Meal Plan Monday on Wednesday – Kikkoman Soy Brine Turkey Ideas and #giveaway.

Monday – Potato Soup

Tuesday – Grilled Cheese

Wednesday – Pancakes

Thursday – Hot Dogs

Friday – Sausage  Pizza

Saturday – Left Overs

Sunday – Sausage Biscuits



I forgot to post my Meal plan last week so let me tell you about it.

Monday – Turkey Sandwiches

Tuesday – Poppy seed Turkey

Wednesday – left overs

Thursday – Hot Dog Burritos

Friday – I can’t remember

Saturday – Potato Soup

Sunday – Pumpkin Pancakes

Last Week


Kikkoman sponsored an early turkey dinner at my house. I cooked it and it was the best turkey I have ever made. Having a brand new oven that works might have helped it come out a beautiful brown color.


Savory Turkey Brine
Ready to give your family’s Thanksgiving turkey tradition a makeover? Broaden your flavor profile and use Kikkoman Soy Sauce for a delicious Savory

Turkey Brine. You’ll have the whole family wondering what you did to make the usually predictable turkey a tasty explosion in their mouths.

With Kikkoman’s Savory Turkey Brine, your turkey will stay moist while still bringing intense mouth-watering flavors to your Thanksgiving feast!

Why Soy? Umami for Everyone!
Not just a condiment for sushi or Chinese food, Kikkoman Soy Sauce is every home chef’s secret weapon in soups, stews, marinades, dressings and dipping sauces. Kikkoman Soy Sauce contains umami, the fifth primary flavor, described as the savory and delicious qualities found in many foods including meat, cheese and mushrooms.

Adding umami to your cooking means a more savory result with richer taste and a full-rounded flavor profile. Newly discovered in the science world, umami makes foods more delicious when balanced properly with the other four primary flavors known as sweet, salty, bitter and sour. Yum!

Coupon and Recipes
To get you started, Kikkoman is offering your readers a BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE coupon at as well as four great recipes that transform turkey "leftovers" into wonderful "right now" dishes to help you make it through the shopping madness of Black Friday and the marathon family time Saturday, Sunday and beyond!

Visit to transform your leftovers into delicious tasty dishes with recipes for:

  • Quick Chinese Turkey Salad
  • Terrific Turkey Tetrazzini
  • Elegant Creamed Turkey 
  • Spanish Turkey Ole
  • Turkey Fried Rice

IMG_3127 I didn’t follow their directions entirely. I mixed up some Soy Sauce, butter and water and injected as much as I could into the turkey. Then cooked it in my convection oven and it cooked in a few hours. Carved it up and it was the most juicy turkey I have ever made. It was wonderful. My husband’s favorite turkey ever. We absolutely loved the turkey and all the flavor that was in it.

IMG_3128They sent me some recipes to use up the left overs. However, I couldn’t find the one I was looking for so I made Turkey Poppy Seed which is a family recipe that I love. The left overs were delicious but my husband wasn’t so excited by the combination. He said it was because he was expecting chicken, I didn’t tell him that I used Turkey until after I saw his expression. Ooops. I can’t wait to make another one so that I can use all the panko crumbs they sent me.

Original Jug Soy Sauce 6220_S3Pearl Organic Soymilk Carton6220_S6










Here is what they sent me:

  • $25 Gift Card for the trial-run turkey
  • Kikkoman’s Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce for your Savory Turkey Brine
  • A Kikkoman apron to make you a true Kikkoman chef
  • A Kikkoman Duck for your kids to play with as you prepare the turkey
  • Recipes for your turkey "leftovers"
  • An assortment of Kikkoman’s sauces for your leftovers
  • Coupon for any Kikkoman sauce you like best

Kikkoman is offering the same package to one of my readers. Just think, enough money to buy your turkey and all the spices you need to have a turkey packed with flavor.

To Enter:

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And or

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