that in less than six years, 80 percent of small businesses will be using cloud-based tools for their daily operations.

By using cloud-based solutions you can also have a scalable system no matter how many locations you have or individual stations you deploy. Control is centralized with varying levels of access controlled by passwords. So you could easily create policies such as having a manager approve returns or refunds, while allowing sales associates only basic access or ringing up sales. And with cloud-based software will always be able to keep an eye on the store from no matter where you are. Thinking of your point-of-sale system as part of your security setup makes a lot of sense. Security cameras can only show you when something has gone wrong. The Houston Chronicle points out that your point-of-sale system can actually prevent or even reverse the shrinkage that you may not even know about. Shrinkage is 50 percent internal thefts, 30 percent shoplifting, and 20 percent user errors or other factors. Keeping an eye on the cash drawer and the inventory with information rich reports means that there are fewer opportunities for errors or other actions more deliberate.

Going Live

The basic principle of inventory control, according to logistics management, is to streamline your ordering so that the flow of goods to your store is enough to satisfy your customers’ needs, while at the same time minimizing your cash outlay. The first step to inventory control is creating a live inventory. Taking your inventory live is a multistep process. If you normally close to take inventory at the end of the year that would be an ideal time to begin implementing your new point-of-sale. You will need to create a master list of all the products that you have in stock. Then you will need to create barcodes for them if they do not already exist, and sticker everything you have preparatory to beginning the inventory. Proceed sequentially with each staff member assigned to a specific area where they will scan every item into stock, and then mark the section complete with a sticker or a Post-It so that items are not double counted. You may find that there are significant discrepancies between what your new life inventory shows and what you thought you had. You will need to reconcile this new inventory with your previous accountings.

While it may seem like a lot of work for a present, you will find that a point-of-sale system is the gift that keeps on giving. Inventory management, and data driven ordering policies can help you to streamline both your cash flow and the flow of products from receiving to your showroom or Internet store. It’s also absolutely critical that you do not forget to implement policies that will keep your inventory data to date, and have all users on the system abide by them. Failing to abide by these policies will turn your life inventory into a zo

The Big Hero 6 & ABC TV Event Interviews Galore #ABCTVEVENT #BigHero6Event

Well, I’m off to LA again with bells and whistles on as this is going to be one fancy trip and I need help from you guys as to what to ask all of these stars we are going to interview. Plus I need someone to get some sleep for me because I don’t think we will have any time for rest. It’s amazing, check this out…

We start off with Screening of McFARLAND, USA with Kevin Costner


Then we watch an episode of “black-ish” , a Q&A and set visit experience.

Then we will screen the pilot of Galavant which looks very good.

About Galavant:
Screenwriter/executive producer Dan Fogelman (Crazy, Stupid, Love, Tangled, Cars) teams up with Broadway and Hollywood award-winning musical team — composer Alan Menken (The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast) and lyricist Glenn Slater (Tangled) — for a 4-week comedy extravaganza. Once upon a time, the dashing hero, Galavant (Joshua Sasse) lost the love of his life, Madalena (Mallory Jansen), to the evil King Richard (Timothy Omundson). Now, our fallen hero is ready to take revenge and restore his “happily ever after.” But it won’t be without a few twists and turns along the way.
Galavant stars Joshua Sasse as Galavant, Timothy Omundson as King Richard, Vinnie Jones as Gareth, Mallory Jansen as Madalena, Karen David as Isabella and Luke Youngblood as Sid.


Q&A with Executive Producer Dan Fogelman

Q&A with EPs Alan Menken (composer) & Glenn Slater (lyricist) via Skype

And here is where I need your help. what would you want to know about Galavant???

The next exciting news is that I’m going to be on Dancing with the stars. I’ve had lessons you know, about five years ago on my very first trip with Disney In Home Studios we had dancing lessons. EEEEK, ok truth is I’m just going to be in the audience but still it’s super cool.

Now if that wasn’t enough I’m going to be doing something really awesome with the Marvel family. We’re going to be exploring the set of the new series on ABC Agent Carter. I’m super excited. I love the entire Marvel family, Agents of Shield is one of my favorite shows.

Then we end with a red carpet premiere of Big Hero six followed by an extensive day at Walt Disney Studios to learn all about the making of it along with actor interviews. It’s going to be a very long three days but so fun and worth it. Have any questions? Want to learn anything?


Let me know!

Planes Fire and Rescue Interview with Bobs Gannaway & Ferrell Barron

While I was in LA at the Disney In Home event I also had the opportunity to spend a day at Disney Animation studios where we had the chance to interview the Director Bobs Gannaway & Producer Ferrell Barron. Here are parts of that interview.


Q: Is there a third one in the works?

FB : First one. First question. Hard reporter.

BG :  You know, what’s interesting about Disney Toon Studios, again, John Lassiter is such a wonderful, creative leader. He really — and he’s a filmmaker, you know, which is great, to have a filmmaker, a fantastic filmmaker, sort of heading the studios that he oversees.

Disney Animation Studios. And Pixar. Disney Toons. And, so, what we do is — he — these things take so long to make. You know, it’s five years of your life, to make. And that’s one of those things we’re always like — insights — even though this came out a year later, still, we didn’t make it in a year.

FB : Long time.

BG : And so, they can’t feel like assignments, because they are something that you’re going to basically pour yourself into. So he really waits for his filmmakers to be inspired by something, and to go out there, and research it, and meet the people, ride in the vehicles, and come back and tell him and everyone, uh, on the team, like, what you’d discovered that was cool.

And did you know, and can you believe it, and I’ll bet you didn’t realize — and all of these sort of things. And, so it takes a long time, so, um, yeah. We hope to make more stories in this world, but we won’t — we will wait until we have — we find the right thing. That everybody kind of sort of wants to commit to, for five years. Because it’s a huge commitment, and it has to be a passion, not an assignment. So, yeah. Ultimately I hope to make more. Like I said, I’m still here.

We finished the movie, I’m still coming in every day, and no one’s said stop. So I think we probably will do some more. Yeah.

Q : We were just discussing the first one was great and it was cute and it was heartwarming but this was compelling. It was like you were cheering them on. It was the ultimate goal that they had to meet and it was just, it was amazing.

Bobs Gannaway: It’s really great because I feel the same way. No I know, I think, uh, what was really nice is Clay, uh, and his Team along with John, you know, did a good job, really great job, teaming up the world, and a lot of his choices informed our choices. A good example is Dusty’s relationship with Skipper.


Uh, we were looking at what could we do for a romantic sort of storyline here that’s not derivative of the first Film where Dusty facilitated a relationship between two Characters, and that was actually our first idea. And then we realized Oh, we just did that. So uh, we thought Oh, then again, you sort of go to truth, like what would really be happening. Oh he would have Fans, some Fans might be sort of Super Fans and may have, feel like they already know him, like happens to Celebrities. And so when we get there and he’s sort of — sort of Jeff Howard and I who wrote the script, we sort of said, well let’s take Dipper through the stages of a relationship, you know, and then Dusty never — never, you know, reciprocates. It would just be fun for her to go through, sort of like what are the phrases? How do you say things like Oh, you don’t do things like that anymore and like Blast, meet your friends. You know, things like that. And so which sort of gave her that arc and it made her sort of charming.


She’s, uh, we like to describe her as hopeful, not crazy. So uh, and then Julia was awesome to play the part cause she totally ran out with it and talks faster with me which is cool.

Q : Do you see Planes: F&R as the new Smokey the Bear?

FB : We say Scorchy is the new Smokey the Bear. [LAUGHTER] [OVERLAP]

BG : We did work with the campaign with the park service.

FB : We did do some PSA’s with the park service about that. I think for us it was mainly wanting to pay tribute to, you know, as we said, it’s the firefighters around the world. We’re focusing on wildfire air attack, but it’s really about — for all firefighters, and all of the research you saw — I’m sure you saw Cal Fire, who we worked with.

I mean, it was really important for us, after we’d met them, you know, they became more than just consultants. They really became our friend — I mean, I still stay in touch with Travis Alexander, who you probably saw in the pictures. Big Travis. Julie Hutchinson. And we still [UNINTELLIGIBLE] each other and see how we’re doing. I mean, they really became our friends. And so it was important for us to do right by them, because of all that research, bringing that truth and accuracy to our filmmaking, so that all firefighters really are honored.

You know, that we did that. I don’t know if they showed — if they talked to you, about, you know, in the movie, we have the wall of fame. You know, and a couple of the aircraft on there were actual Cal Fire airplanes that went down. You know, and we — we put them with the numbers, and it’s the actual aircraft, and we put that in there. And they were really taken aback, and, you know, it’s such an honor that we — you know, honored those — those brave men and woman that actually lost their lives, but that’s in the movie. But, you know, the public’s not gonna know that, but they saw it, and it’s something that really —


BG : Someone picked up on that. This aircraft here is one that actually crashed in Cal Fire, and so, we don’t say that in the movie, but that’s the number of the plane that crashed, and someone picked up on it and wrote an article about it, as an honor to that firefighter. And when we showed the movie to Cal Fire, they were just like, " that’s a lovely thing to do." Uh. You know. And it’s just the tiny little details like, we worked with the forest service. I mean, if you listen, the — the — the fire in the movie is caused by lightning.

Because I didn’t want it to be a whodunit situation where we’re trying to track down an arsonist and all of that kind of stuff. So, and the majority of the fires are caused by lightning. And we always talk about, like, there are over 50,000 wild fires a year in the US, it’s crazy, and these firefighters are out there, putting them out all of the time. But some of them are caused by humans, and so — if you listen carefully, on the dialogue, on the very first, right before the — I believe it’s right before the thunderstruck sequence. You hear that the caused by an unattended campfire.

And that’s something we put in for the forest service, because we wanted to — push their message a little bit.

FB : That’s part of their campaign, be careful, put your fire out.

BG : So, yeah. So it’s little things like that that we do, um, kind of because the — the people we work with, the park service, Cal Fire, they become our friends, and we want them to be — we want to do right by them.

Q : I’m curious about the process. I’ve heard you guys talk about keeping the scenes versus letting them stay. Do you ever worry about letting something go that could, you know…?

BG : Well. You, um, see, that’s what’s so great — and hard — about the animation process. It’s very different than a live-action where you’ve written a script and you go out and you shoot and script, and you have lots of coverage, and then it’s made kind of in editorial, and then maybe you do re-shoots and things like that, in live action. And you also, in a live action movie, it gets turned around fairly quickly, by that I mean, a year and a half. These take five plus years to make. And we go — so, what we do is, we write a script, and then we — you know. We do boards and — and do temp dialogue and do temp music, and then put it together in the editorial, and then we watch it.

With all of our other directors, and then even the whole studio, get everybody to watch it, and we all get notes, and then we tear down and rebuild it, and tear down and rebuild it, so it’s a constant. So the movie you’re seeing is like, the eighth or ninth version of the film. Um, and we are doing — during that time, during that two years, or that two and a half years, or three years, or however long you’re doing that, you start to sort of figure out, "We don’t need that," or "This needs to move along quickly," or "There’s a pace issue." Things like that. There’ll be scenes that are in for a long time.

There was a scene in the movie that was in for the longest time, and it was the scene where Blade has crashed. And Duty’s flying around, and he calls for help, and then we had this very lovely scene where Windlifter was carrying Blade back to base. And Dusty’s flying alongside, and we’re playing this sort of — we had like, temp music in there, so we were playing like, A River Once Stood or something. And everybody was like, "Oh. This is so emotional, and wonderful, and oh, I’m just feeling so much," and then finally, John Lassiter said, "Yeah.


That’s great, and everything, but there’s something bugging me about it." And we sat there, looked at it for a while. And he goes, "Oh, I know what it is. He’s still alive. Ambulances don’t go slow. They go fast." You know? It’s like, you know, um, funerals go slow. He’s not dead. So we’re like, "Oh my gosh, he should be — they should be like, we gotta get him back, and on the base, and then Maru is doing triage right there in the moment." So, that scene was in there for like, two years before we realized that it was completely and utterly wrong, and it was not — the characters were not reacting in this scene.

We had fallen so in love with the emotion. We had blinders on to this emotion, we didn’t look at it relative to what was actually — to what would happen in real life. But, what happened was, that little moment where they’re bringing Blade back, we sort of gave to after Dusty crashes where we’re not sure whether Dusty is alive or not. So we still got to have that moment. We just gave it to a different character. And then what we ended up getting out of it was this lovely scene where Maru, Curtis Armstrong, who was fantastic, um, gets his like, moment. He’s like, the water boy, right?

He doesn’t get to fly. He admires these guys. And, so, that’s his moment to shine. When they’re on the ground, he’s gotta put Blade back together. So anyway, stuff like that happens, and it takes a long time. Um, and — and that’s why you — you rely upon the other directors and the, um, the — the — the people around here to sort of look at you and give you notes, and you look for consensus in those notes. Because when you’re making the movie you’re so into the film, that you might need someone else to go, "Uh, just a question. That doesn’t work at all."

Yes, it does! It does work! You know. "Okay, don’t get defensive." But, uh, you know, and then you listen, and then you go, you know, eventually you’re like, "Oh, yeah, you’re right, they would be going fast," and things like that. And there are other scenes, you just do it for pacing, and things like that. You know. We had some scenes that were taken out, um, like at the very beginning when Dusty finds out he’s — he can’t race anymore, and then they go to Honkers and they hang out, and it’s sort of like the "cry in a beer" moment. Then he kind of went back to his hangar and he looked at all of his trophies, and then he kind of felt sorry for himself.

And then he — the next morning he sort of snuck out early and went flying. And John said, "No, no, no if he’s really in denial, he’d go flying right then." So we cut all of that out, and just go to him flying, so while they’re at Honkers all talking about it, he’s gone, and they go right to him flying. So things like that. And, oh, would he really just sit around and like, feel sorry for himself and wait till the next day to be in denial? Or he would just go like, no, no, no, I’m a racer. I can still do this, I’ll prove them wrong. I’ll just go fly now. And it ended up being cooler, because now, it’s at night, and now the fire’s caused at night, and visually that’s more exciting. So, just takes a while.

You just go through that over and over again. That’s part of the — what we call the process.

Q : Had a question about voice actors. How do you select those? Do you have specific people you’re like, "Oh, this person would be perfect for this character," or do you audition and decide that way?

BG : Well, um, we cast characters that we feel embody the spirit of the character. And so we’ll — we won’t say "oh, here’s an actor, and we want to work with them, let’s create a character for them." We don’t do that. We’ve created the character, and then we go out and find an actor or actress who we feel like embodies the spirit of that character already. The only — so, there’s a couple of times when you do have someone in mind already, when maybe you sort of — you already know you have a character.

Um. Harvey and Winnie, down there on the bottom, which are Stella Ramira, right behind you, you know they are the perfect example, basically. So, you have two Winnebagos who are on their 50th wedding anniversary, coming back to Piston Peak to celebrate that. And you want to have instant chemistry between them, and then, from a filmmaking standpoint, it’s a plant, because they are gonna be used later. And so, um, so — from a casting standpoint, we got Stella Ramira who are a comedy couple who’ve been married for 50 years, you know, and you didn’t have to do anything. It had come preloaded with the chemistry that you’d want to create, so they already embodied the spirit of those characters, and so it was a natural for them to fit into it.

Dale Dye is a veteran, so he’s playing the major ex-military aircraft. Wes Studi is obviously American Indian, and so he’s playing our, you know, American Indian helicopter. Like, we got Ed Harris as a tough guy. So, it’s like Julie — we wanted to have Dusty’s biggest fan. Someone who’s just on the verge of being a little crazy, um, hopeful is a better word, and so Julie was fantastic for that.

And, Curtis, I’d worked with many times, and I know how great of an actor he is. And I need somebody who could yell at you, but you don’t take them that seriously. And so Curtis is sort of, you know, when he shouts, he’s — [LAUGHTER] the more he shouts, the funnier he gets. So you kind of go in and you figure, who already the spirit of the character? Barry Corbin, plays Old Jammer, and he [UNINTELLIGIBLE] very sort of, you know, from the heartland characters. So.

FB : And you should know it’s really — voiceover work is really hard work. These actors, you know, they’re confined in a small isolation booth, right, alone? Because 98 percent of the time, they’re recording alone. They don’t have another actor with them. They’re just there with headsets out, separated out, having to stay on the mics, can’t have them doing a lot of movement.

BG : Not in costume, obviously. [LAUGHTER]

FB : Not in costume. You know. Exactly, yeah. They come in and whatever, and give — the director, the voice director, which is always, usually, Bobs for us, outside, with a sheet of glass between ‘em, reading the lines with them, and that’s — they have to perform.

They have to be on cue. And most of these are live action. Ed Harris, he’s used to being in front of a camera with another actor, and like, working a scene, like in theatre, and having another great actor with him. And that’s not the case in animation. So it was — some of them, it was their first time to do animation, and it was — they had a — it was a big adjust for them, as an actor, to be on, and — and embody that character, and, you know, and — and bring that emotion just to the forefront every time, and they all did a great job. And they — we always depend on, you know, having high caliber actors like Ed, like Julie, who we know are gonna bring more to what — to the character than what the script may provide.

Like we always say, Bobs is really good about having the script being a starting pint, that dialogue. Right? Start there. But, if you’re the character, like, if you feel like you’re gonna say something else, say what you feel like you’re gonna say. And, most of the time, a lot of it went in the movie, stuff that they may have just ad-libbed. And Bobs liked better. And that’s what we keep, and we cut in, and it’s great. But it’s a lot of hard work, and they all did — they are so — that’s a big part of elevating the movie, too, is the actors you hire. So it’s a long process. Of figuring out who we think is right, because it’s also about the voice quality, and you want that to be right.

And, uh, it’s a — it’s very important in animation. So —

Order Panda Express from Home or On The Go

This is a partnered post our opinions are our own.

I love eating at Panda Express and it seems that I only eat there when I’m out at the mall. I didn’t realize they had other locations and I didn’t realize that I could pre-order my food either on-line or with the new mobile app. The mobile apps are available on either iPhone or Android phones and it’s pretty easy to use.

Panda Express Order on-line

You should create your own account but you can start out as a guest if you like. It’s still going to ask for all of your information before you are able to place your order. How else would they know who you are.


Then you select an order time. Looks like you can order a few days out. That makes sense if you were doing a catering order right?

We did group ordering because we were ordering for a family. Now when ordering a kids meal you can pick the side and then you pick the meal and wow there are a ton of options. Here is a photo of just a few


The app is also going to ask you for your credit card information. You can’t blame them. It would be bad for them if people ordered all the time and then didn’t show up to pay for their food. Overall, I think it’s a super easy process and a great way to avoid the lines and have a quick and easy family meal.

You can use the app to find the nearest location, view hours, and get directions with just a few clicks. Hungry now? Ever wanted Panda Express at lunch time and saw the line? I have, now you can avoid lines by using the online ordering tool or app to place your order. Then you will be enjoying your favorite dish in no time. My favorite dish is Orange Chicken I could order that almost every time.

Orange Chicken is a dish inspired by the Hunan Province in South Central China. It is prepared with crispy boneless chicken bites, tossed in the wok with their secret sweet and spicy orange sauce. Panda’s very own Executive Chef Andy brought this entree to life and it quickly became Panda’s most beloved dish.


You can also order you can order al-la carte. Thepicture above is orange chicken, white rice and broccoli beef with the beef picked out. Yep we have picky kids. And it’s nice to eat at home on your own plates even when you get take out.

Panda Express app

Bonus: Calculate your meal’s nutrition before placing your order using our easy-­to-­use nutrition calculator.

The Android Panda Express App Features include:
● Order your meal online and pick up at the location of your choice.
● Find a location near you and see hours and directions.
● Browse our menu and calculate nutrition information for any combination of menu items.
● Sign up for our newsletter to learn about exclusive offers, new menu options, local events and new locations.
● Tell us what you think! Get in contact with us quickly and easily.

Team Auroa or Team Maleficent? Disney Princess Beauty Collection- Good vs. Evil

What team are you on, for the longest time I thought my daughter was on Team Aurora. She loves princesses and is one of the girliest little girls I know. She has style, fashion beauty and grace. I thought for sure she would be on team Aurora in love with Sleeping Beauty, but no, she has chosen to be Maleficent for Halloween. In celebration of the home release of both Sleeping Beauty Diamond edition and Maleficent we are exploring the Good Verses Evil Elf Make-up line.


Elf makeup Good and Evil Inspired!

Channel your inner Disney Princess (or villain!) with a beauty collection that embodies the characteristics, stories and personalities of Disney’s beloved heroine, Aurora, and villain, Maleficent. The collection includes look books, eyelashes, nail art and cosmetic bags.  


imageOf course the make up bags disappeared right away into my daughters treasure trove of items. She loves purses and bags, it’s the girlie thing I was talking about. The make-up I told her we are saving that for Halloween.


With every new, delicious pigment, e.l.f.’s makeup and cosmetic products for eyes are guaranteed to deliver impressive, expressive eyes, at a price you’ll love!image


I can’t wait to see her all dressed up in her costume. I hope she lets me do her face in all white or green. These products are sold exclusively at Walgreens.


The mile-long lashes you’ve always dreamed of having can now be a reality with high quality false eyelashes from e.l.f. Cosmetics. Choose from their wide range of fake eyelashes that include dramatic, sweeping eyelashes, individual lashes, and everyday natural looking false eyelashes perfect for any occasion. The Good Verses Evil Line has False looking eyelashes but they look like a lot of fun for sure.



So Which Team are you?

Team Aurau or Team Maleficent

For the Love of Dogs, Become a Host or Book a Stay DogVacay

Having a dog is so rewarding but it can make traveling a little more difficult. You can’t take a last minute vacation if it means leaving your dog home alone. I’ve recently been introduced to a new service that provides a place for your dog to stay, a sitter that will come to your house and allows you a way to sign up and become a host too. DogVacay is a site that unites dog owners with dog sitters and also lets you sign up to be a sitter. Become a Host.jpeg

Essentially it is an online community that connects dog owners with our 20,000 vetted and insured pet sitters across North America, ready to care for your dog like a member of their family. Did you catch that part in the sentence that says they are insured? Yep, feel safe with these dog sitters while your dog is in his own home!

How the DogVacay Service Works

    • Simply type in your zip code and find a PAWesome sitter in your neighborhood.

    • Schedule a meet ‘n greet to meet your Host, then book your pup’s Vacay and pay online.

    • You can now travel knowing your pup is having the time of his life in a loving home with one on one attention!

    • Receive photo “pup”dates showing how much fun your pup is having, and rest assured knowing each Vacay is covered with our free pet insurance and 24/7 customer care.

  1. The Ins and Outs about a DogVacay Host

  • What better way is there to make money than watching adorable pups in your own home? Why Become a Host? DogVacay Hosts from all over have told us hosting pups has helped them spend more time with their families, pay for school, and save up for weddings or travel. Hosting pups on DogVacay is a low stress way to do what you love.

  • Who can Host? You! Whether you’re a professional dog sitter or just a regular dog lover, DogVacay makes it easy to earn money watching pups. Simply create a free profile, set your own rates, decide which dogs to take and when to take them. We do the rest!

  • Need help? Our Host Happiness Team is dedicated to helping you with everything from changing profile pictures to handling emergency situations. Call us 24/7 at (855) 364-8222, or email

  • With over 1 Million doggie nights booked, our Hosts rest easy knowing each Vacay is covered by free pet insurance and 24/7 customer care.

  • Host FAQs are here.

DogVacay is really as easy as the graphic below.


All reservations include free pet insurance, 24/7 customer support, and daily photo updated of your pooch enjoying a "Vacay" of his own. You can finally travel with peace of mind — at prices half the price of the local kennel!



DogVacay has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the NY Times, Forbes and The Today Show

You Are Invited to Fall Fitness at Microsoft Stores 10:30–6 Thursday 10/27 #FallFitness

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From 10:30am to 6pm  the Microsoft Store many Microsoft Stores will have an on site a celebrity fitness instructor, potentially also a Zumba and Yoga instructor and a whole day dedicated to fitness and wellness. We will be at the one in Bellevue for a few hours having some fun with Microsoft. I love Zumba so I’m hoping the location I go to has a Zumba instructor.



Come into the Microsoft Retail Store at the location below and start getting fit before the holidays! On Thursday, October 30th, Microsoft Stores is hosting a fun fitness day before the biggest candy eating holiday of the year! Microsoft wants to help you get a head start on your health and fitness goals by staying active & fit through a fun Zumba class. Enjoy a fun, high energy workout and a chance to win great prizes!  

Microsoft Store Locations Hosting the Event:

Bellevue, WA
Seattle, WA
Scottsdale, AZ
Santa Clara, CA
Denver*, CO *Lonetree, CO
Indianapolis, IN
Bloomington, MN
Boston, MA
Paramus, NJ
Tysons Corner, VA
Honolulu, Hawaii

    So there will be door prizes and tons of fun while you are inspired to get fit this fall!

Love One Today: Hass Avocados @HassAvocados #LoveOneToday #Ad

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My family came into town to visit and we all love salads and one of our favorite things to have in a salad is an avocado. Knowing that I had three extra people that like avocados I ran to the grocery store and purchased about six of them. I was lucky because the Hass Avocados were on sale at Costco and they were ripe and ready to eat. Did you know that one-fifth of a medium avocado (1 oz.) has 50 calories and contributes nearly 20 vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, making it a good choice to help meet nutrient needs. Although phytonutrients are not essential, they may promote human health.


I love them because they are good in salads, on sandwiches and used to make guacamole. They are also perfect for making sandwich spreads to use in place of mayonnaise. I mean they are much healthier as a condiment than mayo and because they have the smooth texture they are one of the first foods a baby can eat. What I am saying is Avocados are like a super food. Avocados contain naturally good monounsaturated fat a GOOD Fat and your body needs good fat. Good fat in avocado can replace saturated fat. Fresh avocados are cholesterol and sodium free, making them a satisfying and enjoyable snack. I LOVE TO EAT THEM. Each one-ounce (one-fifth of a medium avocado) serving contains:

8% DV fiber 1 oz. serving
4% DV potassium per 1 oz. serving (one-fifth of a medium avocado)
2% DV iron per 1 oz. serving
81 mcg lutein & zeaxanthin
Less than 1 gram sugar


Have you seen enough information yet to convince you to have an avocado today?

If not I have more, Avocados act as a “nutrient booster” by helping the body to better absorb fat-soluble nutrients, such as alpha- and beta-carotene and lutein, from foods that are eaten with the fruit. Avocados are a nutrient-dense, versatile fruit that can be eaten alone or used in a variety of tasty recipes from soups to salads to smoothies all of which fit into a sensible eating plan. We actually have quite a few avocado recipes here at MomStart. Feel free to try one.


Watch this video here:



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· Additional nutrient information about them  found here

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Mega Bloks First Builders™ Fast Tracks™ Raceway Giveaway

Mega Bloks are a great way to spend your time. Kids get to use their imagination, build upon their hand eye coordination skills and just grow all around in many ways. Designed specially for toddlers, First Builders blocks are easy to hold, stack and take apart. The oversized prongs that hold the blocks together are integrated into the toys – from cars and trucks to play tables and even the lids of storage tubs – ensuring full compatibility across the Mega Bloks First Builders world.

We are giving away a Fast Tracks™ Raceway.

About the Fast Tracks™ Raceway

Drivers, start your engines! Gear up and get ready for some high-speed adventures with the Fast Tracks Racing Team by Mega Bloks First Builders. Your little race car driver can build with the tracks and blocks and mix and match the race cars for endless play. Use the colorful stickers to create even more imaginary fun. Watch as they screech and vroom through the raceways, and the fans in the stands cheer them on! Who will be in the lead, as the checkered flag is waved?


Ideal for ages 1 to 5.


• Two mix-and-match buildable cars for lots of raceway fun!

• 50 pieces, including new easy-to-build tracks and three building plates

• Fun sticker sheet to customize your little racer’s blocks and cars!

• Compatible with all Mega Bloks First Builders sets for endless building possibilities and family fun


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