Wordless Wednesday My Coffee Girl



  1. She looks so sweet. I love her outfit!

  2. She’s so cute!

  3. oh gosh she is too much cute cute cute cute

  4. Friend and I were just having this convo about little ones and coffee! Mine loves it too!!

  5. I don’t like coffee but I woldn’t be able to say “no” to that cute face =]

  6. She looks so itty bitty there!

  7. Oh such a cutie!! She loves the camera!

  8. Seattle Girl! Or Personal Assistant (to mommy and Mom Start) …. HA! Too Cute Zoe! (BTW, If she’s the new MS PA then I’ll take a hot chocolate. ;-)

  9. Seems like the best way to get a cup!

  10. So cute!

  11. so sweet I love that little face

  12. How cute! My daughter loves my husband’s coffee.

  13. She’s a little sweetie.

  14. That’s what I like…starting her early.

  15. my kids love to use those paper hot sleeves as bracelets. best cheap fashion accessory ever :)
    check out my ww http://peekababyny.com/newyork/post-878/

  16. What a cutie!

  17. adorable

  18. She is just too stinkin’ cute!!

  19. That is ad worthy :) She is so so so cute – sprinkle her with fairy dust and keep her that small ;)

  20. How cute is she!!!

  21. So is so adorable!

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