Lucky in Love

Lucky In Love!

Sample was provided by Hallmark What I like best about Hallmark Channel Movies is that they are a sure thing. Lucky in Love starring Jessica Szohr, Benjamin Hollingsworth and Deidre Hall is no … [Read More...]

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Quality Phone Cases From Speck

Sample provided. As someone who works in social media, it’s a given that my smartphone is a crucial part of my business. Although I take great care to protect my phone, I know that bumps and drops are just a fact of life, especially when you’re quickly emptying your pockets in airport security or scurrying […]

iPhone 6

State of The Art Shopping Comes to Bellevue

Thanks to AT&T for inviting MomStart to this event. AT&T flagship store in Bellevue proves to be a refreshing experience. How many service stores have you been in where it was painful? Too many is my answer. This store on the other hand, I could stop in anytime. With 2 years of research on how […]


It’s a Hard Knock Life For a Smartphone

It’s the phrase every parent dreads: “Ooops! Mommy, I dropped your phone!” While our smartphones can be a wonderful tool for keeping kiddos occupied for a few moments, sometimes it comes with a price. Maybe you’re in a waiting room and hand your phone to your child so they can play a game, or perhaps […]

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Exploring Rome with your Kids

    A splendid holiday in Rome is not just ideal for history buffs or adventure seekers. Any family that wants to visit the Eiffel Tower, Florence Cathedral, Colosseum, or the Roman … [Read More...]

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