Teddy Tank

Tank You Beary Much Teddy!

Teddy Tank from TeleBrands is just as it says it is. A teddy bear and a tank. I received Cute Doggie as my sample from TeleBrands to review and share with you all what I thought about it. When I … Read Full Article


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Smartphone Tips for Parents #ATTSeattle

When it comes time to buy your child his or her first smartphone, there are several considerations and decisions to make.  Questions may include ‘will your kids use their smartphones responsibly?’  And, ‘What if they text during school or after bedtime?’  If you are planning to purchase a mobile device for your child, consider these […]


Fit Made Fun with LeapBand from LeapFrog and Clif Kid Z Bars! #FitMade Fun

Much of the time I watch my kids in absolute awe with how much energy they have. How do they do that? Run, jump and play for hours!?! It’s fun, that’s how and they’re young! But here in the PNW as the rainy season sets in, my kiddos are found more often inside and like us grownups, […]

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Be Frugal With Frugaa!

This is a partnered post. Being a lifelong thrifty person, I know a thing or two about using coupons. Like many of my peers, I got my start working in social media via coupon blogging! Things have changed a … [Read More...]

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Jack O' Lantern Cocktail

Andrea Correale, owner of the catering company Elegant Affairs, knows a thing or two about throwing a fabulous Halloween shindig! Check out this lovely Jack ‘O Latern cocktail perfect for All Hallow’s: Jack-O’-Lantern Cocktail Recipe by Andrea Correale Ingredients: -1 oz Cognac -.5 oz Grand marnier -1.5 oz Orange Juice -.5 oz Ginger Ale -Orange […]

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