What Happens at a Kodak Kiosk Event #KodakMoms

Hosting my first event was so much fun. Bartell Drugs and Kodak asked me to host an event in Bellevue where we showed moms how to use the Kodak Kiosks and that sharing photos is easier than ever.


It’s very easy to use and there quite a few different ways to use it. You can print photos from you phone using the Kodak Kiosk Connect app. You can print photos from your camera, memory card, and scanner like you have always been able to. AND you can print photos from Facebook. You can easily select a large group of photos and then ask the Kodak Kiosk to create a book, or a calendar or a collage. The steps are so simple. I invited my friends and it was so good to see them and have time with them while they had some fun.


Kodak and Bartell Drugs were very generous with their time and space. My friends printed photos there and were also given an amazing swag bag with gift cards, makeup and a Kodak disposable camera.


My sitter canceled on me so I had to leave the event a little early, otherwise I would have created a book while I was there, it’s a good thing that Bartell Drugs are all over the place around here, there is one less than a mile from my house.

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