Star Wars Crafts: How to Make a Chewbacca Bookmark

Star Wars Crafts

There are a lot of exciting things coming in the pipeline for Star Wars fans! This Sunday has officially been dubbed as “Star Wars Day”, a great holiday for fans to celebrate everything Star Wars. Why this Sunday, you ask? May the 4th be with you….clever, huh?! MomStart will be joining other fans on Star Wars day for a special #StarWarsRebelsEvent in Los Angeles. In addition to celebrating Star Wars Day, there will also be a special sneak peek at Star Wars Rebels, the new animated series which will be coming to Disney Channel and Disney XD this fall!

So to get us in the mood for Star Wars day, we wanted to share a fun little craft with you. After all, what would a holiday be without crafts? I decided to make a Chewbacca bookmark, the perfect accessory for any proud bookworm. Here’s how to create your own:

Step 1: Download The Pattern

Click here to download an awesome craft and activity sheet that is packed with a plethora of star wars crafts you can make! The template for the Chewie bookmark is on the last page.

Step 2: Gather Supplies, You Must

Chewbacca craft supplies

Once you have printed your template, you will need:

  • Scissors
  • Mechanical pencil
  • Foamies Multicolor Sticky Back Foam Sheets

The original craft calls for felt, but I decided to change it up a little bit and make mine with foam sheets instead.

Step 4: Cut Out Chewie’s Body

Chewbacca template

Use your scissors to cut out the paper template for Chewie’s body, then use a mechanical pencil to trace its outline onto the foam. Following this guide, you’ll be able to cut the foam into the shapes you need. Make sure you use a pencil, and not a pen as I did at first, or you too will end up with multiple Chewbacca heads with ink smears. 😉

Tracing outline on foam

Cutting out foam pieces

Step 5: Putting The Pieces Together

Sticking Chewbacca together

Once you have Chewbacca’s body cut out, flip the pieces over and peel off the stickers on the back. This will allow you to easily stick the body together without glue; the template includes a diagram of where the parts should be arranged.

Creating the bookmark

Next, take the assembled body and affix it to a plain white sheet of foam.

Cutting the bookmark to fit

Once Chewie’s body is secure, cut off the side of the foam backing. Now you have your bookmark!

Step 6: Put on a Happy Face

Creating Chewbacca's bandolier

Now that your bookmark is ready, all you have to do is add the finishing touches of Chewbacca’s bandolier and face.

Finished bookmark

And hey presto! You are done!

Chewbacca Bookmark

The nice thing about using these foam sheets is that it makes it so easy to stick Chewie’s body together. You can either leave the last sticker on the back to keep it flat for use as a bookmark, or you can peel it off and use the whole thing as a big sticker, gift tag, or wall art. Get creative and have some fun – I’m sure you can come up with some variations of your own if you use The Force. 😉

What fun crafts will you be making for Star Wars Day?

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  1. shelly peterson says

    We love to do crafts This is adorable and perfect for my son.. He likes Star Wars and loves to read.


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