HEXBUG the electronic robot #giveaway

 Meet the next generation in toys. These electronic robots are quite a variety in bugs.

Original: Alpha

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, and Echo are all part of the original HEX BUG. Each one is a different color and they react to sounds and obstacles.




Inchworm: Green

The inchworm can be controlled by a control with a long range. Two inchworms can be controlled at a time. They come in five different colors.




Crab: Black

The crab will hide it doesn’t like light. You can make it appear with a loud noise. Then light makes it continue to run and it will change direction with noise or light directly on it. Comes in 5 different colors




Ant: Pink

The ant is the newest addition to the HEXBUGS also comes in five different colors. It races in one direction until it makes contact then it goes into reverse until it hits something.




Each HEXBUG can be purchased on-line at HEXBUG or at a RadioShack near you. All of these are toys for children ages 8 and up to husbands that never grow up.

About IFI Innovation First, Inc.

Innovation First, Inc. incorporated in 1996 and is a privately held S corporation. The company is founded on the belief that innovation very early in the design process is necessary to produce simple and elegant designs. Innovation First began producing electronics for unmanned mobile ground robots, and is now the industry leader. Innovation First operates www.IFIrobotics.com, a leading website for the supply of competition and hobby robotics products. Innovation First also developed the VEX Robotics Design System, the leading classroom robotics platform, which won the prestigious Best of Innovation Award at the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show. More information is available at www.VEXRobotics.com.


Enter to Win one ant HEXBUG.

To Enter visit HEXBUG Ant and tell me what color you would like to win.

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The contest will run until Monday July 20th 11:59 pm Pacific. The winner will be selected by www.random.org.


  1. Susanne Troop says:

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  16. Heather C says:

    Oh, the pink one, for sure! Cute!

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  18. Bridget Combs says:

    The green one!

  19. orange

  20. kathleen yohanna says:

    The red one is cool.

  21. Lily Kwan says:

    I love the Red one!

  22. Lily Kwan says:

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  1. Lili Harun says:

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  8. C C says:

    Hexbug electronic bug giveaway http://bit.ly/z7q8D
    ends 7/20

  9. C C says:

    Hexbug electronic bug giveaway http://bit.ly/z7q8D ends 7/20

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