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Choose Your Own Adventure: Just Jesse the Jack on ABC Zoo

This is a partnered post. Education is often on my mind and very important to me and I love to find ways to supplement education in a way that makes the kids feel like they are playing, so yes, video games. Video games, iBooks or educational apps are the perfect way to have kids play […]


Smartphone Tips for Parents #ATTSeattle

When it comes time to buy your child his or her first smartphone, there are several considerations and decisions to make.  Questions may include ‘will your kids use their smartphones responsibly?’  And, ‘What if they text during school or after bedtime?’  If you are planning to purchase a mobile device for your child, consider these […]

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Pumpkin Cheesecake Graveyard

Samples provided. This year, I am officiating a wedding for my dear friends on Halloween, and throwing a spooktacular Halloween-themed bachelorette party the night before. One of the most important parts of any party is the menu, so I’ve been whipping up all kinds of ghastly goodies to delight my guests tomorrow. One of my […]

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