Princess Bride Game Giveaway

Do you remember “As you wish”?

The Princess Bride now has a game you can play. The game can be purchased at Amazon or Best Buy.

Or you can win one here.

Do you want to know more about the game, well of course you do. I was sent a copy to review, I installed it and played it. This is a great game for kids. There are five episodes with 72 levels to complete. There are animated shorts to view that are voiced by the original actors. How cool is that?

Level One is called as you wish, you get to be Wesley and do whatever Princess Buttercup asks of him. It’s really easy to do. The levels go along with the adventure in the movie. It has been so long since I have seen this movie. I do have some friends that just LOVE IT.
Level two is against your wits. I think this is my favorite level to play. I like doing little puzzles and they aren’t so hard that they are going to drive your kids nuts. They are doable.
Level three takes place in the fireswamp. Wesley and Princess Buttercup have to work together to get out of the swamp.
Level four is Miracle Max you have to do things to bring Wesley back to life.
Level five is storming the castle.

This game had been listed in the Top 8 PC games for children by Parents Magazine.

Now if you win this, the sponsor requests that you provide them with your own opinion of the game. That’s easy right.

To enter: Visit the sponsor and come back here and tell me who is going to enjoy playing this game.

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Leave your e-mail address and a comment for each entry. Contest Ends December 31st.


  1. How cool! Of all people my HUSBAND would love this! We’re both huge Princess Bride fans, so this would be perfect for us! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Oh what perfect timing! After loving the movie pretty much my whole life, I’m actually in the middle of finally reading the book and loving it all even more!! I played the demo for this about a month back and would LOVE to own it!

  3. Connie Walsh says:

    Who would be using this game…well me!!! I would fight off the kids and the hubby but for this game it would be worth it

  4. Connie Walsh says:
  5. Connie Walsh says:
  6. My dad loves this movie, I’d give him this game for his b-day!

  7. Me, of course! Although I know I will have to share it with my son and daughter, I would love to have it for myself. They will be ecstatic if I win it.

  8. Stacey Moore says:
  9. Stacey Moore says:
  10. My hubby would love this!

  11. I put your button on my blog.

  12. I love this movie. The game would be great! It’s perfect for those of us who grew up with the movie and a great way to introduce all our favorite characters to the kids. A perfect game for anyone.

  13. I think my husband and I both would love to play this game!

  14. My sister and I would enjoy this game

  15. JeansandTs says:

    What a wonderful game that my granddaughter would love to play.

  16. Kristine Michelle says:

    Both my daughters would love to play this game!
    allmycrazycats AT

  17. Well i could say my children would love to play this… The truth is I would love to play this game myself.

  18. My daughter would love playing this. And so would I!

  19. I’m pretty sure I would enjoy this game the most. The Princess Bride is my favorite move and I have the enire script memorized!

  20. pugsley085 says:

    I would give this to my grandaughter. She would love it. I would love to play this game too!!
    I subscribe

  21. This would be for my niece because I sure enjoyed the movie and she would love it

    weblynx at hotmail dot com

  22. I looooved this movie. I still do. I’m pretty sure *I* would be the one in our house who would play this the most, ha. And my toddler would love watching me. : )


  23. Carl Dennings says:

    Love this movie. So excited that it’s finally out on Blu-Ray.

    This game looks pretty enjoyable, too…I played some of the demos…not bad!


  1. Valerie Gray says:

    @MomStart is giving away a Princess Bride game

  2. walshsurvey says:

    I just entered a contest for a princess bride game: …As you wish!!!!

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