Giveaway Rule Change

The constant tweeting is driving me crazy, I get so many giveaway tweets, and I appreciate it it, but at the same time, it’s making it impossible for me to see who is tweeting @ Me. So from now on, Tweets are Once a Day only.


All Giveaways are US only unless specified at the time of giveaway

Please follow all directions on ways to enter (e-mail me if you every have a question)

When it comes to tweeting, you can tweet once a day only!

You have three days to contact me after I the post is up and I will try to send you an e-mail. I will not always be able to so you might want to make sure you are a subscriber.

If a prize is forfeited I don’t re-draw winners I donate the prize to Bloggers Give or ask the sponsor if I can do a new giveaway.

Occasionally I will post giveaways with other blogs. I had no idea until now they are called “creative presentations”. If you ever see a Google doc on my blog it is for a creative presentation giveaway.

Entrants can enter on each page, sometimes daily. Each page offers a large prize, and they might offer smaller prizes as well. However, when the time for the drawing comes, only one of the participating websites is randomly selected to be the winning contest. That means that if you didn’t enter on that particular page, you have no chance of winning the prize. It also means that although many sites may seem to be offering great prizes, only one will actually be given away.

I thought my giveaways were clear on the fact that the same form was used on all of the blogs but from now on I will reference this as the rule page so people will understand. You do not need worry we are not harvesting any information. I don’t use your e-mail address for anything other than contacting the winners. If this is different, it will be specified on the specific giveaway.

Also, sometimes a sponsor will not honor a giveaway, as I know this makes me look bad, I can not afford to replace or make up for their lack of professionalism. I will try to contact them up to three times after you tell me you did not receive their prize. Also, things get lost in mail, and I can not replace those either. Sometimes e-mail ends up in junk mail, and I try to check mine but sometimes your prize will be donated in the event I do not hear from you. I do the best I can, after all I’m a mommy first.

Winners are chosen by either or I take a random number from a poll on twitter.

*****All Giveaways and outcomes are at the sole discretion of the blog owner******

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  1. hannah says

    yay! This is a great rule change. I too am very tired of those few people who were abusing the tweet entry for giveaways.

    I am happy to see it change to once a day 😀

  2. Sharon says

    I’m so happy that you’re getting rid of the unlimited tweeting for your giveaways. I had pretty much quit entering your giveaways for that very reason–the few people who send out tweet after tweet after tweet…oftentimes just one minute apart. This is definitely a good move on your part!


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