About MomStart

MomStart has been my personal blog for three years now. I enjoy writing about my children, sharing recipes, saving money, reviewing products and hosting giveaways. You name it and I would probably cover it because isn’t that what motherhood is. We do EVERYTHING! Within the first six months of writing/blogging I was listed on the 2009 Nielson list as one of the top 50 power mom bloggers. The following year I was listed with Axis PR as one of the top 50 mommy bloggers. I’ve greatly enjoyed working with various brands and this past year MomStart has grown so much that I have brought on a few contributors and a giveaway coordinator. Our entire team is located in the Pacific Northwest greater Seattle area.

Louise Bishop – That’s me. I have two children, Miles and Zoe and you will see them here often. I’m a mom first, but as I find they need me less as they mature I fill my time with writing and social media. I have a background in the technology field and love to stay current on all gadgets. I love to cook, play video and board games, and travel the world. I do not like to clean my house; I’m always on the lookout for the latest and greatest cleaning gadget to make my life easier. Blogging here at MomStart has provided me with me with travel opportunities and allowed me to give to charities in more ways than I could ever imagine. I’ve given over 40,000 worth of money and review items to our local community and I’m excited to keep on giving as time goes by.

You can find me on e-mail louise@looksblue.com, on twitter @MomStart and on Facebook.

Ashley Shaffer: Ashley now lives in North Carolina as the managing editor of MomStart. She loves to write, travel, watch movies, and has a huge passion for education and charity. Ashley has a background in teaching Kindergarten and working with children K through 8th grade. She is now a SAHM and writes her own blog at Momicles.

Beeb Ashcroft: Beeb is a British journalist living on the north Oregon coast. Blogging since 2008, she covers everything from coupons to contests in addition to running a network connecting UK bloggers with brands. In her free time, she loves to drink coffee, watch reality TV, and spend time with her fiancé, Jai.

Summer: Summer is my green contributor and also came up with the Tasty Treat Thursday segment here on MomStart. Her dedication to detail and personal photos in her reviews have reminded me why I like blogging so much. She brings a fresh voice and shares my passion of giving to the community. Summer can be found @SumSkyBaby on twitter and you can e-mail me if you want her to review something.

Orshi: Orshi is a teacher at UCIC where she works daily with children. She shows a great love for children as she has three of her own. She also loves Facebook, gardening and baking. She was born and grew up in Hungary and now lives across the street.

Rachel: Rachel is my crafter. She is very selective in what she chooses to review and because of that, she has quality and unique reviews. When she reviewed simple tape, her daughter made shoes out of it. I love what she brings to our family of reviewers.

Christine: Christine is about to have another child and I’m excited for her to have the opportunity to write about being a mom of a preschooler and newborn while testing out the occasional baby product.

Andrew: Andrew is my giveaway coordinator. He picks winners for me at the end of every giveaway, contacts them and sends the winner’s information to the sponsor. Thanks to him giveaway winners are picked within 3 days of the end of the giveaway and information is sent to the sponsor immediately. He’s much more efficient with giveaway endings than I ever was. Since he’s my husband he’s paid with ice cream and cookies.

Feel free to contact me to chat, review something, or gain exposure for your product.