Monkey Kingdom

Happy Earth Day! #MonkeyKingdom

In honor of Earth Day, I wanted to share this new interview with Dr. Jane Goodall about the new film Monkey Kingdom which hit cinemas this week. See it before April 23rd, and Disneynature will make a … [Read More...]

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Two Great Kids Tablets Kurio and Nabi

We received a Kurio to review and Miles assumed it was his and played with it until the battery died. It has a huge selection of games and educational software and kept him busy for a long long time. He still wants a Nabi because the Disney channel or Disney XD I can’t keep them […]


Find a Doctor Anywhere American Well App #MomsLoveAmwell

Partnered Post Ever find yourself in need of a doctor and have no idea where to begin? I’m in that situation right now. We moved to California in January, and it’s a temporary thing but I still find that I’m going to need a doctor. The kids need eye exams, dental exams and an appointment […]

AVA Charger

Is it a Compact? Is it a Charger? It’s….BOTH!

Product provided. One of the challenges I face when packing for business trips is the sheer amount of gear I have to pack in my purse. When I’m on location, I have to carry electronic gear, plugs and chargers as well as more “Traditional” journalist tools like notebooks, planners, paperwork and pens, in addition to […]

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Penguins are At Denny’s #DennysDiners

This is a partnered post. I’m so happy that we’re working with Denny’s Diners again this year. Last year I loved visiting their headquarters and learning about all their new menu items. Did you know that they … [Read More...]

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Travel and Fine Dining


Exploring Rome with your Kids

    A splendid holiday in Rome is not just ideal for history buffs or adventure seekers. Any family that wants to visit the Eiffel Tower, Florence Cathedral, Colosseum, or the Roman … [Read More...]

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